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Political Issues of Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence has become more and more unacceptable in society, particularly in the last 20 years, as advocate groups push state legislators to pass tougher laws and restrictions.

Does the .08 BAC Standard Work?
The National Highway Transportaion Safety Administration completed three studies of the effects of lowering the illegal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit from .10 percent to .08 percent.

Minimum Drinking Age of 21 Saves Lives
A comprehensive study on the minimum drinking age found that laws prohibiting the consumption of alcohol by people under the age of 21 have significantly reduced alcohol-related fatal vehicle crashes.

Effectiveness of SCRAM Device Questioned
In response to the Alcoholism / Substance Abuse article 'Ankle Bracelet Measures Blood Alcohol 24/7' Douglas Stellato Kabat, LCSW submitted the following response.

MADD Calls for Tougher Child Endangerment Laws
Mothers Against Drunk Driving has called for tougher child endangerment laws, stricter enforcement by police and prosecutors, and training and public awareness for judges, attorneys, law enforcement, family services and other officials.

DUI - Is Jail the Best Answer?
A long-time supporter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving has suggested to the organization that pushing jail sentences for DUI offenses may not always be the best solution.

Congress Launches New 'Stop DUI Caucus'
With alcohol-related traffic deaths and injuries on the rise after years of decline, a bipartisan group of members of Congress announced the formation of the Congressional Stop DUI Caucus to bring renewed attention to the nationwide epidemic of drunk driving.

New DUI Laws Unconstitutional?
In our eagerness to try to crack down on drunk drivers, especially repeat offenders, sometimes we may be overlooking other very important issues.

Bars Sued in Melissa Marvin Case
Two bars that served alcohol to a driver in a high-profile drunk driving fatality case are being sued by the families of the four teens who were killed.

60 Year Sentence!
North Carolina finally took repeat DUI offender Melissa Marvin off the road, but it's a bit too late for four New Jersey teens.

DUI: The Battle Stalls
The National Commission Against Drunk Driving (NCADD) says the battle against drinking and driving has stalled and needs a new jump-start.

5 States Mandate Ignition Locks for First Offenders
Laws have gone into effect in six states that will require drivers convicted of drunk driving to install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles.

Death Penalty for Drunk Drivers?
The North Carolina Supreme Court hears a landmark case that could decide if drunken drivers who kill should be eligible for the death penalty.

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