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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 22, 2012

To: Dic

Hey there. I too was in the same state u are in right now. U don't have to feel alone or afraid. Contact a crisis line or better, go to emergency where they can help u get through the withdrawal less painfully. Do not be embarrassed. I guarantee everyone on this site has been, or are where u are at. Doctors will give u the proper meds so your withdrawal symptoms will be easier to get through. Know that depression and anxiety are very common, and u will beat this. You took the first step by coming to this site. I too, had extreme withdrawal symptoms I went to medical detox saved me. Take your embarrassment and chuck it out the door and let your strength and determination come through. You can do this! I wish nothing but the best and keep me posted. I'm here every night.
—Guest Marilyn

Please help

I am super sick cant sleep more than a couple hours. I am so embarrassed to ask for help I dont know what to do... I want to die I cant eat, sleep or funtion
—Guest Dlc

AA and the 12 steps

I am still going to AA, but less often now, not because I don't want to hear stories from people, always touching and moving, I know AA has good benefits for sure, many, but the idea of doing the 12 steps and having a sponsor is not for me. Steps 1 2 3 5 6 7: the way to restore control is through submission to a higher power. I do beleive in a loving and creative thought in the Universe, I do beleive in our own freedom and responsibilities aswell; I prefer my own steps, easier for me to focus on my daily life. I don't want to drink anymore (at last)! I know one drink will bring me back to square one! I am dealing with my new life sober! I have for the rest of my life to live with healthy emotions (tough) I have to respect my body with healthier diet, exercise, and no abuses of any kind! A healthy mind in a healthy body! Those are my steps. Now getting back to reality is 1000 times better than living sick, lying, escaping, selfish, making people around us suffer. It is up to us. Hugs
—Guest Yvan


I'm skirting round quitting maybe still in a little denial I drink 6 pints of regular cider a day didn't think that was a problem as I don't get drunk. I've had anxiety and depression for 20 years I know alcohol makes it worse but I've been using it for that long I feel its become a friend I know its not got to change my mindset. Keep fighting my friends.
—Guest only me

To Everyone

Hi all. Im glad I logged on to this site cuz I really had a bad day. Reading your stories has givin me a reason not to pick up a drink, to know Im not alone in this battle. Had a testing moment today. I was home alone, feeling anxious and depressed, had a little fight with my husband and looked at the freezer outside. (forgot there was a bottle of Malibu in there, or else it would've been gone a long time ago. ) Anyways took the bottle to my lips, took one drink and spat it out. Dumped the rest out. That I could say was one of the hardest things to do, and Ive been sober for over a month. There are many triggers and enticements out there but its how we handle them that determines our success. I hope everyone is staying strong and determined. Its sure not easy but everyone has got the fight within them! I wish nothing but the best. Cheers from B.C., Canada
—Guest Marilyn

To Loving mother

I hope you r doing well. I know its hard when you slip but the important thing is that u recognize it and get back on track. When you r feeling down its so easy to get caught up in your emotions and have a little slip. But think about it as a little setback and know overall you have the strength to beat this demon. I had a tough day myself. Had a fight with my husband and without thinking straight I reached for a bottle of Malibu I had left over from months ago. I tilted the bottle to my lips, took one sip, spat it out and dumped the rest out. Its so easy to give in! But know u r not alone. You r human and will experience some setbacks. But keep fighting. I am rooting 4 u. One day at a time! Good luck
—Guest Marilyn

To: Illbeatthis

There is actually a physical reason you r feeling depressed. Everyone who is coming off alcohol will experience this. Ill try to explain what my counselor told me without getting too complex. Everybody has natural chemicals in the brain that are triggered normally. (Serotonin and dopamine). When you drink the alcohol floods or overwhelms the brain with these chemicals (hence the feelings of euphoria) Eventually the brain does not produce these chemicals naturally when you continue to drink because the alcohol unnaturally produces those chemicals . Eventually you have to drink more and mor e to create that effect. So when you stop drinking, those feel good chemicals are not there, as the brain has stopped producing them . So with a lack of both serotonin and dopamine from quitting drinking, depression, agitation, anxiety sets in. Eventually, the brain will start to reproduce these chemicals but it will take time. Your brain is healing itself. So u r not alone. Hope this helps!
—Guest Marilyn

Can't remember sober

Just found this site today and I can't say how comforting all the posts have been, despite how much I feel for everyone. Just has made me feel not as alone as I do on daily basis. I usually don't contribute but I realize I wouldn't have gotten the motivation to improve as a human being if everyone felt that way. Jumping right in...roughly 10 years with no real stretch of sobriety. Looking for some meaning in life that seemed to have dissipated with failed relationships I thought would last forever. Used to drink from depression, now it's just boredom and loneliness. Poor excuses if I've ever heard one but the drink has always been my best wingman. I let it get too far, shakes freaking constantly and just recently started with vomiting 3+ times. Feels like something Is squeezing everything out of my stomach. Bad reputation at work now, probably from waking up @ 5:30 and taking a few drinks to try and get back to sleep and still stinking. Hopefully tomorrow is day 1. Thanks every1 for po
—Guest GottaDoBetter

Day 9

Why do I feel so down and depressed, is my brain trying to trick me into a drink?
—Guest illbeatthis

Hard times

I had 4 days of no drinking it was going so well then I had two bottles of wine and I woke up feeling like I was dying I have been shaking from head to toe all day Being sick no appetight head ache body hurting all over I can't bare it I never thought I was was addicted strangely enough watching eastenders with Lauren going through the same thing has made me open my eyes I have to do this for me and my two beautiful girls x
—Guest Loving mother

Tired of being sick and Tired?

Those words are spoken every morning in an Alcoholic's world. To ignore our bodies is our ignorance, laziness and selfishness. We are sick to the point of being in pain and blame it on something else. We are tired because our body can't take what we are doing to it and blame it on something else. We think in our sick minds that a drink will make it better we are selfish. We have the answers and help available and turn away from them. The answer is simple, stop drinking! Stop making excuses! Stop lieing to your self! Stop lieing to others. For the first time since knowing we can not drink like others admit it and except it! Ask yourself what Alcohol has done for you and what being sober will do for you. It is not easy but as many here have shown it is very doable. We are only as sick as our secrets. Set your self free and join the real world it is so much easier. Make today your your new journey to happiness. Hugs Clue

Iwillbeatthis. Mood swings

For me the moods swings were pretty hard and lasted on and off for months. They came for many reasons. My brain was confused. My emotions were all jumble up and I didn't know what to do with them. I drank when I was hungry, unhappy, afraid, lonely, not sleepy, board, and just plain to drink. We do not know how to live with healthy emotions. It is very important to look at those things while getting sober, they will cause false cravings. It takes as much work to be healthy as it did being a drunk. Being sober is much more interesting because it makes life exciting again. I am learning new things everyday and much about myself. My intellect has returned, my body is healthy and alive, my energy is back, I have no depression or anxiousness , I sleep well and am truly happy. Do not give your self permission to fail!!!!! Give your self permission to live. Work hard, get help and be strong to have success and have a happy sober day! Hugs Clue.

12 days now

Hang in everyone, I have 12 days now, still have gas and bloating and shakes and not thinking too clear yet, very sensitive and quick to anger, I need to take vitasmins and have a valium, but have Kaiser and hard to get anything. I think the worse part is over, but still have cravings and I am eating a lot and have gained weight, but would rather be fat than an alchie1
—Guest clearnow

To guestillbeatthis

Regarding your question on mood swings, it varies from individual to individual and it depends on if you are working a program or not (dry drunk vs. sober)...google PAWS (post acute withdrawal symptoms), sometimes these symptoms can last up to two years, but they get better. Personally, my mood swings are WAY better and less frequent at 5 months sober. Good luck.


In my 4th day of no drink . Yesterday I had a seizur and ended up in hospital only for couple hours while they done all the test. And back to doctors today for follow up . It's very hard but this is not going to beat me I've come this far no turning back...
—Guest Stephen

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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