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Learning Coping Skills Helped Me Quit Drugs

Share Your Story: What I Learned in Rehab

By Tim

Updated November 05, 2010

How long were you in rehab?

I was in outpatient program and the coping skills that one of the counselors taught me have changed my life in so many ways

On every way besides drugs and alcohol these skills work with any problem you might encounter. It's awesome. My life is drug free and I owe it all to Treatment

What was the most helpful feature of rehab?

The coping skills they taught us in class are amazing week in and week out. They teach you these coping skills and they work. My life is drug free for the first time. These skills they taught me work with all problems in life. At first I was thinking this was crap but as soon as I started to use them how there intended to work, it all started falling into place

If it weren't for these coping skills I would be using drugs, but I'm not.


  • Learn coping skills and how they can work for you if u want them too
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