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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014


The worst thing about marijuana is that it is illegal. These articles on About are misleading. Moderation is the key to a happy life. Too much exercise will harm your body. Ever watch those joggers limping down the sidewalk, hamstrings taped up? Workaholics usually have terrible relationships and experience poor health mentally and physically. If you need to sway others with misinformation, maybe you should go smoke a joint. Might encourage some self evaluation.
—Guest tony

It is what you make of it

I have been a pot smoker since I was 16 (now 23) and although during the time I smoked, my life was good, my job was stable and my mind was clear, that ends when you seize all ingestion. Though when you have such a steady supply of the good stuff, eventually switching to the concentrates for a bigger punch, you will experience withdrawals when you stop use completely. I have recently stopped smoking and I can say that although I have no ill-effects when I am high consistently, after I stopped, the effects came in mass. The symptoms are no where near what has been reported for withdrawals from heroine or methamphetamines, they can affect your psyche and your physiology. In short; moderation is key. Do NOT allow yourself to stroll down the path of mass indulgence. It will negate the positive effects as you will only be searching for a better THC high, spending a lot of cash in the process.
—Guest CG


I have smoked for many years. Has it effected my health? Not near as much as smoking cigarettes or drinking have. Alcohol is probably the worst legal drug out there but it never gets any attention because of it, and it's legal! While smoking every day I was able to obtain a Bachelors degree and start a career. The only thing weed ever did to me health wise is it took 3 years for a doctor to recognize that I had high blood pressure. Every time I would go to the emergency room they would tell me my blood pressure was high, and to follow up with my doctor. When I would go see my doctor, I was high. My blood pressure was completely normal. Honestly I would rather smoke everyday than take a pill, but it doesn't work like that. Maybe someday when it's legal people can have that option.
—Guest mommabear

Bad for driving

I have lived where pot was common. I also have been hit three times while driving by pot smokers. Also my students kept telling me how they would get hungry and go out for food then forget they were driving and crash into something. Expect insurance to go up. Also expect pot to lead to worse things too, they are out there!
—Guest Roberto


i smoke and i still handle my stuff you can smoke and and what you have to do. Just dont be stupid about it

Has Smoking Marijuana Affected My Health

No. Marijuana, has not affected my health. In fact, it helps relieve my bronchial tubes. Dust mites, dirt, and filth is what has caused me to get bronchitis. Albuterol helps b.u.t. not the same as the herb. We all have free will. We all know that we are responsible for our own actions. Any hallucinogen will put you in a different mental state of mind. You must know what you are doing and be moral. Smoking marijuana to me is like watching football...it is just something that people have been doing for years. Concentration on more serious matters should be acted upon more...like why is there diseases and viruses? Do scientists create them? I am a critical thinker, "high" or "sober".
—Guest Miss Banks

Stop With The Lies!

Listen I smoke marijuana everyday, and not once does it take me out my character, makes me depress when I come down, etcetera, etcetera.... I say this because I have self-regulation. I can control myself. Majority of folks who do smoke everyday more than likely can control their selves as well, but for people who can't they come on here and preach about how negative it is because they could not handle their high. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD MARIJUANA BE LEGAL IN 2 STATES!!!?? Thinks about it people, who in their right mind would legalize HEROIN!? CRACK!? CRYSTAL METH?? Please reflect on this people, if weed was so harmful why would the MAJORITY of people in Colorado and Washington vote for legalization of Cannabis. It's not always about facts, especially when the facts are tremendously unclear, it's now based on common sense. Some things are meant to sound bad and I still can't understand why. Stop with the lies already. It's annoying.
—Guest Every Day Cannabis Smoker

Use Common Sense and Moderation

If you read any of these reviews, and take it to heart, you have literally been misinformed on many levels. It comes down to common sense, USE IN MODERATION. Any drug, legal or not, have both positive and negatives to them. Don't be the idiot whom spends every dollar on pot, and do not spend every waking moment getting stoned off your ass. It is that simple, smoke whenever you feel appropriate(lazy afternoons, social, or any downtime you wish). I've been smoking since I was 16, and never had any downsides, no criminal record, I graduated high school with a 3.7 GPA, work hard at every job I've had. I'm the typical, run of the mill smoker. You wouldn't think twice that I am a "stoner" until you get to know me personally. Just do your research on multiple websites, and do not believe every bad thing you hear. You'd be amazed how its affected my life in the positive. Regardless, do some research on your own, don't be a misinformed statistic.
—Guest Your Average Stoner

Iffy on pot smoking

I'm 16 years old. I smoke pot everyday before school. It's worth it to be high, but not worth it to feel like crap and come down the rest of the day. It makes me feel weird for doing it. But yesterday something weird happened to me. I got home and smoked so much that I thought another face was growing into my face. It was scary, and I don't think I'm gonna smoke again. As I'm typing this I skipped school today. Marijuana is bad, I know it's just a thing in your life but it causes psychological effects and this is just me but I'm done with it. That's the beauty of marijuana you can quit whenever and not go through withdrawl. Only just slight irritability. Good luck to all of you!!!
—Guest Justin

13 and scared about drugs. Please help!

I am a 13 yr old private school boy. I have had no encounters with weed, but I have seen a friends neighbor smoking a bong before. I am not very popular - maybe I would have had an encounter with weed if I went to more of the big partys. Anyway, I'm scared that I'm going to become someone who's addicted to weed. I think that weed would be a very bad thing to have in my life because I have an addictive nature. It would ruin all of my big intentions for my life and career. So I need your help.
—Guest Miles Andrew


Just be careful with it. I have a friend facing felonies because he smoked up some friends on the weekend. The friend got caught and their mom took it to the school. He got expelled and has distribution charges. Everyone is too selfish to look out for their friends these days. I'm not telling you not to smoke. Just be careful with it.
—Guest Screwed


hi my name is arnold and im a heroin addict it all started when i was 10 years old and tried marijuana for the first time after that i smoked constitutionally untill i was about 15 i then tried harder drugs such as heroin and crocodile i am now 37 have two kids and a beautiful wife. so i guess you can say you never know what can come of what
—Guest arnold


I have smoked weed since I was 17 (I am 22 now) and I have seen the good and bad effects of it. Some of my friends that have been smoking it for as long as I have are now daily smokers and i see them (mainly when there drunk) get upset and angry when there is no weed around to smoke. I would say that is an addiction (at least a minor one) I however only smoke weed on weekends and have done so for years. I am about to stop however to work out west where there is a zero tolerance for drugs which is fine by me I just want to say that weed is not the menace people make it out to be but it also is not harmless. Personally I have had no negative effects from it (besides memory loss) and have always done good in school and never lost focus of my life. Weed does not turn the active lazy and it will not ruin your life, but I believe that if you have underlining mental problems it can affect them and even make some worse. Don't listen to the extremists on either side of the issue.
—Guest guest blake

waste of money

I smoked weed every single day for 8 years. I haven't smoked in over a month and the thought of how much money I wasted on weed disgust me. I can smoke a blunt right now, or take a 20 and set it on fire and in 2 hours I'm going to feel the exact same way I did before either way. Getting high is great but at the end of the day you have absolutely nothing to show for it.
—Guest Melissa

You have to be responsible

I first tried it when I was 17. Did it on and off occasionally. I'm 18 almost 19 now and I do a few times a week. You have to be responsible. I told myself if it ever came to where it effected my school, relationships, work, ect. Then I would stop. I keep a good balance, I get good grades, have a job that I enjoy. There really aren't any proven major health concerns. Balance is all it takes.
—Guest John Riley

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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