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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014

It isnt for all

I've smoked it for a while now.. several years. I didnt smoke cigs till about a year ago and i can say for sure that cigs do way worse damage on your lungs. I used to be able to run for a few miles with no problems and I would often get high before running, it always seemed to help me focus. Only after i started smoking cigs did i notice any real effect on my breathing. But yeah, I believe weed may not be everyone. Personally though it helped me out a great deal. I was pretty overweight most of my middle/high school life until my junior year. I started smoking weed with friends from work and it helped me realize a lot of thing about my life and made me more aware of the world around me. And honestly it made me a lot more social. It also helped get me motivated to start working out and i lost 75 pounds the summer before my junior year. so yeah, marijuana is good for some, but maybe not for others I would say.
—Guest Themodestmouse

Rumored effects

I've heard that smoking weed can lead to thinking you're more of a medical expert than you really are.
—Guest just sayin


If our government would just simply add 50 cents onto every gram. Our billions of dollars in debt would be turned around in the matter of a decade. Just something to think for all you politicians with your heads up your butts.
—Guest Economist GA

Messed up life

i started smoking weed at 16 for some girl i barely knew, i had college scouts looking at me for baseball then when i got introduced to marijuana i blew my chances of getting a scholarship. i brought weed to school and almost went to jail for it, but i didnt i got lucky somehow. i moved out of my moms house to live with my friend so i could go to a Christian school, i am 17 now and havent smoked in 5 months i am now persuing a career in the military. The thought of smoking weed still comes to my mind, but when i realize that i got a second chance i know i wont throw my life away like i did before. My name is Dallas and i am drug free.
—Guest Dallas

affects my brain

Hello everybody, I hope ya'll can give up this habit. I've smoked 4 a veri long time; several years. somehow sumwhere, it changes ur personality. And believe it o not it dus affect ur brain and weakens ur immune system and it definitely dus lead 2 other drugs n alcohol wen u run out. Its fun n everybody luvs it and dus not wna quit. but its bad accept it o not.
—Guest Smoked for a veri long time

It would do Away With Harmful RX Meds

I was a nurse for many years and I know how bad nerve, pain, and depression meds are for you. If marijuana was legal it would be of good quality and could replace many of these harmful drugs and so many more! The leaders of our world got it wrong when they re-legalized alcohol and named marijuana a harmful drug. I'd much rather have a surgeon working on me high rather than drunk and the same with any profession , except maybe a bodyguard lol. Pharmaceutical companies will fight it's legalization becaues they know it will cut into their profits. And most politicians have their money in pharmaceuticals. We the people want it legalized and I hope it will be soon as I would love better grade marijuana availability!

All Things in Moderation

Guest intelligent smoker, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Alcohol should be the drug that is illegal! I have witnessed so many lives destroyed by alcohol. I smoke marijuana due to chronic pain. But I am considered a criminal. It is not yet legal for medicinal use in NJ, USA even though the law was passed. I'm sure that it will be expensive to obtain when it is legal. Yet, I can go to any liquor store and buy as much alcohol as I like. I've smoked it on and off for 30 years. I obtained 2 nursing degrees but was disabled when hit from behind at a traffic light while on vacation. I am sure it was due to alcohol but could not prove it. My career was taken from me. I wish that guy would have have smoked marijuana that day instead of stopping at the bar after work. I don't care for the smoking part and wish that I could ingest it as a cookie, but I feel that it keeps me calm and helps with pain and depression.When legalized it will be available in other forms and healthier for all.


marijuana is great i love it in smoke it all day everyday in it does me wonders it helps me relax in focus, i dont get as mad haha (i think all pot smokers can agree with that) i didnt do to bad in school, it doesnt effect my work in anyway if any thing it gives me matavation to do my work ,,so i would deffently suggest that everyone try it atleast ones,,,weed helps because its got a chemical in it when the chemical hits your blood stream you start to relize that alot of your problems arent that big or even really matter at all
—Guest puff


I've smoked for about 6 years. I try to convince myself that it's not harmful, but I know that's not true. Many times I've tried to stop, but give in and smoke again. I don't feel it's affected my memory. But, I wake up groggy and I don't like that feeling. I feel like my body is breaking down. I think it even has made my depression worse. I get paranoid around family because I know they love me and don't like to see me this way. I want to stop.
—Guest lette88

Dont compare marihuana to anything

It is what it is. Smoke and go to school, and you will learn whymarihuana is bad for your behavior. Im a psychology major, been smoking for 3 years, and I find it dificult to stop the habit. You see more, learn more, and do more with the natural balance of chemicals in your body. Web is not the best way to determine if a drug is good. young wild and free, okay, ill say young, inocent, and controlled by stupid idols who turned rich by selling drugs. If you want to be free, and you use drugs, you are not free anymore but a controled, utilized, kid.
—Guest Josh


like anything else too much is not a good thing but in moderation it has several practical uses and in fact is less harmful to your body then smoking cigarettes or drinking.
—Guest ok

Lovin it

I grew up hating marijuana and the people who smoked it, i then vowed never to take a puff of it, I'm now 13 and this summer in August I found that my mom used it for medical purposes, and then i wondered if its medical it can't be bad which then led me to try it, its 7 months later I smoke it everyday 3 times daily. I'm in perfect health grades are straight A's the only thing is smokers lung but I'm more relaxed and less violent everything is much better I suggest trying!
—Guest shade

we are who we are

Sometimes I get really tired of people blaming weed for everything stupid other people do I smoke every day before and during school and I have a 3.0 GPA and im going to graduate honors if one of your friends drop out of school is not because of weed and if he cant read or write is because he doesnt want to, I know a lot of people who use to say they would never do weed because they would become "stupid" now I smoke with them every week, but I also know a couple of guys who ruined their lifes doing it so I guess everybody is different
—Guest Erinunez


i think theres nothing wrong, ive smoked pot for 60 years and no cigs and have never had a problem one.
—Guest nathan

drug test suck

Im 32 started smoking cigarettes at 16 pot at 17 and find it more difficult to stop smoking cigarettes than pot. But A drawback to smoking pot is drug tests that make me feel like I'm a criminal
—Guest shawn

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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