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A Longtimer Passes On

Tex B., known to many visitors of the About Alcoholism site and other recovery sites on the Internet as "TEXBRO" passed away unexpectedly at his Naperville IL home, Thursday, October 5, 2000.

He was 81 years old, with 53 years continuous sobriety.

The following was posted on the AA History Buffs email list by Rick T., Area 20 Archivist:

Tex always expressed a great appreciation for our A.A. history, and, honestly, Tex participated in much of it. His age was 81 years old, and for the last eleven years, served as the Editor of the northern Illinois Area 20 Service Newsletter "NIA Concepts."

The newsletter is acclaimed around the various sites of our Fellowship, and Tex brought an effective voice and consensus that was found in its pages. For continuity and depth of perception, coupled with his wry sense of humor, this Longtimer shares the love of many friends.

Tex had said in the past few years as part of occasional leads to talks, "I've been drunk, and I've been sober...sober's better."

He'd known that for over 53 years of continuous sobriety (beginning in Feb. 1947, in Skokie, Illinois), and drew the love and respect that came with his position as an "elder statesman," but coupled with his active humility, he didn't care to go there... our three Legacies remained paramount in his actions. We can only remember his example now and realize those treasures among us today, the memories left to us. Thanks, Tex.

I am only one of many who could refer to him as a close friend and compatriot, and I know that much love goes with him to that 'big sky meeting.' He carries God's grace much in the way he walked with it when he was still here.

The Wisdom of TEXBRO

From November 1999 until three weeks before his death, Tex shared his considerable experience, strength, and hope with visitors to the Alcoholism Forum at About.com. Some of those messages are archived here to benefit those of us he left behind, and those will who will in the future find their way into the rooms.

Two Kinds of Alcoholics
One possible explanation is that there are two kinds of "alcoholics" that are commonly found in "recovery" settings.

The Man In The Doorway
The person with the slip to be signed is a person, they have feelings, they can be hurt, possibly even doomed by what an "AA" group can do to them.

A Program of Action
Heavy emphasis on attending AA meetings has given many new people the mistaken idea that the meeting itself is the thing that produces sobriety.

Atheists in Alcoholics Anonymous
Much of the discussion about "my God" my "HP" and "lightbulbs" is an attempt to construct a model of a "tame" deity who is easily controlled and poses no threat to the ego's authority.

Willpower and Ego
The assertion is, that by calling A.A. a religion, A.A’s teachings are thereby shown to be false and that A.A. should be abandoned by all right thinking people.

What is the A.A. Program?
As long as alcoholics believe in their ability to manage and control, they are condemned to try.

Knowing the Will of God
Anyone who is really seeking the will of God is a stranger in a strange land.

Taking an Inventory
If the new member can look at themselves before the ego regenerates and shuts off the ability to see themselves, then the Program can get started.

Step One
I couldn't win the fight with booze because the fight was fixed.

Blackouts - Retrograde Amnesia
To us drunks it means that we can do, in blackout, what we normally do when we are sober.

The Nature of Grace
For AA people the main problem is that of accepting the grace when it comes.

Free Will
Many times I consciously decided to quit drinking and the result was more and wilder drinking. The harder I tried to stop, the weirder I got.

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