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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014

Pot does differant things to everyone

Pot does not affect everyone in the same way it has both posotive and negative effects on everyone some more good than bad some more bad than good I have smoked pot for the past 5 years of my life and the longer ive smoked it the more I smoke and the quality of what I smoke has also increased but here recently I have developed such a bad habbit that I can't sleep at night without it and Its a constant anxiety rush dealing with shady drug dealers and the fact of running out of my sleeping supply the habit is also very expensive I tend to spend more money on pot then I spend on anything else I put pot befor the people I love because I'm so hi I tend to stay away from home because of it. I don't like going out to public evens as much anymore and try and avoid society in general pot has been my crutch threw life but also has givin me one. Yes pot is good and yes I love it but honestly I would b better off without ever having it . I believe it is only good in moderation it can take control
—Guest Pot fanatic

This is bull

I've been smoking majiuana for quite awhile now and not only am I more attentive the next day when I'm at school but since I've started my grades have risen tremendously to all A's and a B . So all this talk about weed is bad for you is nothing but bull
—Guest Living

legalize it!

More the reason to legalize it. Take the profit out of it so we don't have to support the drug cartels! And about the physical harm, stop kidding yourself you could smoke some leaves and it would be as harmful as marijuana. Your dumb if you think marijuana is not the most useful plant on earth !
—Guest dope


Smoking weed has affected me in many ways. I first started using MJ my junior yr in HS. At the time i was 16, doing very well in school, had plenty of friends, and in the eyes of others i had a very bright and promising future ahead of me. By my senior yr the number of people i hung out with started to shrink, i almost didnt graduate HS because instead of studing or doing homework i was smoking, and i never bothered to write essays or pass exams for college acceptance. Now im 18, unemployed, have priors for possesion of MJ (which i am actually innocent of but go figure), living at home with my parents, uneducated (dropped out of college after the first semester), and i am begining to become a total reclause. Not sure if i spelled that right, but basically i went from being a happy go lucky guy; to a very sad, shameful, and antisocial person. Ive tried to quit many times, but the longest ive gone without weed recently is about a week. I always seem to go back to smoking behind my parents back (which i am living off of mind you). So as much as i love weed i have to say i thinkg my life could have gone a better way if i was never introduced to it.
—Guest Guest Fox


Sorry but this article is bull. Marijuana does NOT cause cancer, in fact itès been shown to lower your risk of developing certain types of cancer by 1%. Don't just throw out things because you think they "must be" true when you don't even know if they are... I am truly disappointed, I've always loved this website but this article is just ridiculous. I've been smoking marijuana for 15 years and every year I get a bill of perfect health from my doctor. EXPLAIN THAT.
—Guest Marita


So, confusion. This study says it reduces brain function. I for one have experienced the oh so terrible side effects of this "nature provided" "plant" and can say personally that it does nothing but help. I for one have personally used this item and will continue to do so. In moderation understand. I have a hard time doing math and after having smoked found that I am more attentive, am happier, and mind you can do physics like its nothing. I did 3 problems in 15 minutes whereas it would have taken close to 40. And on top of this a study was released recently from Canada with results that state the complete opposite of this study. I ask you. Where did you guys get these results?
—Guest Legitus

good things can be misused

Marijuana can be great when used wisely. Responsible use of natural medications such as marijuana is common sense. I have mild hypomania and chronic neck pain and marijuana helps me so much. sadly I have to live in fear of employer discrimination for what I choose to do in the safety and privacy of my own home. One day things will change, for now we keep our voices heard and our heads up.
—Guest better

So marijuana causes cancer?

You don't say. I heard that tar and other carcinogens are inhaled while smoking marijuana, but it's also proven that the cannabinoids can cut lung cancer tumor growth by HALF. Not to even mention that there is zero relation to lung cancer and marijuana. ZERO. It actually prevents it. You also forgot to mention that marijuana, out of all the other "drugs" (including pain pills), is LAST in the "Deaths due to drugs" list. More people have died from caffeine! I mean, come on, get your facts straight before posting this on your site. Search "marijuana lung cancer relation" in Google, and you will see that the facts I posted are the first couple articles that show up.
—Guest collegeFreshman

Most biased "article" award goes to.

I'm a 21 year old Engineering student. I can say for certain that this drug does not mess with your ability to solve problems. Solving problems is all I do, day in day out. My grades are fairly good (low 80%). I also have ADHD and the pills that i have to take to be able to focus make it impossible to eat and very difficult to sleep. Two things I have trouble with daily. I first started smoking when i was 16 and have been doing it off and on since. I had not smoked in almost a year when I first started taking dexadrine. I spent 3 months eating maybe eating 1 meal a day, sometimes none. I was also sleeping about 4-5 hours a night. At the end of those 3 months I was 6'2 135lbs. The end came when I smoked some weed one night, hoping it would help me sleep. Not only did I sleep like a baby that night, I also ate more food than i usually would in 2 days. I am now 155lbs and sleeping on average 7 hours a night and still on my ADHD meds. That's my story of how Marijuana affect my health.
—Guest Max13

marijuana is not cool at all

for all the people out there who think pot is cool well its really not i lost my mom and dad to this stuff when i was two i got taken away from my mom and dad and i was put into foster care and my foster dad smoked pot to and every dad he would beat me and i was sad but one day i got taken out of there and put into a new foster home and now im happy but i didnt know my biological parents and they smoked pot and there dead for six years i couldnt but think thats its my fault they died
—Guest zebra808

people should not do this

people u need to stop doing this for all the people out there who think that this is good wake up i actually lost my best friend because of this it is not good four u i know u might think that u need to smoke but u dont u need help get some help
—Guest lover girl

Pot and education

I,ve smoked marijuana since the late 1960's. I'm not high all the time. My grades all through school have been around 3.8%. My doctor it is in art education. I don't go to work high at the university. I've won many awards in education and also awards for my art work. Pot should be legal and get the crimanal element out of it and quit putting our own people in prison. It's a plant given by god.
—Guest dr. dennis

what is really going wrong

i am twenty years old and have been smoking this beautiful god given plant for 3-4 years now. i smoked as many times a day as i could fit into my schedule for quite awhile ive had the same job since i was sixteen and have been given a raise whenever possible, graduated from HS with a 3.0 you could say i underachieved during this time. ive got no health problems to speak of. i have a son that is a year old and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. he motivates me to get up and be a success every day. smoking marijuana is our constitutional freedom. no one has ever overdosed from it. vicodin and oxy kill more people a year now than meth and heroin, these are the real problem prescription drugs, doctors signing away murder notes. restrict the age of using marijuana to eighteen, tax the hell out of it. lets start digging away at our thirteen trillion dollar deficit. if citizens can start growing it in their area there will be no demand for the drug cartels to supply.
—Guest drew

You be the judge

When I first smoked I did not get "hooked" on it. I smoked once a month or sometimes every two or three months. A year later I smoked on a daily basis. I was doing bad in school because I was lazy. It had nothing to do with marijuana. I would go to summer school high and it did not change anything at all. I stopped smoking and I had no trouble leaving marijuana. I did not crave it and I have not craved it. I was still in school when I left it and I was still lazy did enough work to know I was passing and I graduated from high school. It has been a year and a month I've been clean. So all this stuff that marijuana is bad and harmful is not true. I am not an addict and I am not a bum. I'm currently in school and my memory is good. I do not have trouble remembering things for quizzes, tests, and stuff like that. So... you be the judge is it really as harmful as people say it is?


As an American citizen we should be allowed to do what we want. The feds should not be able to decide what drugs i want to use. It is unconstitutional for the United States government to make that decision for us. In my humble opinion it the pain pills and stuff that cause the most problems. Those things are truly addictive. Marijuana is a non-addictive substance. And for christ's sake it is a damn plant. A PLANT. If I as an American citizen want to grow a plant, whatever that may be, I should be able to. End of story. Marijuana prohibition is unconstitutional and down right ridiculous. Use my tax dollars on keeping our soldiers alive and out of harms way. Use my tax dollars on the infrastructure... Not prohibition of a plant.
—Guest non smoker

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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