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Readers Respond: Why Did You Decide to Quit Drinking?

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Updated October 09, 2014

24 years

Out of control! 24 years ago I went to treatment. Been sober ever since. It's been just great!
—Guest lora

Falling behind

When you drink, at some point you start to realize that you're falling behind the pack. You begin to realize that you're just another schmuck that didn't see it coming. You start to be able to spot an alcoholic in a crowd because you know the look from in the mirror. The older guy at the supermarket checkout looks a little sad at you when he rings you up for your beer and wine on Monday night. There comes a time that you realize you're not a unique and special case when it comes to drinking. You acknowledge the stuff you've known all along but thought didn't apply to you. You see how bad it's going to get. It all makes you sick enough to break free.
—Guest Marcus

To much drama

I had been having marriage problems as my husband had been cheating - I drank to make myself feel better but when I drank I got upset and there were numerous arguments and embarrassing scenes. It was humiliating and upsetting for my kids. I stopped 3 months ago and life is much happier.
—Guest Jane

Its over now

I am 35 now and have been drinking since high school, I have been trying to stop for over two years, I usually binged during the weekends. My drinking had been causing some discord in my marriage as well as wasted days (I could sleep most part of Sunday), The drinking had also led to several sexual episodes with strange women details for which I could not remember later. The last straw was when my wedding ring was stolen by a woman I had entertained and had to lie to my wife that it got lost which made me feel very guilty. I cannot even start about the money spent. I am happy to do away with the lies, the infidelities, extravagance, lost time, denial, toxic friends, guilt et al.
—Guest Malik

My Test!

I have read most of the stories on here and it makes me what to quit drinkin myself. I've been drinking now for 5yrs almost everyday. Im 27yrs old. i have recently gotten into a Relationship and the Woman i'm with, she does not like the fact that i drink everyday when i get off of work. She has treatned to leave me if i dont slow down or stop for good. She doesn't mind if i drink every once in awhile but everyday she says< is to much for here and she says< that she don't want to live her life with an acholic. I understand completely. I love this girl. This is going to be my Test Either Quit or Lose her. Im Going to try my most hardest to quit not only for her but for myself too. Wish Me luck, it Starts today!
—Guest Frosty27


They called me because of the way I walked now, its the way I feel sometimes
—Guest Hughney


I quit because i don't care for the lifestyle i was leading, the double life, and the disgusting behavior i indulged in after a night of "letting off some steam". i was not a happy drunk. the more i drink, the more verbally abusive i get and the less the remember until the next day..then the remorse, apologies, etc. when i was drinking alone, i gave up reading, i didn't do the things i loved and it never made me relax, i cannot stand hangovers, i can't stand the disorientation i feel and the inability to get with the day. the next day is a lost day and i am tired of losing days.
—Guest guestsharon

Quit drinking or quit living

After my last drunk I knew I never wanted to feel that way about myself again. I'd thought I finally had it all figured out, that if I got some help for my depression I could maybe get back to feeling some hope in my life again. I read an article that said someone with severe head trauma like I had from a drunk driving car accident I'd had 27 years earlier could suffer from depression, I thought I finally had the answer to why my life kept getting worse and worse. That morning after I sent in my letter to the state contesting their refusal of my unemployment compensation I was feeling so good about having finally figured out why I lost that last job (depression caused by head injury years earlier) that I decided I deserved to celebrate. So I went over to my neighborhood bar and had some drinks. When I came to the next morning I felt worse than ever. I knew I couldn't drink again but I needed help to stay away from the next drink. AA has helped me stay sober for over 10 years now
—Guest Repeated Failure


Ii was broken, 2 duis, liver enzymes elevated, couldn't keep food down, 3 emergency room visits, several car accidents, job losses, financial disaster, jaundice, scared, alone and broken. suicide seemed tempting, not that I wanted to die, i just couldn't live that way anymore. i surrendered and went into treatment. my life started over at the age of 50
—Guest done

Why i quit

I screwed up my marriage found out my wife was cheating on me, lost friends, family ect.
—Guest sspippin

Comfort and Stupidity

I was in a relationship where the woman was able to make me feel better about my alcoholic behavior, she didn't make a big deal out it and made me feel like the best I could, considering I wasn't nearly as confident as I acted. When my relationship ended, I got a DUI and stopped drinking.

I quit drinking because

My dad was an alcoholic and when I was 12 he warned me how it runs in the family. I knew the day would come when I had to quit drinking. I had fun teen drinking, bar tending in my 20s. In my 30s bad hang overs began but nothing bad happened. I didn't get in any trouble with the law nor trouble with work or relationships because of my drinking. My tolerance and my drinking grew and I realized I was waiting for a signal to alert me it was time to stop. But it wasn't until I tried to drink in moderation that drinking became a problem. I was miserable when I counted my drinks. I became an excellent negotiator making promises to drink less or just one more. It was the failure of moderation which allowed me to see it was time to quit drinking. My last drink was 8/6/2009 and I will never have another drink. I am most happy I quit before something bad happened. My internal silent alarm had a greater impact to make me quit drinking. Advice: Don't wait for a rock bottom or tragedy.
—Guest Kimberly

Boozing = Losing

Did I quit alcohol today, or did it quit me? I don't want to take too much credit for stopping. But when one's over-drinking aggravates a sinus condition, causes headaches, digestive upsets, and painful attacks of gout, one begins to ask "what are you doing to yourself, and why?" I like to drink - scotch, rye, gin, vodka, wine, beer. I associate drinking with the "good life." Now because of drinking I often don't feel well enough to enjoy the things I love" golf, fishing, hunting, bird dog training. Just don't "feel up to it today." I'm a widower. Drinking definitely impaired my functioning as a father and husband. Things could have been worse but in my heart I know they could have been much better had I not been a daily drinker. My new life begins today. Thanks for this forum, it's a real help since I have trouble fitting into the AA groups in my town. I love the AA literature, however, especially the affirmations. - Guest Munch
—Guest Munch

My Family

I have been a heavy drinker for 15 years. I moved to a country far from home, and began drinking to help myself sleep. I never stopped, and the volume of alcohol I was drinking increased. I found that usually things were ok. I'd wake up tired, or hungover, but I'd know the beer would make me 'happy' in the evening. I've embarrassed myself, and I've argued unfairly with my wife. Recently, I came to realize that my behavior is jeopardizing the happiness and security of my family. I know they have fear because I have been sick, and fearful of change. I quit for three months in early 2011. My wife and children were very happy. I guess I am weak, because I went back to drinking. I never before thought that I would need to quit forever in order to have peace. Only my wife and kids know about my troubles. I am so afraid of the future, but I tell myself that if others have managed to stop drinking, then perhaps I can too.
—Guest Blackbird


I have been drinking almost every night out of boredom. I have decided to quit. I feel like I get off work, and I am so bored with nothing to do that I just start drinking. I don't really like my current situation or where I live, and I have wanted to change it for awhile, but every night I drink to cope with the situation, and have not really made any changes. I think that if I put as much passion into making healthy changes as I put into drinking and smoking I would be a very successful person. I used to be a very good athlete in high school and college, and I have a very type A driven personality, but I also have noticed I have a very addictive personality. I live in a small town with not much to do for a single person after work, and I drink out of sheer boredom and loneliness. I have decided that I have to completely stop in order to change my life. There is no gray area for me theres only black and white. Im either sober, or I finished the whole bottle of wine and Im drunk.
—Guest Ashley
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