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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated October 09, 2014

about your facts

Hi I have read this and I can't agree with it because I smoke everyday atleast 6 - 10 timez and I have never been sick so I can not see how the weed can do that and no matter how much I smoke I always know what I am doing and have never seen things or get scared or any of the effects you say it can bring. I have been smoking 2 years and there is nothing wrong with my lungs or any other part of my system I do not have heart problems or memory loss and so it is with my friends aswell so we do not agree with the research that is done
—Guest top stuff

The Truth

I started smoking when I was 15, I am now 16. And just in about 200-300 joints that I smoked, I have seen a huge difference. There are some benefits, yes, but way too many negative effects. Marijuana did not affect my grades at school, in fact I am getting higher grades. But that has nothing to do with marijuana. Weed helps me with my social life and shyness but that it where it ends. I can feel high up to 2-3 days after smoking the herb, and I hate that feeling, so I smoke again to get a higher buzz. This drug can also change your personaity in a bad way.. It could make you hang out with the wrong people. Today I have made the decision to stop smoking pot on a daily basis, and at least for a good 6 months before I can even touch it. I will see how it goes. I know for a fact that I shoudn't be smoking pot during my ''puberty'' because it will have permanent effects to my brain. If you have started to smoke marijuana, stop now before it's too late.
—Guest Anonymous

The TruthAbout Weed

Ok, so i have been a weed smoker for almost 2 years now, i am 23 and missed the dangerous adolescent time of smoking. Here are the facts as i have researched them (Just finishing my MD) Smoking during adolescents increases risk of schizophrenia. Smoking does effect your short term memory no question, makes you hungry, makes you laugh, relax, enjoy, indulge, and pass time. Many studies are unable to validate their findings, this can only be because the findings are not clinically significant or the original findings were incorrect. Hemp as a plant can be used to make over 5000 textiles and 200 medicines, it can become addictive but not addictive like tobacco or alcohol - 3 restless nights for a hardcore smoker would see a 4th night of blissful sleep. More than anything i want to say weed is all about how you use it, i honestly feel i have improved my cognitive function and thought process studying and smoking in harmony. Wish i had more space! Don't smoke until your old enough to decide
—Guest MrWeed

My body can't handle it.

Ive been smoking marijuana since I was 11 as I am 16 now, the last 2 months I've slowed Down alot because when I smoke I feel really anxious and scared and I feel like my stomach is popping and a long term my heart doesn't beat proPerly don't get me wrong I love weed but my body can handle it and I wanna help peoPle befOre they get to the point where there in pain everyday I hoPe people read this and really change there mind and help themselves
—Guest Dustin

Dear Guest D

I dont judge you, I use to judge "pot heads" too. But in all seriousness, take a look at young people today, ask one of them to multiply or divide and they'll get out their Iphones or whatever (not lookig forward to when they can add or subtract). Pot has nothing to do with the dumbing down of society, thats just HUMAN... POINTING OUT that cannabis was used LONG LONG before any greedy law man put the "bad" stamp on one of the most versitile and useful plants on our earth! I'm not advocating, I'm not saying GO SMOKE GO SMOKE I'm saying WHAT IF, what if we're outlawing a cancer cure? We wont know unless comprehensive studies are done! "We cannot solve your problems with the same thinking we used to create them" wise words from a smart man (Albert Einstein if you didn't know) refering to the war on drugs that costs more than its worth.
—Guest informed


In high school I always "just said no" as an athlete (In senior year I developed depression after a tramatic event) After high school I decided to volunteer and travel. If I never smoked a spliff I'd probably have gone back got myself into dept trying to invest in my future with a fancy college degree.Instead I can see the pathetic way most people run after money for a future that might NOT be there. Ganja helped me to see the real meaning of life HAPPYNESS I am now focused on experiencing my life I dont need a tv because I see with my OWN eyes. People tell me that I am so lucky to travel the world (anyone can its about want) I think the key is don't smoke mary 'ndont drink booze until your body is developed, let yourself grow naturally mentally and physically,then do what ever puts a smile on your face, and ABOVE all other things: love let love (To be loved show love) I know I know sounds like I'm high now, but that is simply what I've learnt from the beautiful plant.Cannabi
—Guest apart


im so scared that i might lose my friend. he smokes weed a lot and it scares me because he does stupid things when he's high. im losing it.
—Guest Worried


I have smoked weed for about a year now, and I have already noticed some serious signs from the use of it. My grades went from 80's and 90's to 50's and 60's. You can't tell me that is not a porblem. I am not active anymore and it really messed up my sleeping patterns since I started. I had dropped out of school to go threw out reach and that put me behind more then ever. I smoked it everyday for way to long. I just don't know what to do anymore. I even became more mad about everything.
—Guest invisible man

Makes Sense

I think whoever wrote this smokes a lot of weed, it would make sense!
—Guest Gabriel

College drop out

So I go to college and have never smoked before and the friends I had made were stoners but I didn't know this at the time. they offered me some and I said yes with a heart beat, I don't know why but I did and soon u was a stoner my grades went from passing to barely passing to not passing and I knew I could be the college fail out so I decided to drop out instead and move back home. I did not know at the time the whole mess of life that I had created. I got a job at the local mill and am loving the money I know I should go off to college again but I know I can't do it and smoke at the same time. My name is viktor, I have a dead end job and am a majuauna user .
—Guest Viktor

It isnt for all

I've smoked it for a while now.. several years. I didnt smoke cigs till about a year ago and i can say for sure that cigs do way worse damage on your lungs. I used to be able to run for a few miles with no problems and I would often get high before running, it always seemed to help me focus. Only after i started smoking cigs did i notice any real effect on my breathing. But yeah, I believe weed may not be everyone. Personally though it helped me out a great deal. I was pretty overweight most of my middle/high school life until my junior year. I started smoking weed with friends from work and it helped me realize a lot of thing about my life and made me more aware of the world around me. And honestly it made me a lot more social. It also helped get me motivated to start working out and i lost 75 pounds the summer before my junior year. so yeah, marijuana is good for some, but maybe not for others I would say.
—Guest Themodestmouse

Rumored effects

I've heard that smoking weed can lead to thinking you're more of a medical expert than you really are.
—Guest just sayin


If our government would just simply add 50 cents onto every gram. Our billions of dollars in debt would be turned around in the matter of a decade. Just something to think for all you politicians with your heads up your butts.
—Guest Economist GA

Messed up life

i started smoking weed at 16 for some girl i barely knew, i had college scouts looking at me for baseball then when i got introduced to marijuana i blew my chances of getting a scholarship. i brought weed to school and almost went to jail for it, but i didnt i got lucky somehow. i moved out of my moms house to live with my friend so i could go to a Christian school, i am 17 now and havent smoked in 5 months i am now persuing a career in the military. The thought of smoking weed still comes to my mind, but when i realize that i got a second chance i know i wont throw my life away like i did before. My name is Dallas and i am drug free.
—Guest Dallas

affects my brain

Hello everybody, I hope ya'll can give up this habit. I've smoked 4 a veri long time; several years. somehow sumwhere, it changes ur personality. And believe it o not it dus affect ur brain and weakens ur immune system and it definitely dus lead 2 other drugs n alcohol wen u run out. Its fun n everybody luvs it and dus not wna quit. but its bad accept it o not.
—Guest Smoked for a veri long time
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