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What Are the Effects of Ketamine?


Updated August 08, 2014

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What Are the Effects of Ketamine?
Psychonaught/Wikimedia Commons
Question: What Are the Effects of Ketamine?
Answer: Ketamine was introduced in 1963 as a replacement for PCP and is still approved for human anesthesia and veterinary medicine. It is produced as an injectable liquid, but in street form it is evaporated into a powder that can be snorted or compressed into pills.

Ketamine's effects are very similar to those of PCP, but less potent and of shorter duration. Ketamine users report effects that range from a pleasant feeling of floating, to being separated from their bodies.

But, the effects of ketamine can be unpredictable. Some users report having terrifying feelings of complete sensory detachment similar to a near-death experience. This experience is known as a "K-hole."

Because Ketamine is odorless and tasteless is has been known to be used as a "date rape" drug, slipped into beverages unnoticed.

These are not the only effects of ketamine, for more detailed information, please see What Are the Effects of Dissociative Drugs?

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