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Sobriety Chips and Anniversary Medallions

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Updated February 14, 2014

24-Year Medallion

24-Year Medallion

For the first time on the Internet, you can now pick up a cyber version sobriety annivesary medallion to place on your personal website or your computer desktop or send to someone as an email attachment.

Some Alcoholics Anonymous groups give their members medallions each year on their sobriety anniversary date. Now, for the first time that we know of, a cyber version is available here. We have now added cyber "chips" for various less-than-a-year lengths of sobreity to our selection of anniversary medallions. Place it on your personal website or send it as an email attachment.

To get your medallion, just click on the link below corresponding with your years of sobriety. When you go to the page with the medallion, just click on it with your right mouse button and save it to a file on your hard disk. Mac users can click on the medallion and hold the mouse button down and a menu will open up that gives the option to "Save Image As." Then you can put in on your personal website.

If you do put your medallion on your personal page, please put a link back to this page so your visitors can pick up their medallions too. Have fun!

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