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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 22, 2012

To inspector

Hi. You are so right. I am on day 16 and feel great. I started on this site 16 days ago and it has helped me so much, it helped me understand that I had a drinking problem and that I wasn't alone. It also helped me realize that if you give up you can't even have that one drink, even if u think you are strong enough. It made me understand the cold turkey and what I was feeling, without this site I don't think I could have made it. I feel like my life was in the bottle, it wasn't a life, just a waste of time money and memory. I never realized there were so many out there. Everyone who reads these posts know that there is no such thing as just one drink. Good luck to all and keep focused, reading these and know that we are capable of beating thus.
—Guest Angelina

Plantpot, Angelina, Megabeer

You guys are so COOL. Igotaclue is also cool. Particularly Plantpot, our patterns are very similar, I am with you and am glad to read you again. Angelina, your support like Clues is outstanding. Megabeer, I think we are the same :-) I have found humour again despite the relapse, and love and self forgiveness. Guys we are all the same, looking for the same thing, battling the same bunch of demons. Its hell but it can be overcome. Peace and love x
—Guest Louise


Trying to control these urges are the hardest thing, even harder than going cold turkey. I am on day 16 and I have had days that I have cravings for a drink. I go into my room get to this site and read the stories. It does get easier, but it isn't easy, I always have a bottle of sparkling water, or juice with me just in case I get the urge. My mouth gets really dry when I have a craving so having something straight away takes away the edge. Just take one craving fight it mad then the next, it will get easier. Life is so much better without the bottle than it is with it. Everyday I am proud that I made it another day and I can tell u all. I won't drink because then I would have to admit that I caved in. Keep trying but look at it as just one day at a time, and be strong, you know u can do it.
—Guest Angelina

To megabeer

Hi. I am so glad to hear that you have such a loving and supportive wife. You seem to think that you need the alcohol to survive being social. Can u remember what it was like socializing without alcohol? You said u like how it feels when u drink but hate the shackles it puts on you. Not only u but your wife as well. I know that I will never be able to drink again as I would not be able to stop at one, so it's no drinking at all for me. U sound like you are so capable of beating this. Just try one day at a time. I don't look more than that otherwise I know I would freak out. My husband called me an alcoholic, and it woke me up and I had to admit I did. He loves that I get on this site every nite and morning if I don't sleep, as every story makes me stronger. I wish you strength to do this. One day at a time.
—Guest Angelina

To Drew.

Hey Drew, you are so young and have your whole life ahead do you. I am 53 and have a 28 yr old son who is very proud of me. Our relationship has grown and I am on day16. It's not an easy road but it's so worth it. I got onto this site when I decided to go cold turkey and I do it every nite as I don't sleep much, that has been the hardest thing. Don't get me wrong i would still love to have a drink but I fight the craving until it's gone and then I am ok. I thought that drinking helped solve my problems but it didn't it just created more problems for me. I couldn't see that at the time, but now I can. I have alcohol problems in my family for as long as I can remember but to me that is no excuse. When I was drinking I would blame everyone and everything except myself. Drew u can bet this, just one day at a time, be strong, think of what u can have in the future, apart from the bottle. Keep in touch.
—Guest Angelina

To linda

Hi Linda my name is Angelina and I am 16 days tmrw. Don't let the men that have disappointed you let that get in the way of becoming sober. Cold turkey is hard but it is so worth it. I feel great and look better, still not sleeping much so that's why I am on this site so much. I think we all need a response to what we write as it's usually from deep down and everyone here seems to understand. I love being strong and each day is like a great win. My husband is very supportive so I am very lucky that way. I was like u not eating just drinking. Now I am on a health kick, also take vitamins to bring myself up a bit from such abuse. Hang in there Linda, no man is worth taking up the bottle, we are all so much better than that. Try hard to give up and do it for yourself. Good luck and keep posting.
—Guest Angelina

The Sleep Issue

Try Benadryl, take 2 an hour before bed do the trick, try it and you'll agree. Only downside is vivid dreams, not really nightmares, just really "you are there" kinda stuff.
—Guest 3 Week Wiily

300 Days continued

Smoking again reminds me how one ciggy leads to another, then 10, then 20. The old saying about drink comes to mind - "one is too many and 100 is not enough". But I think I will stop the cigs soon. To stay off the drink you have to be committed and determined. To me I know drink is a sneaky poison - I have had enough of it. It is not part of my new life. The 5 D's - Delay - Distraction - Determination - Discipline - Don't pick it up My drinks now are good coffee and sparkling water with low sugar cranberry juice. I used to drink tea but have gone off that. good luck to all and hugs to all Belfast Colin
—Guest belfast Colin

300 Days

hi folks - still reading the site. To newcomers - hang on in there - live is better without alcohol. I'm still adjusting to my mothers death. Feel a bit lost at times. Had a holiday by myself in Malaga - i seen it as a kind of test - out of my comfort zone - all I ever used to really do on holiday was drink. Well i didn't, I just planned each day, swimming, walking, cycling, sight seeing, eating out, reading, lying down and relaxing when tired. Felt a bit lonely but still enjoyed myself. Sunny weather, totally different lifestyle. Anyway, I did not drink. Drinking Alcohol is just not part of my life anymore, I rarely think about it but I still have to keep reasonably busy doing other things, in my case going to work, swimming, cycling, researching stuff online - things that I enjoy doing. I have to fill the time that I used to do by drinking bottle after bottle of wine. I am pissed off with myself as I have began smoking again after having been stopped 3 years. That is a warning to me
—Guest belfast Colin

How to stop the urge?

I have been alcoholic drinking for the past 6 years. I managed a passable life somehow. But the last 3 months I have really deteriorated rapidly, I have powerful headaches by noon time and the urge to drink that I can not stop. And I cave. I have attended AA with the urge and went drinking after the meeting. Caving. I am already on Paxil and Klonopin. I can't see haw an MD would allow more. How do I control these urges? I frighten myself over this.
—Guest GSR

To Angelina

Angelina Well, the main reason for my excursions into the world of drink stems from my social anxiety. Alcohol is a wonder drug for this particular affliction, although we all know what the downside to this is. Not many people know I have a problem with drink so I must hide it well. My partner is very sympathetic, god knows why she stays and supports me. It must be love. Anyway, I recently went through a detox which involved me seeing strange visions, a bit like a shaman I suppose except I’ve got no followers! I haven’t had that experience for a few years and I really don’t want it again but I can’t seem to learn from experience. I love alcohol for the temporary freedom it gives me, but I hate it for the shackles it puts me in every now and then. I shall now try again to shake them off. Thanks for being considerate enough to take the time to write in response to my previous post. I sincerely hope you succeed in abstaining from the wretched stuff.
—Guest megabeer

I think its time

I am a 21 year old and for the last 6 months or so I have been drinking about 6 or more beers a night. I cant exactly understand why I have started doing this but it seemed to just kind of happen. My family history is not good with alcoholism. I found out that many of my dad's side of the family had many trials and tribulations with alcohol abuse. In these 6 months I have noticed my health starting to deteriorate day by day. At first it was really bad but now its almost like my body expects it and it is not as horrible. The worst problems I have seen growing lately is my anxiety, cold and dry skin the next day, and sleeping at night without having a handful of beer. I used to be fit and in great shape only about 7 months ago. I dont know what happened I have just gotten stuck in a rut and dont know how to get out. Please give me inspiration and motivate me to change my lifestyle before alcohol destroys my life and starts to affect the others around me. Its time to quit!
—Guest Drew

Last post here for awhile

This site has become a great help to me through withdrawals. Reading stories and telling my own. I am on day two of zero alcohol. I know my patterns, and right now this the start of a good couple of months. I hope this time, I stay sober. Today I drank lots of water and craved Cherry Kool-Aid for whatever reason. I drank 3 liters of it in one day. Feeling like myself again, although I was too tired to go outside and exercise like I'd hope. I'll try that tomorrow. Watched TV, called some family. (A couple of them were thrilled I wasn't drunk this time) It doesn't make sense why I would drink again. I hope I can think this way forever. My sane thoughts are starting to come back. I actually did a cross word puzzle today. I know that sounds silly, but I haven't been mentally capable of doing something like that in weeks, maybe months. Every hour I am without booze, I feel stronger and healthier. Why I always go back to it, I'll never understand.
—Guest Margie

Day 2

After years of abuse from my ex husband . I turned to drink . That was 7 years ago . I got sober for 2 years , met a man , who treated me bad , so I chose to drink again . Lost my father to cancer a year ago , so started drinking . I stopped , went on holiday to Egypt , met an egyptian , fell head over he heels , we got engaged . He went to work in Brazil to save money to join me in England . Just now been dumped by him saying he is enjoying his new life and staying in Brazil , so I picked up again . I was making myself so I'll , not eating , sleeping and isolating from the world . Now on day 2 of sobriety . It's tough . Can't sleep , sweats , nausea , anxiety . Just want my old free single happy life back .. Godbless you all ... Stay strong xxx
—Guest Linda

To mark

Hi. Just read your post. Don't feel alone, we are all here for you. These posts are what keep me going. I am day 14. Had all the withdrawals, still now I don't sleep much so I just read these and feel for you all. It's after midnight and not sleep in sight yet, but that's a small price to pay for being sober. It gets easier each day, honest and it so worth it. Just take one day at a time and tell yourself how well you are doing. Just knowing there are people out there who know what you are feeling and are proud that you are aware that you have a problem. That's the first step. Just one day at a time. Even one hour at a time. Be strong and good luck. Keep us posted.
—Guest Angelina

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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