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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

to Cherylgeyer911

My heart goes out to you. I don't even know what to say about the baby birds. That's something that I would absolutely throw my heart into and to have some calloused SOB shoot them is unthinkable. I know that things will look up for you. Sometimes they just have to. Prayers for you. I just spent a total sleepless night but stubborness has kicked in so I am not drinking.
—Guest catlover

To catlover

That is a symptom of withdrawals and a reason many keep drinking. My doctor.said it has to do.with blood pressure and the stress of alcohol leaving the body. Hope this helps.
—Guest workingonsobriety

To fighting123

Hi fighting, The urge surfing will help. The instinct is to freak out but you can learn to calm yourself. Just say ok I feel an urge coming on, stay calm, then it will pass. I used to overeact and had bad panic attacks and bad migraines. You can manage it so that they lessen in duration. Please try it. It changed my life. Love and a hug to you. I just went to the grocery store and I was completely fine. That used to give me a meltdown.
—Guest Big Fish

To: fighting123

It sounds like you have a good doctor. I think in general telling your doctor about your drinking is a positive thing. I recall seeing a documentary on PBS where they followed a group of doctors through med school, residency, etc. One of them was saying that of all the things that happened to the patients he had seen, alcohol by far caused the most misery and damage to people - far more than anything else. So I think most doctors understand very well what alcohol does to people. But doctors are people just like everyone else, with all of the same weaknesses and failings. Some are alcoholics, I'm sure, in spite of their training. So if you have one you can confide in, that's a great thing. It's real hard for an alcoholic to confide in anyone about our problem. Heck, we do a pretty good job of hiding it from ourselves! Keep up the good fight...

To becky

Hi becky, thanks for the shout. No apology needed for me. I love your posts. I like all the things you said too. I'm back to reading, writing, talking and cleaning at 600 wpm. ha ha You will not even believe how much I did today. And the more I did the more excited I became. My life is stepping into a higher level. It's exciting! I know yours is too. When I went to the church on Saturday, they gave me a giant birthday cake. They said I was special and they saved it for me especially. This is because I did a video that thanked them for the 2 year sobriety birthday cake. It's so cool how everything snowballs like that. Hugs and love to you becky.
—Guest Big Fish

To Cherylgeyer911

Hi Cheryl, great to hear from you. Good for you on day 2. I'm a citygirl but I was at my grandma's and a bird fell out of the tree. It was too young and the tree was 30 feet tall. I had no idea what to do. Nobody wanted it. It died too. I was so upset. I prayed for God to take it straight to heaven. That helped. I'm glad about your mom. You can help each other. I'm praying for you too cheryl. I checked out that website of the rehab. It looks great but I'm in the south. Thank you right backatcha. Hugs.
—Guest Big Fish

To workingonsobriety

Hi workingonsobriety, I understand the Queen's Day is patriotic. I respect that. I hope you enjoyed it. Sobriety rocks friend!
—Guest Big Fish

To Big Fish and all:

Made it thru day 2, still sick but gonna make it this time. My mom went to court this past Wed. and thank God she got house arrest. My step dad will be ok as well as her. I saved 3 baby robins last week off the ground during a bad storm, fed them nightcrawlers and water thru an open end syringe . had them 3 days and called game commision , they said if they were healthy an officer would come out and take them to a refuge . he showed up and got them and said he would take to a lady that has a license to care for them.........he returned later that day and said she wasnt home so he shot them. this was the same day as my moms court. I lost it...so upset. there will be an article in Public Opinion, chambersburg ,Pa.... supposed to be front page. I filed a complaint against him and called the paper. Im glad I took Pictures of them that shows they were healthy. Im going to work on getting me healthy now,I drank thru all of that and it made it so much worse. Thank you for your patience with m
—Guest CherylGeyer911

To timir ghoshal

Hi timir and welcome. 20 days! Great! I believe multi-vitamins, magnesium (if no liver/kidney disorder), calcium and b12 help to restore. They give me a good kind of energy. Also regular exercise helps to make your body as tired as your mind. It is hard work but will get better. Also healthy foods with high fiber.
—Guest Big Fish

To: Strange Adventures

Thanks for your post, I guess I would call myself a spectacular mess as well. I am not completely sober. I keep getting a few days in, never a week, then drink. It sucks, the itching, the sweating, the anxiety. I went to the doc. this morning and just broke down crying from depression and talking about how bad I want to quit drinking. The whole time I was shaking from too much wine the night before. Thank God he is a wonderful doctor and was so very supportive and suggestive. I guess the hardest part I'm having about quitting is the withdrawals. I freak out when anything feels weird on my body, the shakes, chills, sweats, shakes, etc. It makes it so much easier to grab a drink to calm down then to take the meds prescribed to me for quitting. I'm glad my posts help. If there is anything you can suggest to help me get through the withdrawals, I would appreciate it. Sleep, haven't in months, even with drinking. Life just sucks right now, and it's not fair to my famliy to deep drinking. :(
—Guest Fighting123

To Wholenuworld

Congrats on 2 months that is great. Keep adding them up. Love and hope

All posters

Hi all, I read a cool quote: Love is friendship on fire. That is how I feel about you people. Hugs and love to all.
—Guest Big Fish

To sterling, big fiish and all

I apologize I don't do more one on one conversations with people here but at least for me everyone's story has meaning to me. I think one of the greatest joys I have gotten out of being sober for awhile is the ability to read again. Sounds silly I know. But when I was drinking I could not concentrate on a book or short story even. I also enjoy waking up in the morning with no fear of what happened the night before. I also enjoy keeping my house clean again. And small rituals. I enjoy a lot about being sober and relearning those things I lost. I trust with time it will not just be relearning but also new growth. Thank you all.
—Guest becky

To Blackbird

Dear Blackbird, I am so proud for you and happy that you turned down that drink! Did you see my eyes getting wider as I read that? They really did! Awesome buddy! You're a rockstar! Keep going Blackbird. It's wonderful! Love to you.
—Guest Big Fish

To late bloomer

Ah how I wish i were 39 :) Turned 50 this year have always been active. Started playing soccer several years ago as a by product of coaching my kids for 11 years. This last injury scared me I have a chronic neck injury and could have easily crippled myself. The Valium is prescribed for the muscle spasms from the neck injury, it is much harder to quit than alcohol. For some the withdrawals are almost permanent, so the recommended method is a long slow taper. I started "quitting" in January the schedule has me going until the end of July but I've started pushing. I have two weeks of stability followed by a dose reduction and 10 days or so of withdrawals pretty mild but it's getting really old. I've often quoted the pain is weakness aphorism with my soccer teams, not sure it works with chronic pain as it hangs around. I'm not usually so depressing but having idleness thrust on me has me in despair, keep telling myself it could be worse but it's not helping. Love and hope

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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