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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 19, 2014

To: dale0123

Hi dale0123, good to hear from you. We missed you! Thanks for spreading the word that it is a choice. We are rooting for you dear dale. ( - :
—Guest Big Fish

To: Big Fish

How are you feeling, so sorry to hear about your brother but the beauty of this site is how any two people can relate. My son sounds so similar, he is 27 and suffers from dystonia.This makes the muscles in his neck go into spasm,so he often looks like he is nodding but he cannot help it. One of his sisters also has it but not so bad.It effects his life and he turned to drink. About 5 years ago he attempted suicide and was in hospital for a long time and has had many operations. Physically he has recovered 80% but mentally a different story. He goes weeks without drinking and then just goes missing for days at a time. He lives with his mum(my ex) and she is always worried as we all are that he has killed himself. He too has been arrested many times and at present is on a suspended sentence.It tears our family apart .I thought when i became sober it might help him but alas not.I do not know what to say to you because i am confused myself. It is just so painful as it must be for you.
—Guest jacobs

To: lifeterms

I am so glad that you are going to keep trying. I feel for you having to go through this and other problems, just keep in mind that the longer you abstain the stronger you will be. Good luck.
—Guest mary

To: Icandothis

You have only to read the posts here to know it can be done if you want it. 19 days is brilliant, you are through the worst physical symptoms now watch out for the mind traps, little triggers that would have you reaching for the bottle as a reward or consolation. They are mind sets we taught ourselves to justify our drinking. keep going!
—Guest mary

To: dale/Catlover/Big Fish

It's hard - keep going- the slips actually motivate towards sobriety.
—Guest batttling the creature

To: Wholenuworld

21 days, good for you that's brilliant! Can I come to yours for dinner? It sounds yummy!
—Guest mary

To: Catlover

I hate when people want to remind you of drunken episodes, it is a deliberate ploy to embarrass you and wrong foot you. All I can say is they must be pretty insecure to feel the need to belittle you. To hell with them! You just carry on with the fight for sobriety, you are doing brilliantly. One slip is not the end of the world, acknowledge it and move forward again, you should be proud of how far you have come with all the adversity you are facing. P.S I would hate to have to face everyone I have embarrassed myself in front of, it would be a very long day indeed! Lol, I have moved forward and put it behind me and so must you, I bet they have secrets that would curl your hair if they got out. We can't spend the rest of our lives apologizing, we can only try not to let ourselves down again, you are what matters not their petty bitchiness. Keep going girl!
—Guest Mary

Day 7 nearly over

Almost made it to the end of day 7 not been able to say that in ages! now the feeling and emotions that i was suppressing are coming to the surface - i read that this can happen when you first start out so am just going with the flow. Actually feels good to be sober and not walking round in a haze. Waking up in the mornings clear headed and not feeling like crap is brilliant. Love to all

To: Nikki

Hello Nikki, I hope all turns out well with your mother. Thank God she is in hospital where her withdrawal can be managed. I will pray for you and your family. God bless.
—Guest mary

I'm back

Hi all, had a great time in Rome. Been catching up on reading all the posts, hey Bigfish, really sorry to hear about your brother, it sounds like you've all done everything you can to help him. I hope he chooses sobriety but as you said, it has to be his choice. It must be devastating for you to witness his deterioration knowing that help is out there and how possible sobriety is. Take care of yourself Bigfish, you can't carry everyone. God bless.
—Guest mary

Anti Bloat Meds?

Hi everyone, first of all thank you to you all for sharing here. I have just found this thread and intend to keep reading more. The reason I came across it - I have just came off yet another bender ( 9 days sober again) I am 48 years old, used alcohol almost 20 of those years never had any real health scare. What Im noticing now is real bad stomach aches, gas bloating and nausea, loud growling even today I bought some " motilium " doesn't seem to helping much. Has anyone have better advice? Wish I could stop the alcohol for good I try but keep going back. Fool am I. Thanks and bless you all.
—Guest Tina

To: activenomore

Hi activenomore, I am really glad you like the urge surfing. It helps me with (what used to be) panic attacks, which is a side-effect of longterm drinking. I don't get upset about the whole idea anymore. I've been thinking about the different levels of alcoholism I developed. The different type alcoholics you mentioned. I think as the alcohol use progresses, you morph into another type. I started out as a social drinker going out on Fridays. Then it became binge social drinking on Fridays. Then the whole weekend. Then drinking a few after work every night also. Then a six pack every night. Then whenever I could. I would try to get my obligations out of the way, so I could hibernate the rest of the night. Alcoholism is such a marked progression. The further I get away from the alcohol, the more clear it becomes. What is your birthday? That is so great you are coming towards a year. It is a big deal. I didn't think mine would be so exciting! It was better than a birthday! ( - :
—Guest Big Fish


Hey, just to log in and say hello, sorry i have been absent.. Hit it quite hard, good to see that you guys are still about and i'm sure plenty more newcomers. Truth is i messed up big time but don't have all day.. All the best to you guys here, keep going! You have a choice, stick around here and will help massively. Take care all and lots of love xx

To: Big Fish

Yes, I am still hanging in there, thanks. Once it a while I feel like life is a real challenge. But then I try to remind myself how much better *all* of it, good and bad, is when I'm sober. So I'm coming up on a year now real soon. I'd like to say, "ah, I don't think about it much, it's how I live each day, right now that matters". But it is a big deal. How could it not be? I'm carrying around a piece of paper and listing all the good stuff from the last year that I can attribute to giving up alcohol. Oh, BTW, the urge surfing has opened up a whole new world for me. I am learning to be more mindful, in the moment, and less judgmental. I bought a CD online, "Mindful Solutions for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression", by Elisha Goldstein. It helps you to practice the technique. There's also another one specifically for addiction. I'm sure they're both very similar. Love and best wishes to you and all the posters, and thanks to Buddy T.

To: catlover

Please let me know how the 5-HTP works. I think Matty's right - stay away from sedatives - your brain will never heal and relearn how to go through the normal sleep cycles. I avoid the Benadryl (but it's good in the very beginning with itching), Benzos and prescription drugs. They mess up your sleep more and cause other issues like memory loss and are addictive themselves (all well documented). The strongest thing I take is a couple of Valerian capsules for a couple of days when I have to do an all-nighter at work and my daily rhythm gets messed up. Melatonin and 5-HTP are ok in my book - they act more like a supplement that gives your body what it needs, although you could overdo it with them, too. Sleep is just an item on the list that recovering alcoholics have to manage. Some are lucky - for example my Mom sleeps like a baby. So just get up and back on the wagon, catlover. I admire your persistence in the face of all the adversity in your life.
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