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Readers Respond: Has your health been affected by your alcohol consumption?

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Updated September 22, 2012

Excessive alcohol consumption over a period of time can begin to affect almost every system in the body, especially the liver, brain and digestive track. Has your health been affected by drinking alcohol? Post Your Answer

Wheres rock bottom?

Hello, I am a 27 year old female who drinks every night, at least for about the past year. I drink half a 26 every night to pass out, I'm 110 lbs of a scared mess. I've had 2 seizures from withdrawal and that's not enough for me to quit! I'm scared of the damage I've done to my insides. I don't want to die! Can anyone tell me roughly what shape my organs are likely in? I started drinking at 18, but it used to be a weekend thing. Please give me some idea!
—Guest LK


Im 24 I drink everyday, my wife left me she took away my daughter, I been feeling worthless since the day I was born, when I was a kid I swear to me I will never drink or smoke, Im right here right now smoking and drinking, I have suicidal tendencies, I been drinking heavily since I was 18 years, I lost a lot of friends, I drink a 6 pack keystone light or a 3 pack budlight because is cheaper because I walk to get it from the store near me, I am consious of what I do, and I still do it, I am my worst enemy, I hate to drink, I hate to smoke but I cant stop it or the anxiety comes, I been in a isolated way, trying to not socialize with no one in my work because I feel like im a piece of sh1t, I have done so much to a lot of people, specially my ex wife. When I was drunk I got so angry and mad we will start a fight and I will get crazy at her, one day I spitted at her, one day I hit her, I know anyone will want me death for what I have done, im sorry world for me being born
—Guest Myisanonymous

Regaining control over my life

I am 39 and want to start to feel alive. I have been drinking for 15 years and it has caused nothing but chaos in my life. I come from a family of alcoholics. I drink 2 times in a month 3-4 days at a time. I just want to vent . I know in theory what needs to be done to stop..... Problem is I have a hard time staying the course. If i don't stop I will be dead in a year . My 5 year old son win not be impressed .
—Guest Paul

The mental/emotional effects.

I started drinking daily after a hard break-up and it only escalated from there. My main concerns were its affect on my appearance, (weight mainly; but also chubby cheeks and baggy eyes). I lived with it and have deluded myself into thinking alcohol was helping me. 3 years later i'm depressed, have a noticeable decline in cognitive abilities, and suffer from severe depersonalization disorder-- look it up, it sucks. Im 24 now and every attempt to sober up is accompanied by Delerium Tremens and unbearable anxiety. Social drinking is impossible, it leads to a blackout 90% of the time. Hopefully the hell I've been living will help dissuade people from the path of drug abuse.
—Guest Adam

Either Or

For those who seem to imply that an addict chooses his/her "poison" over family, children, career, or even his/her personal health, consider this. I have said this many times to my current significant other. It is not, and has never been, an either/or proposition. We are not "choosing" it instead of whomever or whatever. We are expecting to be able to do both, like we always have. Even if we are told that if we don't stop, we will lose whomever/whatever, we still delude ourselves into thinking we can get better at hiding it. We can manage it. It is a delusion that is further encouraged by the effects of the poison. Alcohol, in particular, makes me feel invincible. "I got this." The effects aren't even ALL bad. Sometimes, under the influence, I have made stunning realizations that stuck with me even after I sobered up. Not to say that makes it a good thing. Just adding a little perspective.
—Guest whatsitgonnatake?

What's it gonna take?

I'm 48 and I've been at this for over 1/4 century now. I drink about a fifth of straight vodka/day. Up until about 10 years ago, it was mostly beer, but many many gallons of beer. The cost and the volume just became impractical so I switched to vodka. Since it's easier to mask the smell, that seemed the obvious choice. I am "functional." I hold down a job and meet my obligations, mostly because I'm what a fellow alcoholic called a "slow IV-drip alcoholic." I don't get hammered because I hate that feeling, but I drink all day, everyday, and in the middle of the night if I wake up. When I quit, the agony of withdrawal is overwhelming, so I go back to it. I have quit from time to time - for 2 years once - but mostly only 2 or 3 months if that long. I've been very fortunate to not have liver problems, but I do have high blood pressure and digestive issues. I don't wanna die a horrible death from this, but sometime it feels like the only way out.
—Guest whatsitgonnatake?

Husband so ill

He vomited a lot into the garbage can earlier while I was washing baby bottles. Our first born is two months old btw. After puking he blew his nose, noticed blood. His eyes are yellow, he's been hospitalized before. He's a violent drunk. Do not marry a heavy drinker or alcoholic! I pray God will deliver all affected by this poison.
—Guest Alice

I'm there

I drink too much. Don't know how I'm alive. I think I want to die. I'm not sure. I drink 1-1/2 a 5th a day all the time. I can't keep a job been through 20 in two years. Can I just die? I'm done with life lets get on with it! We're going to die sometime right. Why not now.
—Guest Teddelacyholt

Sooner or later

I spent 30 years give or take drinking. it killed the pain.All the people in my career field drink heavily. hurt my leg real bad went to hospital.admitted. then ICU. blood transfusion. eyes yellow. tired.retaining water. food tastes terrible. 1 year ago I weighed 205 now 165. no insurance. quit smoking 10yrs ago. never took drugs,not even aspirin. I always said it was bad for the liver. just drank. I quit drinking a few months ago. Always said I didn't care wanted to drink myself to death. Found out lately it is a terrible way to die. no job no insurance no money no family no friends.So it looks as though I am going to accomplish my said goal. I just turned 47.
—Guest workless1

To: hmurphy71

I feel awful every morning, well I guess the afternoon really. I drink to hide a whole lot of pain. Antidepressants/alcohol? You choose! Anxiety meds/alcohol ? You choose! These were my choices and I chose one devil over the other. So hard now cause I can feel my life going nowhere real fast. Not only that, I don't feel good anymore-the few days I wake without drinking, I feel okay, not good. Have list all energy, I don't understand it and positive loved ones find it difficult to understand me. Hiding from a lot of pain, if I had to face I probably would not be here today.
—Guest Idrinktwo

Drinking every weekend

I have been drinking every weekend since I was in my mid teens. I am thirty one now and have two small children. I drank excessively on Saturday and passed out. I was sick as a dog all day on Sunday throwing up bile. It is Monday and my liver hurts. I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch and have been sick to my stomach all day. I believe I have ulcers from all the years of weekend binging. This has really put a scare into me and I have been thinking all day about my wife and my children. I want to be there for them and not in a drunken stupor. This new years eve will be my first sober one since I started drinking. I plan on living a much healthier lifestyle from here on out and drinking is not part of what I see in my future. Hopefully I haven't done excessive damage to my liver.
—Guest joe

Alcohol effects

I was 20 met an awesome guy! we both drank socially and holding down jobs wasnt a problem. We soon found out baby #1 was coming, I gave up alcohol, he hid it. He still only drank a few times a month with sporadic occasions happening from time to time. 6 yrs into our relationship his grandma dies and he picked up the bottle to hide the pain of losing gma. Our daughter was 5. She was our only. Three yrs later our boy came. He is now 3 1/2, hasnt seen "dad" in 3 years. Our daughter, now 12, got to see him a few months ago when he called swearing that he was dying in 2 weeks and his dying wish...to see her. Tore her up, it has affected EVERYONE around him. He lies, cheats, steals, does whatever it takes to have his bottle. I couldnt take it anymore. I couldnt sit around and watch him kill himself and possibly one or both of my children as he would continually drive drunk with them in the car. Alcohol ruined his life and devasted mine. Needless to say he misses birthdays and holidays still!
—Guest TheEX


My boyfriend drinks constantly. Even when he's at work he'll sneak out to his car and throws back probably a six pack on his lunch break. Only time he's not drinking is when he's sleeping. We have a child together so you'd think he'd want to live to see our baby grow up.he never used to be this way. I'm just so sick of watching him slowly kill himself. My dad was a heavy drinker. He died from it. Tired of talking. Tired of crying. God help me deal with this.
—Guest just me

Not who I thought I'd be

I am 30 years old, corporate marketing professional, married with a (fur) baby. I "have it all", but I'm a miserable pathetic alcoholic. I drink a pint of vodka every day mixed with Gatorade. and hide it from absolutely everybody. My liver is failing, my looks are definitely suffering. I don't sleep, eat well or exercise. I hate everything about alcohol but I can't stay away from it. And withdrawals when you do try to quit? That's a new circle of hell I didn't think I'd see. Basically, I never thought I'd get here. I "shouldn't" be here . But...I am. To those on here struggling - good luck. To those struggling with loved ones with this disease - please know that we don't want to hurt you and would so much rather hurt ourselves. It's just a nasty cycle.
—Guest Amy

I became the mom

My mom at a young age chose drinking over everything else. She was a "social" drinker. I'm not sure when the roles switched but I ended up taking care of her. I think it was in-patient psych ward and she was calling to find her lost shoe. Aha I could be the hero and have a mom. I took care of her emotionally for almost 45 years. After a series of traumas, I couldn't do it any more. She mom is blocked from my life because of all th hurt she causes. She had a bad heart condition and a bad liver condition.
—Guest Islandgir2

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