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Readers Respond: How Do You Avoid Drinking During the Holidays?

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Updated October 09, 2014

The holiday season can present all kinds of temptations and triggers for those who are trying to stay clean and sober. As others celebrate the season with alcohol at parties and family gatherings in can be difficult to not give in. Note: This Reader Response topic has been closed, please use this form to share your experience, or join the discussion in the Alcoholism Forum.

The test is false

I have drank 3 times maximum for my life of 20 years and i am a none alcoholic and according to the test i am a 20% alcoholic dont fully trust it since most tests like these are not accurate at all and are basically a waste of time
—Guest josh

Ways to avoid

Go to safe place meeting, sober friend, don't stay alone.
—Guest troy

Sounds simple, but

I was confident I could do it. I went as low as I could BEFORE the holidays. Lost my job ( and yes, sure alcohol had something to do with that, they didn't say so, but I know). I was the breadwinner, so now we are both out of work. spiraled. ended up in detox. Great care of course, but not a place I wanted to be. so then the holidays. The amount of alcohol everywhere was overwhelming. I caved. So disappointed. My next blood tests is in 10 days for re-hab. it will be cleaner. but it will not be 21 days cleaner which it was supposed to be. I am talking to one of my AA friends today. She's a little to overwhelmed to be my sponsor, but she always takes the call. SO get through new years. My family drink like fish ( but are not alcoholics apparently...) Wish me (and you all) luck with that and the blood tests. For those newbies... consider re-hab
—Guest itsgottatakesoon!

what works for me

I stay away from where liquor is being served and I decide ahead of time when I will leave. I tell myself "today, I get to say no and feel good about it"
—Guest hacha


I feel your pain. I am 2 months sober and this this will be my first christmas in 25 years without a drink. However, I've been able to deal with other situations by looking at my sobriety as a journey with a unique set of milestones. Just like achieving anything of significance in life, I think its important to look at your journey and break it up into smaller goals or milestones. 1. Going one day without a drink....GOAL 2. Going one week....GOAL 3. Eating out without a drink....GOAL 4. A special occasion, like thanksgiving, Christmas or a birthday.....GOAL 5. Going on vacation.....GOAL 6. Your first year.....GOAL Everyones will be a little different, but plan for each milestone and you'll find that you can deal with it much more effectively. You can beat this.

How to avoid drinking during the holiday

I avoid drinking one day at a time regardless whether it is a holiday or not. If I am thinking of drinking because of the holiday that I have not used my tools the first step I am also powerless over alcohol on holidays.
—Guest Tony C.

Don't be afraid

NA states 'Just for today, I will be unafraid. My thoughts will be on my new associations, people who are not using and who have found a new way of life. So long as I follow that way, I have nothing to fear'. The holidays can create fear in the newly recovering person, a feeling of isolation. Spending time with your recovery friends can really help to give you strength and confidence.
—Guest tom

Enough is Enough

Hi I am new on this site, I simply googled to see if there are people like me in the world.A brief description is I remember having wine for the first time on my 18th birthday to date,I am turning 30 in a couple of weeks and I am yearning for change. Knowing how I got home after my birthday would be nice for a change, walking and not have a feeling that you have done something wrong only to find out you embarrass the whole party crew called people names simply because they wanted us to go home when the lights came on in a club. First I thought I am cool people still liked me after a rude outburst or whatever embarrassment I have caused them. Now I feel empty my boyfriend dumped me last week after we went out and I got so upset with him and said a whole lot of things, anyway I don't blame him, the weekend before that I went out with sober friends insisted on 1 glass of wine until I have had more than 6 glasses and he had to come fetch me walking towards my door "apparently" I fell.

december 30 Momincal

It started off like it was a message to me. It's my first christmas not drinking and,my birthday is dec 30 to. well have a great holiday with your family.
—Guest maple

Just dont go to the party

Its better to stay home than going to the party where they will save drinks. Liquor or beer.
—Guest amani

Things To Ask The Barkeep At Parties.

Ask him/her to put your drink in a tumbler, Tip them and let them know to just put cola in this tumbler. You don't need to explain to anyone your situation and leave if you feel tempted! All of these things will ensure your having a safe, sober Holiday season.

Remembering to be grateful...

This is my first Christmas sober (I will have my first birthday on December 30th), and this past year has been the most amazing of my life. Starting a new life with my husband and step-son, becoming pregnant for the first time in my life, and getting ready for my new little girl's arrival, are just some of the things keeping me too busy to imagine drinking. I attend meetings when I can, and keep in contact with my sponsor, but mostly I just can't imagine throwing away what I now have for a short time of numbness. I "play the tape through," which always shows me a quick downward spiral. I can't help but be so grateful for the gift of sobriety.

Applying the principles

Well here we are virtually at the end of one year and the beginning of another. At this time of the year many of us find it difficult. However if we can pause for a moment and apply AA'S tried and true priniciples, we should have few problems. We simply go one day, half a day, 2 hours, 1 hour, fifteen minutes, no matter what it [what ever the it is ] will pass - providing I do not drink.
—Guest laurie

Just do it

Ive been trying to get sober for two years and thanksgiving day was my last drunk when my sponsor told me to stop trying and just do it. So I'm going to stay sober just for today. I can always drink tomorrow! I truly want to recover, so I've planned a lot of meetings and I'm giving service time at the Alano club during our Alcholthon.
—Guest Jill

Attitude of gratitude

Prayer, meditation, readings, A.A. meetings, calling others in the program, service work, Step work and doing something nice for any of God's children. Do what is suggested of me by members of the Fellowship, and by members of my health care team. I only have today. "Live and Let Live." In Jesus' name, Amen. Your humble servant, Geoffrey
—Guest GaelicBrian5
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