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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 19, 2014

To: Mary

Mary...I am wrapping my arms around you right now. There is nothing to forgive. This disease is horrible and sneaky. Much love from me.
—Guest workingonsobriety

To: Mary

Hi mary, I well know what you mean about being the champion for a sick child. I had to catch a few situations myself. When my son had 2/3 of his small intestines removed, they took away his food. Which was from a tube in his chest (central line). The dr's were saying oh, everything's ok now. I was like, "if everything is so great, why don't you give him his food back?" They were all startled. An hour later, they brought his food back. They said "you thought of it before we did". I was like "that's the mommy point of view. The baby needs it's food". He got the line out 2 months later. This was years ago. Last week I had to speak up also. Now his girlfriend is going to the dr's with us. I wish I could transfer 20 years of this knowledge to her. Working on it. I love my son mary. And I love you too. You are gonna be ok. I just know it.
—Guest Big Fish

To: partyboat

Dear partyboat, Great job! 3 days down for you! Whoo Hoo! For me the first 3 days were the hardest. Keep going friend. It's gonna get easier. The further you get away from the alcohol, the better. Start finding healthy hobbies. You gotta find new ways to fill the time. Think about things you used to enjoy. You can do it!
—Guest Big Fish

To: Mary

That sucks. Don't beat yourself up. Give yourself permission to not feel guilty. Look at your choice as a lesson learned. Nothing more nothing less. I've read your posts and I'm proud of how far you've come. One choice doesn't diminish that in any way, shape or form. Instead explore the why's. Was it something you were feeling? Good or bad. Was it a situation? Could you have made a call and talked it out with someone? Written it down? Learn the lesson. Take one day at a time. Big cyber hugs and love to you.
—Guest harmony

To: All

I have woken this morning sad and angry at myself. I know what I have to do and will do it, I don't feel the urge for more drink I am just crying and so disappointed. I have no excuse, it is what it is. I will be going away for the weekend so you won't hear from me but I will not be drinking. The only good to come out of it is that I stopped and pulled myself back. I refuse to let one slip undo me. Now I have to take my own advice and move forward. My husband has just phoned me from work to ask if I was ok, he said what I think most of you will say "put it behind you love, you've done so well, it's not the end of the world and you didn't drink 'till you got drunk , you walked away so that's a big difference. We'll go away tonight and enjoy a long walk on the beach." So that's what I'm going to do. I was at a social event and had one put in my hand, I'm weak and an idiot!
—Guest mary

To: Fighting123

Yes exercise, walk at first, run later, it will give something to focus on and help with sleep. If you pick up put it down fast, spend more time not drinking until you can just not drink. Then you will really begin to heal body and mind. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: All

I've managed another substantial injury, got flipped about 5 feet in the air playing Soccer and landed on my right shoulder blade ( lucky not to break my neck.) Think I separated my AC joint but don't think anything is broken or torn. Have not been evaluated yet as it happened at 8 PM. I'm afraid to go to bed for fear that I won't be able to get up, been icing it like mad at least this is the one month it is warm here. Major casualty so far is my typing have to correct multiple mistakes per post. Haven't thought about drinking and don't want to use any pain meds as they will increase bleeding/swelling. Pretty depressing though, I think I will have to give up my 3x a week Soccer, my main source of cardio. Please try to piece together the typos I miss. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: Wholenuworld

Thanks yes I'm a work in process, spent at least 30 years getting lit with a combination of fuels. Have spent the last seven months gradually moving away from that, chronic neck pain may keep me from ever being totally sober. But I can take the minimum dose of painkiller required to manage. How are you doing besides frustrated with the phone? Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: Gray

Your going strong 33 days, that's great. Yes memory loss and fog are part of it and it does get better. Keep going Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: CherylGeyer911

I'm sorry your situation is difficult, it complicates taking care of you. I urge you to only try to manage a short list. Put your sobriety at the top of the list some of the other things you may never be able to change. Choosing to stay sober you and only you can effect. Maybe once you get sobriety well established you can take on more until then. Not this drink not today. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: partyboat

Yes going to the store is challenge at first, when drinking I never left a store without alcohol, usually why I was there. So well done. Keep going not this drink not today. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: 2mrwnvrcms

Hey if you change your name let me know :) I'm confused enough as it is. I hope you are reading this on day 6. The worst of the physical stuff should be coming to an end. About this time especially with a weekend your brain will start telling you "you can have a little" don't listen. Hang in there you are making progress the further away your last drink the more clear your thinking but for a while your the alcohol will call. resist Not this drink not today. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: Mary

You slipped many of us have, i did. learn from it and move on. Don't stay away you are very encouraging and are helping many. As Robert told me "you don't need to apologize to me it has no effect on my sobriety" or something to that effect. Slipping itself is of little consequence it is how you respond that will matter to you long term. You came here that is a good start. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To : Harmony

Hi friend, I love your name. I too believe there's a whole lota power in AA it sure has helped us and millions of others change our ways for that I will always be grateful. Thank you for your take upon my sponsor situation. I am still confused with that one. He text me later on that night to see if I had got to a meeting, I texted back saying I had picked up. His reply was take care and god bless! I still havent heard back from him guess that's the end of the sponsorship (strange) Have you had many sponsors? I don't have much experience with them, I was with him only for about two months. I have been keeping a low profile at work all week hoping the dust settles and the spotlight shifts to something else soon. An AA friend came to my home last night he said much the same as you concerning my sponsor after some fellowship he left and I felt so much better. I haven't been back yet, like you said, I know I can't do this alone. Thanks for the support and bless you.
—Guest Kenny

To: becky

Dear becky, I think about alcohol all the time too. Mostly to make sure I understand. To always be vigilant. Your post was well-stated and I'm sure helpful to many. Love and a hug, becky.
—Guest Big Fish
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