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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

To: herro

See your Dr and get vit B and some sort of mild sedative to take the edge off early withdrawals. Pancreaitis is bad and painful and can kill. If you manage five days off drink you should start to feel a bit better. Give your body time to recover. Eat fresh fruit or anything you like to eat but do try to eat. Find things that you like doing or use to like doing before your drinking got out of control. You don't say how old you are. Good luck

Day 3.. Only lasted until 11am

So this is my first time writing. I found this blog in probably November and have been reading it on and off since. I actually began googling all the symptoms and side effects of alcohol well because just like the rest of you, thought I was dying. The googling of side effects actually came about cause a friend posted on Facebook an article about alcoholism and how it can make people anti social permentaly. Anyways.. Made it to day 3...again. My 5th cold turkey detox in approx 9 months. My reasoning to caving this time was that I had "too much to do", which isn't a lie.. But when do we not have too much to do.. I went on a week binge last Thursday until this Wednesday cause I had a week off work.. Figured that'd give me enough time to sober up and work 2 days later on the Friday.. Nope. Definitely not. It unfortunately does get worse and worse each time.. And once you realize that, it's too late and your in your bed twitching and sweating away.
—Guest Poisoned

To: Angelina

Angelina sends her love and the great news that today she is 100 days sober. It can be done with a lot of support and determination! Congrats to you! A Big hug to you! love Clue
—Guest Igotaclue

Losing hope

Moved to a new city across the country. Can't find work. Alcohol is my way of escaping. I had my first withdrawals here last night. I live in a bad part of town, so the "gunshots" and police sirens may or may not have been real. I'm scared. I don't want to die this way.
—Guest Josie

Cant get full

I've quit beer for 3 days now. I was drinking about a 12 pack every night. I quit ( am trying to anyway) because I feel too fat in the gut. And I hate the taste in the morning and the dull hangover feeling. I got to the point where I didn't get that drunk and had mild hangovers if at all. It's early yet but I feel better about myself. I've quit before, once for four months. My biggest problem Is my desire to just have it. And my 2nd biggest problem is I can't seem to feel not hungry, no matter how much I eat
—Guest miker

Thanks Bernie

Thanks for the message mate, means a lot. I'm still going strong. Each day at a time. Will write something longer soon.
—Guest Rock bottom

To: herro

What kind of disability would you lose? no one ever told me that I would lose mine. I have SS
—Guest kate 3

Day 5

Feel great! Depression gone, anxiety gone and all else gone. Didn't sleep great last night but tonight will be good. I've been on day 5 hundreds of times before so i'm not fooling anybody yet but this feels new. Went to a BBQ and refused beer. Played football (soccer) with kids rather than huddled round beer. Found food fantastic rather than a "better eat so no one notices." I'm now at home on a sunday evening enjoying life. Normally i'd be getting an early night (no real sleep) to try recover. I know this hasn't been structured with too much advice just that I did another day. I have so much to learn but let's all do this!
—Guest Rock bottom

To rock bottom

Keep at it mate. you will feel better every day. I wanted to share how I have handled my first three weeks. 1. Take each day as it comes. 2. Don't think you have made it because you get to three weeks and beyond. 3. Strategise each day, if you get cravings decide how you will handle them, they do ease I promise and if you remember that it will help. 4. For me writing a journal is really helping me, Every day I add to it and if I feel low I read it. Now up to 7500 words and 24 pages. 5. Trust yourself. You have already proved to yourself that you have strength so tap into that and use it in the next few weeks and months. 6. Notice the positive changes in your body, your skin, your energy, your sleep, your feeling of well being. Compare it how you felt before. It is very early days for me and I plan in my mind how I will deal with the triggers for my drinking, mainly stress for me, home related and work related. its working for me and I pray for all my unknown friends on this site.
—Guest Bernie

21 Days and counting

I can't remember how many times I have tried to quit but this time I'm doing great. 21 days since my last drink. I'm feeling fantastic. I have lost weight, my Skin looks amazing [suffered with rashes all over my body and face] My energy and confidence are back. It is wonderful. What made me stop this time was my son looking into my eyes saying I want you here to enjoy my future. 2 Bottles of wine nearly every night for 2 years with occasional bottles of gin or vodka had taken my life away from me, I now realise it had taken me away from them too. It was really hard the first week, extreme anxiety, moods and anger. Early nights, lots of fluid and a few days working from home all helped. I have been writing about my past, why I turned to alcohol and have kept a diary. This has helped my so much. I have been really honest about my drinking past and how it built up to the level I was drinking. I made promises to myself that I will beat it this time and so far so good. Thanks to all. X
—Guest Bernie

There is so much pain for all of us here

There are so many of us here that are suffering so badly. I wish that we could all be in the same room together, to share tears and hugs and hope and anguish. I have never wanted to commiserate in that way before, but the honesty and the pain that is shared here is unlike any other place that I've ever experienced. I have spent the past decade of my life feeling so profoundly alone in my struggles, yet all of you here, even though you are strangers to me, have become beacons to me in the darkness of unrequited loneliness and fear. In a way, all of our stories are identical. We are all the same desperate, flawed, beautiful human beings, and we are all in so much pain. I wish that I could take that pain away for all of us. I wish that I could know all of you that post here - you are my best friends, even if I will never meet any of you. Please don't give up on yourselves, and never stop hoping. You only have to get it right ONCE. I tell myself that all the time.... just once..
—Guest tired_of_drowning

Day 4

Feeling better. Best nights sleep in some time. Weird dreams but not too nasty n scary. Feel a little weak but I did avoid food for about 4 days. Very reflective still. So many black outs down the years. I won't pick up a drink today and all will be fine. Keep going everyone. The withdrawal is the punishment but the other end is beautiful.
—Guest Rock bottom

New to this

I just went 4 days without having any wine. After drinking every day for years and years. I have had a massive headache that will not go away. No other symptoms no shaking nausea etc. are these withdrawal symptoms?

Day 3

Ok day 3 feeling almost human. Can leave the house now. Don't wanna see friends who are drinking and still feel depressed and anxious. I'm determined still. Not one drink. I'm wearing a band on my wrist that my father gave me to remind me I am an alcoholic and must not drink a drop. If you don't have one then you won't have any. Simple. Let's all beat this together.
—Guest Rock bottom

prevention of DTs and seizure IMPORTANT!

Went from a pint of vodka a day to nothing. PLEASE DONT EVER ATTEMPT THAT. Major DTS. MAJOR worst was the auditory hallucinations, second but scarier was the visual. I began screaming uncontrollably when they began. Please taper with beer or have medications to control BP and benzos to calm and prevent seizures. I probably should have had haldol. I am now using extract tinctures of passionflower, kava, skullcap, Valerian, l theanine, and hops to calm. Large doses of milk thistle,high potency multi B, thiamine and folic acid as well as vitamin C about 4 grams spread out, niacinimide ,(safer. than niacin). magnesium 500 and potassium. Please drink electrolyte drinks with the beer as you taper. I swear best decision would be to get ativan or Valium and librium along with a Bp lowering med if necessary. Just get help. Don't go through I did. Only cats have 9 lives. And feeling like you are suddenly schizophrenic is terrifying to say the least.

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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