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Readers Respond: What Helped You Most When You Decided to Quit Drinking?

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Updated March 23, 2013

Time for Change (again)

With the help of AA, I quit drinking in 2003 after 30 years of drinking. I went to meetings for a full year, never did the steps, never got a sponsor, but did gain the confidence needed to stay sober through the stories told by the groups. I discovered I was not special- their stories were my stories. I went 7 years sober, then decided I had it under control. I clearly did not. I've been drinking hard for the last three years and it is time to STOP! These post are encouraging...


Twelve Yr Opiate addict, Clean For Four, went Back To Booze.. i Hate It So Much! So Hard To Quit! I'm Losing It!
—Guest Caleb

Drunk mom

I'm the terrible drunk mom & I HATE IT!!! so many times I've embarrassed my self - my children- my husband it's disgusting I know I have to stop and I will I want to b around to b a grandma every one who reads this wish me luck and KEEP STRONG we can do this.
—Guest mommy

Tips That Might Help You Too!

Be 100% honest with myself as well as others; stop talking - start listening; switch attitude to gratitude, write in a journal 5 minutes daily; Let go of your own agenda and do what the professionals suggest; Trust those who are guiding you. Believe in those who are guiding you, Believe in yourself, Love everyone - even yourself, Believe that there is another way to live a happy life and start living it! Find the humor in everything and LAUGH!! Have fun. Be silly. LAUGH...

How i quit

AA mostly because of people in aa. try it for awhile you will see
—Guest chad

No more excuses

I'll be 41 soon, and have been drinking since I was 21. I've always known deep down that I have issues with drinking, but have always been in denial. I always played the game of "I can quit when I'm ready to quit", or when it came down to absolutely having to quit. Now that time is here. I was just diagnosed with diabetes. Drinking is now out of the question, but yet I am still doing it. This has made me realize that I really am an alcoholic. If I don't quit, it will lead to my early death. Why isn't that a good enough reason for me to stop? I have three kids that need me and love me. I don't want to put them through losing their mother early in life. I had to watch my nieces lose there father due to cancer, something that my brother had no control over. I have control over my decisions with alcohol, so why can't I take the steps to stop drinking?
—Guest Debbie

Stress Drinking

I'm 28 years old, I've been drinking since college. I've been addicted for years, on and off. A life changing stressful event triggers me on a binge that I can not control. I just got my second DWI. I'm in consoling but still drink every night. I got caught faking a urine screen because I couldn't stay sober long enough. I'm a rational, people person, with an excellent job and close friends and family. Nobody knows, I hide it. I'm embarrassed and so terribly guilty. You're stories are encouraging.
—Guest Kate

Im done..Trying....I need to do!

Feeling so sick of messing up me and my family's life.....I have a beautiful family....I need to stop and stay stopped for myself and for them. My kids and wife deserve more....Im a good person just cant control this evil thing......Gonna Do It....and God will guide me......
—Guest StephenM

Not Alone

I relate to virtually all of your posts. What God (my version, very fractured, forgive me and I will give my life to forgive my wife and others) says to me is "help others". Leave it to God to say only two words, haha! I love Jesus but am ashamed to proclaim Him because of my alcoholism, such a terrible weakness that has persisted through many generations in my family. I firmly believe Bill W. has (I believe in eternity, present tense, call it what you will) it right... Alkys talking to each other, healing, strength, love. Don't despair, ask God for help, fix your neighbor's fence, where God can I be of service to You? All is not lost. God talks MOST to the lowly. I qualify in a BIG way. The Scripture says it's our simple faith - not our works - that justifies us. The 12 Steps (to me) says the same thing - 1 powerless, 2 power Greater, 3 decision to give my life to Him, 4 (let God lead you from here. Anything I say would not be right. God is your God!)
—Guest Amazed

Hello old friend

I drink beer like a horse running a race Everyday. I drink know less then 75oz a day. I worked know less then 83 hours a weeks. I sleep sometimes 5 hours a day. when I was off I had a big bottle of jack . I've drink since I was 16 teen am 46 now. My wife drink to she also abuse me when she drink. I would drink to keep up with her sometimes. I would keep my feeling to myself most of the time. After 5 years I left her. I still drink, I sleep in my truck for a month alcohol was my best friend, my co-worker had know answers. I drink more and more. As time went on begin to find myself. My inner self begin to come out again. I started looking at alcohol as a person I didn't wont to be around anymore. I had to fight it in three ways. Mentally, spiritually and physically. I'm not a great speller forgive me I hope get the point. When you look at alcohol as a person you can tell it what to do. although it's on the inside you still can tell it what to do, that's physically .
—Guest ernest

Weekend binger

After reading all your responses I realize I am making the right decision to quit! My husband told me today that he can no longer live like this. I drank all night last night and was to tired to take my son to school. I am usually a Saturday night drinker. I work and clean all week and tell myself there is nothing wrong if I want to stay up all night Saturday's drinking and playing the computer. I am miserable and so is my husband. If I don't stop I will lose him, and I know my children don't like it. Lord I just hope I have the strength to stick to it
—Guest Shannen

I am getting worse

I WANT to stop and know how it feels to feel better and be successful at work...but I am off work today and drinking all day..I could have one to work but did not...I felt good this morning and love what I do but i did not go...drunk now...got good evaluations for this year but I am struggling...it is bad...need a doctor who specializes in addiction but no rehab place...just a doctor...in charlotte nc
—Guest chi

Always find an excuse

17 years of weekend boozing. Finally now I begin drinking at 9am on weekends and don't stop until i pass out at night. Wife hates it so much she had an affair now we're both disgusted with each other but being stuck in a purgatory relationship is a great excuse to get hammered all day. Wife is both a reason to drink and an enabler. I can control this, right? It's not me, it's not the booze, it's the situation, right? Come on man. It's noon and I'm drunk, how's that working out for me?
—Guest LastdrinkIswear

ineed of help (cont)

and reality opened my eyes up and told me its time to straighten up. So i left everything behind i left with the cloths on my back. i dont answer my phone or talk to anyone about anything or how im feeling cuz im so embarrassed and tired of living my life as a drunk and a slut thinking that is what is gunna get me a relationship and make my life happy but in turn has made me miserable. I have hurt enough people and myself with my drinking. im tired of half remembering what went on or how i got where. ive lost enough friends, family and self respect. i dont want to be another statistic i want control of my life again. ive been drinking all my life and enough is enough. im tired of hiding inside of a bottle and with random guys. there is more to my story and about my abuse with alcohol ....... i need and want help please someone help me..
—Guest help me

In need of help

I suffer with depression, anxiety, and bipolar. I started drinking heavily in my late 20's and i got in some trouble to where i had to do time in a federal half way house and at that point i was forced to quit drinking, but i felt good afterwards and i was then released and got an apartment, car and a job and was living happier than i had in a very long time. I am now 43 and i started drinking again 5 years ago and it has not been nice. i started getting drunk and blacking out parts of the night and sleeping with random guys. it has gotten so bad that feb 1 i got off work and had a few drinks with a friend and he dropped me off at home where i continued to drink he came back and got me and we went to the bar and got even more drunk. i dont remember everything of that night except the fact i slept with him and he left me in a house by myself for hours. while sittin there drunk and thinking reality hit me and opened my eyes and told me its time to straighten up and leave the drinking
—Guest help me

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