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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 22, 2012

To Lucia529

I'm on day 5 after exactly the pattern you describe.Our timing is even about the same.I think that for me the change in my thinking has to be that I want sobriety ALL the time.I drink when that evil little voice in my head says "Maybe I don't want it so badly right now." I would like a miracle, that sobriety would happen to me, but no,it's a continual fight.I must stay alert and fight the way I would if my children were in danger.Fight on,sister!
—Guest Day by Day

G.day from ace

18 days sober an gettin there.headaches r in 4 a couple of days now.bit of stress I think.my tablets(campral)do help my cravings.still no AA yet but I've spoken 2 my freind who took me 2my first meeting 2years Argo . Any way when I get the sads up I just look up this site an start reading about my new family were we are all traveling.anyway no beer today.may be tommorrow. Till next post by 4 now . PS tommorrow never comes!
—Guest Aussie ace man

Hi All

I've been up since 5.30am. It is now 8.00am. Drank three bottles of wine yesterday. Juat waiting for the off license to open at 10.00am. Withdrawals setting in already. I hate this, so scared that I will never be able to stop.
—Guest Belfast Colin

What to do...

When the first thought comes to entertain a drink do the following: stop that thought before it becomes obsessive, think about all of the bad things and memories associated with your drinking, talk to another alcoholic about what you are experiencing and PRAY for peace, serenity and that the obsession of alcohol is removed from you. This is what has gotten me through four months of sobriety. When I don't pay attention, the thoughts get louder and I start to rationalize the drink (which is irrational...it comes from the mind of an alcoholic). After these few months of being sober, I feel humiliated daily by memories that creep into my consciousness (that were buried deep down inside of me) of insane shit I did while drinking. I never want to be that person again. I pray that I never pick up another drink again because I fear the person I used to be. I don't think about a life without drinking...I think about not drinking one day at a time. Peace to you all.

Song of the Day

My song for today is: The Light Will Come by Phil Wickham. Nighttime is the hardest time for me and this song reminds me that the light will come, just hang on. You can get through. It's on youtube if you search. I listen to christian radio and tag songs on my phone and then look them up on youtube. This is the one thing that gets me through. Music is my life. When my anxiety gets the better of me I just play music as loud as I can stand it and sing along. This also helps my anxiety in the car. I get very anxious driving, ever since my son was born (he's 3 now) I've been a nervous wreck in the car...fear of other people hitting us. But the anxiety is the worst after a night of drinking. The cure is in my control. Much love to everyone out there.
—Guest Lucia529

Hi all

I haven't posted in a long time. Probably since January. I made it 30 days in January and then relapsed. I didn't even try again for about a month. Since then I have had sober days strung together but never more than 7 or 8 in a row. Eventually I give in to my craving, always the same story: I think I can moderate. I am wrong about that, every time. There are times I can stick to one or two drinks a day but it's only a matter of time until I binge. It's awful! It is madness. I've been on this website for almost 2 years now. I am on Day 4 today. I'm hopeful but skeptical. That is my problem! I never truly believe in myself that I can stick to sobriety. I have to get bloody minded as Mary says. I don't know what it's going to take, a DUI? A divorce? Getting fired from my job? Do I really want to hit bottom?? That's crazy. This I do know: if I keep drinking, things WILL get worse. If I stay sober, things WILL NOT get worse on account of drinking. That is a fact! A fact for all of us here.
—Guest Lucia529

To: Jerrychef

You know what you have to do and it's pointless beating yourself up over it. I'd advise everyone to download Alcohol and Addictions .org it has lots of good advice in preventing a relapse. You can do it Jerry, just don't take the first drink, if you're tempted, play it forward and think of how it ends because the first is never the last. Like Liftmeup says, do you ever wake thinking 'I'm glad I drank last night'. I doubt it.
—Guest Mary

To: Jensniners

I think you are doing a wise thing to try and move out if both your mother and brother drink and you're trying to quit. I'm glad you have an aunt trying to help you. Take it a day at a time, don't think about the days to come, concentrate on getting through today. keep posting, it helps.
—Guest Mary

To: missme

hello and welcome. Don't worry, your post won't appear on facebook, just click on submit. Even if you accidentally click on 'post my response on facebook' you would then have to log in so you'd realise what you'd done. Be as honest as you want, it stays on these pages.
—Guest Mary


Every thing you do is based upon the decisions you make. It is not your parent's, your job, the economy, your friends or luck's fault. PERIOD. Dig deep, it is your desire to survive that has brought you here. Live, live life, sober.

Day 8

Still hanging in there. Withdrawal symptoms almost gone (I hope). Felt good the first time in a while. Still psychologically crave alcohol, but I am getting through it one day at a time. Today was the first day without a sharp, pounding headache. Detox at home is possible. Just have a safety plan in case symptoms get dangerous. I did not want the stigma of "alcoholic" in my medical records. I did it with vitamins, lots of water, and determination. Was very hard first few days. After day 5 went back to work and touched it out. I am hoping no crazy delayed symptoms show up. I have been drinking daily (wine or vodka) for almost 4 years straight.... you CAN do it!! Good luck! Thank you to all on this site who kept me going. I hope my resolve lasts....
—Guest kris

withdrawals suck

Hello all.... I stopped on May 20th and was in the ER May 21 with a severe anxiety attack. Thought it was a heart attack..... Believe it or not through a lot of prayer and gallons of water I feel 500 times better. The more insane part is that I can actually reason, be witty and quick minded like I used to be. 10 years of daily drinking and I stopped cold turkey.... will admit the first two days were pretty bad, but I cannot believe how much better I feel already. I used to wake up every morning with a hangover (sometimes mild sometimes a real bitch). Today was the first day I woke up amd wasnt sick nor in fog. All that to say this, thank God for pulling me through and thank God for allowing me to see that I needed to stop. My prayers truly go out to all of you. If you quit... Damn good job! If you are thinking about it.... do it, you wont regret it. - feel like a new man
—Guest thank God

Jerrychef: Thanks for your honesty

Get back on that horse and ride it like your life depends on it...Better_Now is right...you don't lose the sober days you had. Your son is counting on you and you've worked hard to get to where you are. You can do this! I'm pulling for you. One day at a time..with a little luck and a lot of LOVE! Keep posting. I want to know how you are doing.
—Guest lil mama

skyflyer1959 Welcome!

Admitting your an Alcoholic is hard. For many years that was a nasty word for sure. Growing up everyone drank so it was not noticed who had problems and who did not. I know for me that what ever I call myself it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that ( I ) know that when I drink everything turns to crap and I am not happy. When being social and asked if I want a drink, I just say yah a coke. I need not to explain why only to myself. Denial to me is not admitting that drinking is not helpful,fun and distroyes alot of my happyness. It takes many a while to figure that out but I am glad you have now. Give yourself some understanding and alot of TLC. Your body is a reck at the moment. You will have stomach problems, headaches, lack of sleep and a hard time with your emotions. A drink will not fix anything only make your next attempt harder. I am 7 months sober today, no illness, no depression, just pure joy. It wasn't easy but I did it after 30 years! Hugs to you, Clue.

Gift to my family

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday, and what a gift it would be to him to FINALLY maintain sobriety and give up my wine for good. I am so messing with my mind to keep stopping and starting. The fatigue is killing me. Withdrawals haven't been too bad this time since I never got as bad as I was before, 5 liters of wine every two days. I'd stop, then cute it down to a late afternoon drink to stop the shakes, then try to limit it to 3 at night.....DOES NOT work!! I need to accept that I cannot drink. I didn't have any alcohol in the house yesterday, but then when I started getting panicky & flippy with the kids and the house, I ran to get 4 tiny bottles of wine, which did pretty much nothing but curb my shakes, was so not worth it. Mary, you are amazing and please pray for me. My neighbor gave me a Bible to help me through the hard times since she know my struggles have been going on so long. Hugs to you all....
—Guest Fighting123

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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