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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated September 22, 2012

It helps me.

When i smoke weed the high is plenty of fun. Its like that short break thats really worth it. Thn post-high i'll feel spaced out and less talkative and slow, during most of the day... That is, until the afternoon! In the afternoon of the day after i smoke, its like my personality hits me, just like another high, i become a non-stop social, friendly, charasmatic kind of guy and its brilliant. And this mood lasts days. It generally doesn't wear off too.
—Guest Anonymouse


Marijuana has only helped me get through life. I am 17, and I have a 1 1/2 year old boy and my gf is pregnant again. I am a senior in high school and due to the fact that I slacked off my freshmen and sophomore year, I have to make up credits now. I go to school from 7-2:50; I get out, eat something, and back at adult school from 4:30-8:30. Honestly if I didn't have weed, I wouldn't have been able to do it mentally, sitting in a room all day is not my style. Weed gets it DONE! ;)
—Guest Green house

Eyes open

Have been smoking weed constantly since I was 19, thought didnt affect me at all.Got job meet partner had kids had friends( mainly smokers). Done everything stoned even passed my driving test whilst stoned as done every lesson stoned and failed 1st test while clean! Had one every lunch break at work. Then 3 months ago someone grassed me up to my employers who firstly suspended me then subsequently dismissed me. Thought life was ruined but as had chance to get job back through way of appeal so decided to begrudgely try and stop and actively seek help to make myself look better for appeal hearing. Really didnt wanna as thought I was better stoned, was really hard at first but more I done it the better I have felt and have realised just what control it had on me and how it affected my relationships with those closet to me. Life so much better now and feel new person. Got job back and life is good.Still don't think should be illegal as no worse than alcohol but should be done in moderation
—Guest Exstoner

The function.

Weed is not harmful to your braincells. I have smoked for over three years now and recently gave up because it saps my motivation. I have a masters degree in plant and life sciences and achieved most of this while high. The plant 'Cannabis sativa' evolved to contain THC to act as a deterrent to animals. The THC in 'Cannabis sativa' would act as a mild sedative to temporarily shut down short term memory, causing the animal to forget where the plant was and minimising the chance that the animal would come back and destroy it. It works in a similar way in humans, however the THC binds with receptor cells in the human brain, causing short-term memory to be less effective while high, so basically don't study while high...study and then have a joint. Also: when someone tells you that smoking marijuana doubles your chance of developing schizophrenia (unless you have a genetic disposition) it is from only 1% to 2%. So don't be stupid, do some research and educate yourself about this plant!
—Guest Roepcke

My experience was hardly benign

Pot made me a lazy bum...I'd get stoned, forget about work or school, engorge myself on Cheetos and take a nap...I'm glad I gave that crap up years ago, went to college and got a career...many of my friends from those days are barely scraping by with the increasingly offshored blue-collared jobs.
—Guest JS71

young adult concern

If you do not even know yourself yet and where you are heading why would you smoke I smoke pot because it lessens my depression and boredom from the daily stresses of life. If they decide to ruin your life because you smoke a little it isn't fair to you when you can just not do it and avoid the negativity. I suffered anxiety and lack of motivation before I ever tried it and pot makes me feel normal and I pass tests better easier when high. it affects me differently than other people because we are all different. if you are young don't bring yourself down because you wont be able to handle the negative attitude about it because people will judge you bad which will spiral your life downhill. Too much of anything is bad. I am 55 and love it but know the hazards which is its not the plant it is the people that look to judge you that you must really avoid and is a hazard to your life.
—Guest judgements


Weed is good for you it helps boost your immune system, AIDS, cancer, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, nausea, Crohn's disease, glaucoma, epilepsy, insomnia, migraines, arthritis and lack of appetite, autism and many more. If anyone things it is bad for you like our government has been saying for over 30 years then they need to look up the facts. It can save peoples lives and its wrong for the government to make a 100% natural medication illegal.
—Guest anonymous

Yes, I think I it has

I've been smoking for about four years now everyday. At least 6 times a day if not more.. I enjoy it because it helps me relax and it makes things more interesting which is sad to say because everything on its own is so beautiful already, which leads me to now. I'm typically a go getter and think I could be far more successful now at age 23, I started smoking shortly after me and a boyfriend had broke up the smell and feeling reminded me of him so I guess in a way that's what I've been holding onto, oh well now tomorrow I start my first day of not smoking in a very long time...
—Guest No name

How Smoking Marijuana Saved Me

When I was in 7th grade, a friend of mine handed me the first joint I ever smoked. Since then, it has been a bumpy ride. Don't get me wrong; it definitely wasn't the weed. In fact, it was when I stopped smoking weed that I ran into trouble. I became depressed, suicidal and even ended up in the hospital from a suicide attempt. After I got out of the hospital, my problems continued. I began to take Xanax, Benadryl, sleeping medication: really anything that would give me a good high. I hit bottom when I got addicted to Valium, which was when I decided to start smoking weed again. Ever since I started up at the beginning of this summer, things have been great. I walk my dog, play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends and generally, I am joyful. Long story short, marijuana has saved my life. The antidepressants doctors had me take did absolutely nothing for me, but weed keeps my mood where I like it to be. I am more than proud to say that I am happy with my life.
—Guest anonymous


Been smoking weed for 30 years. for the past 5 years i have been stopping for 3 months, smoke for 3 months... etc etc. have no issues. For me smoking is like taking a very big sigh @ the end of the day. I quit smoking cigs, quit drinking about 10 years ago. feel great. my favorite activity is to smoke and fish or smoke and ride my mountain bike.
—Guest gremz

It's a medicine not a play thing

I have been diagnosed with MS. Before I would smoke recreationally, when I decided to stop is when I started feeling and having issues with my health. I would tremble uncontrollably, drop things, numbness in certain parts of my body-I was unable to feel temperatures especially while in the shower my driving became more wreckless. It was if I was driving a spaceship. At night I felt as if I was having seizures to the point my headboard would bang against the wall. I had no control over my bladder or bowel movements. The only thing I did feel was excruciating pain throughout my body. Drs prescribed me everything from Tylenol3, to dilaudid. Nothing helped. So I, after reading about the medical journals sciencetists' tests that debunk ALL of the propaganda, and proved that MJ was been used since the dawn of time as a medication in many forms. It is now considered a medicine. So, saying that. You youngsters wouldn't grab a bottle of aspirin/Tylenol only to play video games n Taco Bell
—Guest Joey Bass

Weed, Hash,Opium, LSD, Cocaine S bite

I started from Charas (Hashish) and at that time I didn't use to smoke even dats around 6 yrs back. After that it has been a saga of chillum, bongs, papers, gravity(bucket bongs) and much more. Not even a single day has passed since 2 yrs when I have not smoked atleast 3 papers daily (OCB full size papers). In between I have tried many things Opium, Cocaine, Meth, Crack, LSD, Snake bite, brown sugar just for experimental purposes I am not an addict of these things. But Hash and Weed we are like best buddies because we used to get the best Cream available in the whole world i.e Malana Cream(Red Ice, black Ice) Now I am 23 and I am working in an IT organization as a software developer . Its been 3 months since I quit Smoking Charas & Ganja. 1 week was like Insomnia full on but after that everything started to make sense my Sensory System started to response well, Fluency came naturally and Brain started to work well. Give your goals and ambition priority and focus on that, rest is myth.
—Guest Once a D0PEr


This is mostly fake it is IMPOSSIBLE to overdose on weed, AND FOR ALL YOU IDIOTS WEED DOES NOT KILL BRAIN CELLS! This is a bunch of bogus look it up on any scientific study and make sure to read the fine print. Weed can cause lack of motivation but it can not kill you and it can not physically harm you. Besides I don't care how much weed you smoke there is no physical withdrawal meaning its NOT ADDICTIVE! You may become reliant on it but its no different than your reliance on coffee in the morning
—Guest Anonymous

mj is an herb

You get worse withdrawal from caffeine...and far worse withdrawal from alcohol or benzodiazepines...you can die
—Guest nicolette


how many people have actually died from weed? now, tell me how many people have died from alcohol or cigarettes? or peanuts?
—Guest snoop

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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