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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014

To all of the bias morons out there.

Weed can be extremely detrimental to a persons life. I smoked every day for two years, and that was two years too many. What it gave with one hand it took with the other - it offers short term relief, but is not a viable long term solution for anything. My memory was absolutely destroyed to the point of embarrassment, I would ask the same question 5 times in a day and forget conversations entirely. I had no energy, my thinking was fogged and impaired, my anxiety worsened, and quitting has been an absolute nightmare. Nausea, insomnia, depression, anxiety, everything the drug helped with is now worse. It's a great short term solution, long term it makes everything worse. Ye be warned. It's not the miracle you think it to be during the first 6 months of smoking. You and your life will be better without it. Anybody who says otherwise is an addict in denial about the negative effects of pot.
—Guest TRUTH

marijuana has affected in a good way

marijuana doesn't do this bullshit your taking about I have smoke marijuana I have no lung problems i've stop using a inhaler. You people need to stop with the lies an stared telling the kids the truth im not saying that they should smoke it at a young age. if we tell them the truth the might just stop smoking it they now the truth an its time for use to admit it
—Guest jim 20

It's all about the usage

I feel like most people on here are using marijuana as a scapegoat. Marijuana is like any other substance. It affects people differently and yes, it CAN be addicting. However, it is YOUR responsibility to realize how it affects you. It is YOUR responsibility to use it responsibly. If your marijuana use starts affecting your family life, social life or academic/career performance, that's on you, not the cannabis. I've known people addicted to Vyvanse/Adderall/Ritalin, to the point where they took 2x+ their prescribed dosage and became heavily physically AND psychologically addicted. This is not the fault of the drug. It is the fault of the user. If you smoke too much, that's your prerogative. But don't blame marijuana for ruining your life. It is YOUR choice to smoke. With legalization in Colorado and Washington, scientific studies are exploring the benefits of marijuana, INCLUDING its use as a cancer-treating agent.
—Guest Reality


I just recently got a marajuana drug charge for having 5 grams . It's a misdemeanor but ihave to pay a fine of 1,000 dollars and yea i am on my own on this one. My advice is that smoking weed can lead to problems and it is best if you never touch it in the first place. Im not saying mary jane is bad but it can lead you off the right track.
—Guest Cman23

No longer stoner...:/

I was in trouble with the law when I was 15 for taking xanax's at school. At that time I had been smoking about 3 times a week every week for a about 7 months straight. Once I had went to court they put me in a substance abuse class until I passed 5 random drug tests over a half year time frame. It was either quit smoking or off to juvenile prison. So I quit. Now before you get angry, I love mary jane. She was everything to me. I was a stoner for life. Once I quit though the side effects were awful. I couldn't eat at all. Couldn't sleep or even converse with my own sister. My mind set was "your just a burden on everybody and if you kill yourself it would be so much easier." I quit every substance, and have been clean for a year and some months, but god honest I really miss mary jane.
—Guest Just a girl...

Both sides

Marijuana is very stimulating and i believe its because it relaxes your body n mind making u better ready for complicating tasks. The oy thing addictive about weed is the high. Marijuana is not to be abused and to be used respectively:)
—Guest shenonomous

3.8 honors student/ pothead

I'm a high school student, and I am currently in honors classes and I am a junior taking calculus, which is 3 years higher than average at my school. I used to smoke pot daily at the beginning of the year and I noticed that i just was getting "dull", and if you smoke, or have ever smoked repetitively, you know what this means. Lazy, tired, forgetful. Now, I smoke about once a month and its so much better. Occasionally, when I get really stressed out or have insomnia (this happens to me about 5 times a month), I like to smoke and it really helps with my problems. It doesn't interfere at all with my health or mental capacity. However, I would say that, from my experience, it is apparent that smoking weed is best used in moderation. But, for weed critics out there, ANYTHING IS BEST IN MODERATION. This is a key concept in life... Too much of a good thing is bad..
—Guest Renee


Well i havent been smoking weed but for maybe 2 years but i smoke it daily it isnt bad for you like alot of people think its just fun and for some people it helps them. Like me i smoke it so it's easier to sleep and eat where i live it isnt legal but i continue to smoke my parents dont care and really no one else does and i'm pretty happy
—Guest thatkid1224


im young, and basically i already have the back of an old lady. but whenever im smokin that reefer im straight. I dont see a problem with kickin it with my friends and smoking..as long as no ones getting in trouble..weed needs be to be legalized, its the most used drug in the United States. and its harmless..its a plant..and if you happen to burn it there are some effects..hungry, happy, sleepy!! go waste your time on politics.
—Guest Teefer

slight problems

ive been smoking since i was in the 7th grade and havn had any problems. after a while ( two years or so) i wasnt able to breathing under control. but i was also out of shape. i forget things but its the little everyday things that most people forget. plus studioes show that since THC is such a potent chemical that it cancels out the other toxins in the weed. been smoking for 5 years and counting. ps dont judge us fellow smokers...its not nice
—Guest deau

ofcurse it will

when i first smoke i knw litle bit abut harming health while smoking marijuna but i dnt knw y i stared this during that time ? i kw its effected to health while smoking marijuna continously .i started lossing interest in every thing just thinking to be in tip agian and my brian memory has been going poor and forgoting immedatly when i seen to my 1 hour back .its make my heart beat very fast when i smoked it. my character will changing after smoking this and make almost starnger person,lazyness started and cough just like old man ,sometime bodypart r shiviring automatically and difficuly to come out toilet and tension or stress increased when u didnt get while u r willing to smoke and do anything to get that etc..............................
—Guest richi rich

Coordination, fidgeting, and focus.

From a child I have been very hyper, unable to sleep, fidgety and socially not quite on-track. In kindergarten my teacher would put me in the storage room so I would do my schoolwork. Although I am an intelligent young 41 year old, I have never been able to stay focused long enough to complete projects. The respectful consumption of Marijuana, and using it the way I believe God intended to be used, has helped me with these issues. I do not fidget as much. I complete more tasks. My organizational skills are greatly improved and I find that I clean up after myself more often. Furthermore, I am not as hyper. I say “as” because I still have a lot of energy. I am extremely motivated and really enjoy this lease on life. Most of these reliefs are exactly opposite of the anti-pot movement in D.C. My guess is that more money can be made if it is kept illegal than if, like a tomato in your garden, you grew it yourself and you didn’t have to pay fines or crazy prices for the risk factors involved
—Guest Keith

The question, "good or bad"

I am now 60 and as a young person I suffered from depression and what is now termed ADHD! At that time, I couldn't read or concentrate for more than a couple minutes. In my late teens and early twenties, I began using pot. The result seemed to be an enhanced ability to concentrate although feelings of paranoia accompanied this benefit. The seduction of using this drug was continual during possession, however, I refused to allow it to rule or own me. I moved from a go nowhere job to seeking education, using only occasionally during my college years. Nearly failing at high school, I put myself through college and achieved a doctorate as a health care professional. I've enjoyed a successful private practice for more than thirty years. Trying pot again recently only made me feel weak with flu like symptoms. Personal conclusion; benefit in moderation for some hyperactive conditions, destructive to physical health, contraindicated for addictive personalities.
—Guest Curmudgeon


I have heard that marijuana has some bad consequences for physical health. i'm not quite sure if thats true, but i don't care too much. it might not be the same for everyone, but to me, the benefits that marijuana has on my mind FAR FAR FAR outweigh any damage it does to my body. i'm at peace. i know my place in other's lives. i come up with crazy ideas that prove very useful later. i am hungry. i am drowzy. i am in love with life, myself, and you. i have a hectic and mixed up every-day life that i get in order once or twice a week by smoking weed. i was never able to experience real peace before i met marijuana. but it might not be for everyone. i completely understand if you try it an dont like it. but don't judge it without trying it. and more importantly, don't bring users down with the ignorance that is fueled by all the stigma behind weed. just like homosexuality, it is a lifestyle and should be legalized. the way i see it, if you don't like "pot heads", dont smoke.
—Guest spenser again

Just a Little Input

i'm spenser, a 16 year old, white, 6'1" male in high school. I began using marijuana about 8 weeks ago. i had smoked a lot in middle school but i stopped since. and i feel amazing. I feel like marijuana has enhanced many different aspects of my life. while and after i'm high, i'm more sensitive to others, i have innovative ideas that i never had before about myself and my place in the world, i have taken on more subjects that i study on my own time at home, and overall, i like who i am. marijuana has become just another part of my lifestyle. an earlier response said "when a substance or activity becomes a big part of your life, you're addicted". by that logic, im addicted to marijuana, guitar, friends, school, religion (or lack thereof), and countless other things. marijuana is just a tool i use to see things (myself included) in a different light. it's good for me. people like me more. marijuana may not be for you, but don't judge us because we feel different. it doesnt hurt anyone.
—Guest spenser

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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