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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Oxycontin Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 22, 2012

My Hell

I was started on Oxy in 1999. I have many things wrong with me but in reality the doctors didn't have a clue to what was wrong and they put me on different types of narcs before Oxy to kill the extreme amount of pain I was in. Just recently my liver is failing so I want to stop all the meds going through it. I am currently cutting down my oxy's trying to quit. I was taking 5-6 pills of 40mg a day. 3 days ago I stopped taking my afternoon pills and now I only take 1 in the am and 1 at bedtime. previously to this if I was off my time to take them by even 20min I would get the twitches, shakes and a wicked headache. Now it's day 3 of no afternoon pills and I feel like crap. I can't stop going to the bathroom. My nose won't stop running along with the sneezes. My blood sugars are going wonky. I can't sleep even with sleeping pills and adivan. I am doing this without a doctor because they won't help me at all. This is pure hell and I got 2 more pills to drop. your comments are helping me.


Does anyone know if elimidol works for withdrawal?
—Guest Biggino

Paying the piper

Yup me too and probably a million more out there. Im jumping off cold in 7 days. I needed to wait till I could take the time off work with pay. Using bout 50 mgs daily started with neck injury 8 months ago now Im hooked and sick of it. I quit drinking 20 yrs ago and cant believe im hooked on something else after all these years. I tried to wean down but I guess Im the all in or all out type. Im going to use Gabbapentin and Paxil to help get thru this iM 56 yrs old with a strong heart cant say Im not a bit apprehensive bout it all but Im willing to pay the Piper and add this to my been there done that list. Ill check in when I start. Good luck to all and remember there's a lot of us, neither you or I are alone in this.
—Guest Old picker

My story

6 years on oxys / max dose 240mg day The odd time I run out feels unbearable Now on 200 and my God what a nightmare - Really did need it to start with / Should of.got off em when had op but there is no words / Simply have to have em in system all the time /Do not start / Take my Word
—Guest MATT


I had a car accident back in 96 broke my neck and did major damage to my spine hip's etc was told i would have old ladies disease at a young age im now 59 and yep major pain ...took me many years to get pain relief and oxy was the worst form of med's i could have ever taken as kept going up and up so detoxed in a unit and used suboxon but the pain would come in at the same time every day it was hard enough getting off them but what about the pain i was left with so they wanted me to do methadone researched it and found 9 out of 10 people had gone onto coke or heroine to get off the meth ..i was left laying on the floor of the shower for 7 days with it coming away both ends they would check that i was still alive and that was it stopped dehydration by drinking shower water was 50 at this stage and thought i would die of a heart attack ended up in I.C.U now im on Jurnista 2 a day have run out at odd times and withdrawals are worse then the oxy so what do you do at my age!!

8 x 80mg a day

I had a couple back surgeries and was taking 640 mg a day for a while. got down to 4 x 80 a day and the doc tried to switch me to 2 40mg Opana and 4 x 10IR a day. Terrible leg cramps and pain. Any advice? Can't smoke weed in my state and with my job.
—Guest Jeffrey

My second attempt at reducing Oxy

I've been prescribed Oxy for 10 yrs. Started w/ 10 mg. 3 X day. Now I'm at 3 60's a day, plus 60 mg. of instant acting Oxy for ' breakthrough pain ' ( what a joke THAT is ! ) So, in total, 240 mg. Oxy per day for 8 yrs. I am cutting my dosage in half or more because I need several surgeries. ( it all started w/ an accident that smashed my femur, tore up my knee, & required 6 surgeries on that leg. next is a total knee replacement ) also, rotator cuff surgery, hip surgery, hand/ joint surgery, spinal injections, upper ( base of neck ) & lumbar injections. I've been diagnosed w/ Fibromyalgia & degenerative Osteoarthritis, from sports & a car accident. My goal is to NOT end up in a wheelchair. I've cut my oxy dose in half over a week, w/ sleep meds & benzos. Have " shivers ", restless leg & body syndrome, insomnia, overall aching, nausea. But I must reduce so Post-op meds will work, but I fear w/ all the surgeries, I will end up in this spot again. Thanks for all the shared stories.
—Guest Lesley Smith

4th clean

Am 4 days free of all meds. Was on 60 mg xday. For 7 years. Can't stop sneezing. Its driving me mad . Reduced by 10mg a week, with the last few weeks staying on 20mg as my body adjusted. The last 10mg is the hardest. The % you cut down in a week is 50%. Feels more than when I cut from 60mg to 40mgs.
—Guest misha

Hope This Helps

This is not my first oxy withdrawal process, I was free of this hellish drug for several years before some drs mistaken prognosis convinced me my physical condition was only going to deteriorate into inevitable death. At that point it seemed useless to suffer thru the pain, so I reverted to oxy again. The doctors were incorrect, and I'm now battling this withdrawal again. My bit of advice to those enduring this process are; First, if you're able to obtain prescriptions for any of the medications capable of reducing some symptoms they can be infinitely helpful. My most intolerable symptom has always been the restless legs, and mirapex has helped me incredibly. Xanax helps me with anxiety & sleep but I know that's not for everyone. And ibuprofen. Hot sea salt baths work wonders for temporarily soothing aches & restlessness, even if only long enough to get a small amount of rest. Hang in there, the freedom that comes once you emerge from this hell makes it worthwhile. Don't give up.
—Guest A

3 days clean- 80mg LP Oxycontin

I am currently 3 days clean of this MONSTER drug after 9months - I had to take it just to function, I had constant paralysing sciatica with an inability to walk.I had a double Lumbar Decompression in Dec 2013 and I vowed to get off the Oxy asap, So in dec 2013 I reduced it 10mg a week for the last 7 weeks and by jove it has worked for me a treat. I had one day of vomiting only for a few hrs but then the sky high temperature started and the pounding headaches. My biggest problem to date is the lack of sleed and the burning legs syndrome. To you all trying this give it your all and be positive. It is hard at first but there again I wasnt on it for so long. Good luck.
—Guest Noah

Am I at risk? I want to stop.

I had lumbar surgery in early Dec of 2013. So I I've only been taking 2 x 40mg Oxycotins with 10/325 Percocets, for break out pain. I believe I gotten to the point where I do not need it for pain. However last night I took my last 40mg. Today I started having strange light headedness, weakness, sweating, and just feel like crap. I have read how many on this site have had issues and would really like to know if doing cold turkey is a bad idea. I did not think cutting the OxyContin was a good idea. I want to get past this ASAP.
—Guest Scott

Withdrawal from OxyContin is possible

I have read a lot of comments, many of them citing methadone as the way to "cure' OxyContin withdrawal. Methadone maintenance is simply using one narcotic to replace another. I quit OxyContin using clonidine, ibuprofen, and Imodium. I could've opted for methadone treatment but for what? To "feel better" with another opiate? Oxy withdrawal takes time; less time, however, than you would think. From the last dose of Oxy I took to the first day I felt normal was ... oh, wow -- a whole 4 days. I for one am glad I didn't switch to methadone - methadone isn't about being withdrawn from Oxy. It's about getting high on a different drug.

Some of us could see it coming

I had 3 surgerys a few months apart for bone spurs, torn tendons and ligaments. After awhile I notice that 1 pill wasn't effective so I took a pill and a half. When I was seriously considering I would have to go to 2 pills, I considered how important the event was and I active I was expected to be, before I took them. Then one day I woke up with a whole day of housework ahead of me and aching all over. 2 pills didn't work so I took 3, I got through the day but realized I'd better talk it over with my daughter. We reasoned, "If it isn't working - why take it at all. Just put it on the shelf and leave it there. Take a drug holiday! I did not experience severe reactions. Some that were listed - like runny nose- I figured were allergies. I had stomach cramping, but I also have Irritable Bowell Syndrome to I have use alieve and a tens unit with some success.
—Guest Sue Jett

Thank you for your words of encoragement

I have been addicted to pain meds and heroin for 7 years. I have lost 5 friends to overdose, 3 jobs, and all self-respect. I am starting withdrawls and I am scared to death. I have done this process so many times I am starting to feel like I will never have control over it. I lie to everyone I know to cover this habit and I am worn out. Reading the posts everyone has put up gives me strength I can get through this. The only thing that helps me is God. Hang in there everyone who is dealing with this plague.
—Guest Alesha

1st day...2ndtime

If your on oxy...dont take suboxone. .shelf life at least 1 month....
—Guest brokenneck

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What Were Your Toughest Oxycontin Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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