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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated September 22, 2012


Weed will never hurt anyone if done every so often. Once it starts becoming more then twice a week it can cause a lot of life problems and hurt your future. There is certain cases where people who smoke daily never loose motivation and are active, but this is a select few. Your question made it sound like you want to be a once-twice a day smoker which I strongly suggest against especially so young you are still figuring yourself out, and you are at a big point in your life for mental addictions.
—Guest Anonymous

college and marijuana

Many of you may find interest in marijuana when you are studying in college, mainly because everyone else is doing it, yes I'm talking bout influence. So from my experience, I started smoking weed regularly to get extreme, but I slowly realize I'm more anti social to non weed smoker. What is worst for me is that I got dependent on weed to set my mind free. Besides that, being paranoid and forgetful is normal if you start smoking pot, so take your chances if you want to try smoking weed in college.
—Guest AJ

Anxiety, socially awkward

I've never smoked weed in my Life, but I've had the urge to because my life isn't as fun as I want it to be. I have really bad anxiety and I'm disgustingly awkward, quiet, and I've had anxiety since the age of 10. I'm 15, I truthfully want to try weed because it seems like everything is better when you're under the influence. People are funnier, more confident, awesome to be around. I want that to be me, and I'm finding it hard to be that while i'm sober.
—Guest NY

Please people

You kids smoking pot at age 13 and 14 should not be posting on here. You are a child and shouldnt be allowed to smoke anything let alone pot. As for myself, througout my early years of school (non smoking) I was in alot of trouble and getting bad grades. As I grew older about my junior year of high school I started smoking pot, my grades were higher than ever before and I was top of my class all year. Pot has diffrent effects on diffrent people. Like I said kids shouldnt be smoking. 95% of you only smoke because your friends are doing it. Honestly your posts on here make you look bad. I appreciate pot for what it is, a plant that helped me in life.
—Guest Dev

my opinion

Smoking weed is the worstest thing I have ever done in my life i started at the age of 17 now am twenty almost every day I always fill a serious pain in my heart I am realy praying to God who created weed to help me quit it is really a problem to me now so please forget about the flavour you can do it without weed please pray for me if u are with me C J
—Guest C J

Less harmful than other legal drugs

I believe that Marijuana should be legalised because it has never caused any harm to me. It creates a relaxed environment and the only negative is having to get it through illegal means. Although I can get very paranoid when smoking weed, I don't see this as much of a put off point because it only emphasizes my current paranoia which I am aware of, and I am aware that it is just "all in my mind". I think the relaxing, interesting and creative properties of marijuana really set it apart from other drugs, and it is definitely far less harmful than alcohol or tobacco.
—Guest Ella

Marijuana is not meant for you!

Most people say they are not addicted to marijuana,but when they describe everything they go through to find more sounds a lot like addiction to me. People say marijuana is not unhealthy because it's a medicinal drug and is natural, but don't realize that every medicine has a certain dosage per day and only if you really need it to ease some symptoms or else it's then consider drug abuse. Tylenol is medicine, doesn't mean I can drink it when I am not sick. Some people don't understand how weed is dangerous because they don't want to acknowledge those who have died thinking they could fly and thrown themselves of a roof for example. A drug doesn't necessarily have to kill you internally, it can just lead your mind into doing certain silly things that can lead you into an accident that may cause your death. If you are doing marijuana and don't have a prescription, then you are abusing the medicine because you are most likely not using the right dosage.
—Guest Melissa

Mirajuana bad?

Im 15 and ive been smoking a little over a year. I've never had below a 3.0 GPA and im a Sophomore in Algebra 2. I smoke almost everyday and it makes me appreciate things more and feel in touch with nature and people. Its hasn't harmed me yet. But if you do notice a difference in your life quit smoking! It harms some, helps some, or is just neutral for some like me.
—Guest Blazed

Not the miricle drug I first thought!

Had some home grown weed given too me by a friend. Kept it for a rainy day until one day I found myself unable to sleep due to extream stress at work. Had a couple of puffs and was like bliss... got me past the worst... started puffing for general recreation... later started getting really bad bouts of depression and anxiety for no apparent reason and unable to resolve issues adequately... My personal opinion.. maybe ok for medical purposes, but definitely not for recreation!
—Guest DaveKay

its not bad

I'm 16 iv been smoking the kush for a good year I love the high I get from weed its realy not a bad thing people are just scared of it...legalize the wEEd its only natural why do they make nature illegal its never killed anyone ban the alcohol and tobacco products not the God given good stuff!!!
—Guest VC


marijuana has been researched plenty to justify legalizing its use. Over 400,000 people die every year from tobacco related illnesses. Alcohol related deaths claim about 85,000 lives per year. Marijuana overdoses 0. Legalize it and distribute it properly or make everything else illegal instead..
—Guest college student

dude, you got your facts wrong!

the reason people who don't smoke weed regularly have a better life is simply because they weren't "cool" enough when all their friends started. The "nerds" usually have a better life when growing up but that has nothing to do with the weed. When it comes to violence and crime, this is kind of ironic... it's the prohobition that makes you violent, not the weed or the cravings for weed. because weed is illegal it's a big money source. prices for weed are much higher because of the prohobition and so the money is the trigger that drives you to hurt others for weed or money related to weed. when it comes to addiction, do like i do. try to keep your use to a minimum; for example once a week, maybe 2. don't use it to cope with lifes realities; use it for your own enjoyment.
—Guest Engineering student, 17 yrs


I have quit smoking and cannabis with hypnosis after using daily for 25 years had bad COPD.have been clean for 3weeks n feel good but have such terrible nightmares am frightened to go to sleep what to do?
—Guest marigold

Enhances aspects of the self

Im 30 been smoking 3-4x a day straight for 3 years. I have noticed physical withdrawals on the occasions that I quit for a month or so to clean my system but nothing like any other drug or alcohol. I was addicted as a 20year old to all sorts of things and spent 7 years sober. Now I only smoke and dont use anything else including alcohol. Part of the reason i used drugs was severe clinical depression and suicidal tendencies even some auditory hallucinations which i suffered from intensely for those 7 years in which I wasnt using. Now all i have to do is smoke and take a lot of vitamin D and over the last 3 years of smoking I completed a Masters Degree, Ive done well at work, Im more social and stable emotionally and relationships are good. I get sad and experience the entire spectrum of emotions but I never dive too deep into a depression I cant get out of with a toke or 2 and some extreme mental focus for about an hour. Ive been on so many pharm drugs that havent worked.
—Guest Tbone

It's not for everybody

It is hard for me to understand why anyone wants to get high. This substance makes you have a feeling of dreaming about strange ideas. Hallucinations is probably a better word for it.

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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