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Exercise With a Sober Group Is a Delight

Share Your Story: Using Exercise in Recovery

By BgddyJim

Updated February 07, 2012

How Long Have You Been Clean and Sober?

November 18, 1992 - 19 years

How Do You Exercise to Help With Your Recovery?

I started exercising with a group of sober friends more than ten years ago after I quit smoking and started to get chubby. We started out with four and now our Saturday morning run/triathlon training group is regularly more than twelve. While the actual physical activity has been great, sharing that time with other sober friends has made a sometimes difficult recovery a delight. Last year we held two Olympic length Triathlons at our running club and we train every week together. This year I'll be participating in my first half Ironman with a friend from the club. Life just wouldn't be the same without the friendship and camaraderie that we share in our little group.

Tips and Tricks

  • Find out what you like to do, whether it's cycling, running, swimming - whatever it is, and find sober people who like the same activity.
  • Meet once a week at a park or a home and hit the road.
  • Don't be afraid to train alone - there are six more days in the week, use five of them and rest on at least one.
  • Principles before personalities - you may not like everyone in the group, hang with the one's you do.
  • If you can't find an existing group, create one.

Buddy T, About.com Alcoholism, says:

For more information, see Using Exercise to Aid Alcohol and Drug Recovery."

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