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Readers Respond: Why Did You Decide to Quit Drinking?

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Updated September 22, 2012

People decide to finally quit drinking for a wide variety of reasons, usually because of some negative consequences. What brought you to the point that you decided to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs? Post Your Answer


Im a complete functional alcoholic I work have agreat house great job a race car but if I have on it always leads to another
—Guest Cory


Everyone its only a problem if its affecting your ability to accomplish what you want to accomplish in life. If you have goals and aren't accomplishing them to the degree or if you aren't accomplishing them the way you want to accomplish them... If you agree with my questions u may agree ya have a problem. Ive been drinking for 13 years solid and am 25... I smoke a ton of pot and that doesnt help either. Everyone whos in a similar place to me I'd read "The Power of Habit."... I think I'm blessed that I've made the decisions I've made in my life. Wouldnt have it any other way. I'm young, I exercise, I've had concussions boozing, had blackout hundreds of times... I want to change.. I dont want to do things I regret. BUT... I am still positive that I can live a better life that mostly everyone who has walked on this earth. I'm going to try to stop drinking slowly (as in drink 4 beers over course of night max no hard booze instead of beers shots etc. uncontrollably. I'm still boozin though!
—Guest TDFER

First day

Going to a meeting ... would like to hear the great benefits in the first week or two if someone has any. Just the same as many, guilt, drink, guilt, drink. Need my energy and self esteem back. Not to mention losing weight


3 yrs ago I used to drink everyday there about. And it totally took its toll on me, I just stop drinking never made it a big deal in my head I would drink now and then. But I have to make a statement to myself and stop altogether, I confess that every bad part of me comes out of me 10 fold. I like the guy I am without alcohol I'm on this tho because I keep making the mistake of drinking because I want to fit in I guess, I'm done with it. What tends to happen with me is when I drink I'm control by my paranoid thoughts I'll be the first to say the person I am when I'm drunk is not a nice person, and me like everybody else want rid of him 100%, so on that stance this is day one, i do feel very isolated because not being able to socialize are thats how it feel, it is really strange how different I am when I'm drunk people often say things like it just isn't you, and that's what it feel like I never remember anything so i turn nasty not violent mostly but I try to start fights and act really boarderline
—Guest Fallout

Wasting time

Tired of alcohol wasting my quality time with my family. It's done enough damage to my life and today is a new beginning without it. It's 2:44am 03/10/14 and today I announce to wife family and God that I'm never touching that demon again!
—Guest Scott w

Am tryin to quit

Actually i feel so bad because i have been drinkin since i was 14, each time i drink i get angry at time, or if there is something bothering me i can break anything near me and am so tired of this alcohol i just want to quit for real
—Guest Brian solomon

Trying to quit ...

I am 25 years old and as one guy up the response list wrote , I too feel my mind is so quick and cannot really interact with most people for one reason or another ... Plus, I have been having issues with my mother for two main reasons that follow : grandmother got very sick for the last 6 years and at the same time back then me and my mother realized I am gay ... So I do not know whether staying so close to family in the last 6 years has made bad to me and whether I would not have fallen to this alcohol problem living alone as it has always been my wish . Either way , i realize it does not matter to try and reason about this sad trajectory when coming to live together with family -- i will not be able to reach the ultimate answer . I decided to quit drinking but importantly i am not renouncing pleasure . I do like smoking pot , for example, and that does not make me any bad at all . But for the moment , I will avoid it for as long as necessary to cease drinking. one day at a time !
—Guest Brazil

One day at a time

I wouldn't consider myself a heavy drinker. But in recent months I drink every other two days. My body is suffering I can see it and feel it too. I nearly cheated on my husband because I had one too many drinks that night. I have to deal with that guilt everyday now. Whether we acknowledge it or not, drinking impairs our judgement. The most important thing is to take one day at a time and the rest will fall in place.
—Guest Michelle

Sick of Letting Everyone Down

I didn't start drinking--REALLY drinking--until 2009, but when I did, I went all-out. It would start as soon as the kids got on the bus, and if they were lucky, they wouldn't find me passed out when they go home from school. I lost a few good friends, and almost, my marriage. Even after being "forced" into rehab, I didn't stop b/c I didn't realize the depths of my problem. I always thought I was "in control." I lost or quit four jobs, totaled my car (by running into my own house), spent a night in jail in another state after a DUI, passed out at my children's school...the list goes on. Four times I was rushed to the hospital after collapsing--every time, my BAC was .3 to .35--near death levels. I still didn't get it, until I fell and hit my head at work recently, requiring seven stitches. And I got fired. I finally, at last, admitted I needed help. I go to AA 5 days a week, psychotherapy once a week, and I started taking antabuse--ensuring that I will feel like death if I drink.
—Guest JB

Enough is enough

I decided to give up drinking on 2/18/14. I had gone out the day/night before, had too much to drink and drove home. I feel so guilty after I drink bc of the juvenile decisions I make while under the influence. The guilt is actually depression and it has come to a head. My brother passed away three months ago from suicide. He was 27. He struggled with depression, anxiety and alcoholism for years. Had a solid education, great career, good friends, hobbies and a few problems which he never let the world know. Eventually he took his own life. I felt his emotional pain when I found him. For him to have taken his own life because of trivial bullshit was enough for me to realize life is too short. Every day I think about what the fuck he was thinking when he made his decision. I know alcohol influenced him along with his medications. Seriously folks, it's time to shake the booze and prescriptions. People, corporations and government are getting rich off your demise!
—Guest Brian

That means a LOT of people are alcoholic

I can't but think that the numbers representing alcohol abuse aren't based on US puritanism. If you go to Europe, people there are drinking more than the maximum #s for moderate drinking. Does that make so many Europeans alcoholics? There are so many other considerations to keep in mind before you assign someone with a highly stigmatized label.
—Guest Cthebird

Tired of the illusion, I am done

Lost my mom to liver cancer, tired of the illusion to myself and my family, heightens my aggressive side, tired of hiding drinks, tired of the guilt, tired of wasting $, I want to be honest with myself and the people I love the most. It is 4:22am, today is a new day, and today is the first day of admitting myself, God, and world, I do not drink alcohol. Thank you
—Guest James

Not what it used to be

So im 22 and still drink but been trying to cut back. ive been drinkin kinda heavy since i was 16 and selling bud since 16 which i recently got out the game, still love tokin up though. so it all started when i was 21, i realized i drink to self medicate my anxiety. im actually well liked and attractive but i have a very aware and active mind, i find it hard to socialize with the majority cause honestly the avg american is just straight up dumb and fake to me, so i drinking would dumb me down and ease my thoughts enough to have fun and not get annoyed while talking to american women ( i truely think our society turns good girls into dum gold diggin bimbos ). but about ayear ago i stopped having fun drunks and started having mad at the world drunks, almost like i grew a cold heart and just was depressed all the time. my brain would feel numb, i didn't care about anything but my tight circle of friends (so thankful for them, a lot of people havent been through real stuff and dont realize
—Guest cdoggy420


I quit...I hope I have quit? I have to have because I only have one life and I don't want to waste it being a big bladder!!! Today it's been hard cause I am bored. I realize that I need to find new ideas to fill my time and new ways to enjoy myself. I feel uncomfortable around people socially now but I'm sure that will adjust. And the clarity I have now seems to be a bit harsh in that I'm seeing clearly the results of my drinking. I'm lonely and scared to go outside feeling so clear! But I've decided to face it in all it's discomfort. I know that it is worth it. My future is worth it. God has more grace than I ever imagined. I am ready to face the truth. Someone said to me today, the bigger debt you you owe the more you love and cherish the one who let's you off. So I'm looking forward to loving my daughter and God in a big way and hopefully one day I will be safe enough to love and be loved by a partner too. I have a lot of respect for all of you who are brave enough to live clean! X
—Guest Me

Why I decided to quit drinking

I decided when I notice everyone around me noticed that I had a problem. Little by little I was loosing the people I love. They no longer wanted to see me live this way. So they said they could no longer speak to me. I was broken hearted but continued until I almost had no one but one person left in my life. I also suffer from ulser and paid the price when i drank. I couldnt keep a job or a relationship. So I got my bible and prayed to god and asked him for help and now here i am. Sober and Happy and have two jobs and a healthy relationship. But Drinking does cross my mind but I remember those love ones I lost. And cant loose anymore. I deserve to be happy and be love and so do my adult children

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Why Did You Decide to Quit Drinking?

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