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Share Your Story: My Last Relapse

By ian moore

Updated December 08, 2010

How long ago was your last relapse?

My last relapse was 8 days ago, I was 6 years clean and sober 8 weeks ago, I relapsed and thought I could control my drinking again! It didn't work as always; it got worse. I'm now 8 days clean and am living in the day again. I stopped doing AA meetings a few months ago and stopped going, it led me to relapse after six years of sobriety. As shocked as I feel I'm back doing meetings and have hope to live a day at a time sober through working the 12 steps and helping others. It's the only way to stay sober and be happy.

What do you think triggered your relapse?

Lack of aa meetings, I stopped going a few months ago and thought i didn't need them anymore, I'm well enough to stay sober on my own. As soon as I stopped going to meetings and stopped working 12 steps, I began to change back to my old ways of thinking and behaviors, I was off my head and too busy and arrogant to see it. Then it was my birthday a few weeks ago and all of a sudden my old head said, "go on you can have one drink." I didn't just have one, even after six years of been sober my massive consumption of alcohol was still there. I drank for 12 hours solid and didn't stop,

Tips and Tricks

  • I need to get back into AA and 12 steps. It's the only way to stay clean and lead a happy life. I need to stay with AA people and keep doing meetings and 12 steps for the rest of my life. I need to keep life simple today and always walk with one foot in front of the other. It's just a day at a time at the moment. I'm truly grateful to be sober!
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