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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014

Really? read this,

Why blame weed if u are a saddist or antisocial or lazy? I use weed for recreational use. first u need to understand what recreation is, its not smoking pot all day long and go to ur office baked and wasted.lol.. google it, u will find that it is a psycoactive drug..and the people who got to job baked are deserves to get fired.. cos u r dumb. Will u go to job drunk.? will u go to collage after having a party and drunk? there is one thing that every person need to have, which is commonsense. use it if u got it every one in this world are free to chose what u want. its not right to stop dem from dat. .and to govt,, People jump from bridges to die..should we distroy all bridges ? people die by road accidents...should be ban vehicles..? if so, wat abt alcohol ?tobaco?its not about poeple or safety.its all about money and politics.so my advice is get it if u realy want it.. and just remeber.. "everything alot is 'bad'.
—Guest ismokefkinpot


I started smoking pot when I was 13, at first I did it to fit in with the "cool" kids. then I started smoking more and more and I ended up asking my friend to sell pot to me. I'm now 15 and I still smoke. there's nothing wrong with me, my GPA is 3.380 which is a B+ average. so don't listen to these dumb asses. marijuana doesn't make you "dumb." Legalize
—Guest Flamming Flamingo

Weed is my live since i stopped drinking

I stopped drinking last year and begann smoking first only joints and after several bong hits a day. for me it is the best thing cause it is not as poison as alcohol. i an fell my health improving.
—Guest Charly Sheen

Scare Tactics

I'm a mother of 2, 29 years old. I've always hated drinking, but bud has been there for me. I don't feel out of control of myself, I'm not scared I'll pass out in a bar somewhere or sleep with a guy, because my judgement is not severely affected while under the influence of weed. I've never had withdrawal symptoms personally, I understand they can happen. Every body is different. Don't be fooled by scare tactics others use, they could have just had a really bad experience. There has never been any deaths that were directly associated with marijuanna use which I'd say is minimal risk when you consider what doctors prescribe. Above all listen to YOUR body, I don't like being drunk, others do. Apply this principal to whether you use or don't, and do some research, like any other substance you'd put in your body.
—Guest MommaMia

Depends on the individual

I smoked off and on in highschool (maybe 10 times total), but didn't like it because most of the kids who did were going nowhere in life. I went off to a Big 12 school and found that all walks of life smoked. I tried it again and found that it positively affected myself to a great extent. I've made better grades than I ever had in high school and have a clearer vision for my future. I've lost a considerable amount of weight and am in the best shape of my life. I understand that this isn't the typical outcome, but what is?
—Guest Hunter


I tried weed when I was 16, smoked it a few times & stopped until about a year ago. Gradually, I started smoking more & more. Now, I smoke almost every day, sometimes even multiple times a day. I think it's made me much pleasurable to be around & I'm happier being around others when I'm high. However, I got sick more times after I started smoking than before. I'm going to stop soon, just to see if my health gets better. I love it; it helps me relax, keeps me stress-free, and helps me live.
—Guest Kat


Is it heady or head-injured? I am 54, started daily when 17. Got first when I was 15; minor noise. Second head-injury was 7 years later & I was in a coma for a month. Never liked alcohol, never will. You Got To Legalize It!! Have a great bud day : • D
—Guest Bluesmama

its our life

first off, ive smoked weed, and cigarettes for 9 years. the weed has been on and off. for the last 5 and a half months, its been 3 times a week. it helps with my stress, and anxiety but, to some people it make it worse. i say that everyone should be entitled to their own opinion and shouldnt judge based on whether or not you smoke. i can honestly say i wouldnt be sane WITHOUT weed
—Guest bryan

Take ur responsibilities

All smoker should know what they're doing...ur doing something illegal that has certain effects on your body especially on your brain,don't drive while ur under effect...just enjoy the effects while ur chilling on a couch maybe drinkin some booze with a girl or with ur friends... Be rosponsible fo what ur doin!
—Guest responsible smoker

im with frank

Im 31 closing in on 32 and have been smoking weed since I was 16. It's great through your early 20s, after that it gets sad. As frank said, it consumes you. That is if you are a regular smoker. I have realized that I'm working in the same dead end industry for 12 years not going anywhere doing the same thing I was getting out of high school. Smoking and dreaming about the good life. But have realized now that I will never obtain those dreams if I don't put the bowl down. Now I'm not saying I will never smoke again. But I'm out for a while. Down the road IF I smoke again it will ONLY be on special occasions. I will no longer allow that plant that consumes me to withhold me from the life I deserve and am capable of achieving. I realize that after all this time of smoking every day that I will have some unpleasant withdrawals, but its worth it. I'm ready to live my life! Goodbye trees!
—Guest phil

Definitely affected my life and health..

I am 53, and started smoking when i was 17. I was able to not use it with my friends for about a year, finally said why not and smoked...i have had a love/hate relationship with it ever since. My husband and i got married when I was 19 and he was 20, and we partied in the beginning. A couple years later he quit due to his job, and i said no, i like it too much, so i continued on. started smoking daily in my mid 20's, and went to college. got a degree in nursing, and was able to quit for long periods at a time. Married 34 years with 2 kids and 2 grandkids. Had 2 1/2 years clean until April when we went on vaca and I thought why not. off and runnin again, for 3 weeks, quickly progressed to wake and bake. i quit my job in sept and am ready to start a new job part time, one that I really want, and felt good about it until boss said everything sounds great, you just need to do the drug test. I have been flushing my system and 1st home thc test was +. its a big mess , not worth this stress.
—Guest anxious

beensmoking for over 30 years

when younger I smoked alot of pot, wvwey day as much as I could . I never stoled to get it , when I didn't have any it didn't bother me. I droped out of school to work, been working my whole life . after I reached the age of about 25 I only smoked pot in the evenings . have stoped smoking years at a time never had any problems stoping the pot. I also got my g.e.d. and went on to a trade school and got a degree in electronics. I am 48 and still use pot but only in the evenings . so with all my pot use I finished school and went on to a better life . so for me pot has no bad side effects. good luck to all out there
—Guest alan

Know what you are doing

If you are going to smoke you should know what you are putting into your body and be educated. As long as you are fully aware of what you are doing and can be responsible, there should be no problem. As for health complications, ive been smoking for a year daily. Just a little bit at night before bedtime, rarley more than once a day, and occassionally heavy on the weekends. Im 18. My lungs are unaffected for the most part and it does not affect my daily life or relationships. As for the addictive side of it, i believe i am "mentally" addicted; the "withdrawl symptoms are nothing more than really wanting to smoke, and i only ever get those feelings around bed time. That only lasts for a day too; once you break the habit for one night, the thoughts stop. There were no sort of physical symptoms. The only negatives ive noticed is that smoking at night makes you feel off the next day, and going to bed high can make you pretty groggy. Amazing really, how little your health is affected.
—Guest Ben

better than beer

I'm a 26 yr. old man who never really liked smoking that much, but I've always loved alcohol way too much. In the last year I've stopped drinking, which i don't really think i would have been able to do without marijuana. There should be a personality scale for "dissatisfaction with reality"; I'm a musician and cook; i like making things, and of course, true to stereotype(s), . Obviously there's some part of me that is very dissatisfied with the world the way it is, so I try and change it by making new things, or change my perception of it, by using drugs (I'd include alcohol under this heading for sure). So healthwise, for me, i can't help but compare it to booze, and weed is easily the winner here. never being hungover is awesome, no possibility of addiction, and it doesn't ravage your body anywhere near the same way booze does. Yes, it does seem to screw with the brain development of teenagers, but for me, it's amazing. could not do without.
—Guest bert

Smoker for 36 years

It is the only thing that relieves the effects and symptoms of incurable "manageable" bone cancer. Started using socially at 13. Achieved both Bachelors and Masters degrees. Have worked in music industry as legal counsel, business affairs. Never lead to any harder drugs. If Pol's smart, end this draconian classification as class 1. Legalize, control quality, taxes - go to education and merit college scholarship. My 2 cents. Toke on!!
—Guest The Dude

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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