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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 22, 2012

To: Cherylgeyer911

Thinking about you today. Wanted to post one more time for you to see before you go to rehab. Stay strong with your decision my friend. We are here for you and we are praying. This you do for you. If no one has told you yet today let me be the first. I love you. You are not alone. We all need to follow our own path to find freedom from drink. Walk through that door and let them guide you. Many of them have been in the same position as you. You will not be alone. Sending you cyber hugs
—Guest harmony

To: dale0123

Your post to all made me smile. I saw day 36 and that reminded me of my first post on this site. The title was hour 36. Wow! The first 30 days came flooding back to me. Sheesh I never want to go back there again. It has been wonderful to watch you grow in your sobriety. You sound so happy and full of life. Keep up the good work. I'm proud of you. :)
—Guest harmony

To: NewOrleans

The decision to quit drinking is the first step and is solely your choice. You can choose to quit. It sounds to me like you are ready to make that choice. Make a plan to taper. Write it down and try to stick to it. We are here for you and know you are not alone. It sounds like your home will have alcohol in it. That is kind of a double whammy for you and may make it a bit more difficult. You may find at some point you are ready to talk to your husband about it and that may make it easier. Take it one day at a time. You don't have to make the choice to never drink again. For me that was an overwhelming thought. I now think not today. I'm not going to drink today. It's a much simpler way of thinking. Stay strong :)
—Guest harmony

To: bbj09

Welcome. You say your cycle is about 5 weeks. That is something to build on. Try for 6 weeks or 2 months this time. Say to yourself not today. We are here for you. Sending you cyber hugs
—Guest harmony

To: Guest Weneedtotalk

I appreciated your post. My much-older husband has Alzeihmer's. That is when I started having problems with alcohol. It has been harder than anyone can know. I take care of him and a whole lot of animals and a great big place. His daughter from his first marriage did offer to help-she wanted "power-of attorney" and the checkbook. Didn't go over well with me as I still work. When she didn't get it she even stopped contacting her Dad at Christmas.etc. I am really alone. I fight the alcohol thing everyday. When I am over withdrawals and alcohol-free i am the happiest, but the stress and insomnia make it to easy to give up.
—Guest catlover

To: guest New Orleans

I lived there for a short while in the 90's. I lived on the border of the"Garden District" Not only was there alcohol 24/7 but I even remember someone coming to my door selling drugs. He was on a bicycle and was actually selling drugs door to door. I live now in the country. All places that sell alcohol except the 2 restaurants close by 6! We live in "Wine country" between the fashionable people who grow the grapes and the religious nuts who condemn you for drinking the wine. I have been trying so hard to quit. I didn't drink all of last week and just drank a 12 pack of beer. I never even liked beer but the insomnia was too much.
—Guest catlover

Ladies only

Completely off the topic- sorry guys, went for a routine cervical smear recently. normally get a letter saying all clear etc; but this morning I've had a letter to call my doctor to 'discuss' my test results. I'm seeing him Friday morning. Anyone else had this? matty, jacob, robert, dale, dondons et al, you are formally excused!
—Guest mary

To: Cherylgeyer911

Hi Cheryl, My thoughts and prayers are with you today. You have come so far. Please keep going. It will be well worth it! Love to You, Cheryl.
—Guest Big Fish

To: Weneedtotalk

Hi Weneedtotalk, I am sorry about your mother. My father passed from Alzheimer's too. It is a very cruel disease. You have my condolences. I am a caregiver for an Alzheimer's patient now. Your withdrawal symptoms, although completely annoying, sound mild to me. Which means you should have some relief soon. The itching is the toxins coming out, you might get white dots or splotches on your arms. This is all normal and not to worry. If you need a break, you can take a Benadryl, but sparingly. Sweating helps to speed all this (detoxing) up, I believe. Drink lots of water and rest as much as possible this week. You are on your way. Keep going. God bless you and all the posters. Thanks to BuddyT.
—Guest Big Fish

To: NewOrleans

Hi NewOrleans, Thanks for the very gratifying post. ( - : I'm happy to help. Yes it does sound like you are taking a good step. It's a process. It is progress. Good for you! I believe your mind needs time to adjust as well as your body. Slowing down is great in my book. I really believe it will get easier. Keep going! You can do it! We are at your service here. Best thoughts and prayers to you, NewOrleans. ( - :
—Guest Big Fish

To: Hope1962

hi hope, thank you so much, I feel the same, reading the posts from all of you is what is making the difference this time. I draw strength from everyone on here. when I first stumbled on to this site I couldn't believe there were others going through what I was AND they were willing to talk about it! As soon as I wake in the morning, (I am starting to sleep fitfully) I log on to give me strength to resist, just for another day. Thanks all of you.
—Guest mary

To: Grannyann

Well done on making some adjustments, it's a great start.
—Guest mary

To: guestneworleans

Hi neworleans, you are right of course, I don't know you or your situation. It is really good that you are taking steps to cut back. Bigfish is a real advocate of this and if you can do it great. To go to bed without passing out and to remember what happened the previous night is a huge step in the right direction. One thought that kept me going was remembering waking with a feeling of panic, wondering what I had said/done the night before to embarrass myself. Of course, I could never remember, I just had that heavy feeling of dread hanging over me. I had to wait until my husband broached it with me, then try and think on my feet for reasons/excuses, it still shames me just thinking of it! It is a wonderful feeling not to wake with that horror hanging over me. Trust me, nothing you have done hasn't been done before by many of us. How about stocking wine in the bar at half the strength you normally drink, just for you. No-one need know you are even trying. Good luck neworleans.
—Guest mary

Need some encouragement.

Feeling miserable. Went on a major binge this weekend. I had my last drink about 9 hours ago. I have this stupid cycle of staying sober for about 5 weeks and then thinking I can have 'just a couple". Wish there was something to do for withdrawals. Not craving though. Thank God!

To: CherylGeyer911

This is not prison. This is your choice and it is a good one. A short time spent where you have medical attention and time to focus on your needs so you can detox. Please don't back out, I know it is scary but so is many years of life with alcohol. You can do this, you want to do this no one is forcing you. Remember "this is my choice" and repeat until you get started. You know the joy of being free from alcohol this is the first step to get there. Love and hope

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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