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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014


I'm 17 years old and love to smoke weed! I tryed it for the first time about a year and a half ago. Since then I have gradually progressed and now I currently smoke several times a day; before school, at lunch, spare 5th period , anytime my parents r outa the house and always right before bed so I can sleep like a baked baby:) my marks haven't changed since I've started gettif high. I feel that soo many people are missed informed about marjunia as kids. I'll be the first to admit that a lot of people including myself abuse pot, but what isnt abused these day look fast food for example! I will most certainly always smoke pot the rest of my life but defently need to cut back and controll my self! Lol
—Guest The Man009

affects my brain

im 15, ive been smoking weed for about 2 years now, i smoke cannabis pretty much everyday, and i can say, it has affected my brain. some people say it is due to my brain not devoloping as im still young and smoking pot isnt helping, i forget anything and everything, ill say something, forgot ive said and so ill say it again, ill sit there in class listening to the teacher, blink, and its like ive just been asleep through what she has said. im finding school difficult now as its hard to concentrate, and to be honest, i personally think smoking pot has made me lazier. my advice to anyone around my age is to stay away from it untill your brain has properly developed, or have it once every so often as a little treat, it does lead onto harder drugs.
—Guest jack

high bloodpressure

my husband is68 and smoking pot he does every day,he now has high blood pressure is there any way pot is a contributer?


Actually THC has been proven to fight many types of cancer including lung cancer. It kills cells abnormal to the body. It helps you to forget, because we dont need to remember everything. If you see a thousand people or over hear a hundred conversations do you want to remember each and every single one? No because it is probably useless information. I guarantee this comment will be deleted from here because no one wants people to know that it isnt as bad as they say. And all those short term effects, thats called being high of course youre going to have trouble learning thats like saying if you get shot you will lose blood. And tests on mice have proven that thc reduces tumor size. People are confused and lied to since they are born and i just wish that more people new the truth
—Guest sk24

Helps my stress.

I love weed, its a beautiful natural substance and its legal status should be seriously reconsidered. I have been smoking for 2 years (im 17) and everyday before school i smoke and go to class high. The effects are marvelous suddenly i am very interesting in learning, my critical thinking skills improve, and i am very motivated. I smoke before school, i don't have a 2nd period so i smoke then and sometimes i smoke at lunch. As a senior i high school i don't have to worry about my credits since i have them all and i also hold a 2.9 GPA.
—Guest Fernando

Works for me!

47YO professional. 30 years daily smoker. No probe at all. Should be legal. Unlike several alcoholic friends life is great. Married 22 years, successful adult son and wife don't touch it.
—Guest Mick

Pro's and Con's

I didn't start smoking the stuff until I was into my late forties, which seems strange as it seems it is the norm for youngsters these days to smoke while still at school. I started because of the drink drive laws in England. Living in the country, I nearly always had to drive to meet my friends for a night out. Well, 1 smoke and some beer shandys made for a fun evening. By the time to go home came round, the effects had worn off and I was left with a good nights sleep and NO hangover in the morning!. No doubt it probably does harm you in some ways, but I believe in a compromised lifestyle. When I smoke in the week, it is always AFTER work. I have no doubt in my mind that it is less harmfull than getting, (excuse me), pissed out of your head with alcohol. I used to drink a lot on nights out, when I was younger, but even then I HATED the hangovers. A cold beer on a hot day is definatley on my menu these days, but I don't like the feeling of being drunk. Compromise is the key.

I hate weed

The reason I hate weed is because my boyfriend smokes it and he has a learning disability but I think he uses it as an excuse. He has smoked weed for a long time now and i can tell, he has very slow thinking and reaction and can barely read or write. His body is underdeveloped and he makes terrible decisions because he doesn't think things through. He still hasn't obtained a high school diploma because he dropped out and does not have a job. I am hating pot.
—Guest rabecca

What to do?

I have smoked pot four 30 years, I enjoy the high, but I also get bronchitis easy that I do believe to be from smoking pot but what to do , I enjoy it!
—Guest Hold it

just starting

i have vaporized with my friends 3 times (the first time i did not get high) and also used a bong on the 3rd. I am a freshman in high school and I have spred it out only doing it 5 times a year. i have not noticed any negative effects and my grades have not changed. I think if one uses self-control and limits use, it can be a nice way to have fun with friends.
—Guest annonymus

Take a minute and breath

Marijuana is very good. Marijuana is very bad. These things are both true, being high is the most euphoric feeling but at the same time so is smoking and consuming THC. The best advice I can give is to never experience being high therefore you will not damage yourself with a false sense of reality which will lead you to believe Marijuana has no harmful effects on your body. When given the opportunity to try it just say no, remember that it's a dance with the devil and that it controls your life from that point on shaping and changing your brain to form to an addict and altering you perception of reality. However for those of you who have tried this wonderfully destructive drug there are several options. Take your body back from your mind, overcome it you are given one life, you have the power to decide to live it in a worry free hypnotic state that dominates your soul, or you can choose to regain your life and reality back by simpy stopping. Life is full or problem but living is a gift
—Guest Jose

Effects what?

All though marijuana might effect your airways and give you a "chronic cough" that doesn't mean your effected by that. I'm in high school and have web doing to for 2 years now. Although I do not want to, I do it almost everyday. Ever since I started I will admit I have had a couple coughs, but my grades went up. I was getting a 2.7 and rose it to a 3.7 hen a 4.0. It's made me look aty whole log differently and made me More motivated then ever. Not saying it's good and not saying it's bad. But it should be illegal.
—Guest Treejbaseball

Take Credit for Your Own Faults

I am a student at a small catholic university and smoke daily. Last semester I dedicated 36 hours a week to my varsity sport, had perfect attendance in all five of my classes, maintained a more-than-minimum-wage job, and got a 3.91 GPA. Riddle me that. If you become a useless zombie, maybe it's not the marijuana, it’s your pre existing lack of drive for success.
—Guest Jessica

A truly honest opinion

I'm a 32 year old male who's been smoking pot regularly for the last 17 years of my life. I have 2 happy healthy kids who I've been raising myself for 13 years. Luckily my mother helps me by watching them so i can work. Thier mother succumbed to alcholohism, hence my having sole custody. I've been in my career for over 10 years and have excelled above my peers consistently. I make decent money and live well. I used to be a depressed, anxious teenager who suffered from insomnia as well. When I discovered marijauna, that all changed. I feel the cannabis levels me out. I agree that it should follow the same age restrictions as alchohol. But really, how is alcohol even legal!? It's absolutely ridiculous that it's perfectly legal for me to sit here and drink a bottle of vodka (or whatever) and be a parenting children, but I could be scrutinized and even threatened to have my kids taken away if I smoke a joint. I have alot of stress in my life, smoking completely allows me to cope with it.
—Guest Intelligent Smoker

Pot vs life

Im in highschool and i smoke about 2-3 days during school weeks and about 6-7 times on the week end. When i have money i spend 92% of it on pot. Mostly high grade. I get a ride to school early in the morning but leave before school start to smoke a joint or two. I come to school late, 'high' and cant focus on work. I fall asleep during class and get no work done. I tend to get upset easily and lazy. I want to stop smoking but its hard to because most of my friends smoke. I love being high its the best feeling ever but i realize its messing me up. I have a future i want to become a lawyer and a web designer, but my smoking habits are messing up my goals . I also have tend to not clean up the dishes or cut the grass . I need more advice about how to stop smoking. I want to become somebody in life instead of being a bum on the streets. I dont want to disappoint my parents although they probably do. Im only 16 and the effects of pot as already sunk in. Two years of smoking and im messed up
—Guest Lloyd

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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