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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

To: Wontgivein

By the time you get this post your test will be over, I hope it went well for you. You are heading in the right direction and have so much to look forward to. It is strange, but like bigfish said, so many alcoholics are high achievers, I have especially noticed it on this site, I wonder what the correlation is.
—Guest mary

To: Ann82

Wow! ten day IS an achievement, good for you, you are doing brilliantly, just keep counting the days, eventually you will stop counting. I marked my stop date on the calendar because I no longer count but want to know when (not if) my one year anniversary comes up. As for others, just say alcohol doesn't agree with you (true!) or family commitments mean you have to get straight home after work. Be sure to thank them profusely with a smile for the invite, not for them to think you are standoffish as its a new job. Good luck and keep up the excellent work.
—Guest Mary

To: Bigfish

Hi friend, I loved your explanation of urge surfing to Cherylgeyer. I am going to print it out and pin it on my notice board, it was serene, you really have a way with words and I AM qualified to know. You should consider writing a self-help book for alcoholics. Love to you.
—Guest Mary

To: 2mrwnvrcms

Being crabby on day 3 is par for the course, you are doing so well and almost through the worst of the physical withdrawal. I retreated into myself and was very uncommunicative because my mind was fighting its own battle and didn't have time for anyone else. You can do this honestly. But, Gads! Am I the only one who finds your user name a nightmare? I had to write it down to be able to respond to you. Don't you know us alcoholics have memory problems lol? Would you consider something simpler just to help us oldies? Unless it has some special meaning to you of course, in which case I shall just refer to you as alphabet guy/girl lol. Good luck and stay strong.
—Guest Mary

To: Gray

Hi Gray, 31 days, that's amazing. I know it's difficult but look at how far you've come. I can remember your first post like it was yesterday. The mood swings will pass honestly, like Hope said, soon there will be days when you don't even think about alcohol. keep going mate, you're doing brilliantly.
—Guest Mary

To: Becky

Hi Becky, great to see you back. Hope everything went well for you but whatever, you took a major step forward getting on that plane. Good wishes winging your way mate.
—Guest Mary

To: Cherylgeyer911

I am so glad to see you posting here again, you are trying so hard. How are the other issues in your life (abusive boyfriend etc; )I'm not asking to be nosy but hoping that other changes have taken place to make quitting a little easier for you. Take care of yourself Cheryl and good luck.
—Guest Mary

To: Fighting123

Hi, glad to see you back. If it helps, when I was drinking I had to go for bloods (unrelated), afterwards I told my doctor that I had been itching everywhere but had no rash. She looked at me and said "I wish you had told me this when I was drawing blood, it's a sign of the liver not functioning properly, I would have tested your liver function. This scared me and I was out of there. The itching is a sign that you have an overload of toxins in your body that are trying to get out via sweating (not swearing!) It sounds like you have a loving family, please keep trying. I know it's hard but if you can go five days you can do it, it really does become mind over matter, dig deep and don't let your alcoholic voice beat you. Take care.
—Guest mary

Day One

I'm a 30 year old mommy and i'm Just starting cold turkey, although I have panic disorder and I am able to take Xanax as needed. This is day one and the anxiety is awful. The Xanax helps some. I have had tremors in the past and I fear them terribly. I'm so thankful to read what you have all posted. I know this is the first day of the rest of my new life, and I'm hopeful. I'm quite overweight now after 10+ years of heavy drinking and I'm excited to use exercise as a tool to battle withdrawal. Please pray for me, friends. I need all the help I can get.
—Guest StrangeAdventures

To boatparty

I hope you come back to post. I too lost my job though thankfully not to alcohol but after that started drinking heavily. All of your symptoms are in line with withdrawal. Read through old posts and you can see. Along with getting fluids back into your system. I have always wondered about being on a boat. Instead of drinking write about your experiences there in the vast water to take your mind in a helpful place. I would love to hear more.
—Guest becky

To fighting 123

I never had the itching symptoms you described but I remember big fish saying taking benedryl (sorry if I spelled that wrong) for those symptoms and should help you sleep as well. I know you have been trying for awhile and beleive me I understand. You may not feel great tomorrow but try for one day and then maybe one more. Sometimes it takes more than one try for some of us. I know you want this sobriety and know one knows other than us how hard it is. Try and get some fluids in your system other than alcohol and rest when you can till you feel some energy coming back. Then if possible, take a small walk. Not sure if this is helpful but thoughts are with you.
—Guest becky

To: Bigfish

Hi, Thanks for your kind words. I read them over my morning coffee, and was thinking I really had made some small progress with all of this. I think my eyes nearly popped out when I read you thought they just might be opening. It was a very encouraging message to me. I'll add that I read your post to Wholenuworld, and will do some reading about coffee. Very recently,a good friend explained why he couldn't handle the stuff. I really enjoy it, but have never considered whether or not it plays a part in my troubles with alcohol. As always, thanks so much to you and everyone reading and posting here. Be well!
—Guest Blackbird

To: hope1962

Hi, I was happy to read you have been so successful getting off of the valium. Your post reminds of how much time people need to invest to become well. I read here and in other places for information and help. I've learnt so much both from reading, and from writing,too. Thanks always for your efforts to help me, and all the others. Be well!
—Guest Blackbird

To: Grannyann

Hi, Thanks so much! When I read the posts, I too connect with all of them, and very strongly with some of them. This site is so much like a family. Everyone is on the same side, but diverges in their thinking about all the particulars. I think discussion can help everyone when it comes to problems like alcohol. I'm pleased to read that you proved your doctors wrong. Thanks for the love, and right back at you. Be well!
—Guest Blackbird

To; Big Fish

I love u too and this is a horrible disease. U give so much and I admire u for that, Im still so selfish and I hate that about me.
—Guest CherylGeyer911

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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