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Readers Respond: Why Did You Decide to Quit Drinking?

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Updated September 22, 2012

Its time...

Its time to realize once again what it was like when i was a kid.. never having had alcohol I was always having fun, playing outside with my brothers, didn't need it then. Now I have 3 children and they dont need it when they are playing and having fun, I just want to jump right in their and join them... here's to the next 25 years... I quit 2/3/2014 11:42am Wahoo!
—Guest milze dog

Had enough

Woke up early am with a hangover! Imagine that! Left that morning to go see my son in rehab, how funny? I felt awful, looked in the mirror and looked awful. Decided that I have had enough. Last drink was last Saturday and today is Friday, 6 days. I feel more alert, my skin is not so red, no hangover and no headaches. I want my life back and my body. I am only 52 and have been drinking pretty regularly for about 6 years. Trying to take one day at a time and believe me about 4 pm everyday I get the urge and thoughts that it almost quitting time (5 pm) and time for a drink. This is the worst time. My husband has been out of town and when he is here it exacerbates my desire for the stuff. He is a drinker too, but he is not what got me started. I am just working on me for now!
—Guest Debbie

Angry and too much indulgence

I'm 26 and I've had a mild drinking problem since I was 22, for a year or two, I wouldn't go more than 2 nights at a time without getting drunk, I feel like recently drinking has cut into my school work and I need to get back into focus mode instead of wasting my money on something I always regret, because when I drink I can get angry for no reason, especially if I drink liquor. So far I'm 7 days in, and I'm hoping to go longer and longer. time for me to focus my life on my education and not drinking.
—Guest Bryan

Finally sober

Finally quit after 20 year's of heavy drinking. 15 beers every night for 20 years! Tried to dry up so many times. 6 months in. Withdrawal was and is bad. Never touching it again. I finally feel free.
—Guest Rob

Health is my wealth

And I'm poor as far as that goes. Alcohol will be my demise and thus I make the decision to eliminate it. Time to get serious with myself, and to everyone out there I urge you all to take good care of yourselves.
—Guest Gabriel

Quit for my wife and Family

I've never really considered myself an alcoholic, just never had a "limit" when it came to drinking. Sometimes I would be fine, other times I would just get blackout drunk and make a complete fool out of myself. My father abused alcohol and drugs when he was alive, but I have so much to lose in my life that drinking is just not worth it to me anymore. My wife has threatened to leave me because of my drinking. I have not touched a drop in about a month now and it feels great. She drinks once in awhile but feels bad about drinking in front of me. It's funny how only after a month I could care less if she does, I have no desire to drink at all. I've noticed that my social life isn't the same anymore, but I'd rather be sober and have my wife and family. You can all quit, use your loved ones as support.
—Guest Craig

it was God's time

I have been through the regular experiences with alcohol. I tried AA ONLY as a visitor. Then a few near death experiences brought it all into the light . Never could I believed that a man could be so weak as to not walk away from it when that time came. But I could not. THE LORD JUST SHOWED ME THE WAY ONE DAY well it worked for a while then the dreadful dreams came to re-enforce the point , then the direct reminders from fellow alcy's on the street. Boy i know not what tomorrow will bring , but i hope to be there sober and in a clearer frame of mind.
—Guest Ronald

I can be happy now

I new I didn't even want to be drinking. I am surprised I had not stopped sooner. 30 years old have been drinking since I can remember. I am sick of it all, the hangovers, the lost $, the weight and skin problems, and if I had to deal with the guilt of not being able to get my child to his extra curricular activities again I was going to end up in an even more undesirable place. Now my life feels the way it should; because I let go and let God.
—Guest ~ •••

Why I quit

As a reminder, Here are my reasons I quit drinking alcohol at age 40: 1. I will lose weight 2. I will be more likely to work out, do a home project, spend time with my wife and kids, read a good book etc. 3. I will guarantee I never get a DUI, wake up with a hangover, make a drunken fool of myself, forget what happened the night before, throw up the next day, etc 4. I want to set a good example for my wife and kids. 5. I want to leave behind a legacy that has nothing to do with alcohol. 6. Drinking Alcohol is a waste of time and money 7. I will be able to focus on more important things 8. My head will be more clear throughout the day and my mind more sharp, my career will benefit 9. Many great men have made this decision and benefitted accordingly 10. My relationship with Jenna will improve 11. It’s a provision for the flesh and only serves the carnality of my human nature 12. It leads to other bad behavior, such as gluttony
—Guest guyinca

Best decision of my life

My Dad died at 34 of a massive heart attach due to binge drinking and drug abuse. I started drinking when I was 12 and have been able to control the illusion or so I thought for 27 years. The last time I drank was during a camping trip with my friends and family. My buddy drove and by the time we arrived to the campsite I had drank a dozen or so beer and was completely in black out stage. My wife got angry for my state and I accused her of being a horrible wife and threatened to leave our Marriage. I have a wonderful wife and daughter and made the decision to quit drinking because I saw a glimpse of what I had seen as a child when my own father came home plastered. I have had bouts of depression for over the last decade and have not felt the least depressed once since I made the decision to quit. I hope this helps somebody. I feel fortunate to have made this decision before losing everything!
—Guest Geoff


Am 34 and have lost everything cause of this evil thing that alters my brain that's me and my fiance done just got a house in April moved in August she's moved out and ended everything cause I'm a total jerk on alcohol she was scared I was going to kill her a lot of the times I would start being aggressive and she'd have to go stay at her friends, but that's her away I can't blame her deep down she is right to do so. My life has now changed for ever I will be happy again and I will love again but they say everything happens for a reason and the reason on this one is I've finally realized alcohol destroys everything am going to say good bye to this horrible thing and try life a happy none anxiety life.
—Guest Sr

Why I'm done

Im tired of it! MY tolerance is so high now I can see myself loose everything if I dont quit. I cant stand how guilty I feel after drinking.
—Guest Ericka

I want to live

I started drinking when I was 28. I started drinking for wrong reasons when I was 30. I went through a serious bout with depression so I self medicated. My drinking progressively got worse over the next several years. Last december when I was 36 I drank myself into a coma. I wanted to die. My 100 proof vodka bottle had consumed me. It's all I cared about. I started drinking again about a month and half later. Life was not good for me. I was miserable. So I turned myself in to a women's halfway house. I lived there for 4 months. I got the help I needed. The women there were great. Some were alcoholic s and some were drug addicts. But we all had something in common. We were powerless over our addiction. I made a lot of friends there. We had a womens AA meeting there once a week. It is open to the community. It is a great meeting! So many women come and share their experiences. I am so grateful for my recovery. I know where I belong now. I will never forget where I was a year ago.
—Guest Tiffani

All the reasons

It was effecting part of my life. Everything I did in life it messed it up. Lost everything I had. No reason to list them. It's the same with everybody. Big fat zero, nothing left. So disappointed in myself for wasting all that time drinking. What a mistake. I was a damn fool. I'm so fortunate to have been able to stop. Life is good. 7 years now.
—Guest John

My Story

God by his might hand lead me out of my own selfish ways. Alcohol was all about me. I claimed to be a Christian but booze was running my life. I was like horse being lead around the track with blinders on all I could see was my ego, I drank out of pain, fear, joy raw emotion and then CHRIST showed me my vanity. 31 yrs of boozing real hard, I quit hundreds of time and then it him alcohol was my god and that just couldn't work anymore, driving drunk, not taking care of my family I was on a death course and God returned my sanity..
—Guest peteyg

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