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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated October 09, 2014


Weed helped cure my depression and I've been smoking for five years and for people who really think marijuana is addicting you're stupid the only thing addicting are blunts because the cigar leaves used to roll the weed in is a tobacco product and contains nicotine.
—Guest guest

I swear by it!

I smoked throughout high school and still got a 3.4 GPA. I continued to smoke in college. While in college, I got terrible stomach aches and nausea weekly. At times I would throw up constantly and wasn't able to keep down any food or water. Marijuana was the ONLY thing that would cure both of my issues. I literally tried everything else under the sun to help my stomach but marijuana is truly the only thing that helps. I wish it was available medicinally in my state so I could get it legally!!
—Guest Eglad

Iv turned I'n to a pothead

I am 24 years old an have bin smoking weed regulary for about 1 year I started smoking because I had problems I'n my marriage an I felt that having a spliff made me forget Nw I year on I am addicted I cnt sleep at night I can't sleep when I dnt smoke I feel deprived without it smoking cannabis was the worst decision but since yesterday I Havnt smoked any since 2 days an r hoping to never smoke any again I am gona fight the cravings an try to be stronger and not giv I'n
—Guest Libby


To all of you who say my life was sooo good before i started smoking weed, but now I am a lazy, unmotivated, jobless bum. This is not true, You are lazy because you want to be, get off your butt smoke a joint and DECIDE to do somthing. You have a decision to make and weed does not prohibit you from doing so. Life time smoker, everyday since i was 11, not proud of it but I will admit that if I was every lazy it was ME not the weed. Trying to say that weed makes LESSER is a joke because it is always up to YOU. Dont be so weak minded and take responsibility for your own damn actions. Weed is not for everyone and as a general reccomendtion I would say the choice is yours REGARDLESS of other peoples opinons make YOUR decision not theirs. Free thinking will change the world, Question everyone and everything. Were all in this together so lets get the facts straight (not directed at weed but at society)
—Guest Socialist


Notice how all responses AGAINST the use of marijuana have spelling/grammar errors and just seem straight phony.
—Guest 12345

Every day

I cannot believe this article. I would be more upset if I didn't just smoke. I smoke pot everyday.. I also work as a full time graphic designer for a fortune 500 company 2yrs and counting. I am 21 years old. I want to point out that everyone is different. The UK kid above must have not smoked pot that the dealer spiked. I buy all weed from medical clinics. I smoke 3—6 times a day. In one of my books about how the human creativity is processed tests prove that pot smokers are 30% faster at problem solving solving (book is called Imagine). Times have changed people. Those tests done in the 50's on pot are wrong. Do your research!
—Guest Cali user

No problems

Before I smoked I has severe disorders including depression, bipolar disorder, sleep problems, eating disorders, and ADHA. Now that I have been smoking for a while my disorders have almost completely been cured. Also I don't find myself always thinking about weed or getting headaches and craving when I don't have it. It's your choice whether or not to smoke weed. It doesn't make you a bad person, it just shows that you don't want to let yourself live unhappy or in pain.
—Guest Acceptance

NORML and proud of it.

I'm a senior citizen and war veteran. I have been smoking pot for 42 years to help with PTSD, depression and anxiety. Growing up in an unfriendly family gave me my problems and my joining the army was a career opportunity to get out of town. I liked cannabis as soon as I tried it at age 22. The authorities said cannabis was anti-motivational, but personally, I finished 7 years of college with no student loans by working very hard. A lot of pot smokers have good jobs and are very afraid of being discovered. The remainder are the walking wounded who just try to get along. Children are fragile and can get PTSD and depression in the nicest neighborhoods. The other thing the authorities said was that you would get cancer in 20 years. That was a quarter century ago for me but I never got cancer. I have a California pot recommendation and smoke 6 joints a day of 17% THC pot for relief. I would advise parents to get some reality into their hysteria. Your kids will grow up okay.
—Guest Charles

my times

ive used weed several times more then i can count i say it really did not effect my help and yes i do like smoking it it makes me layed back and it makes me not care about anything it gives you time to think the last i did it was not too long ago i was smoking it with a friend he rolled it up lit it and passed it to me i loved it i love the smell and the high but no it did not affect my health
—Guest stupid kid

Completely Honest Experience

Both my roommate and I have been smoking for the past year or so and honestly it's done wonders for both of us. i was diagnosed with depression and insomnia my freshman year of high school and through those 4 years i was on several different medications which had exceptionally little success with really bad side effects such as nausea and significant mood swings. once in college i tried pot and after the effects of smoking had completely worn off i was much more contempt with myself, much more motivated to work on school, i can actually sleep on a regular schedule, and normally after smoking i like to go running because i feel like it makes my lungs open up with all the deep breathing. the fact that this plant is illegal is starting to become a tragedy, especially with the significant number of people who commit suicide due to depression when smoking pot could've saved their lives just like it did for mine. i'm not addicted to it at all and i've never had any negative side effects
—Guest Mike

Moderation is key

This is stupid weed is only bad if you abuse it just like everything else in life. Honestly what doesn't cause cancer now? Too much of anything will kill us all we have to do is limit the amount we use. Mind over body!!!!
—Guest Jason S.


It mite just be me ever since I started smokeing iam nerley 16 I started smokeing propperely about every weekend I've smoked about 8 times in total then I reaslised I was getting addictied I basicly craving every day and its all I was thinking about sherching about on the web so I stop it was a sunday on the 8th of febuary I had a eposodie while talking about weed then I felt a sort or scary high like a flash back I had these ever since I don't just feel normal .ever its like iam worries a lot over analys a lot of things like what happens when you die and just not living in the moment. Its been the worst thing that's ever happend to me and I hate weed for I I wish somone would of warnd me about it people say "its fine it can't harm u its just a herb" YES IT CAN I would of never of done it if I knew this would happend I now have to see a phycologist please don't do it therse no need if u need to chill talk to a friend don't resort to a"DRUG" thc canabonoid crap !
—Guest uk kid


Are you people SERIOUS? Weed doesn't make people lazy. Don't use the drug as an excuse because you decided to slack off and be irresponsible! Selling your crap to get a sack n loosing your job is your own stupidity oh and perhaps learn to spell or use the auto correction duh!
—Guest roxo


My friend introduced me to this thing . And since then I haven't actually been an addict . I don't know how people manage to get addicted of something like this thing . I smoke once in a month when I get time . And it feels good . But I'm glad to admit that I'm not addicted to this thing . I love being stoned and doing silly stuff , but at the same time I make sure I'm not an addict .
—Guest Anonymous


everything is good in moderation, ive smoked for almost 2 years now, like most started out doing it not very often but gradually built up to at most 2 sessions a week. For the past 8 months ive smoked it almsot twice a week and use self control to ensure that i dont do it much more than that. Doing it more probably wont kill me, but using it the way i am ive found total equilibrium in my life for work and fun. In result have been the happiest ive been in the last decade!
—Guest jono
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