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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated October 09, 2014

Some Things To Consider

1. Marijuana, or as some still call it, Mary Jane, is a plant with certain chemicals in it that cause euphoria when ingested. 2. The stigma associated with marijuana is a cultural one, just as with any ethical opinion. 3. There exist many different cultures within the U.S. Tolerance goes a mighty long way. 4. Inciting aggressive arguments, for or against an issue, tends to lead to a magnetic repulsion of sorts. 5. What I think…. and this is what I really think…. You should go home to Greenbow, ALABAMA! 6. JK 7. But seriously, I think that Mary Jane is becoming legal so that it's users don't have to deal with the shady nature of buying it illegally anymore. The only reason it's not allowed is because someone said so…. someone like the person who wrote this article. I wonder what they would say about the legality of peyote? Or what they think about the evolution of the coca leaf in unnamed big brand markets…. Actually, I don't really need to ask. It's written in between the lines.
—Guest Wisdom

moderation is the key

I've smoked weed for 40 yrs on and off. The only time it's a problem is when you smoke heavily every day like I've done for the past couple of years. Hard on the lungs and inefficient, and you no longer get high - just stoned. A few days ago I ran out and decided to have a tolerance break. Wow, I've been soooo nauseous! A bit more grumpy too. I also think non cigarette smokers forget that they suffer nico withdrawal. On the plus side, I was abused through most of my teen years and carried the damage around for decades. I've spent the last few years getting stoned, researching and thinking about life, the universe and everything and am approaching peace in my life for the first time thanks to the many insights I've had in this time. For the first time in my life I am starting to "get it". Friends and family have noticed the new, sane me. Use, don't abuse. I let myself get silly with pot and now it's a matter of taking control.
—Guest Retired daily smoker


Most of the posts here by those that are pro-marijuana cannot even punctuate or spell correctly. It IS effecting you! UGH
—Guest me

No lifers

It's funny the pot smokers get on here telling how great life is, and the ones that quit tell a whole life story. Nobody cares about your problems. Pot certainty couldn't fix, you maybe therapy can? Stop getting stoned all day. Smoke recreational. Marajuana is the healthiest drug on the market. No drug is healthy. So stop stating the obvious. And get a life. ✌️
—Guest Ha ha ha

marijuana is proven non addictive

This "article" is by far the most biased unsourced piece of writing I have ever read. There's conclusive evidence available from many major universtivites and medical groups that prove 100% that marijuana is non addictive. To say otherwise with no evidence of marijuana being addictive is ludicrous. I smoke marijuana and I can go weeks without it simply because its not in my budget or I'm working I feel no negative side effects when I do because THC and CBD along with all the other naturally formed chemicals in marijuana are non addictive. And physically marijuana has tar in it not like cigarettes because it breaks down but it does cause a small amount of damage. But the air we breath is much worse for us and so is GMO food and the inactive lifestyles many of us live. Marijuana had many positive side effects that far out way having a small amount of tar. I have seizures and marijuana has damn near saved my life because I don't seize when ingesting cbd and I find it hard to eat because o
—Guest keagan cribby

Put up or Shut up...

I am reading through a lot of responses here as well as articles and facts. I have noticed that those that are educated give educated answers/responses. Those that are addicted usually respond with what pretty much amounts to "na uh". My advice...if you want to be taken seriously, start researching and find credible sources instead of answering like a stoner. There is a reason stoners are depicted the way they are..it's because it's true. I watched a group of people get stoned and they did, said and acted in ways that I would have never expected. One told me after that he was ok and remembered everything until I showed him a video. He was mortified at how he had made such a fool of himself and couldn't even remember it. Pot is just like any other drug...it's addictive and it scares the ones you love. The man that I was referring to before ended up losing his wife and children because of his habit and he still blames them not his problem...it's sad to say the least.
—Guest Deasil

Uni student smoker

I am currently in my second year of university and I smoke nearly every night. I enjoy the relaxation and the communal side of weed. For me personally weed has not affected my studies, social life or sporting life. I run 2 nights a week, train for football 2 nights a week and bartend for 2 other nights, not to mention the weekly 90-mins of football. I believe that the effects of weed come down to the individual. If you are lazy to begin with, then sure weed will only emphasise this... Be smart and productive with what you do and know your limits when smoking. AND enjoy :)
—Guest hbsmoker

weed is not for everyone

my focus is great, i dont get head aches or stomach aches, my brain is relaxed and i dont have memory prob, i smoke weed and what it does is open the mind so i feed my mind with books, playing chess or watch documetry, dont smoke weed to impress the crowed but do it for your personal reason like for stress or enlightenment, in my case i use it to improve me and to tell the truth its working, i used to be shy, depress a nerd if you would call it, but by smoking i develope confidence because i stop caring what ppl taught of me my nerves got stronger and i wasn't getting nervous or being in acward situation, i found it easy to talk to the most beautiful girls and i always have a good conversation, my communication and reasoning skills are awesome, once ppl get to know me they like me immediatly, so all i can say is this its not what u do but how u do it, my personal belief is that weed was is there for us to use as a way to unlock our brain full potential, that is once u have a full grasp
—Guest stickaweed

Scatter brained

I love smoking but I have let it run my life so I have to take a step back, you all need to see the good and the bad that comes with it, it can tremendously help someone or hurt then if you let it. Now pot does affect your lungs quit kidding yourself its smoke any type of smoke damages you so you may THINK its not a carcinogen but it is. Marijuana relaxes me makes my high energy type of crazy not so crazy but I've been high for so long I need to get my head on straight so to speak, i even will go as far as say all of my relationships are better because of this reason. I have quit smoking cigarettes for some time now and know what withdraw feels like and was surprised to feel the same exact way for pot, i dont actually want to quit which makes it that much harder but im doing it anyways because i personally will benifit from not smoking for a while. People out there need to stop taking extreme sides to this and realize there is truth on both ends. Some get hurt from it and some don't.
—Guest Manda

Tired of the stigmas attached to pot

Hey. I'm getting tired of all the negative stigmas attached to pot. I mean really, can't you come up with something new? Just because you had negative experiences with it, doesn't mean that everyone will have the same. If you can't handle it, don't smoke! It's legal in 2 states, so get used to it. It's here to stay. Think about all the problems that are created by alcohol; from drunk driving to domestic disputes. It's socially accepted but destroys families. I can say personally it has helped me tremendously with the arthritis i have had from injuries in the past. Please use an open mind when discussing. Thank you and twist one up
—Guest B-ri

To all of the bias morons out there.

Weed can be extremely detrimental to a persons life. I smoked every day for two years, and that was two years too many. What it gave with one hand it took with the other - it offers short term relief, but is not a viable long term solution for anything. My memory was absolutely destroyed to the point of embarrassment, I would ask the same question 5 times in a day and forget conversations entirely. I had no energy, my thinking was fogged and impaired, my anxiety worsened, and quitting has been an absolute nightmare. Nausea, insomnia, depression, anxiety, everything the drug helped with is now worse. It's a great short term solution, long term it makes everything worse. Ye be warned. It's not the miracle you think it to be during the first 6 months of smoking. You and your life will be better without it. Anybody who says otherwise is an addict in denial about the negative effects of pot.
—Guest TRUTH

marijuana has affected in a good way

marijuana doesn't do this bullshit your taking about I have smoke marijuana I have no lung problems i've stop using a inhaler. You people need to stop with the lies an stared telling the kids the truth im not saying that they should smoke it at a young age. if we tell them the truth the might just stop smoking it they now the truth an its time for use to admit it
—Guest jim 20

It's all about the usage

I feel like most people on here are using marijuana as a scapegoat. Marijuana is like any other substance. It affects people differently and yes, it CAN be addicting. However, it is YOUR responsibility to realize how it affects you. It is YOUR responsibility to use it responsibly. If your marijuana use starts affecting your family life, social life or academic/career performance, that's on you, not the cannabis. I've known people addicted to Vyvanse/Adderall/Ritalin, to the point where they took 2x+ their prescribed dosage and became heavily physically AND psychologically addicted. This is not the fault of the drug. It is the fault of the user. If you smoke too much, that's your prerogative. But don't blame marijuana for ruining your life. It is YOUR choice to smoke. With legalization in Colorado and Washington, scientific studies are exploring the benefits of marijuana, INCLUDING its use as a cancer-treating agent.
—Guest Reality


I just recently got a marajuana drug charge for having 5 grams . It's a misdemeanor but ihave to pay a fine of 1,000 dollars and yea i am on my own on this one. My advice is that smoking weed can lead to problems and it is best if you never touch it in the first place. Im not saying mary jane is bad but it can lead you off the right track.
—Guest Cman23

No longer stoner...:/

I was in trouble with the law when I was 15 for taking xanax's at school. At that time I had been smoking about 3 times a week every week for a about 7 months straight. Once I had went to court they put me in a substance abuse class until I passed 5 random drug tests over a half year time frame. It was either quit smoking or off to juvenile prison. So I quit. Now before you get angry, I love mary jane. She was everything to me. I was a stoner for life. Once I quit though the side effects were awful. I couldn't eat at all. Couldn't sleep or even converse with my own sister. My mind set was "your just a burden on everybody and if you kill yourself it would be so much easier." I quit every substance, and have been clean for a year and some months, but god honest I really miss mary jane.
—Guest Just a girl...
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