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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014


I have a non cureable disease and I got rid of some of my meds for a medical marijuana card. I love it and has had no negative aspect on my life so far. However all of these "kids" posting about how they smoke is exactly why its not legal. Nobody cares about a 17yr old thinks about pot...you cant even vote. Remeber greenhorns this is queen cheeba so, go get dinner with mommy and daddy before you have bedtime.
—Guest MrsMaryJane


i am 17 and i have been smoking for about two years i really noticed that i get more stuff done wen im high rather then when im sober wtf if weed can help so many people then why is it illegal
—Guest 420friendly

Puff Puff Pass

Side effects of wee include. 1.Happy 2.Hungary 3.Horney 4.Sleepy

mj infertility

I have a friend who smokes weed a lot but deals with women. Who generally don't smoke except for one woman but he got them all pregnant. So I don't believe this study applies to everyone. And this guy was a pretty moderate smoker. I think research is full of crap. Antidepressant are more harmful and can cause infertility. And u can flush mi out your system with golden seal products and niacin products. So stop putting down mi.
—Guest Carol

Not an abuser

I went through a bad divorce. I lost a lot of weight and my appetite! I couldn't get any sleep, I was exhausted!! So that I could not sleep or rest. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I started seeing a therapist who perscribed the herb to me. I got my appetite back and I got the best sleep! I'm calm not sooo emotional. I smoke when I get home from work, to relax! To eat better! And definitly sleep better when I'm tired. I am less angry, rational, patient, calm, I am back at a normal weight. I'm divorced and much more! So much he wants to get back together. -NOT! Anyway marijuana did me a good service, Thank you Dr. Kim!
—Guest Soulflower


marijuana does notaffects these thing but also your school
—Guest tanika lopez

It's people

GANJAH has got it's people,it is not for everyone.people wose bodies can't accomodate the herb should not use it,dont just smoke because people smoke.I love the herb and there are many ways of using it,I also tried smoking but it doesn't hit the right spot on my body so it feels good when burning it in my house just like so called "lucky sticks".I tell u this is a TREE OF LIFE,carefull evil doers,GANJAH will expose u as HOLY AS IT IS.I WORSHIP AND RESPECT THE MAN WHO CREATED THE HERB,I Thank HIM for not forgeting the HERB when HE created the Earth. LOVE AND RESPECT HTE HERB
—Guest 1st Empress

helped with social skills

when i was 16 i smoked weed and it was ok. then my parents found out so i didnt do it for a while but then i got hi with my friends more and more. i used to be really really shy and socially awkward now i am very outgoing and have a lot of friends that smoke and that dont smoke. i do not abuse marijuana but do it like once a week maybe less. it has allowed me to open up and become a generally more relaxed and a happier person. p.s. next time your hi act like your life is a movie! getting hi also makes me a lot more affectionate until i come down. i have smoked a max of 20 times in my life btw. if really good weed is available, GET IT!!!
—Guest 17 year old kid


why drink and drive when u can smoke and fly.. Marijuana completely depends upon da intake of quntity nd quality...if consumed properly its a boon to human body else wise it has sum negative effects also. Smoking ganja doesn't afeect a person's personality else where drinkers are more blamed than who amoke ganja...
—Guest handa

whats so bad

Everyone in my family thinks that im a very bad person b/c i smoke weed but they do pills and drink beer all day every day, and my mom said that she dont like it but pills are way way way wores then any type of bud you can smoke. See I cant over dose on weed or get some kind of posining effect. So pllz tell me WHAT IS SO BAD ABOUT WEED ITS A F*****G PLANT GET OVER IT. Also we spend millions of dollars on tying to stop poeple from smokeing weed and if we just leaglize it I think we as a coutry would come out of dept.
—Guest haze

legilize it

i jus started smoking and im 17. i always that smoking pot will make u do crazy stuff but it didnt. When ever i smoke i feel melo and feel like chilleng just go to a freinds house and relax. i smoke it after school somtimes snd most of the on the weekends it just relazes everything away i feel. and its no way addicting i had to quit for a job for like 1 1/2 month and i didnt freak out or anything. The govrnment should just legilze it no one gets hurt from smoking it.
—Guest smoker

evaluate pros cons

I don't understand why a naturally-occuring drug is illegal, when other forms of smoke (cigarettes & cigars) are legal. Cigarettes cause nearly as many side-effects as marijuana, yet they are legal. Why? Marijuana has been made legal in some states for medicinal use. Doesn't that say something? Show me a medicinal use for cigarettes! To put someone in prison for growing their own pot is totally rediculous, in my opinion. I've known of cases where pot users or growers have spent more time locked up than murderers! What's wrong with this picture. If side-effects are an issue, have you read the side-effects of prescription drugs lately? One of my prescription drugs says may cause death! How in the world did that one pass inspection!? Next, why is pot illegal when booze is still legal? How many car wrecks occur while people are drunk, versus while high? Law-makers must ignore the facts. If money is an issue, why not tax pot like they do cigarettes or booze? Beats me!!!
—Guest guestkdr


Anyone can go to the doctor and get perscription drugs to get them high,or go to a club or pub and get drunk.Anyone can walk the streets and get whatever harmfull drugs they disire.I have been doing alot of study on the effects of alcohol,illicit drugs and pescribed drugs and the results are astonishing.Wake up and smell the sweet scent government.Get this crap out of our supermarkets,off our streets and out of YOUR pockets and let us harmless marijuana uses have some freedom.Hows about banning beer brewing kits or stopping perscription drugs,or course not,we all have our reasons of needing these things.why is everything we need so expensive, tax this tax that. Too much money in it, the greedy government wouldnt get their share.Like any drug,used wisely or abused we all have the right to what we put in our bodies. We should be able to buy it in the supermarket next to the No Dose and home brewing kits whilst we pick up the groceries. choofa
—Guest chelle

Love my Green

I love my green, but can't smoke anymore as of last week due to a upcoming urine test for a new job & then ongoing random urine test. I wish the government would legalise it, i personally function better on it as my mind is scrambled straight & it helps slow me down as i am very hypo.
—Guest Nafe


I have been a pot smoker for many many years,I have been perscribed numerous medications for cronic pain and depression,to no avail.When i have pot I can relax muscle and mind and have a much better perspective,I think it should be legalised and alot of alcohol should be banned,legalising pot would save alot of stuffing around for police,who have better things to do like catching rel criminals.99.9% of the smokers I know never drive while bent and sit and home or with friends keeping to themselves and out of trouble,but I know alot of idiots that drink and drive or drink and couse trouble.dont abuse a natural herbal drug
—Guest chelle

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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