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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014

My Life With Marijuana

I don't know how to explain but when i had marijuana, i feel really good but you don't know whats it is doing to your health. I got cancer and nearly died but i was lucky that i survived. I also miss my best friend who passed away because of having marijuana. And it was my fault that actually force her to do that as i thought she'll be happier but it didn't turn out what i expected, as she died. Any way i'm all good now, so i can start a new and happy life without marijuana or any other drugs especially things or food that will/can kill you. Reanne
—Guest Reanne

come on really....

I have been somking pot daily for the past 7 years, I have a great (proffesional)job, a wonderful family and amazing fiance....Yes, pot can make you lazy...but only if you let it...it's all in your head people
—Guest just me

Its time to throw in the towel

Medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996 and absolutely no one has turned into a zombie! While, as many have pointed out, too much of anything can be problematic, the idea of weed being something that can land you in jail is downright silly. I'm 50 years old and have smoked weed pretty much my entire adult life and have managed to start and successfully run two businesses, so so much for lack of ambition! Marijuana being illegal is simply stupid! Bob
—Guest Bobster


Too much of a good thing is bad for people. So long as there is some sort of self control, anything should be ok to use. If your responsible enough, then go ahead and do it. If you can't handle it (and those of you who can't know who you are) don't do it. The majority of us in society can handle going to a bar or buying a 6 pack. Scientifically, drinking has been proven to be worse for your health. Adverse health affects and protection of citizens did not cause marijuana prohibition, lumber company lobbyist did in order to squash competition from the production of hemp. Wake up people, educate yourself, and think for yourself!
—Guest Professor


Find it kind of amusing how many people state its non habit forming, yet the next paragraph states how they dont function to their full potential without it, or they were depressed until they started smoking it...heres an idea...let people smoke all the weed they want, pull all the other painkillers off the shelves and see how well it works out for you....oh and while your at it, just remove warning labels from everything and let the strong survive...so long hippies.
—Guest beendownbothrds

Prove the non-believers wrong

Take this to heart, why do you care if another person chooses to smoke weed? Smoking weed is a choice that is made by the user and how that person reacts to the high is based on why they are using it. If you use weed as a crutch to get through the day of course you'll become "dependent" on it. I am a full time college student and I work full time as well. I smoke weed fairly often and I have never had any health problems that came from smoking weed. Each time I smoke my intentions are different based upon what I am hoping to accomplish after I smoke. I don't have a problem roasting a bowl and then cleaning my house, doing my homework, or doing whatever I have to get done that day. I also admit that I like to smoke and bum out on the couch to relax sometimes. It's all about your mindset and knowing when to stop smoking so you can enjoy the high and go on with your daily routine without acting like a burnt out stoner. God mad fire and bud and Eve made the first apple pipe
—Guest Begin Liftoff Under Nose Today

Weed is okay

I've been smoking since my freshmen year and i've managed to get a full ride volleyball scholarship to a pretty decent school. Im pretty sure weed can hurt you're memory a little bit but if you manage your life and stay on top of things it won't really change anything.
—Guest Al

hey exweedsmoker

Check this out bro, you say you were smoking QP's yourself for 5+ years? think about it... what if you did the same thing with alcohol for that long, what would probably happen to you? what if you did that with cigarettes for that long... what effects would you have? what if you played video games for 20 hours a day for 5 years? how bout soda? if you are half witted you would know what would happen with extreme heavy use with anything legal or not in this world, life is about moderation bro, I mean you drink 10 gallons of water in an hour your most likely gonna die... so moderate use of weed won't kill you, shoot i've been smoking it for 3 years now, i love it, but it hasn't consumed me i'm still heading down a good path, college for business, I mean the only negative effects I see is worse memory..big deal, and the illegality of it which hinders the good job process, but other than that, its still a good time as long as it;s responsible
—Guest TornBetween2

weed is a drug

Marijuana is a DRUG. it should be treated as a drug. It is a medicine with any side effects if used too frequently. Alcohol is a recreational drug. If marijuana users smoke then responsibility should take action. Weekends after work or school is when marijuana should be smoked just like responsible people drinking on the weekends. Altering your body too much can lead to problems. I believe it should be taxed and distributed with a certain age limit after your brain stood developing (21yrs). I've been a irresponsible smoker for a while and have figured out how I should treat it. Ill smoke during the weekend after I get my stuff done or when im sick. Crime is a problem with this drug and putting it on the market would diminish the noncivilized black market
—Guest hlsimo

Makes me smarter

Smoking weed makes me think outside of the box, ianalize way more things iwould have never tought about
—Guest kvilla619


I recently tried marijuana and I started to feel a lot happier...The first time I tried it I did not feel anything--there was no "high" feeling. The second time I was in a house full of strangers and I felt out of control like I couldn't control my body or my thoughts. Perhaps I was scared or nervous because I was not in the comfort of my home but that's another story. The experiences I continued to have were overall positive as I felt more happy, it made mundane tasks and workouts better and much more enjoyable. My sexual appetite increased during the "high" time and even while not under the influence of pot. I started to have long deep meaningful conversations and I felt more aware of my surroundings keeping safeguards and signals that would allow me to "keep it safe" or as I called it, "a controlled experience/experiment." Recently there's been too many factors to find any conclusive correlation between behaviors that would seem erratic and irresponsible due to pot. DYHomewor

Who do you believe?

Marijuana has only helped me since I started using. I was depressed and had sleeping issues, being 17 when I started there was no way I could get sleeping pills and I wasn't about to go to a psychologist. Smoking pot helped me focus in school, I zoned right into what was happening and made it more enjoyable, my marks didn't go down 1 percent. It also distracted me from my depression and really opened up my social life. The propaganda the government delivers is ridiculous, it's illegal because a simple plant can bring peace, relaxation and be a medicine! The only negative side effect of smoking pot is the smell after you smoke and the fhlym you produce. Using a bong filters the tar, the chemicals found in cannabis are a minuscule to that which are found in a cigarette. The reality is cigarettes and alcohol waste away our bodies but pot doesn't damage you or your brain. Pot doesn't make people stupid. Stupid people raise stupid kids.
—Guest Jake


I have a 6month old daughter to a 18year old boy thats been smoking marijuana since he was 9 so he says, now my daughters here he smokes more an more he never wants to be around her he doesnt want to be bothered, he smokes before school teachers can tell hes high hes now in drug & alcohol classes that he skips after school to get high he got kicked off of the football team because of bringin a bowl to school hes completely stupid to me i love him but i cant make him change, obviously neither could his daughter. YOUR MOUTH IS THE DIRTIEST PLACE ON YOUR BODY SMOKING MARIJUANA OFF OF PPL THAT COULD HAVE ANYTHING AND YOU PASS IT ALONG TO YOUR GF OR YOUR DAUGHTER IF YOUR NOT CAREFUL, HES A LOST CAUSE BECAUSE OF MARIJUANA I JUST WISH IT DIDNT EXIST AT ALL HE'D BE A WAY BETTER MAN! it is the worst it makes SEX horrible it makes your eyes look lazy your lips dry your mouth dry you act slow like PEOPLE NEED 2 REALLY HONESTLY RE-EVALUATE THERE LIFE AN GET SOME PRIORITIES!
—Guest IgiveUP

ive smoked plenty

I've probably smoked more than anyone who posted on this website and i used to think it was great for you, always thought oh i can concentrate better, get more done, faster,smarter. In all reality you are not better on weed it makes you slow, and keeps you from having ambition in life. So if your cool with a mediocre life keep on smoking weed and you'll be happy but never have nothing in your life. Its so great to get away from stress of life ,but really without the weed you would be less stressed. You could actually get through school and maybe some day have a nice career. Anyone who thinks they are just as good on the weed is just bullshit because when you smoke weed all you want to do is get high not do anything that you need to acomplish in life and especially not anything to improve your self, such as school. and i know from smoking and failing at stuff for 7 years i smoked more than people could smoke in a month in one day. do your self a favor and try it without the weed.
—Guest smokedalot

Kush is good

I've been smoking weed since grade 6, i am now in grade 11, i tried it a few times in grade 2 through my cousin but i didnt like it(also cant remember the highs) but it didnt affect me, and with people saying that kush is addictive, thats a lie because i started drinking alcohol since the age of 5 & i was hooked on it every day i wanted my cousin to get me drunk every day which i did, & i still love my alcohol more than kush, but there is nothing wrong with weed. I hate how people assume you're a crackhead because you smoke weed, its not even bad, its bad when you decide to get high & not do any of your responsibilities, & all you do is get high, which isnt bad but if you're not doing anything then it's a problem. Just like people who smoke weed & act stupid, they just make weed look bad to the eyes of those who dont smoke ( ex. Like a girl who likes having sex is called a whore because another girl who is all about sleeping with every guy makes that girl seem like one to people.) KUSH
—Guest Smiley

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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