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Readers Respond: How Important Is Step 11 in Your Recovery?

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Updated September 22, 2012

From the article: A Study of Step 11
Step 11 of the suggested Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous: "Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out."

Please share your personal experience with step 11.

step 11

For all blessings yesterday, today and those yet to come I give thanks daily, for all is truly a blessing if even in disguise, for a person of faith. In Step 11 if says, 'sought', yes one must seek to find. It is progress not perfection. I was taught my first day of sobriety in Santa Ana Ca. never to pray for myself. I can honestly say I have resisted the temptaion, and never have. I have prayed ernestly for all others including my enemys and I can honestly say I have been rewarded 10 fold. I have all that I need, I am so blessed. When there is any sort of disturbance, in my head, I immediately get into my attitude of gratitude and give thanks starting from A - Z. By the time I am at Z, the disturbance is gone! For all things give thanks. Peace, JN
—Guest julia n.

Quiet and Still for Universal Appeal

Some of the key ways that I practice Step 11 involves my morning meditation. This is a quiet time with my Higher Power whereby I'll close my eyes and just "be still" seeking His/Her presence as the earth continues revolving around the sun while spinning on it's axis! Then I'll read the day's passages from the books "24 hours a Day" and "Daily Reflections". I read a couple other daily meditative writings too, and I find these helpful in preparing and focusing my thoughts for the day. Throughout the day, whenever I might feel restless, irritable, and discontent, I'll take a deep breath and tell myself--- "I choose peace rather than this". I'll also say the "Serenity Prayer". Before retiring at night, I say a prayer of thanks, and ask for my Higher Power's guidance and that His/Her will be done. For even if I didn't get as much accomplished as I had intended, I am very grateful and relish in the fact that it was indeed a successful day simply because I did not pick up a drink! ODAAT!!
—Guest 1hourataT9

Impotance of 11th step

The 11th step is one of the many things of AA that will keep your mind God centered. Thus as a believer, thinking of God and his will for you, which helps me be more conscious of my decisions, also known as doing the right thing.
—Guest kyle

Favorite step

Practicing this step on a daily basis is as important to me as breathing and eating. Both are nourishment and necessary; one for the body, the other for the soul.
—Guest susan

Falls into place

Upon awakening I say good morning to my God. In my prayers I ask what his will is for me and that he give me the power to carry that out and how can I be of service that day.I can usually tell when I am in God's will because everything I do falls into place like a puzzle just the way God wants it to be. I love step 11 and I am grateful that the step is there.

My High, Higher, Highest Power

God blessed me by removing all earthly companions (friends and family), there was then noone to turn to but God Alone.
—Guest joannwwjd@aol.com

Step 11

Having done the steps through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, step 11 is a step that has to be practiced every day
—Guest pat

Desire and Will

Desire and will at the starting line, who will win, well, will must be awakened, because desire is ready to go, and when will is awoke he will put on his shoes and start the journey but it is a trudge, and when it is accomplished it masters the desire, and then it is practiced. well quiet time is the best for meditation to quiet the desire and confusion, then we are able to reflect and search out one God, and find the peace and serenity,
—Guest Dave

Step eleven response

As far as I am concerned ALL of the steps done in proper sequence and order are ALL equally as important as the other's Yep, I pray constantly throughout my awake time on this (for ME ) clean and sober world.

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