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Resources for Christians in recovery from alcohol, drugs and addictions.
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12 Steps for Christians
You do not need to abandon your faith in order to work the Twelve Steps, but you may need to get back to its foundations.

Theology of Christian Recovery
The primary difference between Christian recovery from other approaches to life change lie in the approach to spirituality. Michael Liimatta outlines some of the major theological tenants of the Christian approach to recovery.

Alcoholics Victorious
A Christian recovery program with support groups around the world.

Alcoholics for Christ
AC is an inter-denominational Christian fellowship that ministers to Alcoholics or Substance abusers, Family members, and individual who were raised in dysfunctional families.

Celebrate Recovery
The purpose of the Celebrate Recovery ministry is to fellowship and celebrate God's healing power in our lives through the "8 Recovery Principles."

Christians in Recovery
If you find it difficult to committ to a "spiritual" program of recovery that prohibits mention of your beliefs, there are Christian resources available.

Christian Recovery E-mail Lists
Various email discussion groups for Christians in recovery.

Christian Recovery FAQs
Answers to questions many Christians have about recovery.

Christian Survivors
An active community for survivors of all types of abuse. Provides friendship and support to survivors in need to help members come to a place of healing.

Clergy Recovery Network
The Clergy Recovery Network supports, encourages and provides resources to religious professionals in recovery - for pastors, missionaries, religious professionals and their spouses.

Guest House
A nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to caring for Catholic priests, deacons, brothers, seminarians and women religious suffering from alcoholism.

International Christian Recovery Coalition
World-wide informal coalition of participating Christian recovery leaders and workers who disseminate information on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Christian origins of the recovery movement.

National Association for Christian Recovery
NACR is a membership organization that seeks to assist people recovering from life-dominating issues such as addiction and abuse.

No Longer Bound
A Christian, faith-based drug and alcohol program for adult males ages 18 and up in Cumming GA.

Overcomers Outreach
Through applying the truth of scripture, working the 12-steps, and sharing in fellowship with other Overcomers, participants let go of past hurts, triumph over current problems, and learn to depend on God.

Relapse Behaviors
A checklist of behavior and thinking patterns that could indicate a recovery relaspe, from the Alcoholics for Christ web site.

A private, not-for-profit, multi-site substance abuse treatment agency affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

Teen Challenge
Provides community-based Christian drug education, prevention and restoration programs internationally.

A Christian home and sanctuary, for all those seeking the true God that can heal the bondage of alcoholism and drug addictions.

Vencedores is a network of Christian, Spanish-language Twelve Step groups begun in Mexico City, Mexico, and now active in Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, the United States and Finland.

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