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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014

Don't blame cannabis!

I am a 29 year old professional woman who has smoked cannabis nearly everyday for the last 13 years. I find it helps me relax, and gives me a different perspective on how to handle difficult situations that may be causing me grief at that time in my life. It has helped me though depression, increased appetite mainly as I struggle to eat when depressed to the point of being underweight if I'm not careful. I don't feel it stops me from making something of my life, in any way. Whilst attending business conferences, I leave it at home due to how it would look to my company if it was found, sometimes a whole week, and suffer no withdrawals. I think it is easy for people to say it causes mental illness or demotivates you in life, maybe these people they are speaking of are actually mental, lazy and bone idle and just like to blame the cannabis as an excuse to carry on being lazy and bone idle. If it works for you, then what's the problem?
—Guest Anon

Pros and cons

I luv weed more than anything in the world!!! I have been smoking heavy since i was 14. It was there for me during the good times and the bad. I used to be a gangster and when i did something bad to someone i would smoke the pain inside away. I know it sounds gay but its the truth. However i just turned 24 and all i still wanna do is smoke weed. I still live with my parents, and have not acomplished anything. It really makes me happy and i have a small appetite but when i smoke i wanna eat even though i just ate. No one aproves in my family and i even avoid them whenever i can. My memory is pretty much gone. And sometimes i feel that i cough a lung out. I have tried to stop 100 times but its sooooo hard for me. I still live in the ghetto and everyone here smokes. Ima try again so i can get my class A drivers liscense. My motivation is my family but sometimes sadly its not enough.i have to think about my son and get out of the hood so he dosent see the horrible things ive seen. Peace
—Guest Og loc

for toughts

i don't think i'll stop weein in nxt 10yrs to com, cuz i,ve been smokin it since i was in fifh th grade hats wen i was 11 yrs old, n since i have neva found myself in problem sum1, i live life normally, focus on my lessons, settle matters among my friends normally
—Guest guest super doper


Ya know. Every food tastes better high. So my munchies are alwas healthy foods, i eat a ton of veggies and it gets my nutrition up to par!
—Guest Munchrun420


I have been smoking an average of two to three times a week for the last six months. There was one week I did it more because I was on vacation. I think anyone starting out on this should probably not risk doing it more than two days a week unless a doctor says so. Yes, there are people on here that can do it everyday and be successful. Don't assume that can be you. Just like some drinkers can stop at four drinks and drink everyday while others will ending up drinking an entire fifth everyday. Maybe you would be fine and maybe you wouldn't. I wouldn't want to risk smoking weed everyday because there is a lot of alcohol addiction in my family. I am actually afraid I could become addicted to it and I don't want that to happen. From here on, I'm not doing it more than two evenings a week unless it's vacation time just to be safe. I hope the best for everyone on here.
—Guest ThunderMan

Im not afraid anymore

When i was 22 it was the time I tried for weed .before that i was unfocussed n wasn't able to perform in my med school. After that i realised d real potential of me. many things in my life always wanted to do but was scared wat people will say. For the moment i want to say I learned music got my post grad got my love of life got my family relationship back to track. It took me out of my depression and I am always kind of confident always.
—Guest delhi guy


i have been smoking marijuana for the past year and a half after i was purportedly diagnosed wid bi-polar....living in Africa they gave me basic anti depressants which only made it worse for me...a friend gave me pot once...i have never looked back...when am high i can actually get to controll things around and to handle my emotions quite cornfotably...my apetite is tremendous, my sleep is okay,my social life smooth,am gettin more gals hittin on me than me hittin on em... and i no longer go to see my psychiatrist coz i am okay now.i make my own joints now..imajine..in less than a year i v already started to grow pot,i eat it when i bake,i have no limits to how much pot i can use at a certain time buh however amount i still carry on my day like am not hiapart from my red eyes and i love my life so m determined to make somethin out of it...i appear okay physiccally.i dont drink(daen mean v never tasted alcohol)i intend to smoke pot for as long as it grows on earth
—Guest EDD

It helps me.

When i smoke weed the high is plenty of fun. Its like that short break thats really worth it. Thn post-high i'll feel spaced out and less talkative and slow, during most of the day... That is, until the afternoon! In the afternoon of the day after i smoke, its like my personality hits me, just like another high, i become a non-stop social, friendly, charasmatic kind of guy and its brilliant. And this mood lasts days. It generally doesn't wear off too.
—Guest Anonymouse


Marijuana has only helped me get through life. I am 17, and I have a 1 1/2 year old boy and my gf is pregnant again. I am a senior in high school and due to the fact that I slacked off my freshmen and sophomore year, I have to make up credits now. I go to school from 7-2:50; I get out, eat something, and back at adult school from 4:30-8:30. Honestly if I didn't have weed, I wouldn't have been able to do it mentally, sitting in a room all day is not my style. Weed gets it DONE! ;)
—Guest Green house

Eyes open

Have been smoking weed constantly since I was 19, thought didnt affect me at all.Got job meet partner had kids had friends( mainly smokers). Done everything stoned even passed my driving test whilst stoned as done every lesson stoned and failed 1st test while clean! Had one every lunch break at work. Then 3 months ago someone grassed me up to my employers who firstly suspended me then subsequently dismissed me. Thought life was ruined but as had chance to get job back through way of appeal so decided to begrudgely try and stop and actively seek help to make myself look better for appeal hearing. Really didnt wanna as thought I was better stoned, was really hard at first but more I done it the better I have felt and have realised just what control it had on me and how it affected my relationships with those closet to me. Life so much better now and feel new person. Got job back and life is good.Still don't think should be illegal as no worse than alcohol but should be done in moderation
—Guest Exstoner

The function.

Weed is not harmful to your braincells. I have smoked for over three years now and recently gave up because it saps my motivation. I have a masters degree in plant and life sciences and achieved most of this while high. The plant 'Cannabis sativa' evolved to contain THC to act as a deterrent to animals. The THC in 'Cannabis sativa' would act as a mild sedative to temporarily shut down short term memory, causing the animal to forget where the plant was and minimising the chance that the animal would come back and destroy it. It works in a similar way in humans, however the THC binds with receptor cells in the human brain, causing short-term memory to be less effective while high, so basically don't study while high...study and then have a joint. Also: when someone tells you that smoking marijuana doubles your chance of developing schizophrenia (unless you have a genetic disposition) it is from only 1% to 2%. So don't be stupid, do some research and educate yourself about this plant!
—Guest Roepcke

My experience was hardly benign

Pot made me a lazy bum...I'd get stoned, forget about work or school, engorge myself on Cheetos and take a nap...I'm glad I gave that crap up years ago, went to college and got a career...many of my friends from those days are barely scraping by with the increasingly offshored blue-collared jobs.
—Guest JS71

young adult concern

If you do not even know yourself yet and where you are heading why would you smoke I smoke pot because it lessens my depression and boredom from the daily stresses of life. If they decide to ruin your life because you smoke a little it isn't fair to you when you can just not do it and avoid the negativity. I suffered anxiety and lack of motivation before I ever tried it and pot makes me feel normal and I pass tests better easier when high. it affects me differently than other people because we are all different. if you are young don't bring yourself down because you wont be able to handle the negative attitude about it because people will judge you bad which will spiral your life downhill. Too much of anything is bad. I am 55 and love it but know the hazards which is its not the plant it is the people that look to judge you that you must really avoid and is a hazard to your life.
—Guest judgements


Weed is good for you it helps boost your immune system, AIDS, cancer, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, nausea, Crohn's disease, glaucoma, epilepsy, insomnia, migraines, arthritis and lack of appetite, autism and many more. If anyone things it is bad for you like our government has been saying for over 30 years then they need to look up the facts. It can save peoples lives and its wrong for the government to make a 100% natural medication illegal.
—Guest anonymous

Yes, I think I it has

I've been smoking for about four years now everyday. At least 6 times a day if not more.. I enjoy it because it helps me relax and it makes things more interesting which is sad to say because everything on its own is so beautiful already, which leads me to now. I'm typically a go getter and think I could be far more successful now at age 23, I started smoking shortly after me and a boyfriend had broke up the smell and feeling reminded me of him so I guess in a way that's what I've been holding onto, oh well now tomorrow I start my first day of not smoking in a very long time...
—Guest No name

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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