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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014

just leave nature alone.

look. How can nature be illegal? Who even owns nature? For someone to say nature is off limits is my enemy. IT IS NOT YOURS. My body is not yours. I am apart of nature. My body my rules. Prohibition does not work. God told adam and eve not to eat from the tree.(prohibition) what did they do? exactly.
—Guest buzzud

weed doesnt affected our health

I started when i m at the age of 18. and now i m the age of 22 and i regularly smoke weed. It doesnt affected my health. I smoke daily 4. 5. joints It has only increasing my imagination power and creativity and it doesnt cause cancer or other effect. It is gd for health so thats y i smoke the weed and i love the weed.
—Guest thakur vikram

I don't find weed to be a problem

You'd be surprised how many people actually smoke weed. I can garentee the most prominent people smoke it. I'm not a big smoker but I enjoy a few cones on a friday night. It relaxes me and I always have a good night sleep. I have never found myself in stupid situations like when I drink. You think clearly on pot. you are more alert. I don't think it's a addictive drug. I've never been addicted to it.
—Guest privite

Not me but the people around me

Marijuana is a choice of which I chose not to do, that doesn't mean it doesn't do negative in my life. It's hard to believe that it can be a good thing when it lead my brother to do other drugs and led my dad to alcoholism as a kid which tore up my parents marriage which hurt me very deeply as I was 9 years old. My brother and sister smoked it for years and at now they look back at what life was like taking it and realized that they may have only smoked it a little bit but when they did, they got nowhere in life they both got GED's and in their twenties couldn't hold down a job. Besides that, my ex-boyfriend skipped school had one of the worst memory ever when smoking it. It led him to other drugs which made him make stupid decisions like cheating on me. It turned the nicest guy I have ever known to a jerk,+ he got a year suspension from it. Those "friends" that he had weren't friends, just smoke buddies. My advice to anyone is to think about the people you care about before using wee
—Guest Michelle


I wish we would see some effort here. To say marijuana can lead to harder substances is the dumbest thing you can say. It really is. The whole "gateway drug" concept. All drugs are gateway drugs. It does not matter if it is a beer. A glass of wine. Nicotine. A quad latte. Pills. Whatever. Whatever that caused you to experience altered consciousness for the first time is your gateway drug as it will have invoked your curiosity if you have a pulse. Some people are too scared to pursue what they are curious about if it is taboo. Others desire to explore and know is greater than their sense of fear. Marijuana affects my life. But so does every other choice I make. It's the 10 percent of the population that may have an issue with a really benign substance that will have it impact their health. The rest are exploited by the drug recovery industry in my opinion as a source of revenue. Nobody should be in a drug treatment plan for pot.
—Guest Amusing

I do believe it effects a person.

I have been smoking for about two years. I never did but my girlfriend always did so I got into it as well. Since then my memory has been a lot more hazy. The job I work at required me to memorize orders and specifics of the orders. I could not. I would walk a short distance the thought would be gone. The harder I would search my mind the further it would seem the thoughts would run. I also find that when I smoke Marijuana for longer amounts of time my aspirations suffer. I am content with mediocrity. I honestly don't want to put the effort into finding better work, or bettering myself in anyway whatsoever. Since I've quit I constantly take my pipe out and try to get rez out of it. I even check the floor for traces of anything. Sometimes I find small black balls I set on fire and smell so I can distinguish whether it's marijuana or just some sort of waste. Do it if you need to but, please be careful. If you think you have an addictive personality. There is no going back after you try.
—Guest Steven

It saved me from myself

I started smoking about a year ago. Before that I had suicidal thoughts and was failing school. After a few months of smoking my thoughts went away and my grades went up. I gained a lot of new friends and have been enjoying my life through weed. My grades averaged from 60s to 70s before, now I have 80s 90s and even a 100. Though, weed needs to be used as proportions, as should everything else. The plant has really saved me and I do not regret it !
—Guest Tom

effects of smoking weed that im facing

It has nt affected my health but my mind. Im always in depression n cannot concentrate n my studies.feel like killing myself sometimes Bt i knw smokin few times feels good! Bt after dat u bcme paranoid n regret for smoking it!!! U feel lonely away frm frnds n left out when all ur frnds r smoking n ur nt! U cannot resist urself when u r d lone nt smoking in d trot!! U also hve sleepless nights n appetite growth n loss!! Mind doesnt coordinates wid the body!n it becomes lazzy
—Guest siddhant

Day 4

I tried weed for the first time when i was 14 didnt care for it that much then when my husband and i met when we were 16 i started smoking occasionally with him every other week or so when i was 18 i started using on a daily basis to combat nausea/sickness etc so now i just turned 23 and over the last 2 years i have stopped for a day or two twice and it was horrible but i have seen how being a lazy stoner has gotten me no where my life had literally passed me by i had so many dreams and aspirations that felt so far away i worked a few dead end jobs but really wanted to start my own business get into shape make new friends and do something new 5 years of daily use had robbed me of my ambition and motivation to change my life so i knew it was time to take a break i just didn't know where to start so.a few days ago i came down with a cold wasnt able to inhale properly so i wasnt able to get high it sucked but by the end of the day i seen it as a opportunity to wing my self off of weed.
—Guest ms shade


It affected my sports after awhile. I used to be the best running back in the county and then after i started doing it i started to suck. I would do it in the season sometimes the day i had practice and i felt like i did good but i really wasnt. So i tried quitting but it didnt really work but my school is known for our wrestlers to be in the best shape in the state and our practices sucked and the first week i did practice i was puking my brains out. But after awhile im back to my old self now i might even go to states again this year all because i quit. so it does have an effect on you
—Guest mr. pawrestler

Some truth: The future of cannabis

If you are reading this, please take the time to read it all. I am someone who has been using marijuana for years. Not only recreationally, but medically. The facts about cannabis in the articles on this website are not 100% accurate. For myself and many other that I know, cannabis has effect our lives for the better, and in no way for the worse. I suffer from terrible migraines and ADD. Cannabis helps both of these conditions perfectly. I personally don't like to take pharmaceuticals, and nothing seems to helps for my migraines, not even prescriptions. Though smoking or intaking cannabis in some form at least twice a week suppresses them. It also helps we concentrate when working on projects that are normally somewhat of a challenge due to my ADD. I plead you all to do the research, before making any sort of snap judgment about this "drug". I know people personally that have had their lives saved from cannabis. It could possibly save someone you know, or even yourself.
—Guest Anonymous

After 30 years I quit

I began smoking pot 30 years ago. A few times I quit for a few years but always went back to it. After all this time, I realized I was burned out and pretty much wasting my money. I just didn't have the same effect that it used to have. It has been five days since my last toke, and I have no withdrawal or cravings, in spite of living with two heavy cannabis users. They are respectful and supportive of my decision to quit. Six months ago, I quit smoking cigarettes, and that was much harder to do. Pot had increased my appetite, now I am losing weight and feeling more motivated and energetic. Like all the articles say, you really have to want to do this in order to be successful.. I had gradually decreased my pot usage over the last few months and finally made the decision to not smoke any more. I've made it this far, I can keep going.
—Guest melloyello

Lies are good for society,man.

Cannabis affects everyone differently. Some people should not take it. However no one should be taking some RX meds that doctors push. It drives me crazy to be told thinking differently is wrong, theirfore something that can make you think differently is wrong. My math skills go out the window when vaping, but new 'thinking skills' that havent existed since childhood come into play when "stoned". Todays society is trying to say that being competitive and putting yourself above others at their expense is the only thing that makes a good person and anything that makes you less self centered, less materialistic, more original and creative, more compassionate and honest, is obviously a bad thing!
—Guest Guest Brother

My story

I've been smoking for 3 months and I usually smoke daily. All I can say is that weed has never felt addictive it was one of those things I felt I want but not something I need. It only improved my life because since then ive made many new friends and since i started it gives me more free time because i don't play video games much anymore because of it. I try to avoid cigarettes because those are what really ruins your lungs. smoke pot at your own risk because i almost got into serious trouble with it. all I can say is smoking isn't bad just avoid cigarettes try to avoid smoking outside your home and don't let it ruin your life and remember there are no addictive chemicals in marijuana but you can trick yourself into thinking you are addicted
—Guest Anonymous

My grades have improved, and im active.

I started smoking when I was 14, in 9th grade, back then I was in the National Junior Honor Society. Now im in 10th grade and my grades haven't dropped, I keep a A average. Soon I will be admitted to the the National Honer Society. But I do have to say marijuana does affect people differently, ive seen students who dont care anymore. It's all about your mind set before you start smoking, and keeping your motovation strong.
—Guest Dylan

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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