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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

To: Mary

Hi mary, BuddyT is the moderator of this site. I think he is a genius and ahead of his time. This site is very helpful to alcoholics. God bless you mary and BuddyT and all the posters.
—Guest Big Fish

Been a long day

Just finding my relatives in the aftermath of the tornadoes. Thankfully everyone is ok. Tough couple of days.
—Guest becky

To: Becky

Thanks for thinking of me. Been way busy, oldest is in State playoffs in BB, I'm coaching youngest in PeeWee BB, 8 AM game today, Saturday. Middle child has been sick with a respiratory virus, followed by a Sinus infection she missed a week of school. Up all night Thursday doing end of month stuff at work. Yesterday was one of those days when this site is not busy or not updated so that always leaves me a little lost. I'm doing okay have managed to almost cut my Valium dose in half in a month, real progress. Off course I'm dealing with insomnia and anxiety as I push on that problem. I finally start PT for my shoulder, on Monday, in hopes that I can avoid surgery. In short it's been nuts but I'm coping. It is so encouraging to see so many people here sharing and encouraging each other. Love and hope

Good morning all

I'm thinking about our friend Cherylgeyer911 this morning. I added her in my prayers. Her decision to go to rehab was a difficult one for her and I could see her struggle with it. I'm looking forward to hearing about her experience. There's an AA convention in Michigan this weekend that I was looking forward to attending yesterday with 2 of my AA buds. They both backed out. I'm sad but I understand. One is sick and the other is having massive anxiety attacks. The reason I mention this is because of my feelings. I'm learning my happiness can't depend on others actions. I had to arrange for the afternoon off and care for my dogs. I would have been away for 12 hrs. I spent the afternoon at the bookstore instead, mostly in the self help section. Not that I really need it. Smiles here. I bought a daily meditation book called Forgiving and Moving On. I'm a grateful recovering alcoholic with a happy heart. I thank all of you for being here and Buddy T for keeping this site going. Stay Strong.
—Guest harmony

Day 6...no booze.

Hi posters, it's been 6 days since I drank. This is the first time I've ever tried to quit, because for the last 10 years I've been kidding myself that I didn't have a problem with drinking. Just because I liked a drink every night, never during the day, I never for a minute believed I had a problem. The physical effects of withdrawing are not so bad so far. Feels like a mild flu. But the tension is unbelievable. I'm having more problems with stress, losing my temper and generally being horrible to my loved ones. I feel they don't understand what's happening to me. I'm reluctant to take Valium as I know this can be hell to stop taking. I'm reading all your comments here and finding inspiration to say no, I don't need alcohol in my life. (I'm living in a non English speaking country). So your posts mean a lot to me. Good luck to you all. To you new guys & girls, stay strong. To you that have quit drinking and posted here to help us, a heart felt thank you.
—Guest New boy

Keep it simple

Moe, Clarity, weneedtotalk, cshort86, Crowsfeet, Neworleans, bbj09. Please try to keep things simple, dont get bogged down. Main thing is not to drink and gradually undo the damage that alcohol has done. Given the chance the body and mind will repair itself. But it needs the tools to do so. Make sure you have the best diet possible, 3 good healthy meals a day. Or little and often if your stomach is a bit fragile to start with. Breakfast is very important. Please, plenty of fruit and vegetables and good quality carbohydrate to give you loads of slow release energy. Eggs, fish and dont forget the water, loads of it to wash out the nasty toxins. Put a lining back on your stomach, repair your cells. Just keep things simple and slowly symptoms will ease one by one. Give it time.
—Guest Dylan

A bit of encouragement to share

After seven months sober I'm noticing my reactions to negative situations have gotten better. I'm less prone to my immature, embarrassing outbursts and have a pause before I react. After my physical withdrawal symptoms subsided I noticed without my beer my emotions were so raw and quick to escalate. One small thing turned me into a raging lunatic, and everyone who ever did me wrong, every situation I was ever angry about, lined up in front of me. It was weird and frustrating, and completely automatic. However, tonight my daughter brought up the divorce again. Told me I ruined the family (at least that's how I heard it) but I didn't fly off the handle. A few swear words I regret, but I was able to halt my emotions and my tongue. It turned out ok- no one got hurt, nothing got broken. Its an improvement and I wanted to share a little bit of hope and experience at seven months. Its getting better slowly yet surely.
—Guest ellikay

To: Moe

Hi Moe, It depends on your overall health how bad the withdrawal will be. How dependent your body is on the drink. I drank the 40 oz and can beers too. But I drank more than that (especially on the weekend). I suggest that you slow down. Instead of slamming them down, sip slowly. Have some water or non-alcoholic drinks in between. And drink a little less. When you get down to that one can beer a day. You should be able to quit safely. I did it over a 30 day period. Slow and steady. Think about each sip. Really pay attention to the fact that you are drinking. I believe you can do this safely. Slow down. Best thoughts to you. You can google levels of alcohol withdrawal. Stages of alcohol withdrawal for more information. If you want help, please go to the doctor. They can give you individual information based on your personal history. You can quit. Alcohol is progressive. You don't want to wind up buying and drinking a suitcase each day. I'm really glad you are doing this. God bless you.
—Guest Big Fish

To Big Fish and all

To Big Fish. Thank you for the encouragement to get back up off that couch and set some new plans for myself. I wasn't drinking but was living as if I was except I wasn't sick physically just emotionally. There does seem to be a phase here for many of us after a time of sobriety to face rebuilding a life after alcohol. I have struggled both directions somedays being productive and somedays not. Emotional healing is definately part of the journey. I have said here before I am shy and socially awkward which alcohol seemed to alleviate at times. Now learning there must be a better way. Don't know if this book will help anyone but its calledQuiet. The power of inroverts in a world that can't stop talking. It's an easy read. For those of us here who have possibly used alcohol before to feel at ease in the social world. It's not about alcoholism but for me being more at peace with who I am. For me not a drink today. Another day to get healthier.
—Guest becky


Im going today, have to be there by 3pm. Thanks for all ur encouragment and kind words. im very nervous. Talk to you all when i come home, peace to everyone.
—Guest CherylGeyer911

To: Big Fish

Hi Big Fish. Thanks, you have given me an idea for the weekend to make some oat cookies with wheat germ. I use sunflower and pumpkin seed a lot so might experiment and throw those in too. Cant wait, love cooking when I get the time. My oat packet does not list any vits or minerals either, will google it later. But the wheatgerm packet(Jordons Natural Wheatgerm) said: Vitamin E (28%RDA), Thiamine(Vit B1), Niacin, Folic Acid, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium. All these show amounts that go a long way towards our RDA(Recommended Daily Allowance). Keep up the good work Big Fish you will soon have us all in good shape. From alcoholics to athletes. ah ah. Love and best wishes to you.
—Guest Dylan

To Hope1962

I have been thinking of you and wonder how you are doing. I know you have constantly given hope to many people here and just wanted to let you know we are here for you too.
—Guest becky

To: Grannyann

Hi grannyann, wish yourself many people other than me, I am only 4 weeks into recovery. I am not on "a higher plane of serenity" far from it, I hit rock bottom. For me, that didn't mean one big disaster such as losing everything or getting arrested etc; it meant sitting down one day and taking stock of my life, more importantly, being truthful. My life was a series of shameful disasters and I didn't want to be that person anymore. I don't think you have arrived at this stage yet, you still can pick up a bottle and enjoy it without regret...or was that the drink talking? You can tell when you've been drinking, you become the person I used to be e.g. 'come on, one won't harm you.' You ARE me grannyann, and everyone else on this site, you're just not ready to let go of the crutch. I don't think you are the 'tapering' type, any more than I could. The bottle/s have to be empty don't they? Take stock granny, don't be in the next xmas video red and loud, we really want to help you. best love.
—Guest mary

To Cherylgeyer911

God willing, Cheryl is in rehab now, day 1. May all our prayers and love go with her.
—Guest mary

To: Guest bigfish

Ok, curiosity killed the cat I know, but who is buddy T. Just joking, don't answer if you don't want to. Thanks for the post, yes, it is a lovely feeling to know you are loved and cared about isn't it? That's why I'm really going to give it my all this time, I have too much to live for to throw it all away. And I have all of you holding my hand. Thanks everyone.
—Guest mary

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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