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Alcoholism April 2012 Archive


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The Most Abused Prescription Drugs

Thursday April 26, 2012
You may have heard that prescription drug addiction in the United States has grown to the point that it has officially been declared at epidemic levels. Young and old ... Read More

Don't Let Withdrawals Stop You From Quitting

Wednesday April 25, 2012
If you have decided that you need to quit drinking alcohol but you have been hesitant to try because you are afraid the withdrawals may be too severe, there ... Read More

What Is the Difference Between DUI and DWI?

Tuesday April 24, 2012
Some states refer to drunken driving as DUI. Other states call it DWI while others call it OWI. Some states use both terms, distinquishing between different kinds of drunk ... Read More

State Resources Strained by Drug Abuse Epidemic

Thursday April 19, 2012
The prescription drug addiction problem has now spread to all parts of the nation, putting further strains on local and state resources already stretched by economic conditions. To try ... Read More

What Happens When You Quit Drinking?

Wednesday April 18, 2012
If you have been a long-time or heavy drinker and quit, you will probably feel some uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms initially, but soon you will begin to feel the benefits ... Read More

Do You Know a Functional Alcoholic?

Tuesday April 17, 2012
They rarely miss work and other obligations because of their drinking, although it does happen occasionally, and they usually excel at their jobs and careers. Typically, they are clever ... Read More

Drinking Ups Risk of Benign Breast Disease

Thursday April 12, 2012
Teenage girls and young women who consume even moderate amounts of alcohol can increase their risk of developing pre-cancerous breast changes known as proliferative benign breast disease (BDD). In ... Read More

Things to Stop Doing

Wednesday April 11, 2012
We hear all the time about things that we can do to improve our overall health - go on a diet, start an exercise program or start taking some ... Read More

Ketamine Users Risk Urinary Problems

Tuesday April 10, 2012
Users of the drug ketamine, known by the street name 'special K,' face an increased risk of urinary and bladder control problems and abdominal pain. The more ketamine ... Read More

National Alcohol Screening Day

Thursday April 5, 2012
Today is National Alcohol Screening Day, a part of Alcohol Awareness Month. Do you or someone you know have a drinking problem? How does their drinking stack up to ... Read More

Alcohol Awareness: Keeping Prom Night Safe

Wednesday April 4, 2012
One of the reasons Alcohol Awareness Month is held in April is because it is the beginning of the prom and graduation season, a time when celebrations can turn ... Read More

Alcohol Awareness Is For All Ages

Tuesday April 3, 2012
Many of the efforts associated with Alcohol Awareness Month each April are targeted at preventing underage drinking, especially during the prom and graduation celebration season. But there are other ... Read More

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