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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated September 22, 2012

Lungs are healthier than ever

I have been a daily marijuana user for the past 3-4 years now. I have also never smoked a cigarette in my life. Recently I had to take a respiratory analysis for a new job I was trying to get at my work. After doing the breathing test my results came back and my lungs were perfect. I was pretty amazed by the results but I guess this just goes to show how harmful it really isn't on your lungs.
—Guest Prod

positively ofcorse

i am 25 year i about finish the university,i smoked weed since secondary school,but it made me be masterminded.i have lot of project,sometimes made my friends say that i am good at all but they do not know why.but since i begun smoking my weight reduce day after day.i thing sometimmes that is the reason.but i do not care because i am good like this than not smoking.
—Guest expert

cannibus club owner

Very funny thread...Ive been an avid smoker since i was a teenager. At 13 it was on weekends,by 15 every day, in my 20s multiple times a day, and at 25 started to dab wax (BHO concentrate). I recently got married and sadly had to quit. Withdrawals are totally real. I wouldve been the first to disagree when i was smoking, but the day i quit i experienced all symptoms with full force immediately. Sleep Apnea, loss of apatite, night sweats, and nausea. The whole shabang, take it from a longtime abuser of maryjane. Youll love her as long as she keeps you high, but she'll never love you back if you decide to turn yours away. If you havent smoked...dont. If you do then look at your life accomplishments and look at those around you that havent, and their accomplishments (minus celebrities) and compare...probably a huge difference in success rate. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. But do keep in mind, once your dependent, your no longer having with IT, but ITS having fun with you.
—Guest 420medicalevaluationCA

your off mate

I'm sorry but I say this with all do respect mate, your Fucking dumb , smoking can disable you from doing things but it depends on the type and how much, also it relieves stress rather than distrust and anxiety, I have a lot of friends that agree- weed can make you paranoid but not if u do it as much then it turns to a stress reliever. Me and my mates like to go and be activists like driving around and doing like swimming or having sex, or going to an amusement park , cuz we're extremists and we smoke the dankest stuff my mate can grow and we smoke enough to stay high for 12-14 hours, so do some reasearch and ask people who actually smoke next time. Other than that your facts are spot on.
—Guest 42T0KeKReW

That's Just Me

Im 18 In High School about to start College in August. I would have to say smoking weed has its negative effects and positive effects. Smoking weed for me helped me I say this because usually I'm a quiet insecure person but when I smoke it I feel better about myself I feel more happy and have a positive out look on life and myself as well. I cant speak for anyone else but myself but it made me more focused especially in my school work. The negative effects is it's very addicting once you start it feels like you can't stop. It hasn't affected my health in a negative way really.
—Guest Love me for me

My ex is a heavy smoker

My ex smokes so much.. he's extremely calm and relaxed. One day he ran out.. OMG it was like the world caved in... we fought and fought until he found someone who was selling it. How can this be good? Also, I am reading many replies on here.. and for people who say it doesn't affect them.. why are there so many spelling errors in your message... especially when you talk about your terrific grades and how you graduated from college, etc.
—Guest Becstinator

Give it a miss

I've been smoking for 20 odd years. It is powerfully addictive. Very hard to sleep without it. I've had friends in which it triggered a mental illness. Have forgotten my childhood and most of my 20's and 30's. If I had my time again I would never buy it but rather just have it occasionally at parties....or not at all. It is a habit hard to break. And for some, who already struggle with weight issues or low self esteem or a lack of motivation - it is NOT going to do you any favours.
—Guest Michelle


I am a 34year old single mother of 3. I smoke weed everyday.1 Before I go to work in the morning and 1 when I get my kids settled in bed. It relaxes me, and it makes me be silly and goof around with my kids. With Mary Jane she can make u feel how u want to feel whether that's silly,serious,sexual or u may just want some alone time. It works for me.
—Guest April


I smoke small amounts. I get a kick out of the stories about certain health issues after quitting. For all the people that have had issuses after quitting. And maybe even the people that have issues while smoking. Here is your answer. Eat clean and get some exercise! Most health issues are due to a TERRIBLE DIET! And lets face it most people get some sort of munchies during the smoking process.
—Guest Matt

Nice evil plant

Hello, I am 18 years old and I am at college right now on my second semester. I am lazy and I had ambitions but right now I feel very low. I have been smoking pot since 2 years now, at the beginning I felt it was harmless and that smoking made my feel good, conscious about life and all it s positive aspects, my social life improved a lot, I was happy I thought all was real and great and all that stuff. But I started to smoke daily, like one after arriving at home, then another one after finishing my work, I started to have my own supplies and to make sure that I don’t run out, until now, where every time I got some thing to smoke, I feel the urge to roll another one. I only stop when I don’t have and I keep trying to forget about it. My social life has been eroding since I started smoking daily (my mood swings constantly, at some times if feel energetic and confident, other times I feel weak and alone). I spend my days without talking to my friends and the people I know.
—Guest little wing

smoke it

god made weed man made beer smoke what god made and dont drink what man made
—Guest turtle

20 years a smoker - had enough now

Ive been smoking weed and resin for 20 years. its been daily for about 17 years and at my height was smoking an eighth (3.5grammes) a day. I know there is a lot of benefits to smoking or using THC (especially as we have specific receptors in our body) but like anything if you over-do or abuse something the positives turn to negatives and im my case the financial burden has run into tens of thousands of pounds. I am one week into giving up and find my worst symptoms are cold sweats, insominia, no appetite and stomach cramps. The craving for a smoke is ridiculous but i think that is mainly because I am so used to the routine of it. Either way it is not pleasant and I am very close to just smoking a joint to dissipate the symptoms of withdrawl but I am scared it will just put me back to square one and ill have to go thru this all again. I found stopping taking chemical drugs and stopping drinking alcohol much easier than stopping weed. I do still support decriminalisation and use of THC.
—Guest docbeat


I started smoking marijuana 2 yrs ago. I quit it twice un these 2 yrs. I had headaches and sleeping problems when I quit it for the first time but everything was ok when I quit it second time. I think marijuana might not kill anyone but it surely does harm us physically and mentally.I would not advise anyone to smoke marijuana coz I know its not good. Bura
—Guest Yash


I have give up smoking for about three weeks, and dont feel good at all, i have headaches, and cannot sleep, i thought i was ill because i keep getting water in the mouth, and was scared i had cancer, i wish i never smoked pot, because its no good for you, i am having bad stomache pains and do not no why this is, i also have dizzy spells, i hope this wont last long, if anyone out there is having the same experiences as me could they let me no, Thank you.
—Guest give up!

It's not bad at all.

Someone in very recent history decided to demonize a naturally growing plant that has evolved in place right next to humanity as a gift. No one needs to smoke the plant. The medicine can be quite easily extracted by vegetable oils and consumed for a stronger more relaxing effect. If you've gotten drunk, or took ome parm grade pain pills then MJ is really mild in comrion. It's no big deal, really.
—Guest Chris l.

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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