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Readers Respond: What are your biggest relapse triggers and how do you deal with them?

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Updated September 22, 2012

It is Possible to be sober w/Christ

It is possible to stay sober 1day @ time with Jesus Christ! I was addict alcoholic. Everything I began doing I still do 7years later. Jesus Christ is the center of my Life today. I read my recovery bible, church, outreach & some meetings now. If you feel No HOPE & VOID in your life, Jesus will give u HOPE, fill your heart with JOY & LOVE where it's the best high i've ever had. No need for drugs or alcohol to fill that void today. Do I struggle at times, yes when life brings it's challenges & feel like giving up but IT'S NOT AN OPTION. The world has nothing to offer me, JESUS HAS a lot more for me & u, a plan & purpose thats beyond our imagination! You can do it, I never thought I could, with out Christ I wouldnt be here today sober. I was once a wounded child w/NO HOPE & LOVE! But remember w/ GOD all things are possible, PLEASE GIVE CHRIST A CHANCE!! Thank you & GOD BLESS U today & alwayz......Mercedes Victory Outreach in Antioch, CA.
—Guest Jesus Saved Me


other peoples dishonesty in relationships. And know trust in me as an alcoholic (my fault)
—Guest Todd

Don't know

I can't stop drinking I'm out of control live with a sober alcoholic I need help please message me
—Guest Melanie Braithwaitemellykay

Drink Buddies

The biggest trigger is your old drink buddies. Just being with them is enough for a sure relapse. If you really want to recover, consider your old drinking buddies as enemies. Sever all their contacts, and most importantly get as many new friends who dont drink. Because losing your old friends will make you lonely and will act as a trigger.
—Guest Murali


My trigger is my time when I am alone at certain times. I am coming up to my 5year mark which is great but I have notice I am to comfortable with my recovery so I am back into the rooms 2/3 times a week and doing yoga. Learn to fill the times when you want to pick up with meetings and exercise and put yourself around with people who want you to succeed.

relapse trigger

my biggest relapse trigger is anger and frustration at caregiving a relative. i have never endangered this relative but i have escaped to the bar and the home of a friend who always had liquor on hand.
—Guest bobbys

Limited to moderate drinking trigger

I am at 6 months and have been here before. I love being sober. It is so much easier to just not drink than to stop. I like micro-brewed beer and imports and have brewed my own. It is when I am at the point where I forget how bad it is for me that I have the one beer. It doesn't start me into the full relapse right away. It is the first brick in the wall of denial. Days go by and then I do it again. Eventually, that will escalate to light to moderate drinking, then to daily and then 6 or more and wham! I'm Baaah Haaack! So, maybe the "trigger" is just poor memory of pain. Urges are romanticizing a really bad habit. Sure there were good, pleasurable times. Sites like this help to remind me that I have the alcoholism and drinking inflames it and will cause an outbreak of full blown relapse. It is just so sneaky. I start to think I have been sober long enough and can handle it. I can't let it happen again. What I have now is too valuable to ever lose again.
—Guest Chay Kee

Need to learn not to drink

I have always known that alcohol is something that I have a difficult time controlling and that it sometimes takes over my life in a flash. It's just so weird how one minute you are going to the gym regularly and not even thinking about the wine store when you walk past it on your way home and the next minute you haven't been to the gym in months because you have been passing it up to go home and sit in front of the TV drinking bottles of wine, feeling depressed and trapped and watching your belly get fatter and fatter as you sit there helplessly wondering what is going on! I have been lethargic and depressed for years, over-medicated for Bipolar. Now I'm getting off of Depecote, which makes you exhausted and overly hungry and taking a risk to be on less medication. Only thing is, if I want to succeed in this, I'll have to not drink because it will destabolize me and I won't have the intense mood stabolizer to protect me. I don't know how to convince myself that its time to stop.
—Guest Guest Lily


I have been from a 12 week re-hab program only 6 weeks now. After about 8-9 weeks into the program, I had what i experienced or what i think it is a 'spiritual awakening'. I felt so good from deep within, so happy and so calm. I felt really happy from the inside out and all my conscience was clean. I went in rehab for cocaine and benzo addiction, mainly cocaine. As soon as I was out, the second day, thought id have a drink. I have now drew the conclusion that alcohol is the source of my problem 'any mind altering substance'. I was in denial about this throughout the program. I know what i have to do, i know i should be working at the program even for a little each day, and go to meetings. Why why why does it seem so hard to have to take myself to meetings when this is what is going to save me. I have been to about 3 in 6 weeks, and used the meetings to justify to myself that im going to be ok. Things are getting worse and i know i need to get real. Actions speak louder! Thanks
—Guest Marmc


I get angry, and can't put my finger on why. Yes, sometimes something angers me, and I know what it is; but this anger that pops up constantly, is baffling! The serenity prayer, and talking to people, and my sponsor, and knowing I am not the only crazy one here, are things that help. Still.... I can't understand the anger, and so can only pray God, please remove it. the serenity prayer is my absolute favorite! Peace.


I have found family and friends to be one of the largest triggers. Esp if the person is returning from rehab.
—Guest Lanieboo

Go to meetings

To avoid "triggers , or relapse go to AA or NA 12 step meetings. Each day. Every 24 hours. The program is run on God's GRACE. Not words from family or friends, we have to "turn it over to the CARE of God, His Grace" Step 3. We ARE allergic to alcohol. We have a gene in our DNA that won't digest it. So , triggers? I ignore them and go to the next thought, or action CONSTANTLY asking for the "Higher Power's WILL" and avoiding the first drink and first usage , at all moments of the 24 hour day. The reality of relapse will bring all recovering people to their knees and a firm return to meetings , REGULAR Meetings. To Help others and well as be reminded where we came from , and where we can go. I also like NA "we ask for more of the good things that the NA fellowship holds for us" and I like AA "apart from divine help, we are hopeless". I learned that "the phenomenon of craving" from the first usage or first drink, is too much. GO TO Meetings.
—Guest SoberGuy


Money in my pocket, it is like I start thinking of where and what I am going to drink. And then comes the thoughts of using my other drug of choice, cocaine and I m out seeking it as well. I realise that there are other factors to concider for my useage but the facts are this is my biggest trigger.
—Guest DWG

The media

I am 2 weeks and 2 day sober (this is my 3rd weekend, YAY!). What kills me is how the media portrays alcohol. It's on almost every show. It is glorified and made to seem "the norm". No, you don't have to drink a glass (or in my case, bottle) of wine to be classy. I'm not sure what my triggers really are yet. I am thinking maybe vacation time, my son's upcoming wedding, particularly stressful workdays...I can only prepare myself mentally for these challenges and cross that bridge when I get there. This is a journey so far, and I must admit, I'm digging it!


Anger will trigger me big time. I have three responses to anger run away, shut down or explode. I have been sober for one year. I used to drink away my anger..Now, I call my sponsor and/or go to a meeting.. I also journal. That helps a lot!

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