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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

To: Robert1952

Dear robert, My thoughts and prayers are with you. My son has been thru alot of medical problems. We went to the dr today. His attitude and spirit are amazing! We are gonna get thru it just like we always do. And you will too. Just like you always do. Thanks for the silly dating remark! I got a chuckle from it. ( - : I bet we could do anything we set our minds to my brother!
—Guest Big Fish

To: Blackbird

Dear Blackbird, You are not going thru anything the rest of us haven't. I can see your eyes opening from here. It's a process. Keep going. You are getting there. Love and a hug to you.
—Guest Big Fish

To: Mary

Dear dear mary, thank you. I do want to share. I've been thinking about "being a part of something bigger than myself". I feel the need to do that. I didn't necessarily think about it before. Love to you mate. Your reply to scared straight is right on the money. ( - :
—Guest Big Fish

To Blackbird

I know the pain of dealing with others' mental illness. I've had my family dealing with mine, and I dwelt with my sister's. The only thing you can do is be supportive. I was diagnosed as bipolar years ago and got very smug prognoses from esteemed doctors who said I'd never get well. But I did, in my own way. All we can do is take it one day at a time. Take care of yourself. Your brother will do what he has to. You are so special to me on this site. I kind of feel like we are family. I don't give advice, just support. Wish I had words of wisdom, but I don't. But I do care about you, for what it's worth, and believe in your strength. You have a family who you love and who loves you. What more is there?
—Guest Grannyann

To: Guest Big Fish

Sorry I havent posted, ashamed I fell in again. on day 1 cut back up till yesterday. What is urge suffering? I have to do this, belly is swollen again and I feel horrible and like a failure. hope all is well with you .
—Guest Cherylgeyer911

To Catlover

I'm sorry-I never meant to make light of your cat. A couple of months ago, my last old cat died. We've have had a cat (or 2 or 3) in our home for over 45 years, so I know the pain of a pet's death. We have a vacation home in the Wisconsin woods. What I've learned from the wildlife is that if another threatens its nest, they'll either kill it or be killed. They don't seem to worry about any opinions of them. It seems to me, Catlover, that you are an animal lover, that you have a very successful horse farm, and life with a spouse, who I suspect swept you off your feet. Now you are a caregiver. And it will become whatever it becomes.But never blame yourself. As for the mice, Thoreau, when he spent a year in the woods, co-existed with the mice. They were there first. And, as long as they weren't biting him, he let them do their thing. I applaud your green measures. I'm always awed in the woods of the life there we don't know or understand. Please be well.
—Guest All krannyann

Breaking Bad Habits

Now that the physical withdrawal symptoms have started to wane, figuring out the void in my life has been the next hardest part. What did I do in the evening before I started drinking so much? How do I relate to friends while sober (especially if they're not)? Why do I feel boring compared to the party-er I was for so long? I don't want to tell people what I was doing and how bad it had gotten, but I'm afraid if I don't they'll never let me move on (aw, come on, let me get you a martini...etc.). Thanks to everyone who posts and shares, as I know I'm not alone. But this is still really hard.
—Guest Change Is Good

To: All

Yesterday was the first day in four years I've been sober and off Valium! My taper calls for me to take 5 mg every other day for two weeks. I think I can push that out to 5 mg every 3rd day, although it is hard to know because unlike alcohol it stays active in the body for 80-120 hours. Anyway progress also my shoulder is slowly getting better, so no surgery. For those who don't know I started here in November at that time I drank 8-16 ounces of whiskey and often a bottle of wine daily, throw in the Bloody Mary's on the weekend and some beer on hot days. I was also taking 3x daily Pain killers, plus 30 mg Valium. Kinda wonder how I survived that regimen. Today no alcohol less than 5 mg Valium and 1 painkiller a day. All through the inspiration of this site, I'm not "there" yet but I've been moving steadily in the right direction, Thanks to ALL who post here everyone's voice is so important. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: Robert1952

Hope you feel better soon. Sounds like all in all the trip was a success. I'm happy for you. Your voice here is immensely important. That voice reminds me we all face choices everyday through good and bad, it is our choice to drink or not. Everything else is an excuse not a reason. Thank you for being here. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: Bocce

Good to hear from you I'm glad there was no problem awaiting you at work. Four days is a great start, for many the worst of the physical stuff peaks and you really begin to feel better. Hang on to not this drink not today and start building a life around good things in place of alcohol. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

Mary re: Bigfish

I also defer to Big Fish and count on her to be here. She has a ministry here. I can not imagine coming here and having her silent. Your posts are also invaluable and I will try to add my voice as well. The more of us singing the more rich the song. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

TO: Scared straight

Hang in there you are right drinking will just prolong it. If you can talk to a Dr your Blood Pressure maybe really high due to the stress of sudden withdrawal. They can give you a short dose of ativan or something to help with the anxiety. You are in the right place read the old posts and posts to tell us what is going on. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: Blackbird

My hands have always shook even as a child, before I began drinking, worse during withdrawals. You are getting better and your presence here is helping me and I'm sure many others. Fight on it gets better. Love and Hope
—Guest hope1962

To Big Fish

Can't wait to look up sober celebrities. Thanks. I am not going to drink today and hopefully will not have to go through any withdrawals since it was only a little bit that I drank and only one day. Thank you for all of the help. It's fantastic what everyone does here.
—Guest catlover

To jacobs

Thanks. I need to be hit over the head I think. I know that my thinking is very flawed-I knew it yesterday. I'm certainly not proud of myself. But hopefully it was just a tiny minor relapse and I will be more positive. It REALLY bothered me to set mouse traps. I used to have hamsters. But I did it and dealt with the dead mouse this morning reaally well (only I can't seem to eat!) Thanks for your post. It is my health and happiness at stake
—Guest catlover

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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