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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

To catlover

Based on what I've been reading long term use of Benzos may be contributing to your struggles with sleep. BTW yes early in withdrawal my heart pounded didn't last long though pretty sure it is an increase in BP. Not this drink not today Love and hope

To: Jacobs

Hi Jacobs. Lots to say to you as time goes by if you wish. Look at my post to harmony to pick up on a few things. Harmony and I started together 6 months ago so if you go back to our first posts you will see just how low I was. How far I came to help others here only to fall again. Agree with you, there may be a lesson for others with people like me. Just need to find the time and the thoughts and the words to write to you saying why I started drinking again. I know why. Nutrition, lots of water and stuff is the way to go for withdrawals. But maintaining sobriety is the key. We have to look deeper. Saying we hate alcohol is a lie. We must be honest. Good luck with your new venture. Will be in touch soon. Best wishes.
—Guest Dylan

To Timr ghosal

Welcome, way to go on 20 days. Eat well and get some exercise. At first exercise adds to the tiredness but in a short time it will give back more than you put in. Love and hope

To: harmony

Hi harmony. Nice to hear from you. The wedding was just what I hoped for and more. It turned into 2 days never to be forgotten. My sons speech said he had the best father in the world and how much he loved me. I cried a bit. A big soppy 6ft 2in man crying in front of 150 people. Very emotional. But my eyes fill up sometimes at a sad film or funerals of friends. I say this harmony because when I do my Step 4 inventory, character defects and all, this emotion I show has been with me since I was a child. I care and worry about everyone. My past dogs and cats are all burried in the garden. I see them every day. Thats my make up. Its what I am. I need people to like me. I love everyone and dont hold grudges. Thoughts of things I did wrong many years ago come to mind and I dont like it. So Step 4 is my new mantra. Symptoms of emotional insecurity are worry, anger, self pity and depression. Relationships play a big part. I know you understand. I feel it in your posts. Love and hugs harmony.
—Guest Dylan

To Wholenuworld

Hi wholenuworld, 2 months! Yea! Yea! That is so great! Pat yourself on the back friend. Awesome. And Whoo Hoo! ( - :
—Guest Big Fish

to fightin 123, all

well dental appt rescheduled, all that anxiety and now have to wait till tomorrow, so more anxiety. Fighting123, I totally relate to you. I havent made it more than 5 days, and lately only 3. It seems there is always a reason to drink. Stress, depression, celebrating, a hard days work, boredom, just about every emotion and condition calls for drinking. I hate it. I feel like Im in a tug of war and any minute now I could win or lose, just need that last really strong "tug" to get one step ahead of the alcohol. i try to just do whats in front of me. Dishes laundry whatever just to keep busy. I do find that Hope1962s advice, "not this drink not today" helps. although sometimes I say "not this minute". everytime I resist I gain a bit more resolve. baby steps I guess. Keep going! I know we can all do this:)
—Guest patience

to: all

well its day 2 for me again. I slipped when my husband and 2 of my kids went fishing the other night. Thats a big trigger as we have always gone fishing 3 or 4 times a week this time of year. next time, i am going to go sober as I hear it can be a mentally and spiritually healing kind of activity, though I have always drank so I dont know. I am finally going to get a tooth pulled today. very anxious about that. I remember reading here that there are alot of us who do not take care of ourselves when it comes to the dentist. Im terrified but I had such pain yesterday that I would have probly done it myself if I knew how. anyway. still reading the big book, it helps. Hope all is well with everyone. Stay strong!
—Guest patience

To Late Bloomer

I must say your post to me was startling. It was "way back" when I changed my name from "old lady invisible" to "Grannyann." I had to back up to read all your posts and am totally impressed by the personal replies you have given to others and the amount of details you remembered about their posts. As to your comment, I never look for god through other people, but I always find my god when I'm sitting in the woods and am at one with all life around me. I am at a stage in life where I have the luxury to just be. It is so much easier than obsessing about what I may have said or done. Thank you for your post, and be well.
—Guest Grannyann

Good morning!!

It is absolutly wonderful to wake in the morning with no hangover at all. No tummy upset. No headache. No run down feeling. Yay for day 4!! I am working on it. Thank you to all the posters and to one in particular who has gone above and beyond. Love and hugs to all! I am off to study. Lots of catching up to do.
—Guest Won't give in

to Guest Fighting 123

Just keep trying. My theory is that if you just keep t at it eventually things will line up, fall into place, and you'll make it. There really is something in the timing. Best to you.
—Guest catlover

to Becky

I have found that to be true -about the reading! Whenever I am sober I read and read. I order lots of books n Amazon. If I go back to drinking, they sit. And I really have always enjoyed books so much. Wine robs me of my hobbies. I am am two weeks sober and doing ok. Best to you!
—Guest catlover

to Hope1962

I was interested in your comment that the withdrawals from benzodiazipines could be almost permanent. DRS> gave me Klonopin to sleep for 15 years. Only one said "try" to stop it. No one even suggested anything- I think they just kept giving it to me to not face the withdrawal. I quit cold turkey 6 years ago, and as I look back, the sleep issues and the escalated drinking started then. I didn't sleep at all last night and it's been two weeks without a drink and I just keep hoping. I also have chronic pain. I never complain because my husband has dementia and doesn't really know what I'm talking about. I'm trying to get better medical insurance without much luck. I guess that I will have the same problems whether I drink or not, but I,m hanging on
—Guest catlover

to Cherylgeyer911

My heart goes out to you. I don't even know what to say about the baby birds. That's something that I would absolutely throw my heart into and to have some calloused SOB shoot them is unthinkable. I know that things will look up for you. Sometimes they just have to. Prayers for you. I just spent a total sleepless night but stubborness has kicked in so I am not drinking.
—Guest catlover

To catlover

That is a symptom of withdrawals and a reason many keep drinking. My doctor.said it has to do.with blood pressure and the stress of alcohol leaving the body. Hope this helps.
—Guest workingonsobriety

To fighting123

Hi fighting, The urge surfing will help. The instinct is to freak out but you can learn to calm yourself. Just say ok I feel an urge coming on, stay calm, then it will pass. I used to overeact and had bad panic attacks and bad migraines. You can manage it so that they lessen in duration. Please try it. It changed my life. Love and a hug to you. I just went to the grocery store and I was completely fine. That used to give me a meltdown.
—Guest Big Fish

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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