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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated September 22, 2012

be careful

Some people smoke weed with no problems, I personally was the same until I passed out due to lowered blood pressure. If something goes wrong you're not going to want to tell your parents/doctor out of fear of judgment,maybe its better you don't
—Guest alana


I guess I'm inclined to believe that any smoke into your body is not good.
—Guest jj

Reefer Madness - 2013?

I don't smoke pot, but deal with pot smokers all the time. This articular is BS, Comparing pot high to drunks is a joke. I think they are just hoping people don't know the truth. Those 150 reckless drivers who were tested for drugs? Were they tested for active THC? How do you known that reckless drivers just tend to do drugs? If you tested anyone who goes 10% under the speed limit, would 50% of them test positive for pot? I hate propaganda, it shows how "generally" stupid man is.
—Guest Mike

Withdrawls are definetly real

I am 20 years old.I've been smoking pot for almost three years and I never considered myself addicted to weed I tried to quit. Weed is like a love hate substance for me I absolutely love the way it makes me feel when I first consume it but the comedowns are why I have decided to quit. I hate feeling paranoid and my concentration and memory level has diminished significantly. The main reason I began to smoke pot is because it was the only way I could get myself to eat food normally and actually enjoy it (I only weigh 110 lbs.) It's been three days since I've quit and I've never been so miserable. My appetite is completely gone,I've already lost two pounds.I feel nauseas and lightheaded all the time,I cannot sleep and have been experiencing significant mood swings which include sudden burst of crying for no particular reason. I never thought the withdrawls from quitting would be this intense but I'm committed to staying sober and hope the withdraws will soon fade away.
—Guest Sammy


hey everyone. I just think that everyone is making a big deal over nothing. I am 16 and have been smoking pot for about a year now, 2-3 times a day. I feel nothing. I quit for about 2 weeks and no withdrawal symptoms, so for all of you people out there who are against weed, stop hating. It is a personal decision to smoke, and i think people should stop interfering with my personal life. LEGALIZE IT.
—Guest nuifdbviobrvrwe

Weed isn't all good

If you're gonna do it don't be ignorant. That one thing I cannot stand is someone who defends weed to their grave saying that there are no negative side effects. Yes, it is "better" for you then some drugs. But so would be not doing it at all, right? If it interferes with your daily life it's an addiction, you might not be addicted to the substance but you are addicted to the high. It stops your brain from producing dopamine and so when you don't smoke you feel less happy. It may have no direct deaths, but the whole point in what they are trying to get across here is that people who were high have killed other people either intentionally or not. I know someone who drove through a red light and almost killed a man. That's a problem and should be recognized. It's not all bad, true, but its not all good either. Just don't let it consume you, and hopefully you have enough self control to see when it starts to.
—Guest Linda

Smoking kills

I have heard that smoking ciggeret can kill you, but never heard smoking weed kills you.
—Guest Ash

What's up with you people?

The article was fair and presented both sides. I am sorry you don't understand the difference between anecdotal and scientific evidence. Tards.
—Guest Say WHat?


Ive been a heavy, daily smoker for 10+ years now. Like many stupid people are posting, i swore for years that I wasnt addicted, and that weed wasnt bad at all etc... to all those saying that now, why dont you try to quit for even 1 week and then you can come tell me weed withdrawl doesnt exist.. I have cold sweats and hot flashes, mood swings ranging from anger to just wanting to cry for no damn reason at all, other than craving weed. My short term memory is shot. And I cant fall asleep at night. Im on day 2 of quiting weed, and the withdrawl symptoms are hitting me hard.
—Guest Truthbearer


The first time I smoked weed I didn't get much of anything wrong with me. I got a little buzz but that's it. This just a joke. I get a bigger buzz from dip than I do smoking weed. No marijuana didn't affect my health, didn't make my heart rate faster or anything. But that's for me, I don't know about anyone else.
—Guest Loud weed

Fools if you believe that pot is bad

Sooo well I'm a smoker and also my dad has smoked since he was 16 now he's 56 soo I call a lot of this BS and more so it all depends who these tests were done on as in if your already lazy it is gonna make you lazyer pretty much some people can smoke it some cant ....lets mover to alcohol now can everyone drink? I don't think soo they either get sick fast or get really moody you can even say that about drugs doctors give you we all have different reactions....if I get something different then what my friend got for the flu doesn't mean it bad just mean it doesn't work with me....people who make these test for w.e reason they don't want it legal there always like this soo bias lmfao look up how maybe people have died from pen caps why don't you make test about that and try to get them band??
—Guest Bob

this is silly but true

It's true because similar things to this do happen, but then - my wife goes nuts and has to go out on chocolate runs for her fixes and hates days when she doesn't get to dress how she wants. She'd react with intense anger and mood swings if I forced her to wear a jump suit all day. Just because people really love the effect of weed and feel less happy without it doesn't mean it's addictive, it means they love it. Weed can't be measured in this way, because every individual is different - idiots will be idiots on weed, drink or sober and smart relaxed people who care about others will too. However, weed gives very caring people who are disturbed easily by the negative realities of life (because they care so much) a way to get in touch with a more positive appreciative state of mind. A weed smoker has intensified sense of appreciation, peacefulness and contentment. And contrary to capitalist values, Productivity is not paramount in actual reality, a sense of appreciation and happiness i
—Guest Reasonable


While I have been smoking for over 30 years (I'm 43), this article is as much a joke as the other articles I've read just like this. Its probably been compiled by a rehab or some type of religious organization. If marijuana is a "gateway drug" for you, then my 30 years of experience has shown me that you were predisposed to try other drugs with or without pot. Bottom line, if you're lazy, then its not pot's fault. My house is clean, I work and pay bills, etc. If you're a dips*#t, and can't spell or anunciate complete sentences, then please do us responsible users a favor and don't try it. I would rather not have you blaming pot for your failings/failures. This story was ridiculous. I read a few responseave been written better by my five year old. That said, I do not promote the use of marijuana, but I also won't knock it either. Alcohol kills the brain, liver and has many other side effects, including death by excessive consumption and crossing the yellow line leadin
—Guest jim!

Be careful

My husband just had a heart attack minutes after smoking pot. He's smoked pot recreationally since college. He's very successful and never had any major problems from weed in the past. Smoking pot increases your heart rate and decreases the amount of oxygen available to your body and that can bring on a heart attack. Trust me it's not worth telling your kids that Daddy's not gonna be around bc he liked to get high. Do yourself a favor and quit.
—Guest mj


I think this article was probably written by an officer of the law, a mother/father of a pot-head, or a racist.
—Guest Bean

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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