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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014

Moderation is key

This is stupid weed is only bad if you abuse it just like everything else in life. Honestly what doesn't cause cancer now? Too much of anything will kill us all we have to do is limit the amount we use. Mind over body!!!!
—Guest Jason S.


It mite just be me ever since I started smokeing iam nerley 16 I started smokeing propperely about every weekend I've smoked about 8 times in total then I reaslised I was getting addictied I basicly craving every day and its all I was thinking about sherching about on the web so I stop it was a sunday on the 8th of febuary I had a eposodie while talking about weed then I felt a sort or scary high like a flash back I had these ever since I don't just feel normal .ever its like iam worries a lot over analys a lot of things like what happens when you die and just not living in the moment. Its been the worst thing that's ever happend to me and I hate weed for I I wish somone would of warnd me about it people say "its fine it can't harm u its just a herb" YES IT CAN I would of never of done it if I knew this would happend I now have to see a phycologist please don't do it therse no need if u need to chill talk to a friend don't resort to a"DRUG" thc canabonoid crap !
—Guest uk kid


Are you people SERIOUS? Weed doesn't make people lazy. Don't use the drug as an excuse because you decided to slack off and be irresponsible! Selling your crap to get a sack n loosing your job is your own stupidity oh and perhaps learn to spell or use the auto correction duh!
—Guest roxo


My friend introduced me to this thing . And since then I haven't actually been an addict . I don't know how people manage to get addicted of something like this thing . I smoke once in a month when I get time . And it feels good . But I'm glad to admit that I'm not addicted to this thing . I love being stoned and doing silly stuff , but at the same time I make sure I'm not an addict .
—Guest Anonymous


everything is good in moderation, ive smoked for almost 2 years now, like most started out doing it not very often but gradually built up to at most 2 sessions a week. For the past 8 months ive smoked it almsot twice a week and use self control to ensure that i dont do it much more than that. Doing it more probably wont kill me, but using it the way i am ive found total equilibrium in my life for work and fun. In result have been the happiest ive been in the last decade!
—Guest jono

Enjoyable but don't get addicted

I started smoking in highschool, I didn't notice anything significant as far as abnormalities or anything like that, however we I entered college, I notices that I would smoke all day everyday, and to be honest it did change my life dramatically, I didn't want to socialize, study, or even go to school for that matter, I think for some it can and might help with certain areas and for some it's just another bad decision, so I say that if you like it then it's for you but if you notice that you're doing simply because of the feeling you get or because it's cool, please think carefully of your choices and understand that there's not to life than just getting high, I'm not dogging or saying its bad if you smoke, I LOVE TO BLAZE, but just know there's a time and a place. And just be smart about it.
—Guest Betterthandope


This drug is really bad! I'm 20 & i just starting to use it. Its been about 7-8month i begen. At first it was good",nices,cool,& greate. But now that i notice , it has messed me completly. Beford i use to have my job, i was getting pay good & everything was goin well, i even had plans for my future , i use to be a runner, & weight wacher two. know everything change , i lost my job , didnt had no money , i stop waching my weight & even sold my Ps3 sys, & my PsVita, which cost me about 300$ each system. And the worst part is that my old old friends , are in it two. Which they are yunger then me, 18 & 16 years old. Ther was one time we didnt chil at all , why? Because we didnt had no more money at all , i had to sold my system. Thanks to that extra cash i got , i whent out to look for a new job. Thanks to my new job that i just got , i have stop. Know i'm just trying to get back in track like i was way beford. Its been 2 weeks i havent smoke at all 2weeks
—Guest ---Tresk

Why it's illegal

Marijuana is illegal Because William randolph Hirst ran a smear campaign against pot in the 1930s to protect his Interests in the timber industry because HEMP was POised to replace Wood as inexpensive Raw material FOr the manufactUrer Of paper, he started it all, Out of Greed, not because the government thought it was bad one day. It does take more than 1 man to change things and this rich guy had a lot of friends in high(pun intended) places. The rich and the powerful due what they do to stay in power and once due they consider "the people" , marijuana , which has never killed anyone, ever in recorded history, is illegal , but tobacco and alcohol aren't . The deaths they cause alone are in the hundreds of millions, if not billions. They decided to take something that makes us docile and happy and in it's place they leave us with drugs and alcohol which make us angry and depresed and that alone shud show the governments do not have OUR BEST INTERESTS IN MINd. My health is great.
—Guest Zach

don't even

I used to have a good life. I used to be a soccer star at my high school, en route to becoming a National Merit Scholar. Then I started smoking weed. It is all I can think about now. I no longer have the motivation to practice, run, study, or even hang out with people who do not want to smoke. Don't make my mistake. Stay sober while you still can.
—Guest 420hostile

No one to blame but myself!

i am 16 and i had a problem with marijuana or the people i suround myself with and have nobody to blame but myself But,I was in class and was pulled out to be searched by the sercurity at my school. not only did i know there was something wrong but also i was caught i a friends weed pipe because they told me to hold it i felt as if i was snitched on and ive been out of school for ever since its only been a couple weeks but i never thought i would miss school as much as i do,for a while i didnt think i had a problem but this drug and my dessions is just not a mix and maybe my story can help someone so please take this in consideration that im trying to make it better thanks for reading:LadyTellie
—Guest LadyTellie

This is sad

The saddest part about using pot is the psycological and emotional addiction. Look at some of these responses. Pot 'makes my day complete" Would life be empty without pot? "I really doesn't care about certain things anymore, like if a friend is upset." So it is a good thing to neglect friends, relationships and get high instead? Anything, any substance or activity, that afffects your relationship with people, or that you feel is important to your existence is THE OBJECT of an addiction. Pot does stimulate chemicals in your brain that can cause addiction. But more far more seriously addictive is the attachment and association made with the act of smoking and getting high. The worst part about the attachemnt is that it takes people away from the things in life we were put here to embrace; Relationships with others, Enjoying our day because we laughed or cried, and Experiencing life without a chemically induced cloud in our brains. BTW, THC is created during curing. Cannibus plants-no TH

not addictive

i've smoked since i was 11 but i haven't smoked in 5 years because i am tiring to get custody of my son as soon as i can get the money i'm getting a medical marijuana card i can't wait to smoke again for my medical problems i don't feel it's addictive at all if you have enough will power and want to stop you can the people in rehabs only go there to lighten a court sentence or are kids and their parents make them go and thats because marijuana should only be for adults just like alcohol and tobacco so until you grow up and can handle it stop now it is the best you can do for the rest of us.
—Guest 56 years a smoker

wrong facts

The only effects i ever got were 2 short term effects, within the first hour I smoked, and they were increased heart rate, and it was hard to breathe. Also, if it "causes cancer" why would it b prescribed to cancer patients!!?retards! Get your facts strait, its not a drug. The definition of a drug is a substance OTHER THAN FOOD OR WATER that changes the body. Weed is an herb, therefore a food, not a drug. Stop bagging on a substance that should OBVIOUSLY be legal.
—Guest original kid

Cancer survivor

I am So disappointed in the fact that this article has portrayed such a narrow minded/ redoculously bias point of view. My girlfriend of three years has gone throught the worst time of her life already and he is only 23. At 18 she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma( bone cancer). I'm glad to report that she is classified as cured now. But at the sacrifice of losing her left leg above the knee. All through her cancer battle she had never smoked marijuana. The doctors accually recommended that she did to help her appetite. The fact that it can get you through the hard times is great. But you shouldn't have to limit something tht can make your life better just to the sick. My g/f has now smoked pot for two and a half years, and since then she has become a nursing graduate and on her way to med school. In her schooling she has never come accross proof that marijuana causes cancer, or grows tumors. Stop reading middle school scare tactic books and educate yourself.
—Guest D.L

My experience

I love weed as soon as i tried it. I waited as long as i could until i gave in to try it because i didnt want to get sucked in & start doing it alot from there. I waited until i was 15 & that is good for me, i have only been smoking 1 year and a half but it has affected me in a bad way. i used to think nothing is wrong with it and of course it wont affect me. i absolutely love getting high its my favorite thing to do aswell as athletics. i got injured and started doing weed everyday and the strongest weed i could get. i used to be high on my own, around my friends and id even be late for school to get high. My dad found out, threatened me & forced me stop. I didnt stop I found myself smoking more & this is when I got paranoid & anxiety. 1 night I then smoked to much my body could not handle. I went over board. I decided its time to stop, I needed to stop for myself, friends & family. Its 5 weeks I havent smoked for and since ive stopped I crave weed every second of everyday, at school
—Guest Experience

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