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Finally Quit in the Hospital

Share Your Story: How I Quit Drinking

By arniekozak

Updated December 07, 2009

Why did you decide to quit?

I began my journey into "recovery" starting in 1995. During the span of years to date, I have managed to stay sober twice for two years straight, six times for a year stretch, and many staggered months in between my relapses. During this time I have heard a number of times that relapse is a part of recovery. Hitting Bottom to me happened many times over, each time always the same retort, I've hit bottom, that's it, I'll never drink again, only to be sober for three, maybe four, sometimes more and then I get blindsided. You start felling just a little "TOO" good, and wham !!! There you are again, drunk

How did you get sober?

I finally sobered up during my last stay at the hospital. It was this time that I required four units of blood to bring me back to a state of normality, coupled with massive intravenous injections of vitamins, nutrients, etc; I lost track of all that they were injecting me with. after a little over 13 years of in and out of AA, many attempts to do it on my own, I finally came to my senses and realized that this was the closest I had ever come to losing my life to alcohol. It was just what I needed to really give me that wake up call and realize that this was to be the turning point. Either quit for good, or surrender and die.


  • Be honest with yourself. Latch onto to some solid members in the 12 step program, yes, it actually does work and help, you just have to surrender yourself and commit with all your earnest. Find yourself a good sponsor, don't worry if you don't feel comfortable, you can always change sponsors when times may seem too uncomfortable with the current person. Don't worry, a "solid" AA member will not bear offense to being "let go" and may actually even refer you to someone that he/she feels might be a better fit for you. You've nothing to lose at this point, just your serenity, sobriety, and peace of mind.
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