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Low-Carb Snacks

The following was written, not by an active alcoholic, but but someone living with one. It demonstrates the damage that alcoholism can do to a relationship when allowed to progress.

A Love Letter

Mr. Anheuser-Busch:

My Darling Bud,

You have been my main lover for many years now. No matter who else may be in my life at the time, you have always been first and foremost. You have comforted me, taken away my sorrows, pain and given me everything no other could ever have given.

I have sacrificed others for you, never forsaking you even if they begged me to. I have been faithful to you for you are everything to me. You are my one true lover. We have done it sitting, standing, and laying down and in every other possible position imaginable. We have done it in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, garage, living room, computer room and a myriad of other places. We have done it all night, in the morning, afternoon and even all day. You satisfy me so much that I have to pass out when I am satiated with your elixir.

Even though I often have to hide our relationship from others, I still find ample time to indulge ourselves in the pleasures you give me. I am sorry that I have to hide you in the closets, clothes hamper, under boxes and other such places.

I do not want to jeopardize you being found out and removed from availability to me. I must protect you at all costs even if it means the loss of anyone I am living with or dating; you are everything to me and I cannot give you up.

Always in My Dreams

We have been through a lot together. Failed marriages and relationships, lonely days and nights in between. You were even there when that state police officer pulled me over and arrested me for having you with me, your love coursing through my veins.

When I am not with you or you are unavailable due to others being around, I crave you and think about when we can be together again constantly. You are always in my thoughts; always my desires and dreams.

I may have to make yet another choice very soon. The man I am living with tells me that you are no good for me and that you are hurting the relationship. He tells me that he will leave if the relationship you and I have continues. He also tells me that I must seek help to get away from you because you are a problem.

I Can't Stay Away

I know that you are not a problem, but the only one who understands me. Even if he leaves, I will always have you by my side. Neither he, nor any of the others understand what you mean to me. I would simply perish without you. You are the one true love of my life and even if it means being alone again, so be it.

Even my doctors don't understand. They say I shouldn't be with you due to the hypertension and other medications I am on. They say that moderation may even be harmful to me. Even moderation to a woman in love such as I am is just not enough. There can be no moderation when I am so in need of you always.

My darling, just remember that I will never leave you as all the others have left me. I love you and need you with every fibre of my being. Until we can be alone again….

I am yours forever,

A woman in love

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