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Prayer Helped the Most to Quit Drinking

Share Your Story: How I Quit Drinking

By MaryannK

Updated December 03, 2009

Why did you decide to quit?

I got tired of stumbling around unpacked boxes in my own house especially when I fell and got wedged between two of them and couldn't get up because I had broken my shoulder. When my husband called 911, I was so embarrassed I refused to go in the ambulance and argued with the paramedics, even lying about how I fell. I found out when I was put in the hospital by my doctor it was not to set my shoulder, it was to detox me and get psychiatric and pharmacological help. Discharged on a regimen of pills that I could use to self-medicate, rather than liquor. Underlying problems never really went away.

How did you get sober?

I substituted vitamins and nerve pills for the alcohol; then, pain pills when I got my shoulder operated on. It's been 4 operations, almost 5 years and I don't drink, but still on pain meds (prescription but non-addictive, mild). The underlying problems which led to my drinking were then addressed by me alone when I turned to the Bible, prayer and meditation which I now heavily rely on. There is no temptation to have just one drink. The smell of it even sickens me.


  • I never thought I could last an hour without knowing where my next drink would come from. No one could have convinced me that I could live life without alcohol. It had to come from a traumatic event (painful shoulder break) and subsequent hospitalization for detox. When you come to the end of your rope, I hope you will realize it and let medical professionals help you, even if it means taking medication. It seems as if you're trading one addiction for another, but at least the meds are controlled by your doctor and you can be successfully weaned off of them as I was. But prayer is what helped the most.
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