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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014

My Perspective

Just wanted to add my experience to the mix. I am not here to say anyone is right or wrong, or that weed is good or bad. I am not an everyday user. I have smoked between 10 and 20 times before, but do not smoke anymore. Out of all those times I smoked, about half the time or more, I had no problems. I enjoyed the high and felt great being in a relaxed state. And I had no effects after that, that day, night, or any of the days after. But the other times I smoked, I would black out after some time after smoking, but I don't remember how long after. I have no recollection of what I did during those times, being forced to ask other people what I was doing. Then after that, I would struggle mentally for the next week, every single time. I could not think straight and had trouble believing reality. But none of this has happened to anyone else I know that smokes. Everyone else is fine, but something happened to me. I know most aren't effected, but I felt I should share the effects I had.
—Guest Another Teen Voice

legalize marijuana now

When I was 14 I thought for sure marijuana would be legalized by the time I was 21. I am now 53. Why this plant is not legal, who knows? I just can't believe the lies the government and media put out there. And, how people believe them. When it has be proven to be medically assistive with many ailments. When it goes on the ballot who do you think apposes it? Pharmaceutical companies. They spend huge dollars to brainwash the public and it works. Lets say you have trouble sleeping. Dr. orders a sleeping pill. That causes constipation now you need something for that. And , that causes stomach upset, you take something for that. And, that cause osteoporosis so you take something for that and so on and so forth. Next thing you know your on 10 different medications . When all you needed was maybe a little bit of pot. 1 drug. I guess I will continue to smoke to legal or not for sleep.

40 year habit

I started smoking when I was 14 I am 53. I weigh 120 lb. I have worked my whole life. I have a college degree with 3.78 GPA. I feel very mixed studies. For on the most part because of government. They want you to think it is a gate way drug. When in fact most likely Alcohol. In my 20's I worked as a dancer woke up in a strange hotel naked, no money and alone. Didn't know how I got there. At work we were required to drink. When I brought this to the attention of my boss he said " your here to make money figure it out." I did I began IV using speed. I had a 5 year habit everyday. Quit went back to school. Been clean for 23 years never did rehab. Still smoke Pot and most likely always will for the rest of my life. My brother died 3 years ago of stomach cancer. I did not eat for 3 months basically starved to death. The only thing that would calm him was marijuana. My mother was the one who insisted we find some. The is absolutely no reason this plant is not legal.

do your research

Your article is full of holes, misinformation, and guesswork. Do your research.
—Guest not fooled

"marijuana" is extremely dangerous

Marijuana is a Mexican slang word for the cannabis plant. It was introduced to our language by crafty politicians who worked for oil, paper, and chemical interests. No one has ever died as a direct result of it in over 6,000 yrs of recorded use. Yes, it is extremely dangerous to big money: pharma, textiles, oil, plastic, lumber, paper, prisons, etc. If you are tired of millions of unnecessary deaths, then open your mind and vote for legalization of the entire plant.
—Guest nourhistory

Responibility is key

Some alcohol in moderation is good for the body. Women in particular who drink a glass of wine a day improve their heart and lower their chance of breast cancer. Beer helps flush the kidneys and bladder preventing some infections. BUT overdoing it or becoming consumed by it it is not good. Marijuana not only helps some physical conditions but your mind as well. Not your memory. But marijuana is a temporary escape from reality, a relaxation period, can help focus and discover subconscious thoughts or feelings, it can be a form of therapy. The fact that its illegal is really the biggest downfall. Any form of relaxation is not worth losing your job, life, freedom, or family over. BUT if it were to be made illegal i do believe this world would be a better place. and thats not even considering economically with the jobs that would be created. Its the fact that marijuana is illegal that presents more of a problem than anything. There are responsible stoners out there who deserve the break.
—Guest Resposible Stoner

MJ rules and regs

Can't balance my checkbook but I learned skate at 45. Rollerblade, ripstik. Great exercise afterwork. But wouldn't do it if not for mj. I would just sit on the couch and get fat. It is medicine and all those that have problems are overdosing. Don't fool yourself. Get the good stuff. Smoke less enjoy more. I f'd up without it. I f'd up with it Lost jobs, money & friends before. More careful with it. MJ is my friend but moderation is the key. There is a difference between use and abuse. A glass of wine a day is use. A bottle a day is abuse. Same with MJ. If you have to smoke then you might have a problem. I went to a concert in upstate NY. Dickie Betts band rocked the house. We smoked with the band on stage and after the show. MJ was the key to back stage. Don't remember if mr b partook. But it was cool hangin w/ the band. Nobody believed us. MJ can make a good time great. But if you can't put it down, you gots a problem.
—Guest No pun intended

smoke is bad, mkay

inhaling anything is bad for our health. I avoided chemicals in plastic baggies, cigs, and finally succumbed to the cool crowd with pot. I've smoked chronically for 15 years and have the respiratory problems to prove it. Let me reiterate, inhaling ANYTHING is bad for your health (to take it to the extreme, the act of aging is the oxidization of your cells; guess where that comes from . . . OXEGEN!) Inhale the things you need, leave the rest out. If you want to say pot does not affect your health, stick to edibles, because the idea that inhaling any type of carcinogen and it not being a detriment to your health is a joke.
—Guest practical

You have a problem...

If you'd lie to a loved one about it If you'd fight to the point of divorce or separation to be able to do it If you'd do it while at work If you'd do it while taking care of your kids If you'd do it when other peoples' children were around If you'd throw a fit because someone said they thought you might have a problem If you'd sneak around to do it If you'd risk everything for the chance Get over it...even if its not chemically addicting (which it hasnt been proven to be or not to be) there are plenty of reasons not to do it...if you choose to do it so be it. I'm just tired of hearing all about how GREAT pot culture is. Its pathetic and most people DO take it to one or more of those extremes so your argument is moot. If its such a peace-producing, love-centric activity, why do you risk losing friends and loved ones and risk fights and harsh words over such a pathetic thing. Stress is a copout, grow up and handle your business.
—Guest Reality Check

Its a plant

Hello, I'm a 16 year old who is a straight A student and a varsity athlete, but I also smoke maryjuana and grow it with my bestfriend. One who eats up the medias lies about maryjuana would have trouble believing that. SPOILER ALERT! It's an all natural plant. Every year countless people are killed or their bodies are being eaten away and killed slowly by alcohol but it's completely legal. Maryjuana inspires some of the best musicians in history and motivates the greatest artists in the world but it's illegal, why, because companys like Medicare will go out of business? Maryjuana has been proven to help prevent and fight against illnesses like cancer, diabetes, parkinsons, ADD, and MS but it's illegal because companys like Medicare will go put of business because no one would have to use insurance money to pay for petty antibiotics and other pills with one miracle drug available to help numerous illnesses. Tobacco in cigerettes is factory processed with hundreds of different chemicals
—Guest Fellow stoner

its not good for you

i have smoked on and off from frequently to occasionally for 17 years. i hold a blue collar job, im no genius but im also not retarded. Even though i am a user i find it hard to be an advocate for this drug. i believe that there is no possible way that using grass is good for you unless it is medicine. the recreational use of weed may not be all that bad for you, but it definitely will not be good for you. it is a drug and like other drugs, it will have negative physical and psychological effects on your health. its 2011 people, the flowerchild generation was 40-50 years ago, grow up and set a good example for the next generation. also kids...... if you buy your dope then there is a good chance it's laced with some other drug as well.
—Guest smoked enough


Yeah, my STBX smokes weed daily. It's great. I love dealing with his irresponsibility, the dealers coming to my house, the lack of food (because he eats it all when he's stoned), and the constant fear that he's going to get busted...again. Yep, that level of selfishness is just SPANKING.
—Guest anonymous


Why are cigarettes and other tobacco products legal when they have no medicinal value? And I'm sure most people who have tried crack have also drank alcohol, does that make alcohol a gateway drug? I just want to live in a world where I can smoke some weed and play guitar or hang out with friends without getting arrested. If anything, alcohol should be illegal. Makes people uncontrollable and sick. Marijuana, on the contrary is a medicine. Hmmmmm. Confusing. Btw I'm a 17 year old HS senior.
—Guest Confused


i think its good in the short term but after a while u find urself not talking as much (not always a bad thing) and ppl can deff tell a diff in your overall character (agaiin not always a bad thing) but, do kno u may be changed because it seems very harmless and youll prob continue to do it like me :)
—Guest J

comment for Guest weed lover

Hey Stoner, you might have made your point ....had you not said " Cancer has actually been proven to be beneficial"
—Guest stoner

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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