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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Oxycontin Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated October 09, 2014

One week out and better

Basically, I've been on narcs since 2006 running through the gamut of them with increased dosages. I was forced to go cold turkey last week when my oxycontin ran out because instead of taking 60mg 2x/day I was taking 6/day so obviously I ran out early Within 12 hours I was already in serious withdrawals. RLS became a whole body experience at night. You can read my earlier upost. Surprisingly, I was glad I was going through the w/ds so I would know what an addict goes through. I wanted to punish myself for lying to myself and others about the narcs. I'm six days out and feeling so much better except I still can't relax at night. I don't want any other drugs even if they will help me with withdrawals. Personally, for me, it's just another drug I could get hooked on. So to everyone, hang in there. I promise, it gets better with each passing day. It helps to stay busy even if you don't want to. I hate it, but I love it.
—Guest Mishiee

Withdrawal are bad

I was prescribed oxycontin 60mg two times a day but landed up taking 6 a day. Now im all out of pills and I'm going through horrible withdrawals. Crawling out of my skin and restless all night. Diarrhea, shaky, no appetite, just feeling blah! This made me realize that I've become addicted to these and I want off of them now. So I've been cold turkey for three days now. Each day gets better but it's so easy to get addicted to oxyccontin. It got to point I couldn't remember how many I had taken. I became aware how easy it would be to overdose. So good luck to all of you. Hang in there. It does get better each day.
—Guest Mishiee

I did! you can too!

I took 80mg oxycontin for five years, I went cold turkey and this was the worst experience that I have ever gone through. These pills are evil and the doctors who prescribe them are destroying peoples lives by doing so! If you take oxy's and want to stop you cant do it alone. I got help and now my life is alot better! God,exercise, and a healthy lifestyle is the best medicine!
—Guest Armando

Cutting Down

On 9-21-1996 I fell 30' off a fire escape. Needless to say, I was a mess. My dose 3 months ago was 80 mg. twice daily. I then went to a 30mg. during the day and a 40mg. at night for two weeks, then just 30. Three weeks ago I started on 20 mg. during the day and 30 mg. at night. Now I am on 20mg. 2x daily. My pain is worse in the lower back. However, the gradual decrease has helped me. I will try to go to 10 mg. in hopes I can handle the pain. God Bless you all and good luck!
—Guest Ed

Tough week, almost there

I've been taking opiate painkillers for about 2 years following a horse riding accident that left me with a nerve entrapment and sciatica in my right leg. Took two years to find it since it presented as pain in my foot. I recently found a guy that did and epidural injection under x-ray and it worked pretty well (he thinks I may need 3 to 4 before we're done). Meantime I've begun to withdraw and it's been a little rough. I'd started on 5mg Percodan (Oxycodon) 5 x day, which lasted about months until I couldn't sleep through the night or get up in the morning and walk for the first hour (until the morning Perc kicked in). My GP put me on Fentanyl patches briefly (about a week) but I couldn't tolerate those so she switched me to MS Contyn (time release Morphine Sulfate) at 15mg, which I only took at night for around 6 months. The MS started giving me stomach trouble, it causes spasms in your gall bladder that can be pretty painful. Since I wasn't having trouble with the Perc during the day, I was switched to Oxycontin 15mg twice a day and stayed on that for another 4 months before I got my first epidural and began to withdraw. The schedule looks like this: started at 2x 15mg OxyContin + up to 5 5mg Percodan as needed Stage 1: stepped down to 1 15mg Oxy during the day 1 10mg Oxy at night + up to 5 5 mg Percodan as needed until stable (3-5 days) Stage 2: stepped down to 2 10mg Oxy, one every 12 hrs, + 5 5mg Percodan as needed (1 to 2 weeks) Stage 3: stepped down (at the end of one week) to 1 10mg Oxy in the evening + 5 5mg Percodan as needed until stable (1-2 weeks) Stage 4: stepped down to 5 5mg Percodan as needed (1-2 weeks) After this I'm not sure where we go. I'm at Stage 3 now and doing OK. The worst part so far was three days into Stage 3, when I ended up with bad stomach cramps, ached all over, threw up anything I ate and had to play midwife to my dog, who had 11 puppies while I was going through it. I'm still married. The bad part lasted 2 days, I feel pretty good now a little over a week into Stage 3. Some minor stomach complaints and general depression but doing ok. I'm luck to have a GP who also treats chemical dependency patients as a public service so she knows how to do this. If you want to avoid the worst parts, and judging from what I've read here I may have done that, I suggest hiring a specialist. I hope the procedure I described can help others get through this. The small taste I experienced was as close as I'd like to get to full on cold turkey withdrawal.
—Guest Scott

surprised addict

been on vicodon for about 10 yrs lost ins. could not see doctor so he couldnt refill my script. After one day I thought no I wanted to die. The pain was outrageous walked the streets all night long could not sit or stand still or the pain was mind bogling. went to er they gave me 2 pills two days later I had to go again they gave me a shot and 10 pills. I am much better today but what does tommrow bring? I know I have constant thoughts fearing the pain will come back and no meds to take. The er said my pain was so bad because of the withdrawls and my doc should have been bumping the dose down and going cold turkey could kill me!
—Guest crow

i can do this

Been on oxy for almost 5 months. never liked the fact that I could become addicted. told my oncologist that I wanted to get off and use something milder. she is slowly tapering my use down each week by 10mg. today is day 2 of no oxy, yesterday was crappy feeling, today I still am not feeling well but not as bad as yesterday. hopefully in a day or 2 will start feeling good. never want to feel this way again. glad I didnt go cold turkey but tapered down. Hot and cold, fatique, diarrhea,slight headache, loss of appitite, slight nausea, cant sleep. Never going down this road again. I pray that everyone going thru withdrawls will make it and not go back on the drug. I can do this, you can too!
—Guest arlene


my story is different from most, I had a horse roll over with me, mangled my finger, requiring surgery, I was prescribed Oxy and only took it for 5 days. 5 stupid days... I didnt like how the meds made me itch, hated taking benedryl every time i took them, so I quit. day 2 of feeling like the life is being sucked out of me. cold chills, sweating, nausea, irritability, head is pounding, noise and light sensitivity, I thought it was the flu, my husband said it sounded like withdrawals, he was right... yet he does not understand why I am irritable, why i don't just suck it up and get out of bed. The time I need him to simply hold my hand and be there, no words are necessary, and I feel abandoned. I have a followup appointment tomorrow, and I called the nurse to tell her what I am going through, still no return call.
—Guest Christy

Lost it all

Ive had a good life. Great parents and family. But I always liked to get high. Did most everything but the oxys brought me down. Ive been takeing them for about 4 years now. In that time i have lost most everything that was once important to me. Lost my wife. lost my house. lost my job due to not passing a ua. lost all my money. lost all my time. I have been lowered to shoplifting and pawning anything valuable i can get. Including my kids video games and personal things. I managed to get a great girlfriend who had everything together. But I recently lost her to because of my secret life. At my worst I was eating about 5 80s a day. Due to lack of money I got down to a couple 30s a day. I am currently on day 5 with no drugs at all. I am depressed and filled with guilt about all the rotten things ive done for this drug. The physical wds are horrible but they will pass. The damage of trust and emotion will take far longer. I wish everybody the best of luck in kicking this lifetaker.
—Guest Derek


I have fibromyalgia and sciatica. Along with these I have gotten hairline fractures of my pelvic bones twice in the last six months. That pain is unreal. I have been on Tylon 4 for the last 15 years with no problems. when I didn't have pain I didn't take any and had no withdrawel whatsoever. However when the sciatica started & then the fractures the codeine couldn't handle the pain. went to new "pain management" dr who did wonders with shots but also switched me to oxy. I was taking 90mg every 4 hours. She assured me it was safe & since I have never been addicted to anything in my life before I didn't worry. Then I lost my prescription coverage & was paying $170 every two weeks for it. I decided to just go back to the codeine which is much cheaper. Today is Day 2 & even taking mt tylonol every 4 hours I am sick as a dog! Tired but can't sleep, sick to my stomach, diarrhea, chills alternating with sweats, achy. Yes, it is a Devil but I will defeat it & I will never take it again!
—Guest karen


I've been taking this demon for 3 years now and that demon is 30 mg roxys. I usually take 3 or 4 a day but not orally,. I crush them up and inhaled them. I have a good life, a beautiful girlfriend and a wonderful 5 year old son. Nobodys knows what's going on in my life nor will they. I have quit in the past but I have q feeling this time will be worse because of the extensive use of the drug. I'm tryin to play it off as a bad cold, but It's only been 10 hours and I know It's going to get worse. I hope I can get threw this one last time, so I can live a normal life. I'm so tired of living this lie. It's hurting my soul and my wallet. I don't suggested anyone taking this , even if your doctor prescribes it. It will take over your life. Please pray for me, and good luck to all trying to kick this devil out of your life. Sincerely John.
—Guest I'm ready to stop

Day 3

Had Cancer,Been on this crap over 2 yrs now,, in day 3 of detox, sucks..no more of this, I will win..
—Guest Erek

This is the last time

I've been on oxys on and off for 6 years. Started in high school cause drugs were my method for dealing with depression. At my worst, I was doing 20 200mg codeine a day, or up to 10 80mg oxys a day. My mother died of cancer on Christmas 2010. I had stollen her pills on and off for two months and quit cold turkey alittle over a month before she died due to guilt. Went over a year being clean, fell madly in love, got left and fell back due to depression. It was a quick relapse, about 2 weeks, but I went big instead of going hope. Did my last pill 25 hours ago, feel like shit; cold sweats, vomiting, fatigue, headache and pains but nothing I can't handle. We can all do this, just please, keep fighting. Life is too short to not live it.
—Guest Em

Information incorrect

Theres a lot of symptoms missing from the list, also people who have used oxycontin and or oxynorm longer than 4 months will experience longer withdrawal symptoms
—Guest tim

Can I get threw this

I am on day 2 and I'm struggling but I keep telling myself that I can do this and I will do this. I used Oxy's majorly for the high I was put on them for about 1year when I had major surgery in my mouth. I need to be clean and live a hurdle free life. My wds are bad but I know I can beat them. I heard the first 48hours is the worst so hopefully that's true and I will start beating this devil of a med. any advice would be great
—Guest Not smiling
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