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Alcoholism Glossary Launched
Definitions, Information and Resources
This is the fourth Christmas that the About Alcoholism site has been in existence, and each year at this time we have tried to add a special feature to the site as a "gift" to our many visitors.

In 1997, we introduced for the first time on the Internet, Cyber Medallions to be used to celebrate sobriety anniversaries. The medallions have proved to be one of the most popular features of the Alcoholism web site.

On Christmas 1998, we published 40 articles offering Experience, Strength, and Hope on various topics of interest to the family of alcoholics. The articles were actually "shares" by BuddyT in some of our online chat meetings over the years.

Last year, Christmas 1999, we added Less Than a Year Sobriety Chips to our web clip art collection of Cyber Medallions, including chips for Day One, one month, 60 days, 90 days, six months, and nine months.

This year, we have added to the Alcoholism site a Alcoholism Glossary for the first time. The glossary not only gives the definition of various terms associated with alcoholism and recovery, but also provides links to in-depth information and resources for each term.

We think the Alcoholism Glossary will also prove to be a valuable resource for future visitors, since it will help them find the information they are seeking quickly, and it organizes the information in one user-friendly place.

Alcoholism Glossary
Terms associated with alcoholism and recovery.

If you notice any obvious omissions to the terms listed there and think they should be added to the list, just send me an email and let me know.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


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