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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014

people should not do this

people u need to stop doing this for all the people out there who think that this is good wake up i actually lost my best friend because of this it is not good four u i know u might think that u need to smoke but u dont u need help get some help
—Guest lover girl

Pot and education

I,ve smoked marijuana since the late 1960's. I'm not high all the time. My grades all through school have been around 3.8%. My doctor it is in art education. I don't go to work high at the university. I've won many awards in education and also awards for my art work. Pot should be legal and get the crimanal element out of it and quit putting our own people in prison. It's a plant given by god.
—Guest dr. dennis

what is really going wrong

i am twenty years old and have been smoking this beautiful god given plant for 3-4 years now. i smoked as many times a day as i could fit into my schedule for quite awhile ive had the same job since i was sixteen and have been given a raise whenever possible, graduated from HS with a 3.0 you could say i underachieved during this time. ive got no health problems to speak of. i have a son that is a year old and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. he motivates me to get up and be a success every day. smoking marijuana is our constitutional freedom. no one has ever overdosed from it. vicodin and oxy kill more people a year now than meth and heroin, these are the real problem prescription drugs, doctors signing away murder notes. restrict the age of using marijuana to eighteen, tax the hell out of it. lets start digging away at our thirteen trillion dollar deficit. if citizens can start growing it in their area there will be no demand for the drug cartels to supply.
—Guest drew

You be the judge

When I first smoked I did not get "hooked" on it. I smoked once a month or sometimes every two or three months. A year later I smoked on a daily basis. I was doing bad in school because I was lazy. It had nothing to do with marijuana. I would go to summer school high and it did not change anything at all. I stopped smoking and I had no trouble leaving marijuana. I did not crave it and I have not craved it. I was still in school when I left it and I was still lazy did enough work to know I was passing and I graduated from high school. It has been a year and a month I've been clean. So all this stuff that marijuana is bad and harmful is not true. I am not an addict and I am not a bum. I'm currently in school and my memory is good. I do not have trouble remembering things for quizzes, tests, and stuff like that. So... you be the judge is it really as harmful as people say it is?


As an American citizen we should be allowed to do what we want. The feds should not be able to decide what drugs i want to use. It is unconstitutional for the United States government to make that decision for us. In my humble opinion it the pain pills and stuff that cause the most problems. Those things are truly addictive. Marijuana is a non-addictive substance. And for christ's sake it is a damn plant. A PLANT. If I as an American citizen want to grow a plant, whatever that may be, I should be able to. End of story. Marijuana prohibition is unconstitutional and down right ridiculous. Use my tax dollars on keeping our soldiers alive and out of harms way. Use my tax dollars on the infrastructure... Not prohibition of a plant.
—Guest non smoker

Better health

It seems to me that a tobacco company wrote this article. The facts are all wrong. To say that marijuana is more harmful than tobacco is unintelligent to say the least. Before I started smoking marijuana I had terrible episodes with my asthma. So bad I was hospitalized three times. A friend who is also a runner told me that he smoked before her ran to help him breathe better. So I decided to try it for my asthma. Yeah, I coughed when i smoked. But you know what? I haven't had a single asthma episode since I started and it feels great! I have never ever been able to breathe so well. So when the article says that tobacco has less carcinogens than pot they are lying. If that were the case i would be dead. I couldn't even be in the room with a tobacco smoker before because it would cause me to have serious trouble breathing. The article says that they can't find conclusive evidence that marijuana causes cancer... Well that is because it doesn't.. No one has ever gotten cancer from pot use.
—Guest no problems

Smoking isn't all of it.

I'm not a big pot smoker.There is more to pot than just smoking it.I have put my fibromyalgia and arthritis in my knee at bay now for over a year by ingesting the tea mixed with hemp seed oil.It is the pot head that is going to keep this stuff from being used for it's health benefits anyway.Out of all the people i know who smoke pot on a regular basis,half of them won't work for a living.This half are sponges.The other half have always worked and raised their families and still enjoy a toke when they can.Pot oils can and do cure cancer and over 200 other illness's and your just fooling yourself if you think this is a lie.In fact you are a fool if you think this stuff isn't the best medical treatment on earth.

Listen up yall

Look here folks, smoking is bad for your lungs period. By smoking weed you are supporting a criminal network and indulging in something you never needed. Using a drug to over come your problems is weak and doesnt get to the bottom of the problem.
—Guest GStarMofo

My Story

I tried weed for the first time when I was 15. On my 18th birthday I went and got a Medical Marijuana card. Since then I have smoked weed everyday for the last 8 months. For someone with both depression and anxiety in their family history (one from each side wonderfully), I can say weed has absolutely made my life better. Things would stress me out to no end, and I was generally in a bad mood. Today, I am one of the happiest people I know. Weed has elevated my mood, allowed me to relax, and given me a different outlook on life. I now understand that I want to live my life to the fullest. I've experienced a couple negative side effects, but quite honestly they do not at all compare with the vast benefits. I have not experienced any learning problems and would say that short term memory loss is one of the biggest downturns. Weed is not for everyone, but I must say it is portrayed in the completely wrong light. It is for the most part, a unifying and enlightening plant.
—Guest highschool senior

even if this were all true

it would still be far less dangerous than alcohol. Lot of old and bad information in this report. You can fight marijuana or fight violence, but you can't do both because cannabis is far less likely to lead to violence than its competition America's drug killer alcohol, and the futile attempt to ban weed causes massive prohibition related violence.
—Guest saynotohypocrisy

Better than this.

Personally, I believe marijuana has helped me deal with a great amount of problems in my life. Abusive step-father. Low self-esteem. Socially awkward. I've had many things to overcome in life, and now i believe i have a better start then most do. The man who introduced me to this great plant also is responsible for my acceptance into UNCW. I use cannabis products daily and enjoy the peace it brings. I have made so many more friends then i htiought i'd ever have. They ALL use daily as well and are the greatest people i've had the pleasure of meeting. My GPA is currently a perfect 4.0, untill marijuana is made legal our government will continue it propaganda obession with marijuana, and waste millions a year when they could be making their wastes into profits 100 times over. Marijuana has literally saved my life before it even began and no matter what the government has to say, i believe that we should have the right to choose for ourselves if we want to indulge as others do with alcohol.
—Guest college4.0


I think that marijuana is like everything else in this world, Some people like it, some people dont. It effects everyone differant, and also depends on what YOU let it do to you. I also think the the US government should change their policy towards marijuana and make it more like Canada. The millions of dollars a year spend to bust 10% of marijuana sales inst worth it.
—Guest Biff


I am 44 and have been smoking pot for about 27 years quite consistently. I smoke every day. I have suffered from depression since I was a child and I find smoking elevates my mood and promotes creative and spiritual thought. I am a wonderful mother and a caring and contributing member of my local and greater community. I work hard; no one could say I'm a slacker. But my vice is that no one knows how much I smoke. I keep it secret and I sometimes lie about it. It is this action that makes me wonder if my smoking is a problem or if the secrecy and lying stems from something else. I do know that this is addictive behavior. On a side note, I am absolutely appalled at the spelling and grammar in many of these responses. It does not make weed smoking look beneficial.
—Guest Mommamia

In all honesty...

I feel that marijuana has increased my overall quality of life. I was able to forget about the things I didn't like and just enjoy everything around me. My grades used to be C's and D's in standard classes, but now I smoke quite frequently and I get A's and B's in AP and honors. I am happier throughout the day and have many good friends through smoking who are intelligent themselves. I do believe that if you let it take over your life it can be a problem. As with all things, you need to have moderation and do what needs to be done, but weed just helps you sit down and relax afterwards.
—Guest Billiam

The reality to why weed is illegal

weed is great it has little to none long term problems, people that claim they got cancer due to weed, probably are stupid enough to ignore the fact that they smoke cigarets too... weed is illegal for many reasons... but these are the main ones... paper companies... cannabis is also used to make paper, meaning we would save the world from deforestation and blah blah blah... second cannabis can be used as a source for car fuel... oil companies would be broke within a year... third, you can also make clothing of cannabis, this means that the cotton companies will also fail in the next 2 - 3 years... so dont go on telling me that weed is illegal because its harmful, hell its less harmful than alcohol and most people can say they have had a drink or two in their life. this is a true story... "i quit drinking thanx to weed, i had a drinking problem, and its gone" so you be the judge if weed is "bad" or "good" and if "god" (for all you religious people) why would he let it grow anywhere.
—Guest Stoner #420

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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