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Triggered by Complacency

Share Your Story: My Last Relapse

By manaccar

Updated October 30, 2009

How long ago was your last relapse?

Two years ago. I went out and stayed out for another one and a half years. My sobriety date is now May 8, 2009

What do you think triggered your relapse?

My relapse(s) are mostly triggered by complacency. Once I start to feel too good and life starts to get better, I am lulled into believing everything is okay and I think I can start drinking again and this time things will be different.

Tips and Tricks

  • WORK a hard solid program. Not just going through the steps. WORKING them.
  • Keep in constant contact with my higher power - AA is a spiritual program. Not a stop drinking program. The latter is a byproduct of AA.
  • Call friends and my sponsor in AA when the stinkin' thinkin' starts and not a minute later.
  • Stay close to the program and the people in it
  • Meetings, meetings and more meetings

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