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12 Step Recovery

There are many resources available both online and off for those who are recovering in a 12 step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon Family Groups, Narcotics Anonymous or Adult Children of Alcoholics.
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A.A. Works Best, Study Says
Individuals who were encouraged to cut down on their drinking by fellow Alcoholics Anonymous members were three times more likely to be abstinent a year after their first treatment for alcoholism, compared to individuals who received no support.

Study Shows How A.A. Is Effective
Spirituality is not the only way that the 12-step program helps people to remain sober.

Helping Others Enhances Your Own Recovery
There is scientific evidence that backs up the notion that helping others actually helps alcoholics and addicts become and stay clean and sober.

The Twelve Steps
Not merely a way to stop drinking, these steps can also be a guide toward an entire new way of life.

The Twelve Traditions
The Twelve Traditions contain the spiritual principles that keep 12 step support groups focused on their primary purpose.

The Serenity Prayer
Used by virtually all 12-step recovery support groups, but few realize it's the first stanza of a much longer prayer.

12 step support groups not only offer their members the safety of anonymity, but they also highly recommend it, to keep principles above personalities.

Co-Occurring Disorders Becoming More Prevalent
People who have major mental illnesses often have co-occurring substance abuse disorders. Conversely, individuals with substance abuse disorders often have co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Researchers have suggested that treatment providers should be aware there are few differences between the two groups.

Does Science Show What 12 Steps Know?
Jarret Liotta, writing for National Geographic, says the success of the 12-step approach may ultimately be explained through medical science and psychology. Both offer substantive reasons for why it works.

Dr. Bob's Prescription for a Miracle
A photograph of Dr. Bob's prescription pad and his recommendation for alcoholics.

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