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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 22, 2012

To: Anna 82

Five days is a great achievement, the worse of the physical withdrawal should be coming to an end now be wary of the mental one which will tell you it's ok to 'just have one or two' It isn't. Each week you will see a huge improvement. Well done and keep posting.
—Guest Mary

To: JW

The worse of the physical withdrawals are usually the first four days. You probably won't sleep for quite a while but it will come and believe me it's wonderful. You will also itch and sweat but this is good as it is the toxins leaving your body. After four days try and find something to take your mind off it such as exercise or cleaning the house and beware the trip to the supermarket, be prepared for your addiction to tell you to buy alcohol, when you leave without buying it's a great feeling of achievement. Good luck and keep posting, we will all try and help answer any questions you have.
—Guest Mary

To: Kenny

You must have been devastated to be outed like that. Four months is brilliant, please don't throw it all away because of some idiot who can't mind his own business. You have had a setback but it needn't be your undoing, remember, you are doing this for you no-one else. Pick yourself up and start again, you are stronger than you think. I really feel for you, I was afraid to attend AA for that very reason. Post here, we all know what you're going through.
—Guest mary

To: Gray

This will never be gone. Even if you drink again knowing what you have done and can do will give you the power to do it and more. Keep going it is what you want and it will bring about tall the good you deserve. You will not be lost, come here and we will love you and support you always. Love and hope
—Guest Hope1962

Thanks Big Fish

Almost, maybe on overstatement or a reflection of how frustrating the snails pace I've been working on. In january I took 30 mg of Valium daily now 5 mg. I think I'm ready to start skipping every other day for an effective dose of 2.5. Pretty much to the one drink a day stage in an alcohol taper. I think I can quit but he protocol has me going another two weeks. It has worked well so far so I feel like I owe it to my Dr. to see it through. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

Sober celebrities

Hi All, I came across a cool website. Sober celebrities. Kings, presidents, actors, singers, all different people. We are in good company. Go for the permanent sobriety friends. It's the very best. God bless all the posters and BuddyT.
—Guest Big Fish

To Silly Girl

Your story is my story ... almost to the letter. I got sober in time and so can you. Don't let it go as long as I did. Either taper off the alcohol or see a doctor for pharmaceutical help (there is no shame in withdrawing safely). Once you have made it through the withdrawals, the real work begins. I found that everything I failed to deal with after my Mother died came back during the first few months of sobriety. I went to see a counselor that helped me deal with all those emotions and I seem to be fine today. Write again so we can help any way we can.
—Guest Sterling

To: sillygirl

Hi sillygirl, I also drank alone. Isolation is bad for sobriety. It is good and healthy to have a network of support. It makes it easier! With long-term sobriety, you will regain your confidence. It takes time to learn how to live without the alcohol. Establish new habits and create a healthy reality for yourself. It takes a few months of working at it day by day. It does get easier. The further you get away from the alcohol, the clearer it will become. When I was drinking, I was sad, depressed, confused and insecure. With sobriety, I am able to feel joy. You have to replace the drinking with things that are enjoyable, satisfying and life-affirming. It's not a quick fix, but a process. Since you went to the dr before, I do not think you should quit on your own. Please go to the doctor and make a plan. Alcohol is a depressant. It makes you feel bad about yourself. You can get sober and rediscover the good things in life. It takes hard work. And a plan. You can do this. Love to you.
—Guest Big Fish

Newcomer :-/

Hey everyone, im 26, living in UK and have just decided to ditch my poison. I havnt slept all night and am really scared of how im feeling, paranoid, shaky, fuzzy headed and generally depressed. Ive ruined my oppurtunities and cut off my family with something i thought i could control but now its controlling me. My last drink was yest at 4pm ish, my usual fixer for being able to get the washing done and the tea cooked. I was sweating n crying n aching last night, retching and kicking myself for tipping my bottle out in the garden. I was just wondering how long im gonna feellike this? Many thanks in advance, JW
—Guest JW xX

To: Robert1952

Hi friend, I'm glad you enjoyed N.Y but I bet your family is glad to have you back. Was that the first time for you and your lady to meet up since quitting alcohol? If so, I bet she was thrilled at the difference. Stay strong and take care.
—Guest mary

To: Bigfish

Hi Bigfish, as you know I go away weekends so have only just read about your brother. It's a crying shame that so many want to help him but he rejects it. Stay strong Bigfish.
—Guest mary

Day 2

Yesterday was pretty awful. I'm glad I found this site - the posts are very helpful.
—Guest Bocce


Tonight is night one, and I am about to go to bed and the fear is taking over. The fear that I won't sleep. Or I will, and I'll have terrible nightmares where I wake screaming in my sleep. I know things will get better. Right now I feel like everything is impossible...getting up, getting ready to go anywhere, cooking a meal, even flossing my teeth! Everything seems to require so much effort and leaves me feeling exhausted. The dark circles under my eyes are so bad they are even painful! It looks like I have been crying all day even though I haven't. Hope1962, I took my picture today like you suggested. It was so bad I deleted it!! Red face, glossy eyes, I look like I have the flu! I can't wait to look and feel better. I also have about 40 pounds to lose. Today I just kept repeating "not right now." Big Fish: thanks also for the welcome back. It is never too late. I'm going to work on some hobbies tomorrow. To everyone struggling out there, have faith. We can do this.
—Guest Lucia529

No where to run

Hello everybody, tonight I am drinking, hurt and angry. I don't want to drink no more ( honestly) I have been going to AA meeting for 4 months was great until I went to work today and my colleges if I was an alcoholic because someone told them I have been attending AA. I feel devastated tonight and betrayed, I am feeling labelled. What if my boss finds out? I haven't been hanging out with my drinking buddies since meetings. Sorry for the confusion but I feel let down and have turned to this site for inspiration to keep going after AA. God bless I know how hard this is.
—Guest Kenny

2nd time

Dear friends second time trying to be sober. I am in day two. Please pray for me. I am in need of truckloads of those. Love to all of you.
—Guest qwerty jack

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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