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Don't Try to Sober Up on Your Own

Share Your Story: What I Learned in Rehab

By Joanna D.

Updated October 27, 2010

How long were you in rehab?

I had 30 days back in 1984 and again -- today is my 30 days!

I was sober for 10 years and slipped. Now today is 30 days!

What was the most helpful feature of rehab?

Taking the first step, realize you have a problem

Personal inventory

Working the 12 step program

Facing reality

Don't make any major decisions

Your addictive personality can play tricks on you!

Learn to stay with a support team and making it work!


  • If you slip; Do not try to sober up on your own!
  • Not everyone can sober up on there own! Most don't!
  • Stay away from the influence!
  • Stick with a supportive group and get busy!
  • Throw away your addictive personality and get to know yourself! There's a lot to do in life, don't miss out!
  • Nobody has an excuse for abuse!
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