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The Jumping Off Place

Share Your Story: How I Quit Drinking

By dblaadancer

Updated November 03, 2009

Why did you decide to quit?

My last drunk, I had a bottle of pain pills, a gallon of gin and 2 loaded guns. I came to the jumping off place and I didn't want to live life anymore. I was too drunk to shoot myself but I did overdose. I woke up in the ER and a nurse looked at me and asked if I thought I had a problem with alcohol! I thought to my self give me until noon and I will be okay and then I can start drinking again. That is not what happened.

How did you get sober?

I called an Indian woman I had met during my 10 years in and out of AA and told her I had drank again. She asked if she could find someone to take me would I go. Of course I said yes, but when I got off the phone I panicked and thought what did I just do? I thought when she gets here I won't answer the door but my Higher Power had other plans for me. I went to a 7-day treatment center and when I got out I went to an A.A. meetings. It was a speaker meeting and I cried all through the meeting and don't remember anything that was said. After being in A.A. three months I finally got from my head to my heart that I was an alcoholic and could admit it to the group of A.A. members. What a burden was lifted off my chest.


  • You're not done until your are done. You don't have to take the elevator to the bottom floor you can get off at any time. If you are young please give A.A. a chance, you have the rest of your life to live sober. And for everyone else you too can get off on any floor. Find a power greater than you are and ask for help to quit drinking. It works it really does. That is why I am sharing my story. Life is so good today because I was willing, open and honest with myself, others and to my Higher Power. If you don't remember your last drunk you have not had it. Please give yourself a chance.
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