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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

Day 6

Going well. Want to drink but I expected that. I'm painting and making hamburgers with my friend and so feeling hopeful. :) hugs and love to all!
—Guest Won't give in

To: All

I had my first drink@13. Weekends were made for binge drinking parties by 16. I was drinking everyday by 20. I drank whatever was available, it didn't matter. This continued until 18 days ago, every day for 25 years. I am truly lucky to be alive and actually pretty healthy. Over and over I cried, prayed, begged God to help me quit. Over and over I tried and failed. Then I would binge and set purpose on self-destruction. I'm sure we all know this pattern of recycled self-abuse. I just want you all to know my history so you know I'm no lightweight alcoholic but I AM doing this quitting thing. I WILL LIVE the rest of my life sober. You CAN do the same. We will love ourselves again for it.
—Guest Wholenuworld

To: Won't give in

Yes! We both can! And we will! There is no other choice.
—Guest Wholenuworld

To: Freshstartforme

Yes I think many of us have expressed the feeling of giving up a friend especially in the first 30-90 days. You have great insight to see this "friend" will kill you. i think it is a companion that interferes with friendships, destroys you body and soul and in the end robs you of all joy and finally life. Love and hope

To: Hope1962

Yes, I am glad I found it, too. I find myself checking a couple times a day already. It helps to "talk" to others who get it without having to go somewhere. I always knew I'd never do the meetings, but this I can do. I have a hard time opening up verbally, but writing is an easy medium of communication for me. It certainly does and will continue to get better, I'm sure of it. For all of us. No more saying it over and over again for me. This time I've actually done it. It still seems unreal, hard to believe I found the strength inside me somewhere.
—Guest Wholenuworld

To: Big Fish

I'm sorry to hear about your brother, it is very frustrating to watch a love one descend, especially when you know there is a way out. Sending you and yours Love and hope

To: Becky

I completely understand the withdrawal. I have always been a very solitary person and I isolated even more during the last 5 years or so. The thing is I find I'm doing it even more now that I've quit drinking. Maybe because I live in the country and all my friends drink, a lot. Maybe it's because I feel tired all the time. Maybe it keeps my anxiety level down. I know I am going to have to snap out of it some though. I am on the lookout for new activities to help me meet new people. Your strategy makes good sense. I think I'll go visit my mom for no reason. Thanks.
—Guest Wholenuworld

To: guest Big Fish

Thank you for the welcome. My goal right now is to form good habits to replace the bad. I am often very tired and lacking energy. I have let myself get out of shape the last two years of drinking. I stopped cooking and began eating junk. My only pastime was drinking. If I couldn't drink during an activity then I wouldn't do it. I am trying to get my activity level back up. It's weird that I typically always had a hard time relaxing and I think I used alcohol to help with that. Now all I want to do is lay around. I've got to rediscover that energy. Little at a time I guess. Creating new pastimes.
—Guest Wholenuworld

To: Robert 1952 and Jacobs

Thank you for your responses. I'll try to explain my thoughts again. I would never condone getting back on the booze train after quitting. For anyone who is suffering, I know abstinence is the best (and probably only) way. However, what I've tried to say, is that if you fail, it's o.k. Not that it's ok to start drinking again, but don't beat up on yourself, start thinking you are worthless, and then hurt yourself, or worse, kill yourself, as did a cousin of mine. Robert and Jacobs, in my opinion, you read my posts with (sorry) a little bit of thinking I'm an old bag who is out of touch with the world of "what's best for everyone" on this site So be it.
—Guest Grannyann

Toughest Symptoms

I drank daily and heavily for several years, and I'm now on my fifth day sober. The toughest thing I have experienced so far is the loss of control over my emotions. I find myself unable to concentrate very well at work, and I'm also very snappy and angry. I'm trying to alleviate this with relaxing music, but I've only been moderately successful. I think I will improve a great deal when my sleep cycle returns to normal (I currently cannot sleep very well).
—Guest Rogeroo

About my brother

Hello posters, I am so glad you all come here and work against the alcohol. It's so important to be honest and open. My brother is in jail again for public drunkeness. We've lost track of how many times now. About a third of his life. It makes my heart heavy. It also reinforces the need for this site and support groups. Thank you to BuddyT. You are doing a beautiful thing here.
—Guest Big Fish

To: Wholenuworld

Hello and welcome. Day 18! yea for you! Your name reminds me of that song from "Alladin". It's really pretty and uplifting. Sobriety is exciting to me. I try to set new short-term goals to keep it going forward. I am really happy you are over the worst. Good job! Here's a hug.
—Guest Big Fish

To: Won'tgivein

Hi won'tgivein, Day 5! Whoo Hoo! That is delightful! I had the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other alot too. With the devil trying to coax me back and the angel calling me forward. Keep going forward, friend. It is so worth it. It does get easier. Love to you, today.
—Guest Big Fish

To; Blackbird

Hi Blackbird, You are still going strong! Alrighty then! I'm so glad to hear it. It does get easier! Love to you today, Blackbird.
—Guest Big Fish

To: Finalrelapse

Hi Finalrelapse, I hate the booze too! It's a good thing. You have a great name. I believe you can get sober, once and for all. Stay strong. If anyone offers you a drink say NO! It will get easier. We are rooting for you here.
—Guest Big Fish

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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