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After-Work Drinking Sessions Can Be Risky

By June 26, 2008

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A survey of 6,987 people who are employed full time found that 20 percent of workers regularly go for after-work drinks with co-workers, but few have found that participating in the happy hour gatherings have advanced their careers. Although 21 percent say the sessions are good for "networking," 85 percent said attending did not help them get close to someone higher up or get a better position.

The online Harris Interactive poll was conducted on behalf of CareerBuilder.com, an online job-search site.

The survey showed that 15 percent go to the gatherings to hear the latest office gossip and 13 percent feel obligated to attend. About 21 percent say they go to bond with colleagues.

Kissing and Singing Karaoke

According to the survey, many employees attending the after-work sessions sometimes regretted their behavior later:

  • 16% bad-mouthed a colleague.
  • 10% shared a secret about a colleague.
  • 8% kissed a colleague.
  • 8% drank too much and acted unprofessionally.
  • 5% shared a company secret.
  • 4% admitted singing karaoke.

The survey found that men and women were equally likely to attend. Employees aged 25 to 34 were most likely to attend the sessions and workers over 55 years of age the least likely to attend.

You Kissed a Coworker ... at Least You Didn't Sing

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