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Diana Bodyguard Rees-Jones Transcript Released

Trevor Rees-Jones Survived Crash

An an interview with French investigators, Trevor Rees-Jones said it was Dodi Fayed's idea to call drunk driver Henri Paul back to work the night Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed in a Paris auto crash.

The bodyguard who survived the crash that killed Princess Diana told a judge that Diana's companion called in the off-duty security guard who was driving the night of the fatal accident, according to a CNN report. Rees-Jones still maintains that he remembers nothing about the events of the evening after getting into the Mercedes to leave the Ritz Hotel.

Blood tests showed the driver, Henri Paul, was legally drunk at the time of the August 31 crash, with more than three times the legal level of alcohol in his system.

Meanwhile, MSNBC reported that a witness has come forward who saw another car speeding away from the scene of the fatal crash.

Gary Hunter, in Paris Aug. 31 celebrating his wife's birthday, claims he saw the fleeing car from the window of his third-floor hotel room. Hunter said he was watching television in his hotel room when he heard an "almighty crash followed by the sound of skidding, then another crash. My initial thought was that there had been a head-on collision."

He went to the window and saw people running toward the tunnel. Seconds later, he saw a car turning from the tunnel exit and roaring down the street below. Officials of the National Gendarmerie paramilitary police force said last week there had been no luck yet in finding the driver of a Fiat Uno car which may be linked to the crash.

Crash investigators had found pieces of the smashed rear light of a Fiat Uno mixed with glass from the headlight of Diana's Mercedes. The limousine would have passed the point where the shards were found several yards before it crashed into a concrete pillar.

French police said they were analyzing paint found on the wall of the tunnel where the crash occured and hope to determine if another car had been directly involved. Cole said it seems surprising that the driver of any car in the vicinity of the crash would not have gone to police -- or tried to sell his story to the newspapers.

Transcript of Interview

This is the complete transcript of the interview with Rees-Jones as reported by ABC News:.

Q: Do you remember leaving Rue Cambon?
A: I remember getting into the car and I do not remember anything else.

Q: In reference to the accident, do you remember what happened?
A: No.

Q: Do you remember what happened before the accident?
A: When we arrived [at the Ritz] there were numerous photographers and numerous cameramen who were getting in our way. That really upset the Princess and Dodi. I went to see the photographers. I asked them to move back. Dodi changed his plans. Dodi, the princess and Henri Paul and I left through the back exit. There were more photographers at the back.

Q: Do you have any memories of the journey?
A: I remember that we were followed. That's all.

Q: Where were you going?
A: We were going to the apartments.

Q: On the Champs-Elysees?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you remember which way you were followed and by whom?
A: There were two motorbikes and one car. I do not remember the route. It seems to me that there was one white car with a boot that opened at the back.

Q: Do you know how Mr. Paul was called in and by whom?
A: Dodi called to ask him to drive us from the back of the hotel.

Q: Why?
A: No, it was Dodi who changed his plans. Not I.

Q: What had the original plan been then?
A: The idea was to leave from the front in two cars to keep the photographers as far away as possible. I thought it would be better to have two cars rather than one.

Q: Do you know the Place De La Concorde?
A: Next to the Ritz?

Q: No, the square next to the Ritz is the Place Vendome. Do you remember who was closest, the car or the bikes?
A: I do not remember.

Q: Did their position change during the journey?
A: I do not know.

Q: So the car was following when you left the Ritz?
A: Yes.

Q: Were photos taken?
A: I do not know.

Q: This car was behind you?
A: It crossed the street when we left and then it followed us.

Q: Do you remember other cars which followed you that day?
A: There was a jeep and two bikes and a three-door car, I think the car was dark colored.

Q: What was the attitude of Princess Diana and Dodi towards the photographers?
A: They were not pleased. They were too close. On the journey from Le Bourget Airport to Paris they followed us.

Q: And they were at the Ritz?
A: Yes.

Q: How was Mr. Paul that evening, since you knew him from before?
A: He seemed fine.

Q: So in terms of the accident itself you have no memories?
A: No.

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