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Readers Respond: Why Did You Decide to Quit Drinking?

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Updated October 09, 2014

I should have

My doctor told me it wouldn't effect the baby until after 8 weeks... that's bull! I recently found out my 4 year old may have partial fetal alcohol syndrome all because I didn't know that I was pregnant. I quit at a month in a half as soon as I found out, but who ever said it doesn't effect the fetus, find a new doctor.
—Guest Elisha

A hazard to the public

I had no intention of quitting. My colleagues in the medical profession decided for some strange reason that I was a hazard to the public and sent me to a treatment center. I was relieved that this was finally happening.
—Guest norman chychota

Universe told me to

After my loved one begged me to quit, I tried to ignore it and kept drinking but I was sick and everything around me was telling me to quit. Even TV shows, I could identify more with the hopeless alcoholic than the cop or doctor or counselor. I began to really look with open eyes. I saw that the successful people (the ones not sick or in jail or laying in the street) were the ones who were sober. Some of em even said that they used to drink and found it a hollow life. As these thoughts bombarded me, I gradually slowed down, literally, instead of gulping down a drink in a few seconds, I sipped on it for a half hour. I did this every night for about 60 days. I got to the point I would only buy one 40 oz beer. The last night as I was drinking it, I realized I could stop. Halfway through the bottle, I wrote on it March 15, 2010. I told myself if I was gonna drink I would first have to drink this nasty, hot, stale bottle of flat beer. Now I'm 141 days sober. Whatever you tell yourself, just do it!
—Guest fish

Why I Quit Drinking

Started at 16 I am now 54. Tried To quit several times on my own because of a pregnancy or threats from family members always resentful. Gastric bypass in 2004, very little stomach so I think the alcohol just went straight to the kidneys and liver. So sick all the time and yet couldn't wait to get home and drink all over again. This time I am doing it for myself, no excuses, no anger, no rationalization - just me and my higher power. I have 1-1/2 months to date. I wish all of you the strength to carry through. I sincerely believe it is worth it.
—Guest Winifredsmom

Alcohol was killing me

Being addicted to alcohol negatively affected my relationship with my husband and daughter. I could not be emotionally present for them, and didn't like the way people in general were pulling away from me. I was becoming very isolated, and my job performance was significantly poorer. Finally, I retired early because I needed time off to regroup and redo my life. I've been sober for 2 years now and my life is definitely better. My spouse and daughter respect me more and we're getting closer. I'm looking into started a new career which is less stressful and more positive. I don't miss the negative results of drinking. I'm so glad to be free from it.
—Guest Janice

Tired of letting myself down

I'm tired of saying I'm quitting drinking and I always find myself making excuses for going back to it. I've always been a upbeat person and fun being around, but since I've been going on binges my life just keeps going down and down. My family tells me that my personality is changed and that I need to quit this is the time to. I don't want to grow old alone.
—Guest fg122

It Just Has to Stop

I decided to quit drinking simply because I want control of my life again. I hate the feeling of the alcohol controlling me. It just ruins everything, all my experiences are blocked by alcohol and all my stories begin with "This one time when I was loaded (drunk, hammered, etc.) I..." It's sick, I want to make memories with my kids that are actually worth remembering.
—Guest Wanda

My Lady

My wife told me she didn't want another alcoholic in her life, and I cant be without her in mine.
—Guest Berk

Unmanageable life

I was married to a raging alcoholic at 18. My life became a zoo for over 40 years. I finally reached my "bottom." I had no money for rehab. Went to an Alcohol Anonymous meeting and that's where my life began again. It is a wonderful simple program. Everyday is a fight and it is well worth it to be clean and sober and live life to the fullest. My drinking really progressed after a divorce at the age of 40. I was 61 when I finally got the program of AA. Do yourself a favor and get help now!
—Guest Donna

Response to quit using Xanax

I was prescribed Xanax for bad anxiety and panic attacks. I decided it was time to quit - I had to wean down for about 3 months. I would take half the amount I was prescribed for about 3 weeks, the I cut it to a quarter for another 3 weeks. Next I would only take a quarter if I had an anxiety/panic attack. During the times I cut back, sometimes not often I would have to take another. Like if the quarter didn't help sometimes I would take another quarter. It takes time to wean off this drug, because my mind would just race I guess because I had been taking it for so long. I've been off the drug for 10 months now and feel great. I also gave my life to Christ. He's supernatural, but alive and you will know what I mean - Just ask him for forgiveness to come into your heart and save you. Earth is so beautiful we can't even imagine what Heaven will be like. I believe there will be pure beauty and we will never run out of things to do and learn Good Luck - It can be done
—Guest Debbie Brock

Alcoholism progressed without me knowing

I hardly did drink until I married an alcoholic at the age of 19. Still then I didn't drink often. When I did I would drink a lot. My father was an alcoholic and I said I'd never be like him. I did love him though and don't blame him. I had been around alcohol all my life. It progressed into a disease without me every knowing and about 5 years ago I got very depressed/stressed and overdosed on alcohol and prescription Xanax I had. This is when I gave things up to God. I have to honestly say I do not have a craving since giving it up to God. I don't go to AA, but I do go to Church and feed my Spirit with God's word. I hear AA works too, so I don't knock it. I no longer drink of take the prescription Xanax. It only hid the problems I didn't want to face. Now I face reality and it's great. It was hard facing reality at first, but each day gets easier and I do believe in the AA concept of one day at a time. I humble myself each day and that the good LORD for my many blessing
—Guest Debbie Brock

Got scared

I got scared. I have been drinking from i was 17, am going on for 53 now. I really do find it hard. but I have to do this for my daughter and grand kids and my dog. theirs too much running through my head. I have stop. It's scary. I am trying to fight this has much has i can.
—Guest Mary

I stopped today.

On one hand, I am super responsible. On the other hand, I am totally irresponsible. The only difference between is alcohol. It's over.
—Guest sailman

Path of destruction!

I was on the verge of losing my family. Drinking everyday and not just a few drinks. Once I got started, I could'nt stop. Now I am really ready to surrender myself to God. After the 100th time of trying, I finally really understand that I can't control my drinking. It use to be my best friend. Now it's my worst enemy. Im in the fight for my life. Day three.
—Guest JJ

Scared of death

I've always enjoyed a drink since my teens (I'm 44 now). In my 20's, I didn't think anything about drinking every evening and partying at weekends. Since the death of my father 12 years ago (not alcohol related) I started drinking heavily every evening - at least a bottle of wine and would pass out. I always managed to make it into work the following days but always felt ill and craved a drink. I was a big binge drinker at the weekends also. My weekends were wasted as I'd either be drunk or felt so ill with a hangover that I'd just continue with drink. I've woken up more than once covered in blood with bad head injuries and not remembered how I did it. I was constantly being sick, but still managing to hold down a job. My relationships have always been with heavy drinkers. I've not had an alcohol free day since 1998. I decided I wouldn't be long in this world if I continued. I became unwell a while back with liver disease and I've now been dry for 15 days.
—Guest Allie
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