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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014

Nothing but good.

Before smoking weed, I was an insomniac, and had horrible throat pain for most of the year. I was depressed, and a downer. Since I have started smoking weed, all of these problems have gone away, life is treating me great!
—Guest vanessa.


i started smoking far too early! i was only 12. i got kicked out of school for it.... lost all my friends..... have no social life at all (im scared to talk to people)..... and i just dont want to do anything anymore.... so thats exactly what i do NOTHING.... and im only 19 and i cant remember the last day i went without smoking weed... I JUST DONT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO ME..... i'll watch everyone else enjoy their lives while im sat here thinking why have i not commited suicide yet?.....

no it has not effected my health

i am 36 and have been smoking since i was 18 and no medical effects. i am small in frame and i have a hard time gaining and keeping weight so mm helps i also wittnessed the cold blooded murder of my father at the age of 5 and mm helps my ptsd. without mm i loose weight and everyone is gona die in my head. i smoke my medicine.
—Guest texas smoker

The truth will set you free man

Uninformed people will constantly argue about how bad the green leaf is, it's so sad when someone is convinced about something without even considering other possibilities. Yeah it's true, smokers love smoking, many of them smoke daily. I love drinking Coca-cola every day, does that mean I'm an addict? People take addiction to lightly, I consider addiction to be when someone is dependent on a substance, dependent as in can't be without it, this can be seen from many other drugs, most commonly the ones that are legal. Have you ever seen a stoner selling his furniture and most of his possessions to buy more weed? I've heard that you can furnish your whole house for $100 if you visit areas worst affected buy drugs like crack, heroin and meth, that's what addiction looks like. Time to open your eyes, realize marijuana is here to stay, not because of addiction, but because of people that have already opened there ears to hear the truth and realize what they have been missing...
—Guest Alex

brain washed

iam 52 and friends of mine have smoke weed since they were 15 and 3 out of the five have died of throat cancer so THINK OF THAT HOT BURNING JOINT feels good when you are young over time it kills
—Guest raymond betts


Why do parents hate weed???I just love weed and will suggst to never quit.I have been Smoking for past 2 years
—Guest Shady A


I have been smoking marijuana since I have been 13 years of age. I am 19 years old now and I have not experienced very many short-term problems, let alone long-term problems. Well besides the obvious, tiredness, dry mouth, burning sensation in throat while smoking and maybe short-term memory loss. I find it relaxing, and it definitely helps with my anxiety; it is quite euphoric in my opinion. I hope they do legalize and tax marijuana. People would be very profitable because very many people smoke, and it is a better alternative to alcohol or other addictive drugs.
—Guest Cassie

weed is great

i started smoking at 16 when i was a sophmore. i smoked good stuff everyday for about 2 years with my dad, (thats how i got the good stuff lol) but i've always maintained good grades, go to the gym about 5 times a week lifting weights and found no bad side effects at. some of my friends at the time told me it was impossible for me to quit because sometimes they would tell me to so i would say ok ill try and stop for a week, i never would stop because it was always around and it was good stuff to. but one day coming back from a party we were pulled over and the cop found a little weed, he just gave me a court date and i havent smoked for about a month because now i have a reason not to even though i still see the same good stuff everyday and could easily smoke if i wanted to, my dad still smokes in front of me but i have no need to smoke it, my point is that i think it can be addictive but if you really wanna stop... its not that hard. just make up your mind and stop. inoticednohealthprobs
—Guest weed lover


I have really bad tendonitis and when I did yoga at first it helped but after awhile it started flaring up again and the pain was unbearable. I smoked marijuana for the pain and it helped. I have never been this healthy or happy in my entire life and I give half the credit to marijuana because it helps me deal with the pain better than prescription drugs and I love yoga and I can't imagine my life without yoga so weed has definitely keep my passion
—Guest tina89

Weed isn't harmful. People are.

Weed itself is 100% beneficial to your health. It has no negative effects to your health, either. When people say "it makes you distant from friends (or family) because all you want to do is get high" they are just being ignorant. When you smoke marijuana, it doesn't make you "just want to get high" all the time. Those friends who grow "distant" are the ones who are too consumed in the myths and legends that weed is bad, and so their ignorance takes over and it causes a divide between the smoker and non-smoker. Don't knock it 'til you try it. Weed does not make you "high", it is not heroin, it is not coke, it just makes you feel good, happy, more productive and all around a better person to be around. If you feel like you can't be my friend because you don't like my marijuana use, than that's okay; you can make that choice. Just know, it's not the weed that caused the divide, it's you.
—Guest Caleb

moderation is key

Anything that gets abused is bad for you, sex, food, working out, etc. the problem with weed is that most people can't control moderation, and to do anything they smoke. if you think everything is better with weed than you have the same problem drug addicts have, in fact you are physically addicted. I'm a professional, and work in a high stress environment, not once have I smoked while I was at work, but I know doctors and paramedic/fire fighters that smoke on shift. If it gets to that point then you have a problem. Employers should test blood since blood only stays in your system for 48-72 hours, not urine that is detectable for 13-45 days dependent on fat and metabolism. Weed should be treated like alcohol if you aren't currently high why is it a problem?
—Guest Claudio

Maybe it's different for some people...

My mom has smoked pot for YEARS and she is not addicted. She can go months without it and not complain at all or have any "withdrawals" or anything. She has severe anger problems, mood swings from hades, severe atheritis, gout (which we didnt know she had til recently and now has meds for), and other pains. When she has pot she is much calmer, free of pain, and actually pleasent to be around. She still cooks, cleans, and acts like a normal human being (excpet maybe for the giggles lol). Her smoking pot keeps her from buying pain pills (FOR PAIN which she is in nearly constantly) that are worse for her and highly addictive. I do not smoke pot cause i do not like the way it smells and my husband is allergic to it, but her smoking it has never bothered me or made her lazy or "stupid". Her smoking has never hurt me...unlike the pills, drugs, and severe alchol consumption she used to do. It is much better than alchol or cigs (and they are legal...) This article is pure BS.

wrong!! wrong!! wrong!!!

my name is zack i have smoked pot or bud since i was 8 and i am now 19 and i smoke it cause i have rumatoid arthritis i would not be able to move if it wernt for pot when i smoke i can go to work and never get hurt and not to mention my back would not pop if i dont smoke so just 2 things that are good and you have many options bongs filter the smoke alittle but not much pipes obiusly, vaporizers more thc and more efective 92% compaird to bongs 60 or so and then theres brownies, tea, and you can make butter, and beleve it or not mix stems leaves and buds in rubbing alcohal and you got a very efective muscle relaxer try it if you dont beleve me and sorry for the spelling and for my ged i got the highest score they have ever seen and i was high all the time so dont bs me on the fact you cant consentrate on work if i didnt smoke i couldnt do the work and i got kicked out of hs cause i couldnt concentrate cause that was my 1 week break from it bad idea and not addictive for me and
—Guest 420 for life

what? ha

I'm 19 I've smoked weed since I was 14 I have a good job an great friends weed doesn't effect my lifei have no prob sleeping an def no prob eating it makes me hungry so y'all ppl downing weed are just dumb there's nothing wron with it an it should be legalized everywhere! Thanks have a nice day. SMOKE MORE WEED!=)
—Guest tch=)


there is no tar in pure grown marijuana. if you find tar some thing is wrong with your sample

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Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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