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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated October 09, 2014

Trying to keep an open mind about MJ.

I had mixed feeling about Marijuana for years and sometimes would judge ppl. that were users... but I've read about the poss. effects (in moderation) such as Glacoma and for some pain relief (Arthrtic ect...) It might be better to try something that's already from the Earth then taking Pills, which are Chem. I also heard it benifits ADHD and ADD folks and well as ppl. who suffer from the HIV virus.

cannabis over tobacco all day

In 2004 I discovered marijuana. I got started on high grade stuff. Bonker trippin, so much fun. Music was incredible. I was entering new dimensions of time and space. I was turning into a buddha. Life was grand. I was turning into something great. Then I ran nto tobacco at a party. What a huge set back. After smoking every day for 3 years 15 cigs a day, I started to lose my majestic cannabis highs. At that point i'd just get paranoid about all the tobacco id smoked. Every year the panic attacks got worse. For 6 years I smoked tobacco and canabis. I finally quit tobacco 5 weeks ago. I post this because tonight is the big night. The big night where I reintroduce myself to cannabis. 5 weeks of no alcohol no caffeine no tobacco no nothing. Tonight at 7 pm I shall embark on a cannabis journey. No paranoia, no panic attacks, no insane thoughts. I shall rediscover my old highs. Cannabis is goo for you. Tobacco is horrible for you. Cannabis can be controlled. Who smoked 10 joints a day?
—Guest redhorsevector

smoking pot

I've been smoking pot for 15 years or so, I come home from work, crack a beer, roll a blunt and smoke half a night just to unwind. I was hospitalized for an unrelated illness and was checked from head to toe, no lung damage, no adverse health effects what so ever. My mindset has changed from smoking pot, I do feel as if im detached from society, I don't find that to be a bad thing. Have you seen the world we live in? I don't see the problem, a drunk that can't walk, barely talk, and vomiting all over the street is somehow much more expectable then a person laughing at the drunk on the street as they pass by to get a taco? Health effects of alcohol is much more of a concern to people than weed will ever be, alcohol in someone else even effects you, weed in someone may slow you down if your behind the person on herb, but I bet he wont drive his car into your car at 90 mph. The time to legalize is now. We need the income. Its been used for thousands of years, even our founding father
—Guest jldix

just legalize it aleady

im tired of people bitching about marijuana its not that bad! it is way better than alcohol and tobacco, yes there are some negitives but not nearly enough to be illegal, and no not all potheads try to justify why they smoke, all the potheads i know smoke because they like it not because they have ''anxiety'' anyone who is against pot clearly doesnt know all the details, like politicains, im gonna smoke till the day i die and theres nothing the goverment can do about it
—Guest alex420

its doing some good

Since iv been smoking iv been regular. before that I was going 2 a week and sometimes 2times every 2wks...its also keeps me level and focused cause without it I'm all. Over the place trying to do 8 things at 1 time
—Guest she pot smoker

Don't do Pot.

I smoke weed everyday, have been for a full year now, And I love it. I wanna quit, but im...addicted i guess. If I could go back in time and re-do it all I would of never touched pot. Im only 14 years old man I hate what I have become, my whole family knows I do it and just frowns upon me. People from school make fun of me because I do it, teachers dont like me because they know I smoke ciggarettes. I only have like 3 friends that I get high with everyday and just chill in my house. I used to have way more friends but I started to smoke pot and blew them all off. I've been so fustrated with myself because I forget alot of stuff. the past 4 months, I have mood swings when i dont have weed, and my physical health is weakening. I used to workout ALOT but ive stopped alot because I'd rather get high instead. I hate my life but I love pot. Just don't do it man, I know Ive only done it for 1 year but I already feel effects from it.
—Guest Loner stoner

Bud is good

If you think marijuana is bad for your health your kinda right, this article says you lose functions and train of thought? I can function compleatly fine when i smoke it and i would lose my trail of thought for my first few times smoking but now its just a daily thing and i feel like everyone should smoke it at some point in your life. I mean you only live once right so why not get high?
—Guest the high kid

We Are All Being Misinformed

First off, the article on the side effects of marijuana is not only seriously misleading: "Although one study found that marijuana smokers were three times more likely to develop cancer of the head or neck than non-smokers, that study could not be confirmed by further analysis." But the article also states that a side effect is lowered blood pressure. I agree that lowered blood pressure is a side effect but doesn't that in itself mean that marijuana would be an effective medicine to abate high blood pressure? And as for the increased heart rate stats, running increases your heart rate by up to 120+ bpm and marijuana only increases it by 20 to 50bpm (according to this article). I am obviously aware that running is healthier than smoking anything, the point i am trying to make is that if you can handle going on a jog, or even a brisk walk, you are more than capable of handling the much lower heart rate increase that one gets from smoking cannabis. This plant is a gift to us all.
—Guest Deceived

Live and be happy

Honestly I smoke weed to make me feel sane in a world full of stressed out people who don't understand the meaning of life. I love pot, smoke almost every night to sleep. People make weed sound so nasty but it's not. I'm an artist and love to draw and have drawn master pieces while completely baked. It's not bad, and helps me feel normal and 1 with my self. Without it I would probably end up doing something really drastic that would harm someone or myself. I'm all for peace, my friends call me the gentle giant because I have learned to be caring and compassionate to everyone. Honestly everyone should just sit down on a comfy couch, pull out a joint and light it up cause this world is messed up people. I could never in a million yrs ever kill another human being or animal for that and it's all because of my sweet old friend Mary Jane.
—Guest 17yr old smoker


I'm 17 years old, I've been smoking weed for about 4 years now.. I believe smoking reefer makes you think in different perspectives, I smoke abused pot for a couple years doin it everyday more then 3 or 4 times. I realize it completely takes away your motivation to do anything or care to much about anything besides the next bowl your looking forward to. You also loose your train of thought quiet quickly at times and forget stuff frequently witch can effect social skills with people. I smoked pot alot mostly because of stress or anxiety about something. I used pot as an escape from reality from painful memories in the past. To the parents reading this, and there suspecious about there son\kid smokin, talk to them about it don't yell and try and scare it out of them. Because the kid will just end up Doug it behind your back later :P pce n Ill always be a pot lover! It has it's good sides and bad .
—Guest Furrytaco

My Perspective

Just wanted to add my experience to the mix. I am not here to say anyone is right or wrong, or that weed is good or bad. I am not an everyday user. I have smoked between 10 and 20 times before, but do not smoke anymore. Out of all those times I smoked, about half the time or more, I had no problems. I enjoyed the high and felt great being in a relaxed state. And I had no effects after that, that day, night, or any of the days after. But the other times I smoked, I would black out after some time after smoking, but I don't remember how long after. I have no recollection of what I did during those times, being forced to ask other people what I was doing. Then after that, I would struggle mentally for the next week, every single time. I could not think straight and had trouble believing reality. But none of this has happened to anyone else I know that smokes. Everyone else is fine, but something happened to me. I know most aren't effected, but I felt I should share the effects I had.
—Guest Another Teen Voice

legalize marijuana now

When I was 14 I thought for sure marijuana would be legalized by the time I was 21. I am now 53. Why this plant is not legal, who knows? I just can't believe the lies the government and media put out there. And, how people believe them. When it has be proven to be medically assistive with many ailments. When it goes on the ballot who do you think apposes it? Pharmaceutical companies. They spend huge dollars to brainwash the public and it works. Lets say you have trouble sleeping. Dr. orders a sleeping pill. That causes constipation now you need something for that. And , that causes stomach upset, you take something for that. And, that cause osteoporosis so you take something for that and so on and so forth. Next thing you know your on 10 different medications . When all you needed was maybe a little bit of pot. 1 drug. I guess I will continue to smoke to legal or not for sleep.

40 year habit

I started smoking when I was 14 I am 53. I weigh 120 lb. I have worked my whole life. I have a college degree with 3.78 GPA. I feel very mixed studies. For on the most part because of government. They want you to think it is a gate way drug. When in fact most likely Alcohol. In my 20's I worked as a dancer woke up in a strange hotel naked, no money and alone. Didn't know how I got there. At work we were required to drink. When I brought this to the attention of my boss he said " your here to make money figure it out." I did I began IV using speed. I had a 5 year habit everyday. Quit went back to school. Been clean for 23 years never did rehab. Still smoke Pot and most likely always will for the rest of my life. My brother died 3 years ago of stomach cancer. I did not eat for 3 months basically starved to death. The only thing that would calm him was marijuana. My mother was the one who insisted we find some. The is absolutely no reason this plant is not legal.

do your research

Your article is full of holes, misinformation, and guesswork. Do your research.
—Guest not fooled

"marijuana" is extremely dangerous

Marijuana is a Mexican slang word for the cannabis plant. It was introduced to our language by crafty politicians who worked for oil, paper, and chemical interests. No one has ever died as a direct result of it in over 6,000 yrs of recorded use. Yes, it is extremely dangerous to big money: pharma, textiles, oil, plastic, lumber, paper, prisons, etc. If you are tired of millions of unnecessary deaths, then open your mind and vote for legalization of the entire plant.
—Guest nourhistory
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