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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

To: Mary

Hi mary, I'm glad you are back. Good to hear you had a good vacation. I hear the food is amazing in Rome. My brother turned up. I think he went to jail a short time, somehow the charges got dropped and he was living in a homeless camp because he likes it. He turned up for work as though nothing had ever happened. That's good, I guess. It really is all about the alcohol. Yes, I am very blessed to be in the place I am now. It is amazing the things people go thru. My main goal is to break any bad cycles and habits so it won't go down another generation. I am blessed that my son has a clear head. He owns his choices, which is what we all need to do. And he makes really good ones. Prayers and blessings to all the posters. Sobriety rocks!
—Guest Big Fish

To: Bill B

I hope you get some medical help, there are many drugs that can help in a hospital setting. Given a known heart condition I think you need to be closely monitored in the early stages of withdrawl. Come here often for support and encouragement. Read the old posts for advice and inspiration. It can be done and is being done. Love and hope

To: Robert1952

Maybe we should change your screen name to Superman :) I'm glad the eyes are well. I'll bet you are an incredible grandfather. Love and hope

To: Sentimetalchic

You are right to keep the focus on the immediate. I'm just trying to lead you further down the road:) You are doing great and it sounds like you have started paying attention to this early in your life. I think this makes it easier before the drinking habit is deeply in grained and before too much damage to body, mind and soul. I'll bet you handle the party and wedding well as you are thinking ahead. I for one am not offended we are all where we are. I hate what alcohol does to some people including many close to me. I regret that I let my own drinking go on for long after I knew it was not ok, but I don't beat myself for it. I hope you have kids when you are ready mine have been the best thing in my life. Love and hope

To: Mary

Thanks for your concern but I've had a blessed life, my kids are healthy and whole. Both my Mom and Sister have buried their firstborns. Although, those tragedies were close to me they were not mine to bear. My Sister did everything right, gave up a career as a TV anchor in a major market to stay home with her children. She was the one who rescued my Mom from the consequences of Alcohol from 2000 miles a dozen times, her thanks was to be slapped and spit on. She gave up what was to be short time with her child to be the parent to our Mom. I have been blessed with three wonderful healthy kids in spite of many poor choices on my part. I'm trying to be more mindful of those choices, I've always been extremely involved with my kids even though I drank too much. I hope I have not modeled drinking so much that they see it as normal. I am open with them about my choices and struggles in the hopes that they are prepared to choose well. Love and hope

To: freshstart and all

Greetings! Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing well, closing in on four months. I don't know what to think about the fact that no one in my family mentions my having stopped drinking. Afraid to bring it up? Afraid that it's temporary? Whatever. There have been moments when the thought of a glass (or box) of wine is tempting. Sometimes quite tempting. But they pass, and usually quickly. I drink lots of fruit juice cut with soda water. and flavored soda water. and coffee. Have been spending too much time alone lately. The good part is that I've completely caught up on sleep (though my schedule continues to be chaotic). I have to be on the lookout for (more) signs of depression. Need to go back to my early goal of 3 life-affirming activities daily. I'm on the site dailly (usually more than once), care for all of you very much, and wish you all the best.
—Guest for.real

To: hope1962

Good to hear from you again hope! Yeah I'm certainty feeling the benifits. Although 3 months is my goal I cant see that far ahead yet, for now I'm looking at getting through the hen party and wedding next month then hopefully to two months sober I'm sure there will be other challenges on month three for me. I read a post here the other day talking about stages of alcoholism was interesting think I must have been at stage two - binging at weekends, I never drank during the week. Hid my drinking, or black out although I suffered the consequences every mon morning I dont hate alcohol. I understand it's a different story for some here and hope I haven't caused any offence to anyone. It's just where I am. You help keep me motivated and everyone who posts shows me the danger of progressive drinking. I had a giggle at your post about your kids ( I hope one day to have kids too ) don't think with my current boyfriend ? The very best to you Daddy Kool and well wishes to all the posters xx
—Guest Sentementalchic

To Mary and All

Mary - I agree with you. What a wonderful place to come and share. Not sure I could be doing this if I didn't have you and everyone else here.

To: Ttb

Hi Ttb, Yea for you being sober! I have read about the PAWS. My memory is one for me. The further we get away from the alcohol the better. Keep going, friend. I'm really happy for you!
—Guest Big Fish

Guest John

Hi John, I was a big time beer drinker. I could not quit cold turkey. I began to hyperventilate and get hysterical. I tapered down over 30 days. One less drink every few days. When I got to one. I said "what, I'm only one drink away from sobriety. I can do this". So I just stopped. I did have withdrawals for 3 hard days. I advise rest as much as possible during this time. I alternated sips (not gulps) of beer with water and watered-down sugary kool-aid. My body was craving sugar, so that helped me. The 4th day I was able to resume my normal chores. The 4th day I began excercising like crazy. The sweat helps get rid of toxins, your body releases "feel good" hormones, it increases appetite (which is healthy) and gives you a good tiredness so you can develop good sleep patterns. This all worked like a charm for me. You can do it too! I also took multivitamins and b12. I never looked back after that. I believe in total sobriety. It is freedom. Best wishes to you John. You really can do thi
—Guest Big Fish

To: Freshstartforme

Hi freshstartforme, thanks for your post. I hope it gets better for my brother too. Like your ex, it's got to come from somewhere inside of him. Just like the rest of us. We are the only ones who can control our own behavior. We have to work on ourselves and make our own choices. I appreciate the kind thoughts. Right back to you too! I'm glad you are here, freststartfor me. Keep going. It is so worth it! Hugs!
—Guest Big Fish

To: Workingonsobriety

Hi and thanks for the shout. What do you mean by "in lurking mode?" I assume the choices you have to make are whether or not to drink, if so please don't listen to that voice it's there to justify your drinking. We all have one and it sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Do anything to distract from it and think of all the hard work you are putting in all the time. Keep strong and keep posting. Good luck.
—Guest Mary

To: Aussiechic

Made it through the holiday without drinking, unless you count a cake dripping in rum!! Just for a laugh, have to tell you all that when the plane was landing, a passenger opened the compartment above my head and a man's walking stick with an onyx handle fell out and struck me across the face leaving a nasty red welt. My sister asked my husband if he had taken out plenty of medical insurance as I seemed accident prone. I don't even have to leave my seat to get clobbered these days! Other than that, great fun.
—Guest Mary

To: Freshstartforme

Hi, you are going to be so glad you choose sobriety, it is hard but well worth it. You are right, it's wonderful to wake without having bruises you don't know how they got there and a moment of terror wondering what you might have done/said when drunk to embarrass yourself. It is real freedom waking up to a new day with a clean/sober slate. I can even watch a film and remember the ending! keep going mate, we're all with you. Here's to week 7.
—Guest mary

Pro-longed Withdrawl

I guess other than the initial horror of withdrawal itself is that the last time I was in a complete state of confusion for at least 2 weeks and I could barely put a sentence together. Unfortunately I have relapsed and will now have to endure this all over again. I drink half gallon a day of either Brourbon or Gin. Has any one else experienced this pro-longed period of barely being able to talk or even hold a simple teaspoon without slippilng? Is there something I could be on while I'm in the hospital rather than just Ativan? I really hope there is a solution cause I don't want to go through this again. Its my fault I know that if it has to be that uncomfortable then maybe I might just not pull this crap again. I'm only 34 and now I have alcoholic cardiomyopathy of the heart from drinking. I really want my life back!
—Guest Bill B.

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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