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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014

My health and marijuana

I have to take a lot of legal drugs because of my health. What doctors don't tell you is that many of those pills cause constipation. After my dosage was increased, I began experiencing very painful bowel movements. They persisted until one of them actually tore fissures in my anus, and so the doctor prescribed some stool softeners and Oxycodone (which furthers the constipation issues) for the intense pain. The Oxycodone did not help. A friend suggested I try marijuana, and I was willing to try anything. And it worked - better than Advil or Tylenol - better than Oxycodone, which made me feel woozy and confused. I got a little goofy when I smoked, I laughed too much, but I never became dangerous to myself or anyone around me, and I was able to live life without the incredible pain that traditional medicine had helped put me in.
—Guest Cancer Patient

Whts The Problem?

I have never smoked pot myself but I have a good friend who smokes constantly...he is very smart but also very lazy (lol we all know he's lazy cuz he's a man, not because of weed) several of my other friends r stoners and one of them is an epic drummer... What can I say, they aren't anymore dumb or uncoordinated or anything than me. One of them always tells me. "A joint a day keeps the problems away" and honestly I don't c anything wrong with them smoking...
—Guest still thinking

Lurkers listen up

Just keep true to yourself, you know you have a problem or addiction if you completely changed yourself now than before. Would a lil kid version of you hate you now?
—Guest Fooloflurkin

Legalize Weed....Outlaw Liquor

I am 56 and have had two MAJOR back surgeries in the past 4 years. I would have been a full blown pill head, if it weren't for weed. Three or four tokes before bed and 1 ALEVE (once in Awhile) and I'm great, sleep like a baby! Millions are killed yearly for alcohol related deaths. America needs to wake up to the benefits of weed and quit calling it the gateway drug.
—Guest Red Robin

smoked weed 30 years

I have smoked hash and weed for 30 years. hash became very hard to get hold off and was forced to buy weed. I could tell the difference in strength. I always loved smoking, but it has made me a recluse. I would spend all day waiting for my next joint, hated going to visit anyone that didn't smoke weed, infact hated going anywhere if I couldn't smoke, Looking back now, i can see I used marijuana as a form of self medication to deal with my 'depression' over a broken heart. Could see the connection at the time. But now I'm a grandmother, most of my life has gone up in smoke literally, spending years on my own with my best friend an oz of dope. Feel like i've wasted my best years, no-one is interested in some old woman now - shame.
—Guest smoking gran

Everyone is different

Im telling all of you now weed can be a bad thing if u let it. I have been smoking the weed for 5 years almost every single day i am now 19 and my lungs are complete and utter crap. If u can just smoke weed once or twice a month it isn't bad, but doing it every day or even every weekend will affect you in some strange ways, whether it be family, you're mind, you're lungs or even money trust me you will run into an issue no matter how small or large it may be ( there are about a thousand other retarded problems you will not notice until u start to dislike it). If u cant stop doing something u love and that thing just so happens to be weed u will end up having a bad time in the end. To everyone that uses it every day or weekend come back here when u cant get a hold of any and tell me how fun ur day was. If u enjoy being high every day u are ignorant towards you're own life
—Guest Steve


Marijuana is not bad. Most of the health information on hear is wrong.
—Guest Art

Yes mj can cause problems.

Starting smoking when I was 17. Quickly lost interest in most of my once loved activities. Dropped out of college and have had a lifetime of low paying, boring jobs. Quite different than before I smoked. I was nearly a straight A student, a good athlete and had lots of friends. After I started smoking pot my grades plummeted, I became reclusive and lost many friends. I also saw this same thing happen to many of my old friends. Stopped smoking for many years and started again a year ago after moving to a medical marijuana state. The same things started happening all over again. I lost almost all motivation and became pretty worthless. I started becoming insecure and withdrawn. I just stopped completely last week and now I'm having terrible nightmares, insomnia and depression. Yes marijunana can and does cause problems while using and when you stop. The resoning of, "Oh it's a natural plant and it's never killed anyone," does not mean it can't cause harm. It can and it does.
—Guest al

All things in moderation

I smoke s little weed every night before i go to bed and I sleep like a baby , before i had a hard time going to sleep or staying asleep now I wake up feeling refreshed & I think it is much better than alcohol , I never feel hungover or awful the next day like when you drink . I think weed should be legal . If you are worrird about the tar effect on lungs use a water pipe or vaporizer .
—Guest Zen

Skewed web site

I never tried it until well into my 30's. Funny how most people 100% against it never even tried it. The real studies haven't shown any links to anything yet. Done in moderation there doesn't seem to be any negative side to it. Way less harmful than alcohol. And to you morons that haven't used it yet seem to be in the know, it is not a gateway drug. Beer is 100% a gateway drug. Ive done more stupid crap and been more willing to do stupid stuff while drunk. While high I never even thought of doing those things. I don't advocate doing drugs and if you haven't started don't. The secret to it all is moderation. Do to much MJ and you will get all messed up but the worst you will end up doing is going to bed. Cigs and alcohol are by far worse for you the only reason they are legal is tons of $$ behind the politicians pushing them.
—Guest Bystander

Everything is relative

I have smoked weed since I was 14. Recently I had dental work and had to stop due to gums and teeth healing. Firstly weed will not do MOST people harm IF YOU DON'T MIX IT WITH TOBACCO. An addiction to anything is dangerous I know of people who have killed themselves with coffee for gods sake. The reason it is illegal is because the government who by the way kill thousands of people every year with poor quality healthcare can't tax it. It can cause lung problems for some people but unlike tobacco does not cause lung cancer. I believe I have Lupus a rare autoimmune disease however cannabis did such a good job of tackling it I hardly noticed now i don't smoke it I have all sorts of problems so please people if you don't know about it don't talk about it. This is fact humans are genetically designed to smoke weed and have done for thousands of years, mind you it can cause gum problems so watch out for that.
—Guest JohnB

Love you long time.

Started smoking @ aged 18. Initial reactions were more intense and 'giggly' than now, but I still enjoy the head sensations. I studied to become a telecom's engineer whilst smoking daily, and got the highest ever recorded scores for a number of exams. Went on to be the subject matter expert in my region for fibre optic transmission technologies. My wife smoked with me until the birth of our first child, but some change occurred then that made her spin out everytime and she had to quit. I always promised that if there was a legal alternative I would do that instead, because it is illegal here in NZ, so have swapped to K2. I would rather stick with the real deal. Side effects of smoking are mostly a mild smoker's cough and sometimes heartburn or a feeling like i might need to poop unexpectedly(!) I am very creative when stoned, doing complex wiring installations or sometimes writing software to assist the job. I am now a senior manager. Cannabis is only a problem if you let it be.
—Guest David

It's all good

I'm 16, I drink like a fish, and I smoke like a broken stove. It seems to me that the people who are truly against marijuana are those who haven't tried it. I'm not saying everyone should smoke weed, but it really isn't bad in moderation. I may have crappy memory, but it don't matta. None a this matta's.
—Guest Isaac

Trying to quit

I have not smoked for 4 days now and I can honestly say I have experienced withdrawal... Loss of appetite, insomnia and night sweats. I have had to stay away from my boyfriend and friends who smoke because it is difficult to resist the temptation! I have smoked weed for 10years since i was 18 and have suffered with depression over the years which may or may not be related. I can't wait until I no longer have that niggling feeling in the back of my mind that I can't wait for a smoke! I want to be at the stage where I can take it or leave it and only do once in a while or not at all.
—Guest Clare


Well, I don't smoke, & I never have. I dated a weed head before, multiple times, & I hated it. I hated the way they acted high, I hated the way their breath smelled, etc. I had weed head guys, & I refuse to ever date one again . To my knowledge, weed is truly a gateway drug. & many people ARE addicted to weed, like people are addicted to cigarettes. The most famous line is "I could quit if I wanted". That's what all the addicts say, & they never quit. Marijuanna is being used in a secret agenda by the government. I'm staying away from that Ish . If you like it, do it, I guess. Just be mindful
—Guest Cute

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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