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Readers Respond: Why Did You Decide to Quit Drinking?

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Updated September 22, 2012

Iv not stopped yet

Every person has got a problem. Drink was not my first. Realistly it was me and how i was brought up. I dont blame anybody now and dont seek revenge, but why do i never feel im worthy of anything and always destroy what iv got.
—Guest iv not stopped yet

Making me lie.

I drink once a week, but it's an all day bender. My wife asked me to promise I wouldn't get wasted while she was pregnant. I broke that about 4 times in the last 8 months but always had a reason, friend I hadn't seen for years, Christmas etc. Last week I went out & just ignored her call to come home. I can't believe I did that, 5 weeks before my child will be born. I'm stunned. She has lost faith in me. I can't promise again as it's too late. I just hope she hangs around long enough to she me change. If this thing makes me lie to my wife and my unborn child it's got to go.
—Guest Jimmy

I needed to see change in myself!

Today is the day that I read all of 323 comments here and feel inspired to make the change for myself. I have been drinking since I was 16 and usually am a binge drinker. I have blackouts and dont remember things that happended. I fight with my mother and sister and say mean things. I wake up in my own pee in the bed. Enough is enough. I dont have control over my mind or body when I drink and cannot control my alcohol once I start with the first drink. I want to make a change for myself and how people see me. Today is day 1 and I am quitting to gain control back of myself and my life.
—Guest Anita

Staying on the wagon.

I have a similar story to many posts. I also did research which made me think, 'Would anyone in their right mind celebrate a 'special occasion' with heroin? Of course not! But what's the real difference if it's legal alcohol or medical grade dimorphine? A drug is a drug, & both have their medical uses. I did on-line questionnaires that showed that I wasn't technically alcoholic. But I was clearly drinking too much, too often. Now I drink fruit juice the same way I'd drink wine. Try drinking a litre of cranberry juice the same way I'd put away a bottle of wine, & I feel naturally high, & nourished, & clean, & refreshed. Please note the absence of 'alcohol-free' beer or wine. Both taste like the vile chemically processed substitutes they are. Fresh fruit juice may actually contain more natural alcohol than either, but it doesn't harm most people, which is perhaps why abstemious religions embrace fresh fruit juice, but tend to eschew the allegedly 'alcohol-free' substitutes.
—Guest The Wagoner Lad

Wake up time.

When I realised that barely a week in the past 8 years had not involved alcohol, when I realised that I was spending an average of £70GB per week (including weeks when I wouldn't touch a drop), when I realised that so-called 'friends' were finding it funny that I had been 'sleeping standing up' in the pub (i.e. blackout), that the landlord found it funny as well, that Xmas & New Year had been one long 'bender', & I woke on the couch yet again still fully clothed & not even hungover (that didn't hit until 12 hours later, & man, it hurt!), & my liver SCREAMED 'PLEASE STOP!', I listened. No remorse & no regrets (I was only harming myself): such things are unhelpful in the process of waking up: but it's time to leave those false friends & start being a friend to myself.
—Guest De Toxing.

The Cost, The Waste.

On average: 1/4 of my income, 1/4 of my time, & nothing to show for it but an all-day hangover & an empty wallet. It was time for change. I started this year with a new job, a better job, a new opportunity, as if the universe was giving me a massive wake-up call. This called for a new approach, one that demands a clear head, & that means one that doesn't include alcohol. If this means that I lose some alleged 'friends' (& this WILL happen here in the alcoholic U.K.), then so be it, because the gains shall far outweigh that so-called 'loss'. On average: A proper holiday/nice new things/that special something I wanted to buy but never had the spare cash/a nicer place to live. All that time freed-up to do good, creative things. Better & better health. A better future all-round. To your very best health!
—Guest Pete

Why do people decide to quit drinking?

I opine that people quit drinking basically for the same reason I quit! I felt enough pain! I tried relentlessly to get back to the very first drunk I had ever had; a joyful and jovial drunk! After 26 years of blackout drinking, there was nothing joyful or jovial about it and I ultimately just wanted the pain to stop! That's why I quit drinking!
—Guest Eric O.

Fed up

I decided to stop drinking not because I have a problem just because I am bored, bored of indigestion which I am sure is my body saying stop this please, Bored of paying way too much just to have a drink which I am starting to feel is over rated, when then next day I feel dreadful anyway, I used to drink about 4 pints on a Friday night and probably a bottle of wine too, that was my usual Friday and Saturday night, so all together in a week I would easily drink 8 pints and maybe two bottles of wine which is easily about £34 - £50 a week, which is £2,600 a year, which is ridiculous, I have decided I can do without it, the negative aspects far out way the positive, and I am thinking I could do better things with the money!
—Guest Rob

I had to stop or dye

I'm of drink 3 years still find it hard.i would drink till I fell or had fights,think of mad things drink more so I wouldn't be able to think. I use to wake up remember nothing (black outs) my wife use to never enjoy her bites out when I drank she would sip on her drink because she new that I'd be in trouble soon. I could go on forever over my drinking I still find it hard what do I do with my self 3 years on.. But it's the best thing I've ever done...cheers people
—Guest Phill

Letting the penny drop at last.

I'm drinking 100 units a week....you know you have a problem when you start counting units.It's no fun just habit but I drink 6 beers a night and have stopped going out so that I can drink.I know there's a better life but you have to plan and wait for it.They say after 30 days you will see things differently.But why are we so afraid ? Things WILL get better.So here goes. Happy Xmas.
—Guest John B

All the costs

The deal with alcohol is sooner or later you need more. the hook. 50% of all the alcohol sold is bought by 10% of the drinkers. i was drinking 45 pints a beer a week and barley doing my job. waking at 3am and just laying there till time to get up, the hangovers, no exercise, poor diet, skinny fat. the cost and the danger. finally at 55 goodbye. hit the gym, maybe a movie and its a nice time to visit starbucks.
—Guest don

I hear H...

I'd like to say you have no idea but sounds like all of you do. We are the functional etoh user. We promise to quit. Slow down or Stop. My wife has heard it all let me tell you. I've seen it all at the street level & seen it at the. top level of.
—Guest LJ

Nobody can diagnose you but yourself

My drinking habits do not fit the criteria you find on the internet for an alcoholic. But alcohol is a huge problem in my life. I change when I drink. I think about drinking all the time. I can never stick to one drink. I get anxious if I don't have enough left. I get anxious if I have it in the house but am not supposed to drink. I get anxious when I try to tell myself I'm normal and dont need it, because all I think is a glass or two of wine, just to go with dinner... I'd love eating in restaurants only because I can then have "guilt free" wine... I can seem to be very sober even if I've had 10 beers. I've been trying to explain this to people and hope that someone will tell me I'm an alcoholic but nobody does. After reading these posts here I realise, nobody is going to tell me that except me. I know I have a problem and it's up to me to seek for help. I have stopped before, for 8 months and it was the best time of my life. I am so ready to stop and this time it will be for good.
—Guest H

lookin at myself

Its time for a change. Im not getting any younger. Im 38 and I wanna be around for 38yrs more. Its took time away from my family because the morning head banging & premature drinking before my childrens events.
—Guest all in

lookin at myself

Its time for a change. Im not getting any younger. Im 38 and I wanna be around for 38yrs more. Its took time away from my family because the morning head banging & premature drinking before my childrens events.
—Guest all in

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