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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 19, 2014

Most people experience some kind of withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit drinking alcohol. What were the toughest parts of withdrawal for you? The discussion below has been closed, but you can still share your experience about your withdrawals in the Alcoholism Forum on this site. You also may want to take this quiz to determine if your withdrawals are mild or severe.

Good job

I'm a 24-year-old male who was adopted from Russia at a young age and am addicted to vodka and cant live without it. Go figure, right? Well, I'm still struggling with alcohol and need it constantly. I have panic attacks if I'm sober for a few days.

A new me

Day 27 and still going strong, one day at a time. I have realized that the day would come, now I know this is the time. Drinking is history and my history was to live for drink. Now as I sit and write these words I feel with clarity that the moment has come upon me, that the habitual drinking way of life has now passed, after 35 years of developing my drinking skills and capacity, and finally been overloaded after two years of steady binge drinking. No more. 27 days in and clear headed no more fuzziness. No more ritual and control, only freedom. My skin is looking fresher and less red and blotchy. The power of being sober is almost overwhelming and calming, a new me, like the me of 35 years ago only a lot older on the outside but feeling sunny on the inside. I've taken to soda water and lime or cherry juice. Wow ,I can drink a gallon of this combo and walk in a straight line, not fall of the chair or wake up on the floor wondering what happened. I wish sobriety to all. We have hope.
—Guest Batman777

Need help

My name is Casey, and I'm a full blown alcoholic. I have been for many years, honestly since I was 18. This problem that I have has eaten away everything that I once loved. I can't even look in the mirror any longer. I hate myself and I hate the bastard that has taken me over. I need help, honest real help. I'm not sure that it's possible anymore. I checked myself into rehab a year ago and have been to many AA meetings. I feel like I'm losing control of my actions, like an alcoholic robot or something.

My story

My toughest alcohol withdrawal was living life without alcohol and living life on life's terms. It scared the hell out of me at times, but I got thru it with the help of my Higher Power. Thanks to the good Lord above I just celebrated 19 years of sobriety recently. To those that are just starting out in this new awesome life called sobriety I would like to say "Don`t give up" it`s worth it. It`s worth it, you are worth it. No matter what you have done, you can recover. Easy does it! One day at a time! Life is worth it and so are you! If I can get sober so can you.
—Guest Bob

A leap of faith within you!

To know that your addiction has a hold of you, the throwing up, panic, voices, head aches, self hate and depression can be over come with the truth. What my job is to find how to live my life sober and believing I will have a better life is possible. Changes take doing, not wishing or wanting. My first year was just being sober, my second year was seeing that my life had change. I had to look at many things that brought me to this place of darkness and to remove that darkness. IT was a very hard looking at my flaws. One by one it became clear in order to heal, I had to forgive, not really forgive others but forgiving for me. what I could not change I had to leave behind. What I could change started me on my new journey. My first choice was not to drink because I could not drink like others. I stopped hating those that could drink and I was glad to learn that I couldn't. It WAS mine to work out what ever it took. You can do this too. Just start being honest with yourself. Hug clue


I'm terrified to stop. I have the shakes. My legs feel like lead and that's by just trying to cut back. I'm on annual leave and have ten days to get myself together. I am in panic mode and truly terrified.
—Guest cat

Rock bottom has a rock bottom

I've been hospitalized now numerous times for withdrawal. My children were taken from me by CPS. My husband would become violent towards me and start yelling and screaming in front of my children when I was drunk. I've been sober a week and a half. I have to take random urine tests and if I come up positive, my kid's stay away longer. My husband hates me, blames me for everything, even though he was the violent one, and I've lost all respect from my other family members. Even though part of this is my husband's fault, he refuses to take blame for his domestic abuse. I live in misery, I am depressed, I am alone. All this for a drink. I go to counseling, therapy, classes, group, etc. Now that I am always sober, I get to see the damages. I can't hide in the fog of always being drunk. I have no intention of ever drinking, but I still have to wait at least 6 months before my children can live with me again. My main motivation is proving my hypocritical drunken family members they are all wrong, and I CAN DO THIS.
—Guest Danielle

Mad as Hell

Sober for approximately 65 hours now. Just told my sister, who says now I need to speak with my parents. They already know. Didn't know they knew. I knew better than this, but I'm here anyway. Really pissed off at myself. Headache seems here to stay. Coping? Maybe. I think I need to talk with people who are going through the same thing. I am so ashamed, it's like I lost control of a bodily function. I don't want to talk about this with my parents, especially my mother.
—Guest Hermit

So far only anxiety

I am 38 year old female. Used to never drink and actually despised my husband at the time for his dependence on alcohol. Roughly 5 years ago I started drinking heavily. I drink daily and what is the equivalent of 10 shots. My children hate it and so do I. I suffer from anxiety along with some other medical conditions. Low blood sugar. Because of anxiety I have been hesitant to stop drinking for fear of the withdrawal symptoms. I have not drank in 48hrs and all I have suffered so far is anxiety. I hope I'm in the clear as far as seizures and DTs. Time will tell but I'm hoping that 48 hours ago was my last drink.
—Guest Amber

A bottle a day

I have been a binge drinker and then an alcoholic for the best part of 10 years. I have attempted to quit for good a couple of times but have fallen off of the wagon again. For a twenty something year old woman I have been functioning on a bottle of vodka a day. I quit 2 days ago and have just had the unfortunate experience of a seizure. As well as many visual and tactile hallucinations. Masssive sweats and tremors. I manged the seizure on my own. I was advised to cut down 1st as opposed to going cold turkey which I've done in the past. Fingers crossed :-)
—Guest Jo-Jo

11 days now

I'm a heavy beer drinker, 8 to 12 a day. I tapered off a few days then went to see my doctor before I quit. Drinking water, taking vitamins, BP meds and xanax to sleep. I am physically disabled so I can't go out much nor exercise but I've been doing small house chores and cooking (with many breaks) to keep me busy. Since I've quit drinking I've had aches in every joint and even now the periodic taste of alcohol in my mouth, It's the taste of detox I'm guessing. I'm sure it was the beer that made me gain a lot of weight (I hardly eat food) and the weight has made my disability worsen (which has resulted in closing my business) also other complications like a rise in my blood pressure. Reading this forum is helping me to understand that I am not alone out here. Already I'm sleeping better, feeling better tho I'm a little spacey, and My skin already looks healthier. I want this sobriety, I need this sobriety. Thank you all for posting your experiences and helping me and others to cope with this disease.

To all.

When I got out of bed this morning I felt so ill, my head had been aching all night, it is day 8 for me. I feel flat, and find the evenings difficult, feeling restless, with alcohol consuming all my thoughts. I can't imagine my life without a drink just yet, and look forward to feeling better.
—Guest Linda

Crazy dream, what a relief

I just woke up guys from a nightmare where I was at an all night party. It was now morning and I was drunk and shaky, feeling really rough, a feeling I know so well. That feeling of I'm going to miss work, what am I going to do? The sun was coming up and I was freaked out believing I failed, complete relapse knowing I had to start this struggle again. Thank God it was just a dream. Still scared from it with a feeling of despair. I will not drink today. Thanks, guys.
—Guest halo

Thank you

I "again" relapsed recently. Today is my 7th day sober. I don't feel like getting into the details of why I drank again because none of the reasons justify my mistake. By now, I should have known better - never take that first drink, no matter what your circumstances are! It won't help. Face what's going on. But still.... I'm on my seventh day, trying and hoping for the courage to maintain a healthy alcohol-free life. I'd like to genuinely thank B52 and Halo (and of course Iglotaclue, Marilyn,Yvan, etc.) for posting their thoughts and encouragement. Very very supportive and inspiring! Thank you. Hope21
—Guest Hope21

To: Batman

Keep working it. You're doing great. You've nailed the brutal honesty involved in this life change. Huge leap. It keeps you grounded where you were, where you're at. I hit 70 days tomorrow.The Christmas carols stopped, kind of miss them. Still have the odd whacko dream but even they're ok. Means my sleep is coming normal. Positive all around. Night is over, time for some sunny days. I'm full of relief and wish the same for you and all here. Good for us. I confine myself to this day only. Taming the voice as I give it up. I'm done. It showed me it was boss, still feeling like a scalded cat but I'm not in the bottomless cup today/tonight. Grateful. Eat well, nothing from a box, exercise as you feel you can manage, baby steps are enough for me to whittle away the old familiar habits/triggers. Peace is on its way. Trust that. Read the miracles people have achieved and get ready, yours is at hand. Best!
—Guest B52
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