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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

To: Yvan

I see you posted awhile ago on my fear of withdrawal. Well today is day 10 since my last drink! My withdrawal was not as bad as I anticipated. Been attending AA . Just going listening and learning. Feel so much better getting up in the morning for work. This forum gave me the courage to move forward and my hubby and I are getting along so much better. What a difference a few days makes! Thanks for the words of encouragement. If I can do this , you can too! It's so worth it.
—Guest Terry C

To: Everyone

I drank a bottle or two of wine every night for years I didn't think quitting cold turkey would be so bad since it was wine but I am really scared I am on day 4 and it feels like my face is swollen and numb and I keep having severe panic attacks. I have some Tremodal and was taking two every six hours just so I could function for my kids but that may be making it worse. I can't sleep or eat but I've been praying so hard to GOD to take the desire to drink out of my mind, heart, body and soul.

Jumping to older posts

Hi, I think I saw a post regarding this but can't find it now. Is there a way to jump to older pages rather than just hitting next a bunch of times? I'd like to read the earlier posts but with there being 12k+ it takes forever to do it page by page. Thanks and very much enjoying reading this forum and learning a lot. On day 10!
—Guest gigimichele

To: Louise

You are on day 3. You are not weak willed, or you wouldn't try again! Put yourself first from now in your fight, be proud you are talking of something they don't want to hear. You have to break out of that circle. Isn't it time to live your life, you say you don't, do you have another solution? Can they understand? Up to them. Sometimes we have to stay away from friends and family for a while, sometimes for a long time, sometimes for ever. The most important is YOU, and they don't care about you! I've been going to AA for months, I've heard many, who have made this choice because it was the only one for a real and healthy change, or you know, you'll keep on suffering and drink. I made that choice too, I was scared, I've got no regrets! You have to think of yourself, we all have to, and seek what the best is for our well being, mental and physical. If you stay strong and go ahead in your choice, time will tell you you were right. Wish you strength.
—Guest Yvan

To: Mary

Does anyone know what's happened to Mary? A consistent presence on this site, supportive of all, and suddenly gone....Pray to God she is okay...

To: Fighting 123

I am creating a link on the forum site for us entitled "LS, 123". Join in and then we can figure out how to communicate offline. I have been forewarned that our relationship could be toxic, so if I need to exit at some point please understand. But we owe it to both of us to give it a try. We're at the same level of frustration...maybe something will click.

To: Louise

If I could promise you that you won't suffer anymore and live a healthy life, have friends, be successful , love hard , gain respect and become the person you want to be, would you believe me? It's true and by just quitting drinking. You must make that promise to yourself and keep it. Every day of hell gives you a day of that promise. Be stubborn, hate Alcohol with a passion, see it for what it is. Every thought it brings you is a lie, it cheats you out of life. It is the worst friend you can have, it steals your soul from you! That is my fire! When I stopped romanticizing drinking and took a good hard look in the mirror and a stranger was staring back at me , I knew I had become a monster. To give up the fight with booze and know it will kick your butt every time is when you will become a winner. I have gone my 9 rounds, and nearly beaten to death, I have had enough and walked away. I will not enter that ring again, my fight is for myself now. Hugs Clue

Day one....

This is it......withdrawals are not too bad, horrible sweating, shakes, weakness, head numbness and tingling. A bit of a tight chest and racy heart. Went out for 2 walks today to clear my mind, it helped, but I'm in a fog. On Klonopin to help the withdrawals. Makes you really tired, but there is NO alcohol in this house. Got in a huge fight with the hubby last night because he wouldn't pick up wine for me. He is done enabling me, so I know it has to be time, my daughter has gone into a depression, she wants her mom back. I already feel better, clearer, a bit more energy, but weak. Anger is already better. I need to work this one day at a time.....I CAN do this, I CAN stop.
—Guest Fighting123

Very interesting perspectives

I'm not going to defend the maudlin tone of my last post because it was the hopelessness I felt consumed by at the time. I am aware this is mostly likely down to alcohol and not much else. I am on day 3 (again) and am so deeply weary of the merry go round. I am in awe of your power Clue, the fire that you have, I do not mean to sound like a victim, any tips you can supply on where to find that sheer bloody mindedness AND maintain it would be welcome. Barb and Yvan, you are both right, I need to manage the people round me more clearly. I'm frightened to put myself first, I have isolated myself over the years and I don't live my life. I am weak willed (although I gave up smoking one day cos I didn't want to anymore and never looked back - not a single time) and now I shun invites because I don't trust myself. To some how break out of that cycle I think would help. I'm pretty disgusted with myself and my uselessness at staying on track, but i guess there are different types of surrender.
—Guest Louise

One week sober

Hi all, been on and off the site. I have just managed first week sober for a while. It's been the usual struggle, nightmares, aches and pains, and a head fog. Anyway, feel better today and determined to stay sober. I have a number of personal challenges going on, which could be another excuse to carry on drinking but staying strong. It's great reading the posts and so inspired by the support. Good vibes to you all.
—Guest Plantpot

To Binger Blows

You still have your job, you are bless, sometimes we lose everything, not only our job, but family and friends, our roof money and health. It's good you share the bad experience you had, doesn't it show how alcohol destroys our bodies and souls ? It's good you realize you are an alcoholic because it is a waking up to stay strong, and good you found help and feel better. 5 days, the worst is over. Better! The trap! Don't think one sec of going back to the first drink, it never works, back to square one, all the ones who have relapsed say it, one drink is too many, and a hundred's not enough. Always remember what you've been through, I do everyday, and it's enough for me to get rid of thoughts of having a drink, and beleive me, cravings sometimes crop up even after months being sober. We can live happy without that wicked drug. Take care of yourself. Hugs.
—Guest Yvan

To Southern J

I always had the very worst withdrawals within the first 24 hours. I never had any seizures, but at first my withdrawals were very bad. Now, I know how to deal with them. They say you can have the DT's up to a week after your last drink, but I always feel better after the first day, and by the second or third I am almost normal again besides being bored and irritable. I do not vomit when I have withdrawals, so I believe the fact I can consume food and water in the first 24 hours keeps me from the DT's. The longest I've binged on hard liquor was about a week, never gone 9 days though. But I did drink day & night, not just at night. I am afraid of withdrawals now, because no matter what I won't go to the hospital, so I try to stick to beer or wine for only 1-2 days. I am a 30 year old female and a heavy drinker since 16. I have a tolerance to alcohol that astounds most men. Sometimes, in social situations I am complemented on it. They don't realize what a lonely pathetic alcoholic I am.
—Guest FlyFlyAway83

To all

Coming back from a AA meeting, I was thinking of how alcohol destroys everything. After 7 months sober, I am free. Alcoholic, it was my choice, no one forced me to drink, I had everything to be happy, and I became addicted, I needed alcohol to be myself, well, a ghost of myself! But becoming sober, we can think again, we become free of a depression that made us say thousand times; what is the point! I'm still learning not to have guilt and regrets, and think of the years ahead, and love LIFE as it is; I am rebuilding a new one, and getting up everyday thinking positive, is another step to heal our souls and go ahead. Withdrawals are nothing to gain freedom; said hundred times on this site, helps are available; staying sober is the hardest. My thoughts and my heart go today to all of you who have won, who made the choice. To drink or stop drinking. Period! No magic wand. Igotaclue, ONE YEAR SOON!!!! I remember saying 1 week, 1 month, can't wait to say 1 year too. Lol.
—Guest Yvan

Day 2

So I am almost done with day 1. I managed to get a couple of minutes of sleep. Just feel really exhausted. I have been drinking a ton of water and I think that is helping a lot. Stomach is still a little upset, but I am actually craving food. I have been rereading a lot of posts here and it has given me a lot of comfort. So thank you. I really realize now that there is no way I can ever drink any booze..period. But, I am very focused that I know I need to do this for myself. One day or at this point one minute at a time!
—Guest jensniners

To: Fighting 123

Sorry for the delayed reply, I don't know when you posted to me. I have been off this site for a few days (on the forum though, and if you read my experiences, you'll know why). I know there is a way to connect, offline, I did it months ago with a few people but don't recall since they initiated. I'll keep the pact with you cause we've both been here the same amount of time and seem to have the same ups and downs. I really hope to find that you're local and we can meet as well.. I know I was in touch with Mary months ago offline...(btw, nothing from her lately, which is very unusual, has anyone been in contact with her?) I'll be back to you shortly.

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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