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Readers Respond: Has Smoking Marijuana Affected Your Health?

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Updated April 08, 2014

Its not for everyone. Fullstop!

I started smoking weed when i was around 18-21 during education & it was perfect experimenting the buzz in the early age with friends which resulted to Munchies, Giggles etc, the only real problem that time was RED EYES but i discovered Eyedrops later :) - The usage started to increase gradually as it became a social thing but I didn't ever suffer from any bad/extreme effects. I believe if your in the right frame of mind its good but over the years I encountered a few bad things in life and smoking it now has a complete different effect. You can say it relaxes you or its good for stressed but what it does is take you out of the real world and make you think, makes you ambitious but with no drive, can effect your confidence and may lead to anxiety, can also mess up you sex life as it makes you lazy. My advice, do it if your in a good place, keep excercising and do it within moderation. I am tryna quit that shit coz sometimes i dont appreciate what my mind is thinking
—Guest Smoke_it_Up

Just legalize it

I'm 16, smoke atleast once a day, you could call me a stoner. I love mj, it does great things for people and if you don't like it, I'm sorry to hear that but don't ruin it for everyone else. I do understand there are some bad things about it, personally my short term memory isn't perfect but really it doesn't affect me on a large scale. Weed is a good thing, my best relationships are centered around it. Why shouldn't it be legal when alcohol and tobacco are?
—Guest Kid


cannabis abuse is something people need to be careful of.this will put you in a bad place. in moderation,you should be fine. but cannabis can definitely have negative effects on SOME ppl.
—Guest matt

Weed and Booze

To all of you people saying "it helps me come out of my shell/play with my kids/do daily tasks" What do you think alcoholics say? You are an addict. I have never done it and I probably won't but I don't disagree that it's like booze. You can get addicted just like any drug and it does have side effects! If you are smoking it and going to work people notice! You are slow and stumbling ... just like alcohol you don't realize what you look like until someone tapes you because you are out of control/just don't give a crap.
—Guest Lana

insomnia? pfft,

I have had insomnia all my life. BEFORE I smoked weed. When I smoke weed, I am able to rest. When I cant afford it, I am up at 2 am typing in forums like I am right now. Weed is a cure not a disease, and weed doesn't cause schizophrenia. I say this because I have a family member who is schizo. His developed schizo from drugs given to him at a mental institution he was sent to due to his LSD use. He has been on various prescribed drugs for over 30 years and his schizophrenia has only worsened. He barely talks without the medication, and with the medication, his attention span is low and conversation is basic. One day I smoked him out. He opened up and told me the horrific story in detail of how he was arrested 30 years ago while high on LSD. Of course he told the cops he was sober. He was commited to a psyche ward put on psyche meds, unknown that his behavior was due to a bad Acid trip and not a mental condition. THC allowed him to be coherent enough to tell me this 30 year old tale.
—Guest mike

it seems like everybody is different

I started smoking regularly 3 years ago when I was 25. Now I am starting to Vape and eat THC. It is an expensive habit, and since I cant afford any right now, I havent had any cucsh in a few weeks. It really doesn't bother me at all. I am willing to bet that most of the negative side effects people are confessing to are one of two things: predisposed conditions that would exist regardless of THC, or perpetrated testimony by moderators of this site trying to bash the plant since this website is essentially an anti drug website. Wake up!! I personally know family members, friends, collegues, and strangers of all walks of life and professions who smoke pot. The crowd is just as diverse among weed smokers as it is among non weed smokers. if you have insomnia because you quit, but you were doin fine while you smoked, then your body is teling you that you need to smoke bro. just practie moderation, because ANYTHING, done in excess can be dangerous. Drinking too much water (H20) can kill you.
—Guest mikw

Good when used properly

I only smoke on weekends. I have been doing so for a long time and it has really worked for me. It a great way to relax and as long is you don't over due it weed can be a great thing
—Guest Frank

Lungs are healthier than ever

I have been a daily marijuana user for the past 3-4 years now. I have also never smoked a cigarette in my life. Recently I had to take a respiratory analysis for a new job I was trying to get at my work. After doing the breathing test my results came back and my lungs were perfect. I was pretty amazed by the results but I guess this just goes to show how harmful it really isn't on your lungs.
—Guest Prod

positively ofcorse

i am 25 year i about finish the university,i smoked weed since secondary school,but it made me be masterminded.i have lot of project,sometimes made my friends say that i am good at all but they do not know why.but since i begun smoking my weight reduce day after day.i thing sometimmes that is the reason.but i do not care because i am good like this than not smoking.
—Guest expert

cannibus club owner

Very funny thread...Ive been an avid smoker since i was a teenager. At 13 it was on weekends,by 15 every day, in my 20s multiple times a day, and at 25 started to dab wax (BHO concentrate). I recently got married and sadly had to quit. Withdrawals are totally real. I wouldve been the first to disagree when i was smoking, but the day i quit i experienced all symptoms with full force immediately. Sleep Apnea, loss of apatite, night sweats, and nausea. The whole shabang, take it from a longtime abuser of maryjane. Youll love her as long as she keeps you high, but she'll never love you back if you decide to turn yours away. If you havent smoked...dont. If you do then look at your life accomplishments and look at those around you that havent, and their accomplishments (minus celebrities) and compare...probably a huge difference in success rate. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. But do keep in mind, once your dependent, your no longer having with IT, but ITS having fun with you.
—Guest 420medicalevaluationCA

your off mate

I'm sorry but I say this with all do respect mate, your Fucking dumb , smoking can disable you from doing things but it depends on the type and how much, also it relieves stress rather than distrust and anxiety, I have a lot of friends that agree- weed can make you paranoid but not if u do it as much then it turns to a stress reliever. Me and my mates like to go and be activists like driving around and doing like swimming or having sex, or going to an amusement park , cuz we're extremists and we smoke the dankest stuff my mate can grow and we smoke enough to stay high for 12-14 hours, so do some reasearch and ask people who actually smoke next time. Other than that your facts are spot on.
—Guest 42T0KeKReW

That's Just Me

Im 18 In High School about to start College in August. I would have to say smoking weed has its negative effects and positive effects. Smoking weed for me helped me I say this because usually I'm a quiet insecure person but when I smoke it I feel better about myself I feel more happy and have a positive out look on life and myself as well. I cant speak for anyone else but myself but it made me more focused especially in my school work. The negative effects is it's very addicting once you start it feels like you can't stop. It hasn't affected my health in a negative way really.
—Guest Love me for me

My ex is a heavy smoker

My ex smokes so much.. he's extremely calm and relaxed. One day he ran out.. OMG it was like the world caved in... we fought and fought until he found someone who was selling it. How can this be good? Also, I am reading many replies on here.. and for people who say it doesn't affect them.. why are there so many spelling errors in your message... especially when you talk about your terrific grades and how you graduated from college, etc.
—Guest Becstinator

Give it a miss

I've been smoking for 20 odd years. It is powerfully addictive. Very hard to sleep without it. I've had friends in which it triggered a mental illness. Have forgotten my childhood and most of my 20's and 30's. If I had my time again I would never buy it but rather just have it occasionally at parties....or not at all. It is a habit hard to break. And for some, who already struggle with weight issues or low self esteem or a lack of motivation - it is NOT going to do you any favours.
—Guest Michelle


I am a 34year old single mother of 3. I smoke weed everyday.1 Before I go to work in the morning and 1 when I get my kids settled in bed. It relaxes me, and it makes me be silly and goof around with my kids. With Mary Jane she can make u feel how u want to feel whether that's silly,serious,sexual or u may just want some alone time. It works for me.
—Guest April

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