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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated September 22, 2012

Nothing Happens When You Smoke Pot

I started smoking marijuana age 15 and continued until age 45, 10 yrs ago. I can testify that pot can definitely be addictive. I used to love smoking it, and I wanted to smoke it constantly! I was miserable without marijuana. Looking back, I wasted so many years of my life in a pot-induced haze. I felt like it helped me deal with stress and anxiety, but it didn't. I also abused pills, and over time, I wanted pot less and tranquilizers and pain pills more. I became a full-blown addict and went to rehab at age 46. It was extremely difficult to learn to function to normalacy without chemicals! I am so happy now that my well-being isn't dependent on acquiring nor using drugs, primarily marijuana. I used to get high, overeat, lay around, smoke more. I was unsuccessful in marriage, work, and basic life skills. I am 55 now, and not married and no children. I so wish that I had chosen life instead of drugs! I am still much happier and healthier today, drug-free. TRY LIFE!!!
—Guest Virginia

4:20 king

I love weed With that said there is a time and place for it When you are 30 years plus and have your life started have your brain developed it is a great way to relieve stress without harming your body When I started I barely smoked but quickly learned that it was a status quo to smoke a lot I wound up being known as the Stoner King of my hometown for how much I smoked.A double-blind is where you stick 2 blunts together to make one twice as long as a normal And I would have to smoke two of those to the dome to feel anything And the effects usually didn't last much longer than the blunt I was the definition of excess I even had a 5 foot bong for the roaches but yet never had trouble holding down a job was known as one of the hardest workers in my Profession My boss and over 80% of the employees I worked with smoked All well-adjusted members of society.Corporate new but never messed with us because our numbers were so good.I will smoke for the rest of my life if But in moderation 4:20
—Guest Never smoke or drink in front of kids

Try not to make a habit of it

I'm 21 and have been smoking since I was 16. For the past 2 years I've been smoking more or less every single day (maximum break was maybe a week) and it has really caused my depression to worsen, as well as given me huge paranoia about my heart (which honestly seems perfectly healthy all factors given, but I've got in to the habit of checking my pulse every 10 seconds and any sudden increase would make me anxious and therefore increase my heart-rate). I'm about to see what a month break can do and then smoke less frequently after that. I don't want to give it up altogether because it's a pleasure in life and I've so far managed to avoid any sort of addiction to any other substance, so I'm giving willpower a try. Generally I would say don't smoke it all day every day, but getting high once in a while is good for your mental health, helps relieve stress, just like getting drunk once in a while does. All things in moderation really, can't go wrong with that cheesy line.
—Guest Doesnt matter

The herb brings no harm

I started consuming cannabis when I was about 13 years old. So far I have not had any problems what so ever. The biggest harm from smoking it would probraby be getting caught with it. Well atleast for me anyway. My grades have stayed the same since before I started and I don't have lack of motivation, memory, coordination, etc. I also do not notice much of a decline in my lung performance either. I think the reason why Im not getting much of the side effects howeve is because I tend to have a sense of moderation. I'm not the type of person that does it all day everyday. Usually just on the weekends, and sometime during the week. I also know for a fact that I'm not "addicted" to this herb. There was a time that I quit for a whole year just for the sake of it and I did not experience one withdrawal symptom. Sure I missed the good times smoking it brought, but it really wasn't a big deal. I say toke it if you're mature enough and can do it in moderation.
—Guest My experience so far

Weed is not for everyone

I started smoking at the age of 16 on and off then a few years went by and age 19-20 I was a heavy smoker but i needed it to just be normal I could do everything I needed to do college, my kid, etc. But then I got into trouble with the law of course and had to quit then a month later i got pregnant again but yes i had cravings and I struggled a little bit and I also had dreams of being high. When I smoked weed i dont ever remember dreaming until I quit. Now my baby is 7 months old and Im still clean I think about every now and then. A lot people talk about it but I quit very easily and maybe down the road when my kiddos grow up I might try it again but i surely dont think its a bad drug. It does help people with cancer and such. Now teenagers I now I have kids shouldnt do i know a lot with memory problems and thats a bad thing but hey every state is legalizing now so i guess its up the to parents to keep tabs! I know I will!
—Guest anonymous


I am 32 yes old and have smoked half my life when I was16 they put me on meds for depression insomnia, bipolar, anxiety and border line scitso the pills made me so sick I decided to never take them again started smoking and has helped me feel better for years but recently I was stopped and forgot I had a tiny lil something on me now I have to take pee test first time ever in trouble Oklahoma sucks I feel so sick and am going through severe mental episodes its so unfair
—Guest kk

45 yrs.

Been smoking mary jane 45 yrs now and haven't been to the doctors in 35.Never been real sick a few colds. been working 48 yrs at hospitals and aerospace engineer. never been a problem . just retired and making 7,496 dollars a month i'm good.plenty of women and friends. luv it!
—Guest enyaw

I quit smoking because of my poor grades

I quit smoking weed because of my poor grades due to the fact that it was making me extremely lazy. Also, I should add that i had to repeat this semester because of my addiction that led to laziness, lack of motivation, and a very dry mouth. I've been sober for over a week now, but i keep having headaches that will not go away. Consequently, because i smoked pot for so long, its all i think about and my bed is covered with burn holes from the many joints i dropped. Hopefully, I can pull through (:P)
—Guest Anna

alot more. important issues

Yes lf you are in school it can wait. and it sould. weed Will not help you remember infact it does not help. weed ls not for everyone. Prescription meds are more adictive.we need the government to worry about a lot of other things. Now alcohol has a harmed my health more than weed which i think should be legal for medical use. We have along way to fix are government or we are going to be in a lot more debt when we need help are selfs ,,.I thought that's why are forefathers started a government, ,,.so my point is all this with drugs and alcohol need to stop. Iam 10 years sober lt is not easy but if we don't the government has us right where they want us i quit for medical and freedom. Puking and passing blood every morning having open heart surgery help me. I hope that we can all get it together are kids need you i need you. If will get worse before it gets better. It is sad but true, it can be done .whach out government we are sobbed up.i hope more do to.and no it didn't weed ca
—Guest stay aware .govI

Smoke or

Weeds helped and hurt me . Ive had anxiety issues anger problems and had a heart attack but when my employer wanted me to submit to a return to work drug screen. i had to make a choice smoking pot or being unemployed . So after 38 years of weed smoking im quitting for good
—Guest Kenny

Let it go

I smoked ganja for over ten years. I was a full blown drug addict. Yeah your probably thinking "smoking weed isn't a drug problem". But I am here to tell you, your wrong. I couldn't function without getting high, couldn't have fun or live my life with-out my sac right next to me. I was chasing Mary- Jane not chasing life. It over took everything, I was lazy, lame and stupid, I was in love with being in a daze. I never thought I could get over it. Then I met my husband, for he was deathly allergic to it and just smoking it I could kill him. I struggled for months before I quit, I quit then started smoking that K2 fake stuff and got strug-out on that. One-day I just woke-up and realized this is no life, seeing rolling papers and stick holders, watching my bank account fade away, wrecking my car, losing jobs and gaining weight from munchies... I just quit. And now I look back and wish I wouldn't have wasted my life on a feeling of being high. So my advice, quit it! Chase life! Not weed!
—Guest Shanny baby

Life better without pot

I smoked regularly for many years, along with most of my friends. I'm now 52, finally quit 7 years ago. I've been VERY successful and happy and healthy in spite of all my former toking. But I always knew that pot impaired my life in many ways, including social interaction, memory, learning, health, energy level...the list goes on and on. But I kept smoking because it feels good, and don't kid yourself, pot IS certainly addictive. I know, it's not addictive like nicotine or heroin, but clearly it is addictive. Yes you can quit, but look at all the daily smokers who say "it's not addictive"...ridiculous. Anyway, I always recognized the many downsides of pot, for me, and I vacillated for years about quitting or not quitting. I finally decided to just do it. I must say, it is the best thing I've ever done. I bet if you talk to any chronic stoner who has finally quit, they will tell you that life is MUCH better in so many ways without pot. I am SO glad I finally quit!
—Guest Eric

about marijuana...

Started at the age 30...I am now 43...my skin has become younger...absolutely no heart problems..no old age problems..has DEF did ONLY positive results..OH..and im a waitress too..my memory is FINE..I make HUGE tips since it keeps the stress away...it NEEDS to be legal...I do it ALL day long...and no one can tell im under the influence...oh..and my scars are going away....the medicine is a MIRACLE..dont listen to others who say its bad...pharmaceuticals DO damage!..ALL of them in the long run...and the more marijuana u do...well...ur body just keeps on healing:)...so keep on smokin!
—Guest maryjane77

can it affect speech

I am 60 years old and started smoking after 40 years. Recently I started having speech problems similar to ones when I was 5. I say "R" like "W" and have a slight lisp. Could this be a result of smoking pot? I am going to see a neurologist this morning and so far stroke has been ruled out. I started smoking pot because I remembered that when my husband was dying of cancer he had a prescription for medical marijauna to help him with his nausea from chemo treatments. Has anyone else had speech problems from smoking?
—Guest mary

my story

i only started it about 9 months ago, and as time went on i would smoke it more often with new friends and different people, i feel like i've become a lot more popular in school. weed just effects everybody differently and for me i only feel like it becomes a bad thing when you smoke it 4 times a week, you constantly feel dopey and its hard to concentrate at school, therefore i only smoke it every weekend, my grades dramatically dropped so i upped my game, i would revise more often but continue smoking weed. all my grades went up to A's so i was basically living the dream. Until just last week when my parents confronted me with it, they have been suspicious for a while but thought it was gunna be just a short-term thing so turned a blind eye, but as soon as they realised i wasn't gunna stop, they put an end to it. Everyday i get a bigger craving for it, but its hard to do it when your parent no longer trust you to go out. I think its mentally addictive, i think the feeling is addictive
—Guest livelife

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