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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

We decide

Alcoholic people decide their own fate. Death is a reality and we'll perish on the day, which God has reserved for us. Alcoholic people die a very cruel death and they choose it. This habit not only kills the person socially, he is looked down by his family and friends. Kids complain that the time when they required their parents most - for guidance, play and build future, what they found was a stranger, who may not have been violent with them but accidentally brought kids on earth, while enjoying sex. This is a crime in itself. Not only that, when health starts deteriorate, hands start trembling, frequent visits to doctor and practically no one to help. I have seen many deaths of such people and their relatives have a sigh of relief after his death because they make everyone's life miserable. When death is the final goal, why die a dog's death. Those who say, they can not leave it, should think of their responsibilities or should not complain about circumstances, that surround us
—Guest alchohlicami

I'm going to make it

I am so glad to find this site, I thought I was damaged for good. I am trying to quit drinking after 10 years of 2 bottles of wine a day. I am on my 2nd day and finally my hands have stopped shaking enough to type this. Yesterday, I really thought was my last. I have wanted to quit for so long, but I couldn't go through the embarrassment of my withdrawal symptoms at work. They are awful! Sweating, SHAKING, I felt like I was vibrating sometimes. The chest pains are the worst though because you think that at any moment you'll just drop to the floor. I am doing it this time. I'm going to wait this out and make it through. I want to be able to go in public, sober, without feeling like a freak - turning red and not able to eat in front of people because I shake so bad. Thanks to all of you confessing some hard things on this site. Things that you may be putting out there for the 1st time. Good luck!

Seek medical advice

It is dangerous to go cold turkey on your own. I'm 61 years old, drinking for 40 years. You have to seek medical advice, I spent 4 wekks in the V.A.. Withdrawal can kill you. Wean yourself off slowly. In the hospital they give me meds to help, The itching is your nervous system reacting to the withdwrawal; it's like little worms under you skin.
—Guest LARRY714

Thank you all

Thank you all for sharing your stores. I hope that putting them out there somehow helps you ALL. I am 30 and didn't even really realize how much I had been drinking. I started heavily drinking 3 years ago, I drank daily but didn't think it was too much. I have had health issues lately which made me face the facts. The hardest part is admitting that I am an alcoholic. That seems like such a specific word, when really it covers us all. My partner does not want to stop, and I don't think I can make her or convince her that she is an alcoholic too without causing a divide. I know I must make myself happy and healthy at all cost, and no one will keep me from doing that for myself. I do not want to die, I do not want to live this way. I have had moderate withdrawals, I am SO irritable, I have uncontrollable rage, mood swings, and I cant seem to remember the simplest things. I don't know how long this will last, but one thing I do know that will is my sobriety. Good luck everyone!
—Guest medina

5 Days - this is my way - right or wrong

In my last post, while it was my second day and I was hardly feeling sleepy, so, jotted down what I had in mind. Since, I had a habit of drinking immediately after reaching home, I am experimenting on self, in my Punjabi way, without consulting doctors. Actually, I dilute 2/3 water in whiskey and do not like to drink neat, knowing that it is more harmful, so, if I have to consume poison, it should be my way. I also, take reasonably healthy snacks, like chicken or eggs or green salad, to reduce impact of whiskey on health. Now, the moment I reach home, I take heavy supper and I do not feel like drinking when my stomach is full and to tackle sleep I go for a long walk- 8 to 10 kms a day. Those who believe in insomnia,try this method - tire your body and sleep will come. I do not watch any emotional soap, only light and comedy serials, watch motivational videos on youtube, Love yourself, your family, have faith in self and you can and will do it.
—Guest alchohlicami

The Itching

I'm not a doctor but i've experienced what you have. I think we get dehydrated and itch. drink lots of water and get some Gatorade to replace you electrolytes. Good luck and God bless

A better life

I've used alcohol regularly for over 20 years - not much each time, but regular as clockwork - every weekend and every day when I'm on holiday. I'm worried that my alcohol use is linked to the depressions I've experienced in my life and, hand on heart, I know this is a habit I have little control over. I'm worried that the older I get (I'm 45) the worse it might get. So, I've stopped. This is day 13. I feel tense, anxious and low in confidence. My thoughts continually turn to alcohol. I find it hard to believe that stopping drinking could make me feel this way. It underlines the importance of stopping. I feel humbled by the stories here of people who have battled far worse than me and truly admire their strength. I feel inspired by them and determined to go on. I know if I can act now, determinedly, I can ensure a better life for myself.

Can't stop drinking

I am a 27 year old female and I think I am almost dead. I can't seem to stop drinking and it is actually killing me. Been 10 years of drinking every day, minus about 9 months in there. I am on day 1 again and so shaky. I have a fatty liver that hurts all the time and I'm scared to find out what else is wrong. Sure I have recently been getting super bad chest pains. Numb and painful arms...muscle spasms....heart palpitations and tremors. I just can't believe I have done this to myself. I can't go to detox again so I am having to do this at home...and work. I pray I don't die and I can become healthy again, I need some hope here...
—Guest Here We Go Again

Day 5

I am 26 years old, been drinking everyday since I was 20 years old, about 8-10 beers a night except for the times I tried quitting. In 6 years I have quit about 3 times for a little over a month but I gave in to will power and had that one drink and the cycle of bingeing would coming all over again. I lost my life and enough is enough, I must claim back my life from alcohol. This time my withdrawal was not as bad as the last 3 times I tried to quit, just heart racing and night sweats the first 2 nights, and now day 5 I feel fine, I've been drinking a lot of coffee and tea, I'm talking like 15-20 cups of green tea the last 3 days, I need something to sip on instead of the beer I usually had, just a psychological thing, but hey it's working.
—Guest IvIJ

Am I Alcohlic

I love drinking and always tried to find some excuse - be it party in office, group of friends, feeling alone or fight with wife. All these reasons were sufficient to reach for the bottle. I had been taking 1/2 a bottle in each sitting. But fortunately, my wife had been fighting a lot on this, so, my drinking sessions were restricted to two to three days a week. For almost two years, I had a job in another country and since I was alone, 1/2 a bottle a day became my routine. I am very particular about my weight, food and exercises. I claim to be, if not fit, better than most of my age. In reality, I am off my drinks for the last two days and I am experiencing insomnia. It is 1.30 am now, and I read this article and thought to pen my thoughts. I will never go to a doctor because I firmly believe that if I want to improve, only I can help myself. I feel, visiting a doctor will make me, like a psychotic and I am not that. Have faith in yourself, leave it without help.

Going to try

I'm guessing that the shakes after three days without alcohol are supposed to be normal. But what does everyone do about a negative spouse?
—Guest Lise

It has to get Better!

I'm 32, I had quit drinking with my late husband 7 years ago, then he passed away 3 years ago. The day of his funeral I picked it back up just a couple of beers a day or a bottle of wine with my best friend, then it became more and more, up to the point about 2 years ago it became vodka a pint a day to buying a fifth every 2 days and an extra one on the weekends all I needed was water to go with it I kept it hid from everyone and no one realized. I met an incredible man, I tried to go a day with out because I had an 1/2 hour drive home, not 3 miles from my house I had a seizure and wrecked. Thank goodness no one was hurt. They sent me to rehab. Only 2 days out I was drinking again. We moved in together a few months ago. He had no clue I was drinking heavily. I would sneak off while he was at work to buy a fifth about 3 times a week. Well 3 days ago. Monday I had ran out to get some. On Sunday I ran out early and was starting withdraws. On the way I had another seizure I lost my independence, trust.
—Guest hoping thing goes better

Some herbal help

I spent the worst 2 days of my life hallucinating, sweating, hearing a radio in my head that wasn't playing and it made the shakes seem mild. For the shakes and some of the other symptoms, Taurine is incredible but I had to take it every four hours, shakes were almost erased by it. Milk Thistle also helped incredibly, but it had some intestinal effects, but those are so worth it. My grandmother use to hide in her camper, drinking a case of beer and a bottle or 2 of Robitussen. I remember taking her to rehab and she thought spiders were coming out of her purse. Once, I think when I was about 6 she thought her sister was hanging, it was only a dress. I should have known better, should never have started. I am so glad that I have a loving spouse who is willing to help me and that I have not ruined our lives completely...

So much help out there

I'm 27 and I am an alcoholic. I drank vodka like water and could not go a few hours without it. This was a secret I kept from everyone who was close to me and it filled me with shame. I tried to keep up appearances to the outside world but inside I was crumbling. I was so ashamed to come clean about the drinking problem I had that I let myself self destruct for years. My pride got in the way of my well being. One day I was found passed out by my family and I decided to go to the hospital. The doctors gave me medication to help with my withdrawals, but as much as that sucked I was more worried about telling the rest of my friends and family. It turned out that I had nothing to worry about. All my true friends and family stood right by me. I also found a lot of comfort within the recovery community and learned that I am not alone with this fight. None of us are alone. There is more help out there than I could of ever hoped for and all I had to do was ask. Peace.

Poor old me

Reading all of your comments has been a real eye opener to me. I knew that folk got bad headaches and a little shakey when giving up grog but I thought that I was the only one to get the real bad effects - like the feeling of losing my mind, sweating, vomiting for up to 3 days later etc. That was my excuse for failing to get sober when others succeeded. I'm on day 9 now and its getting better each day. Wish me luck
—Guest Steve

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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