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Readers Respond: Why Did You Decide to Quit Drinking?

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Updated October 09, 2014

People decide to finally quit drinking for a wide variety of reasons, usually because of some negative consequences. What brought you to the point that you decided to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs? Note: This Reader Response topic has been closed, please use this form to share your experience, or join the discussion in the Alcoholism Forum.

Because Im smart and its dumb

Im 22 years old. My father is a struggling alcoholic and I have the same genetic trait as him. Have had issues with alcohol since I was 16 years old. Blackouts, embarrassing myself/family/friends, making bad decisions. I've tried a lot of times to quit but April 2014 was when I decided enough is enough. I'm a so much smarter and so much better than what alcohol does to me. If I would have never stopped, alcohol would have literally killed me. I've been sober for 4 months now and that's not long but its a start and I feel so proud of myself and so thankful for the strength I get through prayer and Jesus Christ. Thank you all for sharing your stories as well. This is a real battle, keep fighting!
—Guest With Stregth

Out of control

I am 68 years old. My nightly wine drinking is getting worse. Last night I was called out by my son for being drunk. I have told friends and family that I have a problem, but no one takes me seriously. I feel lousy in the morning. I must cut down or stop.
—Guest Judy

I'm one of you

I am 40 yrs old. I come from a very dysfunctional family: my father was (and still is) a passive-aggressive, obsessive-compulsive dry drunk; my mother's a perfect co-dependent. My uncle died of alcohol-induced cancer very early in life. I've been drinking heavily for the last 20 years. I tried to quit several times during these last three years, but never managed to abstain for more than one month — the "pink cloud" has been stronger than me. I have a wonderful wife and a cute, healthy 20-months old son. I love my job (I'm a professor), my social live (I'm deeply engaged in environmentalism and local politics), my hobbies (I'm a fencer and a mountaineer). In spite of all the gifts God has given me, alcohol was my solace. I always felt inadequate, incompetent. Six weeks ago, everything changed: after being a life-long atheist, I became a believer. I no longer need to drink to evade unhappy childhood memories, or to find a meaning for Life. I'm ready for sober living, every day.
—Guest Francis Vainstraw

Maturity, Clarity, Change, and Pain

A few months ago, at the age of 39, I started feeling much more mature. I started thinking differently, getting rid of old stuff, and wanting to make positive changes, etc…However, the positive changes opened the gates to some “demons” I had to face, and one of those was my alcohol use and the lifestyle I created around it. I realized I was a functional alcoholic and also drank to self-medicate my obsessive-compulsive disorder. For the most part, I isolated myself from others and now want to be the person I never let myself be. So, now that I see things much more clearly I have no choice but to stop drinking, it would be too painful to continue. I now have to learn from the past, leave it behind me, and intentionally create a positive future.
—Guest Eric

Enough already

So sick of these hangovers, blackouts, 2 DWIs. When is enough enough? I need to stop talking false promises to myself and do something about this!
—Guest chrissy

God decided!

On June 6,1994 at 1:04 pm, I woke up to the Battle Hymn of the Republic, the Glory Halleluijah and the Kyrie... on June 11, 1994 at 6:07 pm, it said "let me out, I have heard enough". DTs, audio and visual hallucinations and lots of interesting situations, phone numbers and spiritual experiences got my attention. Divine intervention brought me to AA. Service work in the fellowship has kept me here.
—Guest Mary Ann

Now or never

I have been drinking 2-3 glasses of wine (or more) a night for the past 15 years. Nothing bad has cone of it, but I am depending on those drinks in my own quiet way and going further down that path can only screw up my life. I'm 52 and I can't see myself keeping this up for another 15 years. I don't think moderation will work for me because daily consumption has become such an ingrained habit. I feel cold turkey is the solution and now is the time while I'm still young and healthy enough to benefit from a major change.
—Guest Anonymous lady

drunk again

I am so tired of drinking. My life is slipping away. Nightly blackouts. Loosing my wife. Its hard to quit.
—Guest jim

Liquor is pure evil

After 10 years of partying drinking like a thirsty camel and smoking like a chimney I finally decided it was time I lay off smokes and booze or face the reality of dying of liver cancer very soon. It was a reality slap in the face for me when I talked to my Dr and he told me my liver was in critical condition and that if I wanted to stay alive I’ll have to quit drinking immediately and put me on some med’s to salvage whatever healthy parts left. It’s been 9 months now and I have never felt better. . I feel really fit.
—Guest Andie Ali


I have been drinking everyday for the last 4 5 years and in the more recent months I was drinking 4-5 large glasses of wine or g&ts a night. I have started feeling tired all the time. Feeling nauseous and loss of appetite I had a scare a few years ago well I collapsed. Through drinking a lot one New Year's Eve and collapsed and ended up in hospital luckily the diagnosed me with focal nodular hyperplasia. Doctor told me I could still drink but in moderation it's since then got worse. I have now decided to stop after a long weekend of drinking and feeling very I'll again feeling sick loss f appetite and feeling very very tired all the time and having panic attacks. I have now stopped all I drink is water and a odd cup of tea stopped smoking as we'll and hoping in will feel better soon as it's affecting my work because I feel so ill. Does anyone know things that can help and how long will it take for me too feel better. Thanks Alicia
—Guest Alicia


One's too many and a hundred isn't enough... And when I drink, I just get crazy. Often I become the fun party-guy, but I also can--and do-- turn into a total butthole. I like to push people's buttons, tell inappropriate jokes, get loud... I've only been in trouble once because of drinking, and that was a DUI, but I've been way lucky a million times. I drive drunk regularly, I should've had my ass kicked about a billion times, I bicycle around completely wasted. I'm 41, in excellent shape, great job, have lot's of good friends. But I've pushed my luck too far far too many times. All my friends drink, some more then me. I'm sure I'll lose a few buddies when I give this up, but..no choice. We're in our forties now and when party like we're still 25. I think I can have a glass of wine with dinner , or a beer here and there with friends. But I have to stop "drinking"; going out to get "party". Its gonna be tough, but I can do it...I have to.
—Guest Tired of It

Living without alcohol

Because of my health and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual welfare. I have kept a normal stable level of these conditions, so AAs give wonderful results if someone in reality needs to quit alcoholics drinking.
—Guest victor manuel ramirez

I Want to be Healthy Happy

For years I've questioned whether i was an alcoholic, and when i asked my DR , she said i wasnt. My boyfriend says I'm not and he doesn't drink. But I feel like crap the next day because I can't seem to drink less than 3 glasses every time i go out. And sometimes, I go out more than once a week (usually when I'm stressed or having anxiety) and I always feel like crap for 3 days after. And then I eat crap and smoke cigarettes and flirt too much. And during the days following, I don't exercise, I eat more crap, and I mentally torture myself. "Recreation, entertainment or social time" for years it was darts, then dancing, now karaoke but the evening always ends with me drinking too much and worrying about driving, tempting myself, eating unhealthy snacks, sore lungs from smoking, and a foggy brain for 3 days afterwards. And lets not forget the lack of ambition and self-esteem that follows. I still want to go out -but I won't cause I feel better when I don't.
—Guest Darla

I've started to slur really quickly.

I have started to slur my speech after only one or 2 drinks and drink nearly every day. My family are worried about me. I'm trying to give up for one month and today is my second day.

Today not tomorrow

I am done and I hope too never be reliant on alcohol ever again. My will power is at it's highest after going to my lowest for a while. I hope that I can manage my down time better and be a more positive person. I am tired of letting my family down ...I love them and the best way to show it is to make the change today not tomorrow!
—Guest SA 1968
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