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Readers Respond: What Do You Do to Stop Friends or Love Ones From Driving Drunk?

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Updated September 22, 2012

Let`s get a little more humain

I understand that drinking and driving is very dangerous but the society and organization need to understand that there a different drinking until you are drunk and drinking lightly.. I am 57 and the way I see this society is that there`s only A or Z and nothing between. As soon as you go over .08 you are convict the same as someone with .2 or more It is proofed that accident happen at .16, need to keep the limit at .08 and then over that to a number that can be test let`s say .1 that the penalty be more like losing the license for a period of time not being treated like a criminal. The society need to be more flexible and realize that there is letters between A Z.
—Guest mike

What do I do?

I'll be turning 18 in just a couple of months, almost exactly one year ago I got my license. From almost the beginning my mom would have me come pick her and her friends up at bars, while they were so drunk the could barely talk. I know I should just be glad that they aren't driving, especially after she got a DUI but she doesn't seem to care about the consequences or that she might kill herself or someone else. She even tried to drag me into the bar and several after parties. I don't know what to do. I and my grandparents have tried talking to her but it only makes her angry and want to do it even more, I'm running out of options.
—Guest Robin

Waiting for the end

20 yr's of my life with an alcoholic I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster. What a waste of time I cant wait until its over. God I hope noone gets hurt I pray all the time what a selfish act to drive when you cant even walk fml
—Guest lost


My husband is an alcoholic in deep denial. He hit 5 parked cars and got a DUI last month. I thank God no one was hurt. Now I stress everyday that he will drive and hurt someone. Like another guest, I don't worry so much about him getting hurt. I worry about an innocent victim. I called the police twice when he left the house drunk. They were actually rude and of no help. Yes. You have to know the area they're in; if you actually saw them drinking, and other dumb questions. Also, even if you're successful in reporting it to the police, I worry about what might happen before they find him. I attend Al-Anon and go to counseling. Yet, I can not stop these panic attacks. I finally had his friends disconnect the distributor cap or something. The car won't start. However, now he wants to have the car towed to his mechanic for repair. How on earth do I stop that! I found this site because I was looking for a way to permanently destroy his car. I just don't know what to do.
—Guest Coquette

Drunk drivers

How can I help to stop drunk drivers? My wife was killed tragically by a drunk driver on July 21, 2012. Her friend was in the car, and she died 6 days later. This person was driving 95 mph drunk and on drugs. She hit my wifes car from behind sending her car airborn into a pole. My wife was driving 15 mph. She died instantly. I didn't even recognize her car when I saw it. It was so badly crushed.


So I'm confused we as friends if we're good friends shouldn't call the police cause it'll screw up their life.....huh Course I guess we just forget bout the innocent people who's lives get mucked up cause you was drivin drunk they shoulda got the hell outta the way..... Seriously dear god people you don't want a dui DON'T DRIVE DRUNK ............duh
—Guest confused

Best friend. Bad influence.

My best friend whom I love to death and care SO much about parties every weekend and completely ignores me if I'm not up to going with her. I haven't hung out with her in so long, but tonight we went clubbing and I had to take care of her and watch out for her. I like going to parties once in a blue moon...but it isn't my scene. I know she's a bad influence on me, but I don't want to lose her. I want to help her and SLAP myself everytime I go to a party with her when she's drunk. I feel like hell. Now I'm grounded bc I was out past midnight...(dads curfew, I'm 18) and I have know idea why I even partied tonight.
—Guest Lex

Just yell

To get them to go upstairs and go to bed when they are drunk and wants to drive just yell at them tell them they could get hurt,or they could get caught by the cops.Hope this helps. ^_^
—Guest Mary jane

Dial 911 when impaired

I grieve for child who feels he cannot stop dad from drinking, I worried sick every day from 1980 to his alcohol caused death in 2008 due to drinking, and he drove drunk often. You can call 911, report tag, at ANY age; you cannot plead, beg or stop him; I TRIED! Let him face legal issues-though they are insulting-and don't worry about him! It is commendable you want to help, but he is a criminal, and you can stop him from killing someone!
—Guest jack45454545


I have had it with lawyers who brag online about getting dui offenders off! How many must die? I know a friend with a dui in Febraury .08 and a .24 in may, 2012! Yet she faces minimal penalties; how can I contact DA to make her persistent drinking and admitted refusal to quit drinking and driving taken into account? I will testify!
—Guest jack45454545


My daughter is 39 yo & has 4 children a 16 yo boy 14 yo boy 8 yo lod boy 4yo log girl. She dives drunk 4/5 times a week ,picks up the youngest from school. But to avoid cops she arrives 10 mins after the bell & parks over near footy field so the kids can walk thru to meet her. I'm so worried she is going to kill one of my grand kids or one of yours. Apparently to report it to police you have to know the exact time & place. I think it would be worth the time to maybe do a couple of weeks surveillance . After look at what is at risk.
—Guest Nana


Is it right to take from a person with alcohol issues the most critical resource a person has to keeping a job? Do you want your tax dollars to pay for a person with alcohol problems who cannot keep their job because they cannot drive to work (eg, with welfare and other government aid programs)? Do you want to feel the affects of the crime committed by the person(s) who has no job and no means of getting money to live because they cannot drive where they need to go to obtain these vital resources? How much more dangerous is a person who begins driving after 15 years of inexperience than they were driving with a BAC of 0.08? Why is there so much disparity in DUI pentalties from individual to individual, across and within state lines ranging from simple fines and classes to absolute license revocation for 15 years for the same crime?
—Guest Curious

He never took it seriously

I found out my ex-husband was arrested for DUI. He was ordered to AA by the court..and apparently would go to meetings and then come home to his now other ex and grab a beer as soon as he was in the door. Some people don't take it seriously. We are helpless in preventing harm as bystanders of people who do not think they have a problem. The states need to colaborate better, as this is not his first offence, but was treated as such by his state.
—Guest exwifeofanalcoholicthathidesitwell

Prevention from driving

I can tell you taking the keys is not always enough. Throwing them in a bush might cause them to be found or there is often a second set. Not only did I take the keys and nearly had my fingers broken for it but I also took the rib beating that came with it until he got tired. I was brought up in a physically abusive family and knew I would survive it but knowing if anything happened to him or his kids he wouldn't have.

Do whatever you need

Once my dad was trying to grab the keys out of my hand, and i just threw them out in the bushes and he could'nt find them so he stayed home.
—Guest kevin e

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What Do You Do to Stop Friends or Love Ones From Driving Drunk?

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