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Anniversary Medallions and Sobriety Chips


Updated February 14, 2014

To pick up your sobriety chip or anniversary medallion, click on the thumbnail to go to the larger image. Then right-click on the medallion and click "Save Image As" to save it to your computer hard drive. You can then put it on your personal website, display it on your desktop or send it as an email attachment.
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Day 1 ChipDesire Chip - Day 1 of Sobriety30 Day ChipDesire Chip - 30 Days of SobrietyDay 60 Chip60-Day Sobriety ChipDay 90 Chip90-Day Sobriety Chip
6-Month Sobriety Chip6-Month Sobriety Chip9-Month Sobriety Chip9-Month Sobriety Chip1-Year Anniversary Medallion1-Year Anniversary Medallion2-Year Anniversary Medallion2-Year Anniversary Medallion
3-Year Anniversary Medallion3-Year Anniversary Medallion4-Year Anniversary Medallion4-Year Anniversary Medallion5-Year Anniversary Medallion5-Year Anniversary Medallion6-Year Anniversary Medallion6-Year Anniversary Medallion

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