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Learning Gratitude

Share Your Story: What I Learned in Rehab

By Greg S

Updated November 17, 2009

How long were you in rehab?

I was in a residential rehab, about 2500 miles away from home for about 5.5 weeks. I was detoxing at home and on about day 5 of detox I found myself on a red-eye flight to a treatment center!

What was the most helpful feature of rehab?

Within the first day of arriving I was chatting about my alcoholism with other alcoholics around the breakfast table. We were sharing openly and honestly without reservation. We all felt safe with each other because we could immediatley relate to the other persons antics and stories! We laughed and cried and laughed some more.

I also learned gratitude. We made a list of things we were grateful for in our lives and shared it with a small group. There were wet eyes for everyone b/c for many it was the first time we had felt grateful for anything in a long time. It was a turning point in my treatment.


  • surrender to the disease
  • get honest, mostly with yourself
  • talk to another alcoholic about how you feel
  • relieve your shame by sharing it with another alcoholic or addict, they understand.
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